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💛 Sweet and Sticky

Joining with all that’s here today — vivid blue skies, sunshine, pain, sweet breezes, aching exhaustion, luscious flowers, floods of tears, and deep gratitude. Feeling the collective awakening pulsing all around. Magical and mundane. Transmogrification🌈🦄 No, I’m not ‘on’ anything!🤪 Simply intoxicated on the re-Membering of ONEness happening for all of us this month. Joining as Fractals of ALL that IS. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Mother Earth and Father Cosmos. Joy and grief, heart and mind, love and pain, sacred blood, divine body, birth and death, wave and particle, past and future, light and atoms, 5D and 3D. Resting in the center, in the eye of the storm, in the Quantum now moment, in the eye of the electromagnetic torus. Sheltering under a lush green leafy canopy. Feeling the living network of tree roots under my home breathing with me beneath my feet. Trusting in the stillness of zero-point neutrality. Fresh dewy-eyed conscious creativity arising. All things imaginal. A blueprint of infinite possibilities. Probabilities even! Receiving rather than planning. Overflowing. Surprises landing! Cocreation of the New beginning. Doing the best I can. Minute by minute. With discipline and devotion. Resting in the love of my family, my friends, and all you precious 💎✨Jewels✨💎sparkling here. Ice cream helps🍦And today I give myself permission to ramble. To share with you with all my loving, this mind-blowing excerpt, along with photos of my beautiful flowers, and my granddog Wonderful — sweet companion for this strange surreal week🌺🦊 Enjoy! Or not! Your choice!🤣

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen in 💜Accept Myself 💖Trust MySelf 💚Accept the Present 💛Freedom ❤️Power 🧡Joy 💚Rinse and Repeat🤓

“The new is of the earth, the ground, the physical ground of being. The cherished and beloved sacredness of being alive. The new is where, joined with the Architect of Peace on Earth, there is a settling into physical being and physical being is offered to the earth and all her creatures. Joined as one being in the physical plane, there is restoration — restoration to union. ... The power of being human is as ephemeral as a butterfly with fragile translucent wings and as solid and unyielding as rock that once was molten, lava erupted as spitting fire. The knowledge of all things, of flight and fancy, is the phoenix that rises from the ash. ... An enchantment like intoxication rises, mind numbing and ebullient with spirit. Thoughts and cares tossed away, the jewel of humanity raises its head from slumber and in bathrobe and slippers, arises to a new day. She looks out in wonder. Restored. The she of humanity rises. A swollen wave, pregnant with new life, gathered in kitchens and on forest lawns, sweet with morning dew and mother love, full breasted and round bellied, a gestation soon to pass. With cries of terror new life is birthed of blood and water and the breath of spirit. It is physical creation on divine soil, sweet and sticky and odorous.” — Creation of the New, 3.2,5-8

💛 Flowers and Healing

“A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. ... This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.” — C:5.32
“Your poor health is no cause for judgment, as it is the perfect health, now, in the past, and in the future, to bring you the lessons you would learn in order to return you to your Self and the unity of Christ-consciousness. ... This is the nature of the universe. These conditions are perfect not only for individual learning, but for shared learning, learning in community and learning as a species.” — T4:7.7


💛 The Power to Heal

Precious Jewels💎 It's almost two weeks since I wrote. You might think that's because I have nothing to say. Truth is there's so much movement. So much flowing. Overflowing. So much gratitude. And so much to say that silence seemed the best option. Yet today I am trusting that the bits of value to all that I am to share are distilling and landing even as I write.

The theme it seems is healing. Joining. ReMembering. Living Oneness. Returning to Unity consciousness. Merging the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Knowing ourselves as a fractal of all that is. Embodying pure source, Love, in every atom and every particle of our human selves. Literally being the love that seems to be lacking. Living love here and now In blazing Freedom, Power, and Joy! Is there any other theme? Ever? 😆

The theme ‘The Power to Heal’ threaded itself throughout the Community Miracles Center's ( Conference in Boston last week. Four days with 420 from all over the world at the beautiful Omni Parker House. Famous for their delicious Boston Cream Pie! Many shared hugs and kisses with people I love and rarely see in person. And a shared virus😪 I've been down with the past week!😁 Even son, Nick and ‘daughter’ Jen came by for a visit!💞 And so many new connections and sharing one-on-one, at meals, and in meetings.

While the symbols and the form varied greatly by session, the Love was the same. One courageously sharing his experiences of healing in thought, heart, and body — speaking of healing, removal of blocks, miracles, salvation, forgiveness, and atonement. Another equally courageously inviting us into cocreating with her a powerful experience of healing racism. Right there and then in the room. Some fifty of us joining in a circle. Simply. Wordlessly. Wholehearted embracing each other. Feeling the pulsing power in the palms of our hands. Reaching deeply into the sadness and pain. Transmuting and releasing the shame of wounds so many of us are silently living with.

Another speaking of Brené Brown's recent popular message of the power in vulnerability. ( Vulnerability meaning wounds. And bravely sharing her own past sorrows and triumphs. And yet another speaking of her current receiving and writing of messages from Mother Mary. Sharing the beautiful insight that Mary Magdalene poured the entire bottle of expensive ointment on Jesus' head, hands, and feet “anointing the coming wounds, and were it not for decorum, would have anointed his side also.” Wow!

Did you know that the ointment Mary Magdalene used is spikenard? I looked it up😄 — “Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.” — John 12:3 Its botanical name is Nardostachys jatamansi. Sourced today from the Himalayan slopes of NepaI. Reputed to ease pain and the transition at death by loosening the bond between the lower frequency vibration of body density in form, and the higher vibration of spirit.

Did you know that ‘vulnerability’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘wound’? It's ‘vulnus’. I looked that up too!😄 That being vulnerable means opening yourself to being wounded? Who'd be crazy enough to do that? Only the most courageous! Sharing is most okay when healing is done and all is back to 🌈rainbows and unicorns🦄. When the hero has triumphed and it's time to celebrate. Rarely do we see wounds in all their gory glory. Wounds that are still in the process of healing. Wounds that may need to be abraded, cut into more deeply, in order to fully and permanently heal. For there is much to lose. It makes many uncomfortable. Sacred. Angry even.

Yet there is even more to gain. For we are One. Each one a multifaceted Jewel in the Net. And not one of us truly heals until each and every one of us heals. What if we celebrate the wounds as they are? Loving them. Sharing them with each other. Holding them gently. Exposing them to light and fresh air? Feeling the pain? Knowing that the only way forward is through, and that we are not alone? There is a poem I love from Elizabeth Lesser's 2004 masterpiece ‘Broken Open’ that captures such radical everyday honesty:
“Hello, what are you afraid of?”
“Me too.”
“When you hear a Mahler symphony?”
“No, when I wake up at night.”
“Me too.”
“Nice meeting you.”
“Same here.”

On Tuesday I go for some much needed planned surgery. Physically it is fairly extensive pelvic reconstruction requiring an overnight in hospital and a few weeks rest and recovery. And metaphysically it is me coming to love myself enough to act on what it takes to give and receive the support I need for my female physical body. Specifically the seat of birthing — first my children. And now for the cocreative birthing of the NEW me. The NEW Body. The NEW form. Me living as Divine HUman BEing on Gaia. Reclaiming and supporting parts of my body that were used to shame me as a child, a maiden, and as a woman in a man's engineering world my entire career.

I'm feeling really good about it all. About the perfect timing and placement of this loving attention to my body. Knowing that everything I do I not only for myself but for ALL💛 Walking into this in awe at the ease with which each step has been unfolding. With gratitude for the experience and skill of the surgeon. And for the nurses who have attended to me. All beautiful and loving. Complete with crystal rose quartz heart-stones being gifted to and received by all of them with love. Yes there will be pain. (I've ordered some spikenard✨😄) and I am totally resting in receiving the love of my family and friends and you. Along with all of creation — people, animals, plants, minerals, elementals. (The earth has already gifted me with pounds of morel mushrooms — a superfood high in nutrients and support I need! But that's a whole other story😄)

Joining in Unity Consciousness. Never doubting for a moment our collective power to heal. The shimmering continues. I choose it to. There's an Angelic 🌈Rainbow of Light healing I've been enjoying these past few weeks. ( Complete with 100 angelic👼🏾👼🏽👼🏻👼🏼 beings and golden pink angel dust✨💖✨ Receiving first for my own healing, and then naturally transmitting to many. You might like it too. Or simply try healing 🌈Care Bear✨ style!😄 Either way trust yourself and have fun! With so much love and gratitude to all, I will be back — stronger and whole'er than ever before.🙏🏾🤓🌺

💛 The Power of God in Form

“Many people now are discovering the power of healing. Some think this power comes from one source and some from another. You may think that, as long as the power is called forth, it matters not the name by which it is called. ... You may wonder why it should matter whether this power be called Buddha or Allah, Muhammad or God. It matters not. The power of God is not what is being spoken of here. It is our power that is being spoken of here. The power of the god man. The power of God brought into form. The power of who we are rather than the power of who God is. God cares not what you call Him. God knows who He is. It is man who has known not who he is, and it is through me that this knowing can be returned. This is simply the way it is. It is not about being right or being wrong, about one being more and others less. This is simply the way to sameness of being, to the reunion of all, from the holiest of the holy to the lowliest of the lowly.” — ACOL, D:Day1.11-13
“Is there a role for healing, then, that one can use to offer help for someone else? In arrogance the answer must be "no." But in humility there is indeed a place for helpers. It is like the role that helps in prayer, and lets forgiveness be what it is meant to be. You do not make yourself the bearer of the special gift that brings the healing. You but recognize your oneness with the one who calls for help. For in this oneness is his separate sense dispelled, and it is this that made him sick. There is no point in giving remedy apart from where the source of sickness is, for never thus can it be truly healed.” — ACIM, S-3.III.4 (Song of Prayer)



💛 Sharing in Manhattan

Here are the YouTube video links for the May Miracles in Manhattan gathering Jon Mundy and I did together at the Center for Remembering and Sharing in NYC. Jon's been doing these for three years! For me it was a brand new adventure! Sharing my experience, interweaving the metaphor of Indra's Net of Jewels, the hand-in-hand messages of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, with a sprinkling of Quantum Science. It was a lot of fun! And I'm trusting there is some value to all in this sharing

Part One (57 minutes)

Part Two (68 minutes)

It was quite a challenge distilling and landing so many years of wholehearted, felt, multidimensional experience. Choosing meaningful bits from ACIM and ACOL. Rendering all of it into separate pieces of 3D/2D form ‘on paper’. Such a vastly different process to the orderly, linear, logical way I'd created content for the hundreds of workshops (Software Development, Systems Thinking, HumanDynamics etc.) I taught during the first 20 years of my working life. So it was both a little crazy-making and a joy seeing it all finally taking shape.

The mind THINKS in specifics, separate parts, and ‘bullet points’. You'll see some of those. The heart KNOWS in wholes, pictures, and multicolor images. You'll see some of those too. Perhaps the entire message is contained in any one of the visuals! Perhaps it's possible to sense, feel and receive it all at once? Perhaps I'm simply saying the same thing over and over again in different ways? What I do know for sure is that I'm speaking to each one of you in the only way I can — heart-to-heart, in the quantum now moment, with love. 💎The only response is Love 💎The only time is Now 💎And We are the Ones💎

It's almost 20 years since I delivered a linear PowerPoint presentation, or any kind of ‘presentation’ for that matter! So my heartfelt thanks go to Colin who created all the visuals in just a few short days! Deep gratitude again to Jon for his kind invitation. To all the participants for their presence — those with us in the room, and the many watching the livestream. And to Yasuko Kasaki and Chris Pelham for graciously hosting us at the CRS.

Watch the first 33 seconds of this trailer for a lovely depiction of Indra's Net:

💛 Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎

💎 We are literally each other's identities
💎 We belong to each other

“Your ancient Name belongs to everyone, as theirs to you. Call on your brother's name and God will answer, for on Him you call.” — ACIM, T-26.VII.20
“Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah, but call me yours. For this is who I Am. Call yourself daughter or son, sister or brother, co-creator or friend. But call yourself mine. For we belong to one another. And realize that as I call upon you, I call you who I Am. This is the meaning of the embrace—the possession, the ownership of belonging—of carrying, or holding relationship and union within one's own Self.” — ACOL, D:Day38.5-8


💛 The Multiverse

Parallel processing this evening, I find myself watching the final two episodes we'd DVR'd of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, while exploring the latest intel on the questions of — Is there a multiverse? Does it exist? Are there parallel Universes? Here are a couple of excerpts with links to the full articles. Enjoy! But mostly I simply had to share these amazing images of the imaginal multiverse ... for they look to me like images of Indra's Net of Jewels! Enjoy!

Beginning with this article in the latest The Week —

“Scientists at CERN in Switzerland are now trying to prove the existence of alternate dimensions using the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC. The LHC speeds up protons to about 99.99 percent the speed of light. When they collide, the energy produced could theoretically create microscopic black holes that would constitute evidence our universe is part of a “multiverse” with an infinite number of universes.”

