Human Dynamics

Human Dynamics Is a Systems Thinking — wholistic — approach to understanding human functioning, individually and in groups. By bringing us back to observation, and offering more accurate interpretations of what we see and experiences — it invites people to grow in understanding, empathy, appreciation for each other’s gifts. This leads to highly effective teamwork in corporate setting, and greater harmony in personal relationships with family and friends.

Human Dynamics is unique in several ways. It is not an aggregate of characteristics, determining a 'type' based on filling out a questionnaire; rather it describes HOW people experience and respond to life. People come to deep understanding and appreciation of themselves and each other, through a process of self-identification. Human Dynamics is also unique in its whole systems approach, enabling people to see themselves as integral parts of the whole, understanding their distinct structures and particular needs within the whole, and seeing how everyone truly is designed to work well together.

View a video by Peter Senge, of MIT’s Sloan School, and author of 'The Fifth Discipline' — a seminal book applying the principles of Systems Engineering and Systems Dynamics to Organizations. Peter sees Human Dynamics as foundational to the success of organizations of all kinds.

And to get started right now practicing observation, awareness, and understanding right now, read this practical guide to Living Everyday Choices: A Flow-Chart .

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For more information, visit Human Dynamics International and the Human Dynamics Foundation.