‘Billions of Black Holes’ (The Week, 17 May 2019)

And ending with this piece from Forbes —

“This picture, of huge Universes, far bigger than the meager part that's observable to us, constantly being created across this exponentially inflating space, is what the Multiverse is all about. It's not a new, testable scientific prediction, but rather a theoretical consequence that's unavoidable, based on the laws of physics as they're understood today. Whether the laws of physics are identical to our own in those other Universes is unknown.” — Ethan Siegel Ph.D. Astrophysics

‘This Is Why The Multiverse Must Exist’ (Forbes, 19 March 2019)

I've always felt there's much much more beyond the Universe we know and love. A longtime favorite unity meditation connects us down to the crystalline core of Gaia. Up to the solar system, the sun, the galaxy, the galactic center, the universe, the great central sun. And beyond to the Multiverse and pure Source Consciousness. I love the infinite expansiveness of this practice. And now it seems that Astrophysics and Quantum Science is catching up to such ‘new-age’ concepts. Perhaps you'll try it sometime —

💛 Universe of Universes

“What would you see without the fear of death? What would you feel and think if death held no attraction for you? Very simply, you would remember your Father. The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the universe and of the universe of universes, and of everything that lies even beyond them would you remember. And as this memory rises in your mind, peace must still surmount a final obstacle, after which is salvation completed, and the Son of God entirely restored to sanity. For here your world does end.” — ACIM, T-19.IV.D.1-6
“Creation in form had a starting point. This is the nature of everything that lives in form. It has a starting point from which it grows into its time of fullness. Creation on the scale at which God creates produced the universe, or in actuality, many universes. These universes grew and changed, ebbed and flowed, materialized and dematerialized in natural cycles of the creation process that once begun was unending and thus was ever creating anew. So too is it with you.” — ACOL, T4:8.5


💛 One Million Children for ONEness

Each year since 2008 about a million children from more than seven thousand schools in Thailand gather at the Phra Dhammakaya Temple near Bangkok to celebrate the power of hearts and minds joining as One. The power of our One Heart and One Mind to CoCreate a peaceful loving world. They're participating in the V-Star (V for Virtuous) Children's Project. And have earned this honor after three months of individual devotion at home and at school. Cultivating their own inner peace through meditation and practicing acts of kindness and service.

The purpose in the words of the temple's residing Abbot — “When the mind of each person in this world knows true peace, the world will know peace. Love and good intention for mankind will arise and we will become the center of peace for people around us, like the sun shining warm light to big and small stars, both near and far.”

This two minute BBC News report from 15 Jan 2013 sums it up nicely:

The other day I reconnected with a colleague. We'd worked together some twenty years ago on a Fetzer Institute project quantifying Collective Wisdom. He reminded me that he used to call me ‘Ms. Oneness’. No doubt with equal parts irritation and appreciation ... and exasperation at my persistence! I'd forgotten that! Perhaps y'all are feeling the same way too!😳 I'm still at it! Living Oneness as best I can and going on about it ad nauseam with whomever has the misfortune to invite me in! 😂 So here goes ..

What if each one of us in each Quantum moment, devoted our hearts and minds in our own unique way to living Oneness? Wherever we are. Whomever we're with especially with our own precious selves. Each day every day. Not just once or twice. But choosing over and over again — simply BEing the very love and peace we find is missing from any situation we're in? If a million children can so can we. And so perhaps can 7.5 Billion of us Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎🕸💎 all around the planet. Have fun trying it! Enjoy the results in your own life AND in the lives of others around you♥️💛Pause ❤️Breathe🧡Listen💚Feel💜Trust YourSelf💛Take Action💖

💛 Oneness

... The light of heaven shines not down upon you but is given and received in equal exchange by all who in creation exist together in oneness eternal. Forget not who you truly are, but forget not also to be in joy in your experience here. Remember that the seriousness with which you once looked at life is of the ego. Drape your persona in a mantle of peace and joy. Let who you are shine through the personal self who continues to walk this world a while longer. Listen for my voice as I guide you to your purpose here and linger with you in this time to end all time. We are here, together, in love, to share love. This is not such a frightening task. Let fear go and walk with me now. ...” — T2:13.5-6



💛 JEWEL in Singapore

I just watched the craziest video!😳 Thoughtfully sent to me this morning by a sweet cousin in Malaysia, Josephine🌺. The video takes us on a three minute tour of a brand new destination at Singapore's Changi Airport that opened only a few days ago. I can hardly contain my delight! And my pride.☺️ Despite the many decades that have passed, Singapore remains close to my heart as the place where I grew up (K-12) and where I lived my first experiences of love, integrity, grit, and unity in cultural diversity.

Changi Airport holds the title World's Best Airport seven years running. Besides being a marvelous feat of engineering, this new destination at Changi resonates in my heart and soul for so many reasons!

  • ✿ it is officially named JEWEL💎
  • ✿ it's doughnut-shaped
  • ✿ in other words it's a 10 storey TORUS
  • 💖the electromagnetic field of the heart and planet🤓
  • ✿ a ‘Rain Vortex’ cascades through its center
  • ✿ rainwater cycling 7 storeys (130 ft) unceasingly 24/7
  • ✿ the column at night a canvas for 3D LIGHT
  • 💖pure diamond crystalline source light/love🤓
  • ✿ and JEWEL is open to everyone
  • 💖ALL are welcome🤓

What an amazing representation in form of all I see, experience, and KNOW for sure is flowing through each one of our hearts individually and collectively, and through Gaia, whether we're aware of it or not. So call me crazy! I LOVE it! I welcome the inspired imagery! And I'm sharing it with all you beautiful sparkling Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎🕸💎with love. One Heart♥️ always, across time and space. Enjoy and be inspired ..

💛 Light of the World

“Thingness” is over, and your identity no longer stands in form but flows from life itself. Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms, the order in chaos, the silence in solitude, the grace of the cosmos. Our heart is the light of the world. We are one heart. We are one mind. One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart. Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul's delight, rather than otherness. It is a seamless world, a tapestry where each thread is vibrant and strong. A canticle where each tone is pure and indivisible. — C:20.4-6


💛 One Heart to One Heart
      Indra's Net in Manhattan, Sun 5th May, 1:30 to 4:00pm

Jon Mundy and I are delighted to invite you to join us at the ‘Center for Remembering and Sharing’ in Manhattan, for an adventure through of A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World. With the central theme of One Mind, One Heart, we'll explore and experience the power and joy of joining hearts and minds. And we'll have some fun together, CoCreating Clarity in union and relationship in the Quantum Now moment — “The new is love's expression. The new is yet to be created, One Heart to One Heart.” Hope to see you there 💖

More details and register at — Miracles in Manhattan: Indra's Net

“... The heart is needed because it is who and where you are and responds in love to what is one with it. We are one heart. We are one mind. The route to oneness and union, to life in form that accepts oneness and union, to a humanity restored to wholeness, is through the heart of the mind. ... “Everyone” is just a concept. These words are given to each One. They are heard only by each “alone” by which I mean in the sanctity of the One Heart. We are one heart. We are one mind. Joined in wholeheartedness we are the heaven of the world. We replace bitterness with sweetness. We dwell in the reality of the One Heart, creation's birthplace, birthplace of the new. ... The new is creation's unfolding love. The new is love's expression. The new is the true replacement of the false, illusion's demise, joy birthed amongst sorrow. The new is yet to be created, One Heart to One Heart.” — A Course of Love, C:I.6-7,11-12


💛 Balance In Relationships
      (Full Moon In Libra, Good Friday, 19 Apr)

Today's Full Moon brings to completion a window of opportunity and change (opened at the Libra Full Moon, 20 Mar) that's been inviting each of us back into balance. The first full moon was about finding balance within. In our relationship with our precious selves. Tenderly loving ourselves without judgment, exactly as we are in each moment. This second full moon is about creating balance out there. In all our relationships. With everyone and everything around us. People, work, politics, food, causes, money. Discerning with fearless clarity which ones nurture us, and which ones we need to release with gratitude. Both full moons calling us to deeper empathy, compassion, kindness, divine neutrality. Within and without. Yin and Yang. Feminine and Masculine. Fierce Love🧡🦁💚🐲💛 Equally in balance for ourselves as for others. Both/And!😁 Relationship is EVERYTHING!

I'm paying close attention to that ‘Subtle Aggression’ I wrote about on 4th April. Noticing how it's all too easy to push myself. “Just get this one more thing done. They need it. You're responsible. You can do it. Simply power through this then you can rest”. I'm discovering that when I 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen in 💜Accept my Feelings in the Present, and tenderly grant myself the respite I truly need ... a quantum portal seems to open sweeping waves of 💜Freedom ♥️Power 💖Joy! I find myself smiling. And magically everything flows and falls into place. Effortlessly. Both for me and for all those around me

Try it. Have fun with it. Allow yourself to receive the gift of owning your feelings in the moment. The inner disturbance is a signal to pause. Listen. And allow the infinite possibilities of the quantum field to land with ease. As divine human beings, we are the energy of Love in form. Dwelling in both the imaginal and the literal worlds. As beings of Light, we are both wave and particle. Both the spaciousness of infinite possibility and the solidity of atoms. This is what it means to Go Quantum (5D and beyond) in a 3D world. And this Full Moon shines brightly on it for us all!🌕 Let's go for it!

💛 Christ (Compassionate) Consciousness

“You have been told Christ-consciousness is neither God nor man but the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything ... wisdom, Sophia, spirit ... [it] predates the man Jesus, and creation itself. It is both the feminine and masculine, the “identity” of God, ... the All of All given an identity. God holds you within Himself. Christ is held within you as the center or heart of yourself—as your identity and God's identity. Christ is the “I Am” of God, the expression of “I Am” in form, the animator and the animated, the informer and the informed, the movement, being, and expression of creation. Christ is that which anointed form with the “I Am” of God.” — D.Day:17.2


💛 Harmony
      Indra's Net Spring-Break: Tuesday 16th April

A delightful surprise gathering rich with sharing, insights, revelations, coffee, and cookies! Muffins in Main shimmered in the Spring afternoon sunshine and the sparkle of our Net of Jewels💎 With gratitude here are some gems:

Grief and Love: Grief, pain, and loss draw out of us floods of tears. As we allow them to flow, they cleanse us.They heal the depths of our being. And leave us fresh and renewed. The tears never really go away. They return over and over — a sight, a sound, a small, a taste! Different feelings At different times. For different people. Accepting them all in the quantum now moment. And feeling them all. And slowly it dawns on us with gratitude The alchemy has happened. These are tears of Love. (

Being and Doing: The world trains us to be learners, doers, achievers. If it's not observable, measurable, tangible (solid atoms), describable in words and numbers — it isn't really anything of value. Being is doing nothing they say! Well!🙄 We know different. We know that BOTH are important — Being and Doing, Heart and Mind, Apollo and Hephaestus, Creativity and Activity, Relational and Linear. Both parts of us in Balance and Harmony, seamlessly flowing, collaborating, cocreating together. Neither one more important than the other. Both valued and appreciated. Neither one judged or left out in the cold. Another internal rift noticed, re-membered, loved, and healed.

Heart and Brain Coherence: Here is the HeartMath Institute's simple way to heal and harmonize the electromagnetic waves of our brains (thinking in linear steps and pieces) and our hearts (feeling and knowing in wholes and relationships). You'll feel the difference immediately 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf💖 ( And if you need hard evidence, here's the Inner Balance app and tool for iPhone and Android that'll give you data on how your practice is coming along!🤓 (

The Perfection In Flaws: I think this says it all! We are authentically, perfectly, and most beautifully who we are, precisely as we are right here in this quantum Now moment. We are enough. Loving ourselves as we are right here right now is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the every one around us. No evaluations, no judgments, no standards to live ‘up’ to. Simply, uniquely who we are in all our shimmering uniqueness. A sparkling Jewel💎 in the Net. Like no other. And yet fully reflecting, embodying all others. Distinct within the Whole. ONE Heart ✨♥️✨A fractal of all that is.

💛 BOTH the Way of Mary AND the Way of Jesus in Harmony

“... Being joined in union and relationship allows for the channeling of creation through the one Self because the one Self is joined in union and relationship. This is very tricky for those who reach highly individuated states and it is necessary for those of the way of Mary to support, encourage, and reflect the new to those being examples of the way of Jesus. This too is tricky for it can lead to judgment. When there is more than one way, there is always room for comparison and judgment. Thus it is realistic to see the two ways as intertwined circles existing in support and harmony with one another. As those given specific functions fulfill those functions, they move naturally to the way of Mary. Without those pursuing the way of Jesus, those pursuing the way of Mary would have a much more difficult task. There would be little space in which to anchor the new. Those following the way of Jesus create the openness of the spacious Selves who allow for the anchors of the new to be cast and thus to ride out the many storms of this time of transition.” — D:Day19.15-17


💛 Barbara Marx Hubbard
      ✨💎 Inspiration for Monday morning 💎✨

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard passed away a few days ago at age 89. For decades she tirelessly shared her clear-eyed sweeping vision of Conscious CoCreative Evolution of humanity and the planet. And in 1984 was the Democratic nominee for the US Vice-Presidency. Barbara insists that the crises our world is currently facing are not precursors of an apocalypse, but the natural birth pains of what will become an awakened universal humanity. As all of you know I completely agree with this view!😄 Every single thing that is happening is a gift. No matter how uncomfortable or painful. It is how we choose to respond in each quantum moment that truly matters! Therein lies our freedom and power and the Joy of CoCreating together.

In her book ‘Conscious Evolution’ Barbara writes “This is our finest hour. Millions of us are rising in a more universal, holistic, or cosmic consciousness in this still largely self-centered world. We're being called forth in every field and discipline to fulfill our potential through joining together in creative action.”

Barbara's work first got my attention in 1999 when a group of us were studying the phenomenon of Collective Wisdom ( in collaboration with the Fetzer Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). That same summer we had an amazing conversation late one night with Barbara's colleague (and inspiration) Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the moon, and founder of IONS. He told us of his transcendental awakening (he called it samadhi). How he was transfixed the entire return voyage from the moon observing Earth from this tiny window of his spacecraft. It was a gift that night of knowing beyond doubt that we are truly one family, One Earth, One HeartBeat, each of us a Jewel in the Net💎 I am grateful to them both.

Listen to ‘CoCreating a Better World’ ( Enjoy and be inspired as Barbara reframes current problems as evolutionary drivers and explains how each of us is being called to fulfill our creative potential, so we can be active participants in the greatest adventure in human history — our conscious evolution.

💛 Resurrection (not Evolution!)

“Evolution is the time-bound way in which the body has participated in creation. This is why you have been told that you are not called to evolution.” — D:7.21
“My resurrection brought about the Word made flesh in each of you. You who have come after me are not as I was but as I Am. Does this not make sense, even in your human terms of evolution? You are the resurrected and the life.” — T1:8.5

I get it. This is not about step-by-step Evolution. This is not about amassing common beliefs amongst thousands in community. This is a difference I feel from the implementation strategy of Barbara Marx Hubbard. This IS completely about each one of us in our unique way, in wholehearted loving presence opening to Resurrection — the Quantum Jump possible only through joining in spacious relationship with all of everything in this quantum NOW moment. 💜The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones💜

But here's what I'm not fully getting and would so much like to hear from you about. (Rose? Jacques? Lynn? Mari? Unity Tools? Suzanne? Joe? Rodrigo?) This is the swirling I'm opening to, allowing, being with today. It's the subtle distinction between sharing my experience (like here on FB right now) because I'm feeling propelled to. And “sharing common testimony”. What's the difference? Should I continue writing as I've been doing on FaceBook — sharing, inviting, offering? Or is the time for it past? Is this “no longer as welcomed or appreciated”? I'm also wondering “Do you feel it too? Or is it just me?

“Because inner knowing is both individual and collective, both personal and universal, this is the source of all proof. And so you believe coming together to share common testimony validates the proof of inner and collective knowing. You think shared beliefs amass, like a congregation around a pulpit, and even believe in a theory of mass that purports that when a certain magnitude of belief occurs, evolutionary steps are brought about ... This, however, is not about evolutionary steps ... This sharing of personal testimony has reached its zenith and will no longer be as welcomed or appreciated, so even were the intent of this Course to bring testimony together in such a way as to cause an evolutionary step, it would not work. Thus we must concentrate on wisdom, the wisdom of the heart.” — C:28.3-4


💛 Holy Week, Third Wave Embodiment
      And an Indra's Net Spring-Break Gathering
      Sunday 14th April

Just back from a few days with my precious family. Sand between my toes from the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva. Hyacinth, daffodils, and dwarf iris popping up. My repotted Clivia sprouting a bud. Feeling intense inner movement in the cycle of surrender, renewal, and rebirth. Palm Sunday today beginning a week of remembering Jesus' priceless gift to all. A third wave of powerful Light frequencies flowing this week. Supporting deeper embodiment of Light/Love in every particle within each of one us. Becoming the Divine HUman BEings Jesus calls us back home to. And an Indra's Net of Jewels💎 spring-break gathering this Tuesday 16th! (

Whew! that's a lot of movement. Are you feeling it?

We're all in this together — aware of it or not! All of us on this inner/outer rollercoaster that is our daily lives parenting, relaxing, working, cleaning, vacationing, US and world events unfolding...? Someone likened it to riding the bi-Polar Express!🙃 It's a massive collective movement. They say the tipping point of ‘awakened/woke’ hearts of 144,000 is here. A global joining in recognition of our ONEness, Jewels in the Net, electromagnetic heart/brain/earth coherence. Describe it any way you want. And the seemingly topsy-turvy chaotic state of ‘the world’ is simply the snowplow effect clearing away the old, making way for the New to emerge. Each one of us essential in transmuting the old. By choosing conscious loving responses each moment to all that is presented. We're cocreating a compassionate new world right here, right now.

The good news is there's an immensely powerful energetic flow this Holy Week in support of us Choosing, reMEMBERing, and emBODYing the LOVE that we KNOW we are. Breathing our whirling minds down into our spacious open WHOLE Heart. Actively surrendering to all that is present in this Quantum Now moment. Divine neutrality. Nothing pushed away. No judgment. No defending. No need to control outcomes. BEing still, trusting, allowing the movement to sweep through us. Listening for whatever action is ours to take. Loving ourselves and each other equally and fiercely. BOTH in the darkness AND into the light. Over and over again. No matter how many cycles it takes. It's the only way I know to navigate this amazing time.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf

It is exactly three years today that I've been joining in this Christ Light Expansion meditation. It has helped me immensely and so I share it with you with love 💜✨💜 Try it🤓 ( Anytime is good. And especially on Sundays at 8:11am, 11:11am, 2:11pm, and 8:11pm EDT (

“After I was crucified, My miraculous resurrection empowered Me to be your living Hope. In fact, I am more abundantly alive than you can begin to imagine. When your hope is connected to Me, you share in My vibrant, eternal Life.” — Jesus Calling
“I am calling you to the new. I am calling you to transform. I am calling you to Christ (Compassionate)-consciousness. I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form. To be cognizant of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life everlasting.” — A Course of Love

💛 Through Your Multitude

“What purpose will death serve when your true Self has joined with your physical form? You will see it simply as the transformation it has always been, the transformation from singular consciousness to Christ-consciousness. Form has been but a representation of singular consciousness. As form becomes a representation of Christ-consciousness, it will take on the nature of Christ-consciousness, of which my life was the example life. To sustain Christ-consciousness in form is creation of the new. My one example life could not sustain Christ-consciousness for those who came after me but could only be an example. What you are called to do is to, through your multitude, sustain Christ-consciousness, and thus create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being. This union will take you beyond the goal of expressing your Self in form because this goal but reflected the desire for a temporary experience. The temporary experience has been elongated because of the appeal of the physical experience. What this Treatise is saying to you is that if the physical experience appeals to you, and if you create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being, this choice will be eternally yours. It will be a choice of your creation, a creation devoid of fear. It will be a new choice.” — T4:4.18


💛 Gentleness
      New Moon in Aries, Friday 5th April, 4:51am EDT

The past week has been tough for me. Inner turbulence. Nameless diffuse anxiety. Mental fog. Discombobulation. I mindsplain it to myself pointing to ‘causes’ outside of me. Disasters, confusion in the country, illness in precious friends and family, discord in my work community. Everyone faces these kinds of things. Deal with it! Staying with the churning discomfort, my mind is slowly settling. And I hear my heart, sensing and knowing in wholes and in relationship, quietly telling me different. This is simply another helical spiral deep within.🌀 Feel your feelings. Feel them all as they arise. As dark as they are, go to them. Welcome them. It's the only way through!🖤

That's when I found the Pema Chödrön piece I posted yesterday. We all have experiences of the overt aggression towards each other that happens when we EJECT our dark feelings out into the world. But this is a kind of secret hidden violence we do to ourselves when we REJECT our feelings internally. Chödrön calls it a ‘Subtle Aggression’. And invites us to replace it with kindness, curiosity, clarity, gentleness, and openness. It's the hardest work evah! And I must do it. We all must? Feeling the fear, the anger, the guilt, the disappointment, the shame that there's often little to nothing we can do out there to change what's happening in the world. But what if we can ‘do’ a huge amount (everything?) within ourselves! It doesn't matter whose feelings they are. Love is the only response. Especially to fear and aggression. Anyone who's seen or held a child having a tantrum KNOWS this. But will we LIVE this for our own precious selves? ... and for others? Will we actually LIVE as Jewels💎 in Indra's Net 🕸 Or shall we simply talk and write about the idea of it?

I'm choosing to feel my feelings. Even as I go about my life doing the things out there that are mine to do. Each moment, breathing my mind down into my heart. Unfurling the tight bud of constriction in my chest. All last night awake and restless, asking over and over for the help I need. Embracing my abusive (and terrified!) inner bully in a soft cloud of gentleness. Oh how she scolds and bloviates to stop me noticing her terror! If she manages to distract me then I become the blustering scold🤬 Poor Colin!😳 So I'm literally loving her to death and praying for the grace to see her through to rebirth. Knowing that this too is purposeful. This too is a gift. Trusting that as these dark feelings get done with me they'll dissipate like a jet trail in the sky. Thanks to the evanescence of aggression in the arms of gentleness. And thanks also to a long soak in a sea salt bath early this morning at New Moon.🌑 The shift was palpable. And the darkness is already melting away. Leaving behind the gift of a more expansive ✨shimmering of love sparkles✨ The love that is Me🤓 re-membering and welcoming ALL of myself home.💛

Reading about today's New Moon this afternoon, I'm delighted to find the same theme and message running throughout! Read the bits I've cobbled together here for you, with love💜

“We are in the midst of birthing our truest selves more than ever before. Whatever feelings we have been ignoring and repressing can no longer be brushed aside. There is a 💎diamond💎 part of us that is trying to emerge. This passage is not easy, for it involves facing our deepest fears, and those things we have not wanted to face but have felt imprisoned by. This is an evolutionary turning point, and we are each individually and collectively having to reorient internally. What we feel deep down is valid. We face our fears instead of trying to run from them in the hope that they won't catch up. We slow down, consider the problem and approach it with maturity. We must look for win-win scenarios.

If, on a macro level we are dealing with abuses of power and authority, on a micro level we are having our own inner reckoning with the ‘power player’ ‘controlling dictator’ ‘fear monger’ ‘petty tyrant’ ‘authority abuser’ ‘the overly responsible one’ or ‘impoverished orphan’ within .. somewhere in the innermost corners of our lives and minds, this character lives and breathes. Yet the jig is up. Transits are like smooth water washing over ancient stones, wearing this conditioning down ... it is time to take a hard, honest look and ask ourselves.”

--✿ Commit to gentleness.
--✿ Commit to self-kindness.
--✿ Commit to feeling it all ... no matter how icky!
--✿ Regard your capacity to feel deeply as a strength.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf

PS: if you made it down this far😆 ... Did you notice? Yesterday's post was written from my mind. And today's post is a sharing from my heart♥️

💛 Rejected/Ejected Feelings

“... Sickness is not sickness but rejected feelings. The rejected feelings exist as separate and forgotten physical manifestations until they are willfully remembered and accepted back into the spacious Self. Rejected feelings are those for which you blame yourself. Sickness is the form of manifestation of rejected feelings. These manifestations come to you to prove to you what you think you know — that you are responsible for the sorry circumstances of your life. Ejected feelings are projected outside of the body. These are the unwanted feelings that are blamed on others. These manifest in your interactions with the world, taking on form in the actions of others, in instances where acts of nature or accidents seem to thwart plans, or in “situations” or crises of all kinds. These manifestations also come to you to prove what you think you know — that others, or the world in general, are to blame for the sorry state of your life. ... All that has been expelled is part of the wholeness of the self. As what was ejected or rejected and became “real” is returned to the Self, the physical manifestation dissolves, because the source, which was separation, is no more. — D:Day16.4-6


💛 Subtle Aggression
      Thursday 4th April

Do you work hard to ‘improve’ yourself? Always trying to be better? do better? Are you just as tough on people around you? They should ... If only they would ... everything would be perfect! I know how easy it is to slip into this mode. And here's a way that works — with curiosity, clarity, and willingness — to soften my aggression into gentleness. One Quantum moment at a time ✨💎✨ Perhaps it'll work for you too. With love 💜

💛The only response is Love💛The only time is Now💛And We are the Ones

“We may think meditation will improve us, but it's really about accepting ourselves as we are right now. When we start to meditate or to work with any kind of spiritual discipline, we often think that somehow we're going to improve, which is a subtle aggression against who we really are. It's a bit like saying, “If I jog, I'll be a much better person.” “If I had a nicer house, I'd be a better person.” “If I could meditate and calm down, I'd be a better person.” Or the scenario may be that we find fault with others. We might say, “If it weren't for my husband, I'd have a perfect marriage.” “If it weren't for the fact that my boss and I can't get on, my job would be just great.” And, “If it weren't for my mind, my meditation would be excellent.”

But loving kindness — maitri — toward ourselves doesn't mean getting rid of anything. Maitri means that we can still be crazy, we can still be angry. We can still be timid or jealous or full of feelings of unworthiness. Meditation practice isn't about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It's about befriending who we are already. The ground of practice is you or me or whoever we are right now, just as we are. That's what we come to know with tremendous curiosity and interest.

Curiosity involves being gentle, precise, and open—actually being able to let go and open. Gentleness is a sense of goodheartedness toward ourselves. Precision is being able to see clearly, not being afraid to see what's really there. Openness is being able to let go and to open. When you come to have this kind of honesty, gentleness, and goodheartedness, combined with clarity about yourself, there's no obstacle to feeling lovingkindness for others as well.” — Pema Chödrön

💛 You Are Fine

“Do not be afraid now to be who you are. Do not think you need to be something different, something other than you have been. Leave all thinking behind. Leave all notions of being better, smarter, kinder, more loving behind. Realize that these were all thoughts and notions of becoming. If you hang on to them, your being will not have the chance to realize and make real its being. You will be different, only if you allow and will yourself to realize and make real this difference. It is a difference between becoming and being. It is all the difference in the world. It is the difference between separation and differentiation in union and relationship. This difference, if you will allow it to come, will take away all worry, all thought about how you could be better, more, greater. If you still possess some things that you would consider character flaws or faults, forget about them now. In being they will be yours or they will not. You will be happy that you have these aspects of humanness or you will not and they will be gone. Do not expect the same unhappiness with yourself. You are fine. You are being. You are being fine. So be it.” — E.20-21



💛 Begin Today
      (Equinox and Full Moon, 20/21 March)

Yesterday was both Spring Equinox (around 6pm) and Full Super Moon in Libra just 4 hours later. This has happened only six times in the last 200 years. The next time will be in 2030. A rare and powerful event! I felt it. Did you? An overwhelming sense of inspiration and infinite possibility along with an extraordinary exhaustion from all the struggle and effort that has gone before.

And yet all of it has been purposeful. For here we are, poised on this pivotal edge. What will we choose? Shall we fall back into the struggle? Or shall walk forward into the embrace of the new? With a knowing surrender to the unknown.

Take Heart❤️ You are not alone. Precious Jewel💎 in the Net, we are all in this together. Just as your unique sparkle is essential to the integrity and movement of the Whole ... the Net. So too, the integrity of the Net accompanies you, supports you, and cheers you on as you fearlessly step out into the unknown. Trust me!🤓 Now is the time to harness the power of this Equinox/Full Moon to inspire new intentions and energize new beginnings. It is a time of perfect harmony between the Moon and the Sun, the feminine and the masculine, the receiving and the doing. Make the most of it!

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

“Ask those questions that glow steadily in your heart. Why am I here? How do I truly love? What is yearning to be born? How do I serve now? How do I love my world now? Then, gather your allies and resources. Make a plan. Put it into motion. Begin today.” — Hiro Boga

💛 Knowing Surrender to the Unknown

“... We are coming metaphorically and literally out of the clouds, out of the illusion, surrendering the mist that was all that separated one world from another. The clouds of illusion, even those that have gently surrounded our time together on the mountain top must now be surrendered, much as a woman surrenders her body to the growth of a child within. This is a willing but not an active surrender. It is a surrender to the forces that move inside of you. It is a knowing surrender to the unknown. It is a willingness to carry the unknown into the known and the known to the unknown. Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known. This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed.” — D:Day23.3-5


💛 Live as One
      Friday 15th March

Last night I watched ‘John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky’. A documentary on the making of John Lennon's ‘Imagine’. The album was released in the fall of 1971 and went to #1 in the UK, the US, and around the world. In 2017, Imagine was declared song of the century by the National Music Publishers Association.

I was living in the UK when Imagine was released. A junior studying Computer Science at the University of Essex. Nine years later I sat in our Waltham, MA apartment watching with horror, the news of John's murder. Along with thousands of others, struggling to make sense of it. My heart breaking, wondering if the world had gone mad! And having moved to the US just four months earlier, wondering if we too had gone mad! Countless times since then my heart has broken open wider and wider. In response to one tragic incident of violence and destruction after another. And I am grateful. They say that 9/11 cracked open the Whole Heart of humanity — the place of compassionate mind and wise heart joined — of people in the US and all across the world. And today my heart breaks open even wider for New Zealand, for Muslims everywhere, and for the world.

What is your response?
How much more shall we allow?

“To imagine something is not a passive experience. If you want the kind of world that's expressed in that song, you have to do something about it. It was a demonstrable call to action. A lot of people have said ‘Well, you know it's all a bit too dreamy!’ Yes, but we all actually really want what he's singing about. We all want that and I think that's why even today the song is still so important. Because the sad thing is the world is still in a bad way. Why is it impossible to move forward in these dreams and make them reality? He's not shoving it down people's throats. It's not religious. It's not political. It's just humanity and life.” — Julian Lennon

I'm with Julian .. and John. So call me crazy! I just know it's not impossible! We simply have to want it, imagine it, desire it, choose it, act on it, and live it. Right here where we are. Right now. With the ones we're with. Firmly, lovingly, consistently, fiercely, faithfully, compassionately! Each moment noticing the ever-present impulse to label, compare, separate, defend, attack. Walking on past judging neither our own precious selves nor each equally precious ‘other’. Instead fearlessly, over and over again, choosing for love and joining. Each one of us a unique and integral Jewel💎 in the Net. CoCreating this new world together as if our lives depended upon it. Because it does. Yours and mine and everyone's whether we're aware of it or not! Trust me! 🤓

“Imagine there's no heaven
  It's easy if you try
  No hell below us
  Above us only sky
  Imagine all the people
  Living for today... Aha-ah...
  You may say I'm a dreamer
  But I'm not the only one
  I hope someday you'll join us
  And the world will live as one”

💛 The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones 💛

CoCreate Indra's Net Gatherings:
Read Coming to Voice: The Whole Heart Chakra:
Watch the UK Channel 4 television documentary (Nov 2018):
Full documentary:

💛 Heartbreak

In quiet today, my heart breaking💔 with sorrow, I found myself compelled to write. I share the words from ACOL that I hang onto today. Words that give me strength and hope through my tears. And also below, my post from CoCreating Clarity. With my love to all ✨💜✨

“You who have been unable to separate mind from body, brain from head, and intelligence from knowledge, take heart. We give up trying. We simply learn in a new way and in our learning realize that our light shines from within our heart, our altar to the Lord. Here the Christ in us abides and here we concentrate our energies and our learning, soon to learn that what we would know cannot be computed in the databanks of an over-worked and over-trusted brain, a mind we cannot separate from where we believe it to be. Our hearts, in contrast, go out to the world, to the suffering, to the weak of body and of mind. Our hearts are not so easily contained within the casing of our flesh and bone. Our hearts take wing with joy and break with sadness. Not so the brain that keeps on registering it all, a silent observer, soon to tell you that the feelings of your heart were foolishness indeed. It is to our hearts that we appeal for guidance, for there resides the one who truly guides.” — C:3.16-17


💛 Indra's Net: A Moveable Feast

Indra's Net of Jewels has gathered weekly on Tuesdays at Muffins on Main — 1st January to 5th March 2019 — for ten amazing afternoons of deep sharing, discovery, and laughter. I am forever grateful to the courageous hearts who answered the call to gather with curiosity, willingness, and playfulness. And for the myriad diverse insights that landed each week for everyone — you have only to glance at Indra's Net Key Words to see what I mean! And I am especially grateful for the discovery that my own Freedom, Power, Inspiration, and greatest Joy, lies in receiving and responding to open-hearted curiosity, deep questions, and enthusiastic invitations to share my lived experience. I rest and revel in this revelation💖. Thank you to all!

Feeling just as energized and excited as when we began, and throughout these ten incredible weeks, ‘Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World’ continues. Like bountiful, moveable feasts 🥘🍱🍲🥗 Indra's Net gatherings are morphing in shape and form, yet always delicious and always welcoming! Turning conventional wisdom on its ear, sharing and practicing the inside-out upside-down way of Quantum observation, relationship, and choice! Responding to the ever-present powerful impulse, movement, and expression of Love in each Now Moment. Gathering with willingness, curiosity, and playfulness, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, online or in person, with whomever is inspired to sound and respond to the call.

You'll know who you are!♥️
Explore Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World at
Contact me💜 and let the wild rumpus continue! 💛🤓👹💛

💛 Gather In Ever-Wider Configurations

“Creation is an unending act of giving and receiving as one. So too is dialogue. This is a time of great intimacy. ... It is a time of realizing that “I” am speaking to “you” directly in every moment of every day, in all that you encounter, in all that you feel. It is a time of true revelation in which you are revealed to your Self. This is what dialogue, particularly the dialogue that is an exchange between ‘two or more gathered together’ reveals. It reveals Who You Are. ... For each, being Who You Are will be an expression of unity and oneness that only you are able to express. As each expresses who they are being in unity and relationship, creation of the new will proceed and wholeness and healing renew the world in which you live. ... Gather still with those with whom you learned and grew and became new, but gather in ever-wider configurations. This dialogue is going on all around you. I am with you and will never leave you comfortless. Call on me, for I am here. Talk to me, and I will hear you. Listen, and I will respond. I am in each voice that responds to you and your voice is mine as you respond to others.” — A:37,39-41,44,47


💛 Joy
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th March (Part 2)

In the warmth of Muffins on Main, an expansive sense of freedom, infinite potential, power, and joy was palpable ... laced throughout with gratitude!

💜Accept Myself 💚Accept the Present 💛Freedom ❤️Power 🧡Joy 💚

Still shimmering the next day, I innocently said to a bunch of long-time friends “We're really too old to be doing anything that doesn't bring us joy. Don't you agree?” Well! I was quite unprepared for their reaction. They looked at me like I had three heads! And the gist of the brief exchange that followed essentially concluded that I was at best misguided, and at worst completely naive with my head stuck up my a§§!😂

I'm curious🤔 What do you think? How do you feel about that?

As human beings in this culture we're conditioned to strive, struggle, and compete for everything — often powering through surviving rather than thriving. You get what you work for, right? You have to earn it. And you earn what you deserve! I understand. I get it. Yet isn't it odd-funny that it's not how the rest of nature is? How all else in nature unfolds organically, effortlessly, beautifully, moment by moment, in perfect harmony with its surrounds — self organizing patterns, fractals of all that is, rising from and falling back into the quantum field of possibility. When we don't interfere that is, and ultimately, even if we do. I haven't got a lot to say about this because it's all about practice and experience. I've tried writing, but in the end words convey only the tiniest taste of it. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Nevertheless, my experience tells me that the theme of this powerful time is full Disclosure, which leads to Freedom, which brings us to our Power! When we have nothing to hide from each other, we will be telepathic — One Mind, One Heart. The ten Indra's Net Gatherings we've shared demonstrate and affirm it IS possible to embody the energy of Love, Going Quantum in this 3D world. Joining heart-to-heart as Jewels in the Net, breathing ourselves back to center, to our One Heart♥️, feeling the freedom, power, and joy of our response-ability. Knowing with certainty in each NOW moment that what's next is up to each of us, cocreating individually and collectively.

Totally thrilling and terrifying — shivery scary — in equal measure! I guess that explains the scathing reaction I got from my friends!🙃 It takes a lot of courage to live every quantum moment in JOY as a Jewel in the Net (even when I'm cleaning toilets🚽🚽🚽) with no one and nothing else to blame, simply because there is no one and no thing outside of me, for there is no out side in the Net of Oneness. As I wrote on 19th Feb “Joy is a limitless, timeless, state of being orthogonal to transient feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, worry etc. Joy is the depths of an ocean of well-being — strong, steady, independent of external surface events, always available, embracing and carrying us through the ups and downs everyday life.”

Hah! This is definitely getting too heavy for my buddy Lyle.🤪 So I'll conclude with some light relief! I love how Marie Kondo's ‘Spark Joy’ — first published in 2012 — has re-emerged last year as a huge Netflix hit! So much so that thrift stores are overwhelmed and complaining! Her message can totally be applied to anything in life. And besides, she's sooo cute! Enjoy how she demonstrates listening to your body tell you when something sparks joy (keep it!) or not (discard it!). Keeps Colin on his toes every time I go to hug him!🤓💖

Marie Kondo explains ‘Spark Joy’ —

💛 Joy is Love endlessly expressing Love in form

“When you meet what you would have before seen as difficulties, as you encounter a world where love still does not seem to reign, when you meet that which would oppose love, remember that you are now the bridge between this creative tension of opposites becoming one. Remember that this is creation in the making. Remember that you are a creator. Never forget that in being who I Am being, you extend only love. This one note, this tone, this canticle of joy, this celebratory alleluia, is all you need return to, all you need keep in hand should doubt arise. This one note is so full of love, so powerful, that it will be dear to you forever more. You will remember, just briefly, as you re-read it, in your quickly passing times of doubt, how different you are. You will recall with poignancy who you once were, but you will not turn back. You will know that all turning back would be but a retracing of the circular route you have traveled from yourself to yourself. What will there be to strive for? What quest will replace this quest for being? The quest for love's expression—the quest to see, experience, and share, as many of love's expressions as the world needs to be returned, along with you, to its own Self. Does this seem like a long and harrowing road? An endless quest? An endless quest for love's expression is eternity itself. Be happy that there is no end in sight to this road you travel now. It is simply the road of what is endlessly creating like unto itself. You now know how to respond to love, for you are love, being. So be it.” — E.24-30


💛 Disclosure
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th March (Part 1)

A frosty afternoon outside, yet sunny and warm inside Muffins on Main, complete with cranberry orange muffins. And the theme of full disclosure popping up yet again. Disclosure of stuff that's always been there — hidden, covered up, disguised, avoided, tip-toed around — the elephant in the room! Disclosure is happening out there big time for sure. But here's the question for us as Jewels in the Net — Is it happening in here? Am I doing my essential part in this global movement towards Wholeness? Are you?

Everywhere I turn I see outdated structures and facades being exposed and dismantled, and many more struggling against all odds to come to light to be faced. Senator McSally's US Air Force trauma, special prosecutor Mueller's investigation, R. Kelly's decades-old ‘public secret’, Smollet's staged ‘hate-crime’ — to name just a few. How tempting it can be to distract ourselves gossiping and rubbernecking at ‘them’ as these juicy stories unfold. But what about our own facades? The masks we wear? You and me?

Here's one ‘out there’ that's got my attention. I just discovered that for over a year Amazon has been charging my family members' credit cards for Prime membership despite them being included under my payment. In other words Amazon was secretly double dipping, without notifying anyone of any change and certainly without permission. Isn't that fraud? Wow! Did that ever get me going! They should be ashamed of themselves!😡 Wait ... what? Why am I so angry with ‘them’?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Turning inward, everything I wrote about myself last week (💛 Freedom) is true. But it wasn't the whole truth. Here's my juicy secret. Never mind Amazon's! My deepest wish, desire and joy in my work is to be asked questions, to be seen as someone having something worth listening to, to be enjoyed, to be wanted, and to simply be showered☔️ with invitations to share my experience. And I've been ashamed of it🥴 ... until now. Disclosure signals the end of hiding. Disclosure is about sharing all of who we truly are right here and now. And now I have — first with myself, then with the sweet hearts gathered in Indra's Net, and now with you.

Yes, I could blame it on the infinitely looping tapes in my head from 18 years marinating in dysfunction, anger, and abuse; reinforced by 30 years in masculine dominated high-tech environments. “You're too big for your boots. What's wrong with you? Tone it down. Make yourself small and invisible. Get the job done and don't look for, let alone expect, recognition or reward. You intimidate people! We can't promote you before your husband! Who the hell do you think you are?” But my heart now knows better. I'm at long last falling in love with myself as I am right now. I am enough. I am more than enough! The shame is dissipating. I am SEEING myself, accepting myself as I am in this quantum moment, feeling an immense freedom, buoyancy, and joy! And I am grateful💖

The only truly important disclosure is our own. First to ourselves. And then perhaps to others. Are you willing to pause and dig deep for what you're pretending isn't there? To feel the feelings you're avoiding, or misdirecting into resentment, anger which you then misplace on others? To acknowledge the needs, the fears, the desires you're denying? Are we ready to re-member and welcome home all the parts we were taught to be ashamed of? And are we willing to invite and allow Wholeness — the Net — to shower us with Abundance?

We might think that non-disclosure protects us from shame. Perhaps so. Yet it also keeps us shackled. We might think no one sees the truth, but our hearts, forever connected as Jewels in the Net, feel it deeply. We live in a fog, wading through a nameless, featureless, murky swamp, overcoming one obstacle only to encounter another and another. Yet intuitively we KNOW that disclosure of the truth to our own precious selves is all it takes to reclaim our Freedom, our Power, and our right to live in Joy! Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Trust me🤓

💛 Wants, Desires, and Abundance

“Let me set your mind at ease ... I do not ask you to give up what you desire, but to expect and accept a response to what you desire. ... know that desire must first be met before you can be taken beyond it. The condition of want, like all conditions of learning, ended with the end of learning. The condition of want was a learning device — not one of divine design, but one of the thought system of the ego. It was a trick ... that provided the small rewards of time-bound evolution, the small rewards that would keep you assured of progress through effort, and just as assured of ruin through lack of effort. — D:Day3.27-28
“It is the visible world, the outer world, through which your wants find provision. It is the world of unity, the true reality, through which your desires are responded to. This does not mean that the place of unity is a place that does not interact with the place of form. It is interacting with the world of form through you. Do you not see? You are the entry point, the only channel through which all that is available in unity can flow. Abundance is the natural state of unity and thus your natural state, just as certainty rather than uncertainty is your natural state, just as joy rather than sorrow is your natural state. What you are being asked to do here, is to open the self of form to the place of unity, thus allowing this divine flow of union into the elevated Self of form.” — D.Day3.42-44


💛 Intuition: Mercury Retrograde In Pisces, 5th-28th March

Perhaps it's a good time to slow down, retrace a few steps, and breathe? Maybe pause for a few hours? A few days if you can, and try your hand at something creative? Allow yourself to go with the flow of this energy that's spiraling🌀us deeply inwards, in order to launch us like a slingshot out into the fresh leafy green of Spring🌿☘️🌱🍀 with renewed clarity, confidence, and power.

“This is a lot of heavy energy that is likely to leave us feeling scattered and uncertain. Under this cosmic weather, we are going to have to mimic Mercury by slowing down, going back over things, and taking our time before forging ahead. ... trust our intuition ... rely on our gut feelings and listen to the clues the Universe may be sending our way. ... we have to move slowly and not be in a hurry to make a decision or to label things as fact or fiction. .. avoid jumping ahead and give time for things to unravel. We need to keep an open mind and stay connected to our intuition. ... When Mercury finally goes direct again on the 28th, we may find that we've gained new insights and understood things at a deeper level than we realized before ... we will start feeling much more confident and directed at this time.” — Tanaaz

💛 Intuition and Power

“What you have trusted in the most is rational thought, and intuition is different than rational thought, as are feelings of all kinds. ... you have not trusted in these feelings as much as you have trusted in rational thought. This lack of trust works both for you and against you now. It works for you in that you do not have to resist and reject an existing trust as you do with the thoughts of the mind you call rational. It works against you because all feelings are capable of providing what you have called intuitive knowledge or insights and your distrust of this knowledge and insight will need to be overcome. ... It is from within that your power will save the world. — D:Day10.1,37


💛 The Embrace

The winning design for a new memorial to Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King, “The Embrace,” is overwhelmingly simple and accessible: It is about what we share, not what sets us apart. Beneath entwined 22-foot-high arms, passersby will be reminded of our shared human connection. The memorial will envelop participants, allowing them to be simultaneously vulnerable and protected.💖

💛 The Embrace (A Course of Love)

“And now we begin to see with the eyes of our heart. We are no longer looking out but looking in. We have returned to the embrace. And now your arms cradle me as well, for an embrace, although it may begin with one reaching out to another, concludes with mutuality, shared touch, a melding of one into another. The embrace makes one of two ...” — C:20.7-8
”... To embrace is the opposite of to escape. To hold all within yourself in the embrace of love is the opposite of holding onto what you have already responded to with fear and made separate. There is no escape for there is only the embrace. The embrace is Christ-consciousness.” — D:Day16.10


💛 Dilbert

Enjoy a Sunday morning laugh! 😄 In his own quirky, slightly sideways, twisty way 🤪 ... Dilbert's got a good point. It's our minds that get ‘programmed’. Our hearts are infinite, always seeing through ‘limits’ and ‘walls’. Trust me! 🤣

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖


💛 Is it Real? (Friday 1st March)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 4)

“Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it's not real?” — Albus Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ by JK Rowling

In my experience life is real all right! I'd have to be pretty oblivious to claim otherwise. And at the same time it's kind of not real. I agree with Dumbledore. It's a quantum BOTH/AND🙃 kind of thing! It really (get it?.. really!😂) all depends on who is looking and responding🤔 My self as a lonely separate human, often terrified, struggling to survive, and competing for my fair share? Or my Self joining with all — including and especially that lonely terrified self — part of the whole as a divine human being, knowing I am never alone, and choosing in each moment as often as I can remember, to be/give/receive the love, joy, safety, and abundance I seek.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

I mean can a Jewel somehow fall off the Net? ... wait what? That's not even possible right? Not if I am BOTH the Jewel AND the Net. There's no place ‘outside’ of Oneness, Allness, Wholeness, the Net! There's no ‘where’ to throw ‘out’ anyone or anything! It's all within me. And I get to choose my response-ability.

Enjoy my BOTH/AND article:
And this 5 minute TedEd video ‘What is Consciousness?’ Thanks Colin 🥰

💛 Your Real World

“For every joining, every union that you enter into, your real world is increased and what is left to terrify you decreased. This is the only loss that union generates, and it is a loss of what was merely illusion. As union begins to look more attractive to you, you are beginning to wonder how it comes about. There must be some secret you do not know. What is the difference, you ask, between setting a goal and achieving it and joining with something. These do not have to be two separate things, but are made so by your choice, the choice to achieve what you will on your own. This is all the difference there is between union and separation. Separation is all you perceive on your own. Union is all that you invite me into and share with God. You cannot be alone nor without your Father, yet your invitation is necessary for your awareness of this presence. As I once was, you are both human and divine. What your human self has forgotten, your real Self retains for you, waiting only for your welcome to make it known to you once more.” — C:5.28-29


💛 Light — Wave or Particle? (Friday 1st March)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 3)

The Double Slit experiment demonstrates that matter and energy can display the characteristics of both waves and particles — the principle of wave-particle duality. It's a BOTH/AND kind of thing!😄 It also reveals the mysterious role of the ‘observer’ — a detector, a camera, a spy device that measures and records. Richard Feynman, Nobel prize winning theoretical physicist, called it "a phenomenon which is impossible to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery [of quantum mechanics]"

Does the very act of observation affect, influence, or even create the outcome? Whether the light remains in the infinite potentially of wave forms or collapses into particles of matter? Are we continuously ‘observing’ the energy of light into matter? In each moment ‘observing’ the energy of love into form? Individually and collectively? Cocreating the outer world from our inner world in each quantum moment? From love or from lack of love/fear? Whether we're aware of it or not? What if we decide we can choose? What is your experience?

Double Slit Experiment explained:
Jim Al-Khalili, Theoretical Physicist (9 min talk)
What the Bleep (5 min animation)

💛 Observation and Creation

“This is the new realm of power that few in physical form have practiced and that has never been practiced by many at one time. It is a major shift because it is not neutral but creative. It is of creation and can only flow through those who have mastered neutral observation because the intent of creation, rather than the intent of the observer, is the creative force, the animator and informer. Yet informing is a quality of oneness and thus the joining of the self with the spacious Self in oneness and wholeness must precede this step. This power cannot be misused because it is unavailable to those who have not realized their oneness with the creative force. Thus while it is not the self who informs and is informed by the creative force, it is the Self joined in union with the creative force that informs and is informed. In other words, in union there is no distinction between the Self and the creative force of the universe, the animator and informer of all things.” — D:Day15.1



💛 Breathe (Thursday 28th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 2)

Pause and breathe. Take a deep in-breath through your nose, out-breath through your mouth and let sound come if it comes — maybe a deep sigh. That's it. You don't even have to stop walking. And you certainly don't have to close your eyes! That's how close you are to choosing and expressing Your Self.

It's a way (I'm sharing because I know it works for me and for many!) to remind yourself “l AM in charge. I am BOTH a Jewel in the Net AND the Net itself”. It's a signal to your reptilian brain that it's not in complete control — fight or flight — anymore. It's a signal to your mind to settle down in your heart. It's a signal to your gut — to the fine network of your enteric nervous system that's more powerful than your brain's branching neurons — that you're re-membering your body. You begin listening to your feelings which unerringly lead you to the freedom of making your highest choice in this NOW Quantum Moment.

Keep breathing and you'll feel a sense of calm alertness that the HeartMath Institute calls Heart Coherence. It is palpable and measurable. It is your heart pulsing, generating and expanding its powerful electromagnetic field, joining and harmonizing with all others in your immediate vicinity and beyond. That's not empty space around you! It's alive and in constant flux. You're affecting it and it's affecting you. That's infinite quantum spaciousness pulsating with sparkles of Love — aka the limitless potentiality of Light. All of it simply chillin'😎 and responding to our collective moment-to-moment choices to experience unity and relationship, endlessly cocreating love in form — aka observing light in relationship, collapsing infinite waves of possibility into particles/atoms.

Come Home to YourSelf:

HeartMath Institute — The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Research from the Institute of HeartMath shows that this emotional information is encoded in this energetic field. HeartMath researchers have also seen that as we consciously focus on feeling a positive emotion — such as care, appreciation, compassion or love — it has a beneficial effect on our own health and well-being, and can have a positive affect on those around us.

💛 Access to Unity

“... When you think of breathing, you may think of inhaling as taking in air, and of air as something that is not “of” you. But the air you breathe is “of” you. You may think of the air you exhale as being more “of” you, but there is no more or less to the relationship of entry and exit. You are in continual relationship with the air you breathe and in continual relationship with unity. It is a constant exchange. When you are fully aware of this is when full access is attained. ...” — D:Day5.26


💛 Freedom (Thursday 28th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 1)

How do you live freely every day? What if all of what's out there is a representation of what's in you? What if your experience isn't ‘caused’ by someone or something out there, but comes from within you? Wouldn't that be BOTH freeing? AND scary!😳 Willing to try it?

In this quantum now moment — pause, breathe your mind down into your heart listen to your body, feel your feelings with compassion as Jewels in the Net. Observe and accept the present experience as it IS. You'll know what (if any) action is yours to take; and when you know it, you'll know with an unshakeable present moment Certainty and Joy that will surprise you!🌺 Rinse and repeat in this Quantum Now moment!

Last Tuesday's Indra's Net gathered at MOM, saw the notice “No Power! No Muffins!” and together, moseyed on down to Panera. Thank you to all🥰 for a rich, satisfying, and deeply connecting conversation. Much landed for me (... and for all?😄). Much more landing as I was out and about yesterday and more this morning! Sitting now in my sunny corner, powdery glitters of snow still falling, five fresh inches blanketing the yard in a fine network of sparkles, tears flow freely. I welcome them, grateful for the people and events of the last 48 hours that sparked the realizations, the compassion for myself, the sorrow, as well as the deep joy and the freedom I'm feeling. All is well ✨

💛Pause ❤️Breathe* 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

This is the way it works in my experience. This is me taking full response-ability for myself. Freeing myself to be fully who I am, and at once, simultaneously freeing those around me to be fully who they are. Claiming my power even as I free others to claim theirs, for they alone own response-ability for themselves. What they think of me is none of my business. No matter how it appears — for them it's never about me, just as for me it's never about them. It's always about myself and ‘they’ are a gift to me. After all there truly is no ‘them’😱. As within, so without. I am BOTH the Jewel and the Net. So are ‘they’. And so are you. How cool is that?

You'll enjoy this 2 minute trailer for Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds:
And check out Indra's Net Of Jewels:

💛Accept the Present, Freedom, and Power
ACOL, D:Days 8, 9, and 10

“... We have not removed ourselves from life in any way, and yet we have reached a place of retreat, a place of safety and of rest, a place away from “normal” life and the lack of freedom you have experienced there. ... Laugh. Cry. Shout or wail. Dance and sing. Spin a new web. The web of freedom. In other words, express your Self! ... Allow freedom to reign, for it is your allowance, your choice, your permission, that will make it so. The only one who can stop you now is yourself. The only permission you ever needed was your own” — D:Day 9.1-4


💛 Venus and Pluto at 22° on 2/22 (Friday 22nd February)
      Quantum Love in 3-D Form

“In numerology, the number 22 is about creating in the material world. It is about taking what is in our minds and in our hearts, and putting it out into the 3-D world for others to see and experience. ... To have Venus and Pluto align on a 222 day at 22 degrees .. perhaps is the Universe reminding us of the powerful love we have inside, the love that brought us here, the love that strengthens us, and the love that carries us through the dark. A lot of us turn to others for love and to validate what love is, but the true power, the true transformation is in learning to love ourselves and to tap into the reservoir of love that resides within us. ... Love is all there is. On this 222 day, take a moment to tune into the love that is inside you. Thank the transformational journeys you have been on that have brought you closer to this love, and feel the power and strength that this love can offer.” — Tanaaz

💛 Love in 3-D Form

“... Creation is about giving attributes to the attributeless. Giving form to the formless. .. The nature of a being of love is to bring form to the formless—to bring love into form.” — D:Day40.10


💛 Joy, Compassion, NonViolent Communication (Thursday 21st February)
      Indra's Net — Tuesday 19th February

In my experience, Joy is a limitless, timeless, state of being orthogonal to transient feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, worry etc. Joy is the depths of an ocean of well-being — strong, steady, independent of external surface events, always available, embracing and carrying us through the ups and downs everyday life.

We are not asked to accept what is happening out there. But we most certainly are asked to accept with Compassion, what is happening in here. Practice breathing the mind down into the high heart, accepting without judgment all that we're feeling in the moment. Breathing down into the body and the earth, feeling the stability and fluidity of who we truly are — both human and divine. Loving ourselves unconditionally as we would a little child, safely unfurling our hearts, unclenching our fists, and opening to receive the gifts of Source in this quantum now moment.

Now we are able to choose ‘NonViolent Communication’, responding from our ‘Heart of Peace’, easing our own pain, even as we're easing the pain in the world rather than adding to it. That's our response-ability. We are sparkling Jewels in the Net and from this place of Certainty, Joy, and Peace may well arise some new inspired action that's ours to take out there in the world to benefit All. Relationship is everything, beginning with our relationship with ourselves. It is only the compassionate unconditional love we give ourselves that overflows to others in the energy of every thought, feeling, and spoken word. What action we then choose to take, if any, is a bonus!

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Four-Step Process Chart
The Scientifically Proven, step-by-step guide to having a Breakthrough Conversation across Party Lines (NVC)
Four Steps to Nurture Compassion (NVC)
The Anatomy of Peace

💛 Violence

If all that causes violence is rejection of feelings, does it not follow that peace and nonviolence will abound in the world when we welcome, accept, and feel all our feelings — no comparisons, no judgements, and no exceptions?🤓

“The spacious Self realizes that the outer world is a projection and most often a rejection rather than an extension of what is within. Thus, sickness is a rejection of feelings. All that causes fear is rejection of feelings. All that causes loneliness is rejection of feelings. All that causes violence is rejection of feelings. .. All feelings are accepted as those of the many as well. It is by holding all feelings of others within the spacious Self, by not forgetting that the one and the many are the same, by willfully remembering that the feelings of the many can be “held” and not projected into the world as sickness, violence, and so on, that acceptance occurs. It is in accepting all feelings as the feelings of the many that the feelings of “others” are accepted as one's own and held within the spaciousness of the One Self, the whole Self.” — D:Day14.2,4


💛 Are you a Wayshower? (Friday 15th February 2019)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 12th February (Part 2)

You'll know if you are. As a Wayshower you show the way by simply being who you truly are, because it is who you are, and you know no other way to live.

You know who you are. It's one of those things I call a ‘choiceless choice’ — a choice you're propelled into by a firm yet gently insistent hand in the small of your back, and yet a choice you make freely and willingly. The unconditional love you feel for yourself effortlessly overflowing into the lives of others. Ordinary people in ordinary jobs, with ordinary families, in ordinary neighborhoods, quietly, almost invisibly, living extraordinary lives. No special titles. No identifying uniforms or badges. Yet embodying an unmistakable presence palpably felt by all you encounter. You recognize them. Devoted to being the change you wish to see in the world — bringing your light into the darkest of places, sharing your love everywhere you are, and especially where it is needed most. Being a local example of awakening right here and right now in the midst of your everyday (often messy!) life wherever you are. Sharing the darkest times and the brightest times — not just the rainbows and unicorns! Courageously facing the critics, the unkind, the detractors, the attackers, enfolding all in the fiercest love that burns with the certainty that these are simply the fearful and the loveless calling out for love. Gratefully owning and making your uniquely essential contribution to the currently accelerating collective global movement towards unity consciousness — awareness, acceptance, and action as unique expressions of the Whole — One Heart, One Mind, Love, Light, Source. That, in my experience and understanding, is what a Wayshower is 🤓

Gather with Indra's Net of Jewels —

“A wayshower is one who EMBODIES the qualities that he or she wishes others to absorb and learn, who manifests these qualities in full measure so that the light that they carry can transfer to the consciousness of all who behold them.” — Julie of Light Omega, Amherst, MA
“A person who LIVES according to the divine qualities consciously and willingly and is prepared to own it, discuss it, and represent it. Is willing to stand in the nitty gritty and say “Look it's from this mud that a Lotus can grow.” All else flows from that. I surely have perfect flaws too and it isn't about being this saint-like figure to be way-shower, it's about owning all aspects of our human experience and showing the way how to learn and transform them into virtues.” — Natasha Pelgrom

💛 Self-Guidance

“My dear brothers and sisters, what you truly are cannot be improved upon. But because you are in a state of unremembering, you must relearn who you are. You can only relearn who you are by being who you are. You can only be who you are by sharing who you are.” — C:31.17
“A guide shows the way, creates movement, gives direction. These things too the Self can do if allowed to do so. The Self will guide you if you will allow it to. Your Self will lead you down from the mountain top and through the valleys of level ground. There is no other guide. We are One Self. You can trust in your Self. Will you? — D:Day26.4-5


💛Not Nice Girls?
      (Thursday 14th February)

As I continue to look deeply into my response-ability for all the anger I have allowed in my life, walked into, shock-absorbed ... and added to ... this blog showed up in perfect timing! Sharing with love♥️ on Valentine's Day for all hearts open and willing to receive whatever part of it resonates ✨

“No, I don't want to be a ‘nice girl’ anymore. That doesn't mean I won't be kind (I have a LOT of patience for people who want to grow and learn and who take responsibility for their mistakes), but I don't intend to be complacent when people do harm to me and/or people I care about. And I will challenge authority when it is destructive. And I will take up space. And I will work shoulder-to-shoulder with those who want to disrupt systems of oppression.” — Heather Plett

What if I'm not a Nice Girl anymore? —

💛 Love is not being nice when ...😳😊

“When you think of acting out of love, your thoughts of love are based on sentiment and must be challenged. Love is not being nice when you are feeling surly. Love is not doing good deeds of charity and service. Love is not throwing logic to the wind and acting in foolish ways that pass as gaiety but cannot masquerade as joy...” C:4.12


💛 Dimensions and Frequencies (Wednesday 13th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 12th February (Part 1)

“We are 3-dimensional creatures trapped in three dimensions. We imagine our universe to be flat in three dimensions. But maybe it's curved into a fourth? We can talk about a 4th dimension but we can't experience it. No one can point to the 4th dimension. There's left and right. There's forward and back. There's up and down. And there's some other direction simultaneously at right angles to those familiar three dimensions.” — Carl Sagan

Another vibrant gathering yesterday, even as the snowstorm began in earnest settling an inch or two an hour! Thank you to those who braved the trip to MOM. And as always another series of welcome challenges for me to synthesize, write, and share my intuition and experience in response to questions and topics raised.

In my understanding and experience, all of life is love, light, energy, vibrational frequency expressed in color, sound, and form — both visible and invisible, audible and inaudible, felt both physically and intuitively.

The audible range of human hearing include frequencies harmonic with musical notes in the range 418Hz to 456Hz. For the past century, 440Hz has been the standard concert A pitch tuning. Prior to that, there was much greater variability, many lower pitches, as well as some higher frequencies. 432Hz resonates with the energy of unity of heart, mind, body, and soul. It is a heart-centered frequency, the heart being the unified center of how life/love expresses itself in form through the body. It is said that the music in 432Hz frequency is felt as coming from within and from without as a sense of peaceful energetic oneness.

Living in a 3D world (frequency ~396Hz?) The third dimension is the familiar ‘normal’ physical life as a human being living on planet Earth. The illusion of duality in the third dimension allows us to experience light and darkness, good and bad, joy and despair, better and worse. in other words free-will choice to live from for Love or from Fear. As long as we are choosing fear, we are repeating our experiences and patterns until we decide to choose love.

4D (frequency ~417Hz?)
The fourth dimension is the dream world or astral plane. It is less dense and much more fluid than 3D It has only one timeline (reality), and also hosts the illusion of duality allowing fear and the ego to exist. Linear time becomes a lot more fluid here, like a stream of energy hosting all events of the same timeline that is 3D. However the fourth dimension also allows bridging of darkness and light, and only universal energetic laws apply. The unified heart, mind, and brain resonance is at frequency 448Hz or above helping to adjust the human being to a fully 5D consciousness.

Going Quantum — 5D and Beyond (frequency ~532Hz?)
In the fifth dimension, we live in unity consciousness, and at the same time recognize ourselves as unique individuals who are part of the whole. Our knowing comes intuitively and with subtlety from within as we have become ONE with all that is. In order to live in fifth dimensional consciousnsess and beyond, we must anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness. We can only open a full heart-centered consciousness by healing all constrictions of fear-based conflict, control, and separation frequencies within the body and mind. Living in 5D means living from the Whole Heart — heart and mind joined — what the HeatMath Institute calls Coherence. We choose to connect through our hearts and feel the connection and love instantly. We embody Love and Live Oneness each quantum moment with freedom and joy — BOTH as unique Jewels in the Net AND as the Net itself — constantly CoCreating with the highest loving intention for All.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

Carl Sagan on 4D —
Dimensions of ‘Reality’ — https://m.
Harmonic Sound Frequencies —
Gather as Indra's Net of Jewels next Tuesday —

💛 Creation of the New = Going Quantum

“... it is not your body that will pass through heaven's gates, nor your body's eyes that will view the new world you will behold and take with you. To view a physical world of dimension, shape, and scope like unto the old and hope to transport it from one place to another would be delusional. The new world does not have to do with form, but with content. A content that is as transferable as an author's words upon a page.” — C:P.3
“... our time together is coming to an end and your acceptance of the truth of who you are and who you can be is essential to the accomplishment of our mission—to the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. The only way to create it is to experience it. The only way to experience it is to create it. All that stands in the way of your creatorship is your final acceptance of who you are in unity and relationship.” — D:Day36.19


💛 Erykah Badu — “Stay Woke” (Sunday 10th February)
“ ... following our hearts, that's what love is.”

And here it is again ... affirmation just when I need it that I'm taking the action I'm supposed to take on behalf of myself and all💞 Just as I was posting 💛 Toxic Anger, Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th February (Part 3), Son #2 was texting me this New York Times article/interview with Erykah Badu (by Reggie Ugwu, 6 Feb 2019). Enjoy this excerpt!

‘Badu, who has always been the primary architect of her own legend, will extend it Friday with ‘What Men Want,’ a gender-flipped remake of the 2000 Mel Gibson-Helen Hunt romantic comedy. Badu's character is a cartoon version of herself. In her own wardrobe and makeup, Badu plays a flowing-haired, incense-burning spirit-guide-cum-small-time-weed-dealer with otherworldly comic timing and a tenuous foothold on the terrestrial plane.

In the real world, of course, she is no possessor of mystical powers. Just a mortal, like the rest of us. One who, as she made clear, doesn't spend much of her time thinking about when or how she became who she is. “I'm 48,” she said, when I asked about deciding not to be angry. And it was as if I had asked an ocean when it decided not to be a stream.

I wanted to know about empathy because Badu has made it headline news. The singer has recently been accused of spreading compassion in reckless and upsetting directions, pausing a concert last month to announce that she was “putting up a prayer” for R. Kelly, the R&B hitmaker who faces mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, including with underage girls. She went on, amid wails from the audience, to make a blanket call for healing, asserting that “everybody involved has been hurt and victimized in some kind of way.”

It wasn't the first time that Badu had espoused a fundamentalist interpretation of unconditional love. A year ago, she sparked a conflagration on social media when she told New York magazine that she “saw something good” in Hitler. At various points in recent years, she's felt compelled to express empathy for high school teachers who are sexually attracted to their female students; Bill Cosby; and slave masters, among others not commonly thought to merit a surplus of charity.

At a time when the reckoning after #MeToo has revealed moral decay lurking in what can feel like every corner of public life, Badu's stubborn forbearance has drawn forceful condemnation. She spoke to me about her critics, her popularizing (and losing control of) the expression “stay woke” and why she says she can't judge anyone, including people who have hurt her directly. As for her age: She's 47, as it turns out. But that's just like Badu — never one to let mere reality hold her back.’

Reggie — “It is interesting that your response would be empathy. I think it relates to your recent R. Kelly comments, because you've said similar things in the past about other divisive or despised figures. Last year, you were trying to find nuance or compassion for Hitler and Louis Farrakhan. I wondered if you could help me understand where that impulse comes from.”

Erykah's answer -

“Stay woke just means pay attention to everything, don't lean on your own understanding or anyone else's, observe, evolve, eliminate things that no longer evolve. That's what it means. Stay conscious, stay awake. It doesn't mean judge others. It doesn't mean gang up on somebody who you feel is not woke. That's not evolved.

Expressing unconditional love for both victim and accused should not be misconstrued with downplaying the fact that [the victim has] been horribly violated. Nor should it be mistaken for the intent to put the accused on a pedestal or to condone their actions. For me, life requires critical thinking on a subject. Critical thinking may lead to logical solutions, but it's a delicate process because we are all very delicate. Proper healing is the key. It takes the entire community. This mending takes practice because it's difficult to not always be led emotionally and impulsively. Sometimes, it takes those not very close to the situation to objectively consider all factors. Restorative justice involves finding a solution that not only helps the innocent victims cope with the trauma but to also help the violator, who in many cases, has been the victim of abuse and holds them accountable and is a huge part of recovery This thinking may help to break the cycle of abuse and ultimately help to heal the community. That's the goal.

I've never instructed a group of people to do what I do or to follow me in any kind of way. It's O.K. to disagree with me, no problem, but you cannot censor how I feel. I encourage people: If you have an opposing opinion, use it, don't be afraid. I think that's a bigger crime than anything — to go with the group when you know it's not how you feel. It's not a matter of right or wrong, it's a matter of following our hearts, that's what love is. ..

I believe in love. Being misunderstood, that's little stuff, and I don't really mind being a problem that may lead to a solution. I can be misunderstood for a while, but love is not difficult to misunderstand. Love looks like compassion, forgiveness, kindness and consideration, nonjudgment, creativity. And fear looks like denial, hate or pain. I'm sorry, not pain, but to cause pain, jealousy, envy, hunger for power. Being afraid of not having enough or not being seen as enough or not being as good as something else or someone else, that's what causes all that.”

💛 Stay Woke = Unconditional Love

“The family is, in fact, the only place where unconditional love is seen as acceptable.” — C:P.2
“For that kind and gentle stance you do not believe will serve you now, that blindness and self-sacrifice is something to be gained at too high a price, that devotion you might think is fine for one whose partner is more loving than your own, that unconditional love is great, but must it not be tempered by good judgment? And surely that ability to guide others must be earned through the acquisition of wisdom not within your reach.” — C:4.12
“I believe in love. Being misunderstood, that's little stuff, and I don't really mind being a problem that may lead to a solution. I can be misunderstood for a while, but love is not difficult to misunderstand. Love looks like compassion, forgiveness, kindness and consideration, nonjudgment, creativity. And fear looks like denial, hate or pain. I'm sorry, not pain, but to cause pain, jealousy, envy, hunger for power. Being afraid of not having enough or not being seen as enough or not being as good as something else or someone else, that's what causes all that.” — Erykah Badu


💛 Toxic Anger (Sunday 10th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th February (Part 3)

Being a shock absorber for the misplaced toxic anger of others is a familiar role I've played all my life — with family members, with work colleagues, with friends, and even when volunteering in community and spiritual movements. It was in searching for metaphysical meaning of the excruciating plantar fasciitis heel pain I'd suffered for years that I came to this realization! A kind way to put it is to say I've been a change agent, a bridge builder, and a peacemaker with an amazingly productive track record. But that conveniently overlooks the painfully unproductive parts, and my responsibility in the continuation of this pattern into the present. The truth is that so willingly have I been absorbing the ‘gaslighting' of so many for so long, that some part of me has always believed I deserved what I got. Until now. It's time to end it. For myself and for everyone. I'm clearly ready. And so is the world at large.

It's a pattern of fear and perceived power imbalance that is struggling to right itself in the world. It has to. Have you noticed? How it's showing up everywhere as control, manipulation, anger, abuse, and violence including in government, religion, business, gender and race relations, and in homes. It is this pattern that has been demanding my attention these last two weeks with tears, conflicts, and things to read. Not surprisingly it arose with intensity in last Tuesday's Indra's Net where we stayed with each of our parts in it, feeling the imbalance of self-love/respect with loving/respecting the other, owning our choices, standing in our truth, and reclaiming our power.

This is why I'm writing today. I'm willing to own my part. Are you willing to own yours? I'm sharing my truth, claiming my freedom and whatever action is mine to take in order to cease adding to the pain in the world. I'll know. We always know when we return to the infinite wisdom of my/our wholehearted self, and our One Heart forever joined in unity and relationship. The part belonging to the other is up to them. It is of no concern to me/us. At least not until I/we do what we know we have to do for ourselves. Trusting that what comes after will become clear as we take one step at a time wrapping our fears in love, bringing our light to the darkest of places, and CoCreating the New out of the Quantum field of infinite possibility.

I came across a blog post on toxic anger/masculinity (no gender is exempt!) two weeks ago and just couldn't read it. It scared me too much, the fear rising in my body. I finally read it five days ago. But only after I'd first seen this beautiful poem that served as a loving witness, drawing out my hidden pain; And reading this amazing tutorial on how to carefully and compassionately unwrap the darkest places of my fear. Only then was I able to hold my center and keep myself safe while I read the original blog. Today I'm sharing the three writings here with love, trusting that they will reach willing hearts for the benefit of us all.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

‘This is toxic masculinity. And we are tired of absorbing it.' (26 Jan)
‘The story of a girl who grew into a Goddess' (2 Feb)
‘Daring to peer into the shadows: What to do when your own darkness is revealed' (3 Feb)

💛 Anger and Abuse

Lately I've been facing residual fears that are gently being excavated from deep within the cellular structure of my body and brain. Why? Because I desire it. My willingness and devotion to embodying Love requires that every last remaining vestige held apart as not of love must be transmogrified and re-membered😉 Sharing here with much love, some of the bits of A Course of Love that keep me going. Along with the post in CoCreating Clarity inspired by last Tuesday's Indra's Net gathering.

“Love is at the heart of all things. How you feel but reflects your decision to accept love or to reject it and choose fear. Both cannot be chosen. All feelings you label joyous or compassionate are of love. All feelings you label painful or angry are of fear. This is all there is. This is the world you make. Love or fear is your reality by your choice. A choice for love creates love. A choice for fear creates fear. What choice do you think has been made to create the world you call your home? This world was created by your choice, and a new world can be created by a new choice. But you must realize that this is all there is. Love or lack of love. Love is all that is real. A choice for love is a choice for heaven A choice of fear is hell. Neither are a place. They are a further reflection of means and end being the same. They are but a further reflection of your power.” — C:1.18
“Full-scale interaction with the world of madness is all that some are willing to accept of others or themselves. These are the angry ones who would demand that others bring what love they have into the madness to take responsibility for the mess that has been made, to attempt to restore order to chaos, anything so that the angry ones feel less alone with what their anger shows them. Love, they say, cannot be set apart, and so they feel love not, nor see it either. Yet they too recognize love for what it is when they scream, “You cannot have it while all of these do not. You cannot hoard it to yourself when so many are in need.” — C:422
“All your vast wanderings will be seen for what they are. All that you desired will be revealed as only two desires, the desire to love and the desire to be loved. Why wait to see that these desires are all that call you to the strange behavior you display? Those who give in to abuse are merely calling louder for the selfsame love that all are in search of. Judgment is not due them, for all here are abusers—starting with their own selves. Attempts to modify the behavior of abuse are near to useless in a world based on use. The foundation of the world must change, and the stimulus for this change lies within you. All use ends with joining, for use is what you have traded joining for. Instead of recognizing your union, a state in which you are whole and complete because you are joined with all, you have determined to stand separate and use the rest to support your separate stance.” — C:9.48-49
“When a perceived boundary is perceived as solid, it is an obstacle, for it has no space available for joining. What is a boundary to a perceiver is met as an obstacle by the spacious self. Obstacles need not be avoided for space encompasses all obstacles, making them invisible. The mind would say that making obstacles invisible is uncaring. The spacious Self knows no obstacles for it knows no uncaring. It knows only love for the One Self. It feels the obstacle but does not know it. The feeling that is the sense organ of the spacious Self then remembers its spaciousness and calls upon it. The obstacle is thus enfolded in the space, becoming one with it. The perceiver knows not of the enfolding but feels no hurt nor lessening of spirit by becoming invisible within the space.” — D:Day12.8


💛 Both/And (Saturday 9th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th February (Part 2)

The notion of things being ‘either this or that’, having to decide on ‘either this way or that way’ threaded its way throughout last Tuesday's gathering. It was there — well disguised but nevertheless there — as we moved through all the pretty intense stuff that came up. On anger — I have to either stay and be mistreated or disconnect and do my own thing. On procrastination — I either have do all this work or I won't get what I want. On grief — I either stop this pain now or I'm going to grieve forever. The tricky thing is that I'm always wittering on about the choice we're making in each and every moment — to think, feel, or take action either from fear or from love! WTF! 😳

But don't be fooled! Here's the thing! Either/Or lives in the 3-D world alone. The Quantum world knows in probabilities, possibilities, and Wholes including 3-D. In my experience all of the either/or choices we seem to face are framed that way because we already previously made the choice to look out at the world in fear. Then instantly forgot that we did. And that's the moment we lose ourselves in fear and a zillion either/or moments. And the only way out I know is through the heart. We pause, breathe our minds down into our hearts, come home to ourselves, fully into the only moment there is — THIS QUANTUM NOW MOMENT. We return to LOVE. Love knows and ‘thinks’ in WHOLES. Love is a grateful compassionate mind and wise expansive heart working in unison. Love is what the HeartMath Institute calls Heart and Brain Coherence! And Living Love is what it means to Go Quantum in a 3-D World

Anyway, I was asked to post this article (published in a spiritual magazine a few months ago). It addresses the rather esoteric question “Is the World Real or Illusion?” I've been procrastinating!😄 It's too woo-woo! For sure it will confuse!🙃 People will think I'm nuts!🥜 Fear? Yes. Then another publisher told me it was going out in his (also spiritual) newsletter today. And this morning my heart says yes! courage! Just do it! So here it is.

Miracles Magazine
The Embrace Newsletter
Join in the next Indra's Net Gathering!

💛 Both/And

“Your mind would tell you that a chair is a chair and regard it as a fact. Through the learning you have done since your birth, you have come to recognize a chair as having certain properties, the most essential of which is that it is a structure on which to sit. The exercises of A Course in Miracles began with asking you to call into question these beliefs in known, observable, facts. You may have regarded these exercises as silly or you may have thought of the lessons of physics and felt as if you understood these exercises on an intellectual level. But what these exercises have prepared you for is an acceptance of the ongoing change that is creation; an acceptance that something can be what it is, a known fact, an object with an identity, but also part of the ongoing nature of creation. Could this be true of a chair and not be true of you.” — T2:6.7
“The only response is LOVE. The only time is NOW. And WE are the Ones.” — Me🤓


💛 Indra's Net: One Heart (Thursday 7th February)

Posting some images this evening to help us remember that we're inextricably linked as is all of life on the planet and beyond. One Mind. One Heart. One Electromagnetic Field. Each individual unique heart and mind and electromagnetic field pulsing within the Whole. In my experience One'ness is not just a nice or interesting concept. It's for reals dear Jewels 😄 and it just might be fun and empowering to lean into this ... live into this ... a teensy bit? Maybe try it and see what happens?

Imagine the universe as an infinite net spreading in all directions with no beginning or end. At every node is strung a multi-faceted jewel, each one reflecting all others in an ever changing cocreative flow. Each jewel a fractal of consciousness, a living organism; both a microcosm of the whole and inseparable from the whole; both uniquely distinct and essential to the integrity of the net; the whole and the parts in organic unity. This is the Vedic metaphor of Indra's Net of Jewels, written in Sanskrit some five thousand years ago. And today, Quantum Science, with discoveries like the uncertainty principle and nonlocal entanglement, seems to be demonstrating the reality of this metaphor.

Enjoy these images, with love to all 💖
(UML, HeartMath, web, matrix, pearls, sparkles)

💛 One Heart
      We are the Heartbeat of the World

“The new is not that which has always existed. It is not that which can be predicted. It is not that which can be formed and held inviolate. The new is creation's unfolding love. The new is love's expression. The new is the true replacement of the false, illusion's demise, joy birthed amongst sorrow. The new is yet to be created, One Heart to One Heart.” — C:I.1
“What will the future hold? It is up to us dear brothers and sisters. It is up to us acting as one body, one mind, one heart. It is up to us creating as one body, one mind, one heart. Because it is the new future of a new form joined in unity and relationship, the only guarantees that are known to us is that it will be a future of love, a future without fear, a future with unlimited freedom. For what more could we ask? And what more could be asked of us.” — T4:12.3


💛 Grief (Thursday 7th February)
      Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th February

Thank you to all who gathered BOTH atom-to-atom AND heart-to-heart. There was deep, intense work bridging real life outer events near and far with exploring inner responses. Themes included illness, disconnection, judgement, global warming, grief, toxic anger, procrastination. Bringing it into the present. Receiving it all as a gift. Going Quantum and practicing in real time the most courageous path —

  • ✿ facing and describing fully the outer thing that's ‘happening to you’
  • ✿ owning and feeling all your feelings with compassion
  • ✿ choosing your response with no pressure, expectation or judgement
  • ✿ owning your choice to think, speak, act from fear OR from love.
  • ✿ standing up in your own power
  • ✿ claiming your freedom and offering the same to all
  • ✿ taking RESPONSE-ability for yourself and your choices
The only thing we can do. The thing that is not just enough. The thing that is everything! We are free each moment to choose — adding to the pain of the world or adding to the peace. There is no middle ground.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

What if there is no happy ending?
Grief: It's not something you have to “get over”.


“What happens when feelings of loneliness or despair, anger or grief join with the spacious Self? This joining occurs only through acceptance. Without acceptance, the separation remains along with the physical manifestation. ..
You have no feelings that are bad. Fear is not a feeling but a response to a feeling. Emotions are responses. You have been told there are but two emotions, love and fear. What this is really saying is that there are but two ways to respond to what you feel — with love or with fear. If you respond with fear you expel, project, and separate. If you respond with love you remain whole. You realize that you have no feelings that are bad. You embrace sadness, grief, anger, and all else that you feel because these feelings are part of who you are in the present moment. When you remain in the present moment you remain within Christ-consciousness where all that is exists in harmony. To embrace is the opposite of to escape. To hold all within yourself in the embrace of love is the opposite of holding onto what you have already responded to with fear and made separate. There is no escape for there is only the embrace. The embrace is Christ-consciousness.” — D:Day16.8,10



💛 Indra's Net: Tuesday 29th January

Thank you to all who gathered BOTH atom-to-atom AND heart-to-heart, especially one all the way from Fenway! There was coffee and muffins along with sharing, tears, breathing, laughter and lots of practice going Quantum in the NOW moment, where infinite possibilities reside. Not to mention much scribbling on index cards! Including one for me! Thanks!😃 We use them to capture and disempower false thoughts, and flip them over into present actionable truth! The physical effect in our brains is literally a rewiring of neural pathways. The more often we deliberately flip false fearful thoughts into truthful loving ones (not rote affirmations!) the more likely it is that our brains will first choose the true and loving path the next time.

Action themes:

  • Breathe your minds down into your high hearts. Tap the top of your breastbone to remind you. Repeat every time you notice your mind buzzing. Note physical heart-brain coherence is real. The HeartMath Institute says it takes just 7000 in coherence to effect measurable global change.
  • Ask yourself ‘What is it I need now?’ and act on the answer. Don't kid yourself. We share only the caring and compassion we're giving ourselves.
  • Notice how you choose — from lack/fear or from fullness/love?
  • Flip your false fearful thoughts into truthful caring thoughts
  • Love yourself — when you play victim/bully — right back into your heart
  • Remind yourself that everything you need is present right here now
  • Choose your words carefully. Sound energy conveys the truth to yourself and to all of love/joining just as efficiently as fear/separation.
  • Look at the visuals of Indra's Net of Jewels to remind yourself you're not alone. I'll share images that we looked at in a separate post.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

Come Home to YourSelf —
Science of the HeartMath System —
Synapses that fire together wire together —

💛Winnowing the True from the False

“In silence close your eyes upon the world ... and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by. ... and ask for help in understanding .. Be glad to hear the Voice of truth and healing speak to you ... And He Himself will place a spark of truth within your mind wherever you give up a false belief ... He will shine through your idle thoughts today and help you understand the truth of love.” — ACIMOE W1:126, 127
“The discipline required to be who you are is a discipline that requires trust in Self and honesty in relationships. ... bring the thoughts and feelings that arise to the place within your heart that has been prepared for them. ... From this place you learn to discriminate, to separate the false from the true, for your ego thoughts cannot long abide in the holy place of your heart. Then, with truth and illusion separated, you develop the discipline to express your true Self, as you are now. ... This is the only means available to you to replace the old pattern with the new.” — ACOL T2:7.1


💛 Indra's Net: Tuesday 22nd January

Join us next Tuesday💖

With gratitude to those who joined BOTH atom-to-atom AND heart-to-heart. We shared present disturbances with honesty, vulnerability, tears. We practiced going Quantum — pausing, noticing, observing ourselves deeply. Self acceptance. Breathing into the present and into our WholeHearts — mind and heart joined. Questions asked and answered. Discerning false fears, discarding old stories, discovering the truth. Laughing at and with ourselves, nothing so heavy to anchor us down, seeing the humor and lightness ... together.

Action themes:

  • spot out-dated ‘standards’ we hold ourselves to
  • discard old stories we tell ourselves
  • welcome stored grief arising to be seen
  • fearlessly feel all feelings fully — none are ‘bad’
  • release comparisons and judgment
  • anticipate expressions of love in form magic?miracles?
  • trust our knowing as Jewels in the Net and act on it
  • practice breathing our minds down into our WholeHeart
  • pray — “I am willing. Show me. Thank you.”
  • note we're response-able only for our own choices/responses

The power of collective wholehearted joining was palpable AND continues beyond the warm hours at Muffins on Main through the week! It's a kind of Quantum'y space-time anomaly! Feeling it! 🤓

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

Come Home to YourSelf —
NonViolent Communication Feelings Inventory —
Honoring the late Mary Oliver (10 Sep 1935 to 17 Jan 2019). She reads her poem ‘The Journey’ at the 2010 National Women's Conference —

💛 All Feelings Come From Love

“... Your feelings in truth come from love, your response to them is what is guided by fear. Even feelings of destruction and violence come from love. You are not bad, and you have no feelings that can be labeled so.” — C:5.11
“... there are but two ways to respond to what you feel—with love or with fear. If you respond with fear you expel, project, and separate. If you respond with love you remain whole. You realize that you have no feelings that are bad. You embrace sadness, grief, anger, and all else that you feel because these feelings are part of who you are in the present moment. When you remain in the present moment you remain within Christ-consciousness where all that is exists in harmony. ... Only when you accept that no feelings are bad will you allow yourself to come to know what they truly are.” — D:Day16.10-11


💛 Millions of Tiny Acts, MLK Day, Mon 21st January 2019

“Means and end must cohere because the end is preexistent in the means, and ultimately destructive means cannot bring about constructive ends.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Historian Howard Zinn, speaking about how the Civil rights act actually came to be signed in 1964 — “I lived in the South. No one heroic act did that; but there were acts that multiplied from tiny acts, almost unnoticeable acts that were seized upon by others and emulated by others, and built and built and built until the South was convulsed by change. If people understood that change comes about by millions of tiny acts that seem totally insignificant then they wouldn't hesitate to take those tiny acts.”

What if we decide today that every tiny action we take will come from love, compassion, and joining heart-to-heart? Rather than from fear, competition, and separation? We get to choose! Are we willing to choose? Can we remember that whichever way we choose determines what we add to the world? More love and constructive action? Or more fear and destructive action?

How to tell the difference?
Pause. Take a deep breath down into your heart. And ask yourself — How am I feeling? Love is complete. Fear never is. Love offers. Fear demands. You'll know the difference. We always know! We're responsible only for our own feelings, responses and actions. And this for me is a 24/7 job! 😳

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚 Listen in 💜 Trust YourSelf 💖

💛Love — Both Cause And Effect
      Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

“Again, do not let your thoughts stray to benefiting and affecting others. In unity, all others are one with you and thus what you strive for in effectiveness is your own learning. Now, rather than learning the truth, you are learning how to live by the truth. This will benefit you and in so doing benefit all others.” — T3:20.3
“Will those you love still suffer? Many may. But not with your help. Will many more, with your help, see an end to suffering? Many will. Will an end to suffering be what you work toward? No. This is not your work. This is not about your effort. This is about your observance. Your observance of the laws of love. Your observance is to remain with cause rather than to stray to effect, the manner of living practiced by those who have birthed the idea that cause and effect are one in truth.” — T3:20.13


💛 Full Super Moon in Leo, Sunday 20th January
      Total Eclipse at 16 minutes past midnight EST

Hoping for a clear night!😄

“When the Moon is in Leo we are guided from a place of self-love rather than ego-centric neurosis, to own our gifts, stand proud in our talents and to take that plunge, sharing our true selves with the world. There is only one of you, you are on this planet for a reason and this Leo Full Moon is calling you to compassionately love the uniqueness that is you, and have the courage to share your light with the world.”

“A Lunar Eclipse is a powerful opportunity to move beyond old fears, to eclipse anything that may be holding us back, to recognize and have gratitude for our uniqueness, to let go of anything that inhibits our creativity, anything/anyone that dims the luminosity & intensity of our light. The world stage is waiting for YOU/US to step up & serve… by simply being the grandest version of YOU/US.”

💛 Uniquely You

“It is in the different relationship of one aspect of creation with all the rest that the difference you so prize as your uniqueness exists. And only there. Only in relationship are you uniquely you. Only relationship exists. For Love is relationship” — C:32.2

The time is NOW precious Ones💜 No more waiting. No need to set goals. We Love ourselves exactly as we are right now. No comparisons, no judgment, only appreciation and amusement — yes SMILE 😄 We smile at and with ourselves each time a doubt arises. We wrap ourselves even more closely and cozily in the warm fluffy blanket of love — in the Embrace of our One Heart ♥️ And we know that all doubt is doubt about ourselves. Let's trust ourselves for real today! It's time! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's listen in to that huge heart of ours, joining with all other willing and open hearts here and around the globe. And step out in the world as who we uniquely are right now. Being, sharing, doing — whatever, wherever, however, with whomever — our hearts propel us to. Why? For the sheer joy of it! CoCreating each moment newly unfolding in front of us like a sparkling diamond crystalline rainbow bridge ...✨💛💎🌈🦄💛✨


💛 Love and Electromagnetic Energy (Saturday 19th January)

Are Earth's Poles shifting?
Is the Earth's electromagnetic field changing?
Does the electromagnetic field of the human heart affect the field of the planet? Especially the combined field of human hearts joining in awareness of the One'ness within which rests each one's uniqueness?

Here's a Metaphysical view —

And here's a Scientific view —

Enjoy! And make up your own mind!😁

💛 One Heart One Field

“The new is not that which has always existed. It is not that which can be predicted. It is not that which can be formed and held inviolate. The new is creation's unfolding love. The new is love's expression. The new is the true replacement of the false, illusion's demise, joy birthed amongst sorrow. The new is yet to be created, One Heart to One Heart.” — C:I.12
“You will realize that as we individuate we are in a constant state of creation as well as of creative tension. As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything.” — D:Day39.37


💛 Indra's Net: Tuesday 15th January

Thank you to all who gathered atom-to-atom ... one all the way from Cape Cod! With open minds and playful hearts — we shared experiences and practiced in the moment being BOTH our unique selves AND re-membering that we're joined in unity as expressions of the Whole. BOTH a unique Jewel AND the Net. Muffins (lemon blueberry) were delicious as always. Thank you everyone for gathering!💖

Themes include:

  • joining of our own mind and heart (coherence) as the starting point
  • accepting ourselves as we are right now
  • replacing a ‘false’ thought with a ‘true’ thoughts — the thought that is true for you right now
  • The real, measurable power of the electromagnetic fields of heart and brain. Years of science,research and practice — the HeartMath Institute.
  • Quantum Science demonstrating many aspects of Indra's Net of Jewels — first described in Vedic Cosmology c3000BC

Coming to Voice — The Whole Heart Chakra
ComeHome to YourSelf
Indra's Net of Jewels (Science and NonDuality)
Scientific Foundation of the HeartMath System

💛 A Course of Love and Indra's Net of Jewels

Here's the ACOL bit from the Fourth Treatise that to me expresses embodying Indra's Net of Jewels — living as BOTH the Jewel AND the Net.

“You cannot express yourself independently of the whole! It is as impossible as it would be for the finger to do so. And yet you think that this is possible and that this is the meaning of free will. Free will does not make the impossible possible. It makes the possible probable. It is thus probable that you will use your free will in order to be who you are. But it is not guaranteed! It is your choice and your choice alone that is the only guarantee. This is the meaning of free will.” — T4:5.9


💛 Indra's Net: Tuesday 8th January

Thank you to all who gathered atom-to-atom from towns all around, with open minds and hearts — curious, willing, and playful. Welcoming and making space for each unique one while remembering the unity of the whole. Each person and each sharing, a Jewel in the Net, complete with disagreements, interruptions, and laughter! Thank you everyone!💖

Practicing wholeheartedness — joining hearts and minds, feeling and thinking. Along with awareness and appreciation for each cell, the strength, and the stability of bodies. Knowing we're both human and divine, both 3-D and multi-dimensional beings. And practicing acceptance of ourselves exactly as we are right now in this moment.

Coming to Voice — The Whole Heart Chakra

Come Home to YourSelf

💛 Self-acceptance

Self acceptance, the theme that arose in the center of last Tuesday's Indra's Net gathering, has remained with me all week. Is it not true that the entire ‘spiritual journey’ is simply the process of falling in love with ourselves? 💖

“Does accepting that you don't like something cause a judgment to occur? Do you judge peas if you do not like them? And yet, do you not accept that you are at the mercy of situations of all kinds? A job you do not like? You may not like it, and you may say often that you do not like it, but you may just as often say that you accept it. You may, in fact, need a job that you do not like, but in acceptance of the simple truth that you do not like your job, you have accepted your Self and where you are now, rather than the external circumstance. We are not, when talking of acceptance, talking of externals, but of internals. We are not talking of the old adage or prayer that calls you to “accept what you cannot change” but of acceptance—absolute, unconditional, acceptance—of your Self.” — D:Day8.5


💛 Quantum'y Stuff — Monday 7th January

It's fascinating how Quantum'y stuff in support of living the notion that we are One — One Heart♥️One Mind — is popping up everywhere for me in the last few days. The Dr. Jacob Liberman quote I posted yesterday — insights from his more than forty years investigating light, vision, and consciousness.

This insight reflecting Indra's Net recently written by Dr. Fritjof Capra —

“In the last two chapters of my book The Tao of Physics, I discussed a theory known as “Hadron bootstrap theory,” which was very popular in the 1970s, and on which I worked myself during my ten years at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. The bootstrap philosophy abandons not only the idea of fundamental constituents of matter but accepts no fundamental entities whatsoever — no fundamental laws or equations, and not even a fundamental structure of space-time. The universe is seen as a dynamic web of interrelated events. None of the properties of any part of this web are fundamental; they all follow from the properties of the other parts, and the overall consistency of their mutual interrelations determines the structure of the entire web.”

Dr. Capra also says “Physicists do not need Mysticism, and Mystics do not need Physics, but humanity needs both.” I totally agree which is why you're invited to Indra's Net if Jewels ✨💛✨

So then we happened to watch this silly and entertaining movie just two days ago — ‘Ant Man and the Wasp’ — featuring quantum entanglement and characters going Quantum/multi-dimensional. Watch it sometime!

And lastly I opened the January WGBH magazine to find that the NOVA episode this week Wed 9th covers an August 2018 experiment in the Canary Islands that settles the question of Quantum Entanglement. Yes it is real! — “Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon — two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distance—is real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions. ”

💛 “‘Thingness’ is over, and your identity no longer stands in form but flows from life itself. Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms, the order in chaos, the silence in solitude, the grace of the cosmos. Our heart is the light of the world. We are one heart. We are one mind. One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart. Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul's delight, rather than otherness. It is a seamless world, a tapestry where each thread is vibrant and strong. A canticle where each tone is pure and indivisible.” — ACOL, C:20.4-6


💛 Indra's Net — Tuesday 1st January
        (Indra's Net Invitation)

Sharing gifts from our gathering last Tuesday 1st January —
The afternoon light streaming into Muffins on Main (fondly referred to as MOM 😄) was simply brilliant ... shimmering diamond light. The light reminded me of this —

“In chasing the mystery of light Einstein developed the theory of relativity, establishing that at the speed of light, time ceases to exist. A photon, which has no mass, can cross the cosmos without using any energy. So for light beams, time and space do not exist. Recently quantum physicists have described light as the foundation of reality. This is profoundly significant when we realize that quantum theory is considered the most successful scientific formulation in history and that 50 percent of our current technology is based on it. According to theoretical physicist David Bohm, ‘Light is energy and also information, content, form, and structure. It's the potential of everything.’” — Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, Luminous Life

Join us Tuesday 8th January! ✨💛☀️💛✨

💛 Feeling in my body the truth of Dr. Liberman's insights from his more than forty years investigating the relationship between light, vision, and consciousness ✨💛✨


💛 Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3-D World
        (Indra's Net Webpage)

It's 2019! Happy New Year! Gather with us in sharing, discovering, practicing, laughing, and living our everyday lives as who we truly are. Both human and divine. Both 3-D and multi-D. Both in the world and not of the world. Plus MOM has great coffee, muffins and scones! ☕️💖😄

💛 Going Quantum

Happy New Year with love to everyone! 🌈💛🦄 2019 is feeling like a significant new beginning to me. Having journeyed deeply within this past year and halfway around the world last month, I'm also gratefully feeling an ending — a full circle (helical?) completion of ancient patterns and a transmogrification🤓 that leaves me breathless at times, my heart pounding out of my chest! A buzzing, shimmering excitement for us all as equal partners in CoCreating the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness. And a clarity that in addition to and perhaps more than online presence, now is the time for gathering atom-to-atom, placing our presence in each others' physical presence out in the world — both light wave and particle! Maybe it's just me 🤪 so call me crazy! But there it is! With love to all ✨💖✨

“You are the virgin, the pregnant, the birth, and the new life. This is the way of the world as well as the way of creation. What is unaltered remains unaltered despite its many manifestations. Wholeness exists in every cell, in each of every smallest particle of existence. Wholeness exists in you. Nothing can take wholeness from you. It is as natural to you as it is to all of creation. It does not exist only once potential is realized or made manifest, but always in all things.” — ACOL, D:Day24.2


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