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🔥💛🌏 Soul in the Driver’s Seat
       Saturday 22nd July 2023

Dear Companions ✨🕸✨🕸✨

Did you see the 2020 Pixar movie Soul? It swept up the 2021 awards for Best Animated Movie including the Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe? I saw it several times with our granddaughters! If you didn’t, you missed an intelligent, funny, and pretty accurate depiction of the Soul-Ego dilemma of living as a divine human being on the planet. As well as a moving depiction of pre/post human existence as unique souls in varying degrees of maturity, coming to earth for an adventure in expansion! Co-writer/director Pete Doctor’s inspiration for Soul was the inner turmoil he experienced after his highly successful 2015 movie Inside Out, wondering “Why don't I feel like my life is all wrapped up and solved in a nice bow? Why didn't it fix everything? … The movie's aim is really to say that we're already enough. We all can walk out of the door and enjoy life without needing to accomplish or prove anything. And that's really freeing." Do the questions Pete asked sound familiar to you? Are you ready to actually live here and now in the exquisite freedom of unconditional love for self and other?

Today we’re delighted to tell you a bit about Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age — an intelligent, at times irreverent, and pretty powerful guide to embracing our Soul-Ego dilemma. It was received from Jesus by Rick Greathouse over a five month period. The onset of this umpteenth receiving took Rick by surprise … and me too! With varying degrees of reluctance, and equal parts trepidation and exhilaration (I call that trepilation!😊), we eventually settled down, yielding more or less gracefully to the choiceless choice of our unique ‘assignments’ — Rick’s to receive and handwrite the message word for word, and mine to shape and offer it to the world. With Colin, my life partner of over fifty years, steadfastly happy to transcribe the material, cocreate a new website, and update it with me as long as we are able. Along with Jo (who's been my Journey and Arrival cocreatrix the last three years) who handles Newsletters, YouTube, and more, we're good to go. It is our intention to publish this new book online in monthly installments, beginning 1 August 2023.

There are several different renditions of A Course in Miracles as originally received from Jesus and scribed by Helen Schucman in 1965. So why has this brand new book, Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age, arrived through Rick? Jesus explains, speaking directly to our hearts and minds in simple everyday language, his message unmistakable and tenderly unequivocal, saying —

“It is I, the one known as Jesus. I penned the original ‘A Course in Miracles’ and now I have returned to create a new and updated version for the times we face. To quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” The original book was quite an undertaking to both write and read for the common man. It was incomprehensible to most but the most ardent, who would spend years attempting to understand it. Now it is my desire to create by recreating and make the content from the original so simple and understandable that it can reach a brand-new audience … More soul presence is the primary purpose of this new version of an old book. We want to promote peace and love with less ego, less fear, more soul, and more love. This may sound impossible in today's crazy world, but this is the only hope here.“

Understanding the message and meaning Jesus conveys in Soul in the Driver’s Seat requires no intellectual study nor debate. Only curiosity, discernment, and the willingness to receive. You may choose to reject parts, yet it will be a choice made without judgment in clarity and freedom. This is a book meant for every person, no matter the path each has travelled to arrive here now. For those immersed in spiritual study, the book will be refreshing. And for those who have never been drawn to spiritual books, it will be inviting, readily understood, and easily absorbed. The family members and friends perhaps, with whom we wish we’d been able to openly share our love for the messages of books like A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, A Journey Into the Unknown, Oneness, and more. The young people perhaps, newly embarking on their dreams. The new ones who arrive with a visceral awareness of oneness in all things, and yet struggle to make sense of the world. In growing certainty that there has to be a better way, many are seeking answers. Some are beginning to see that the chaotic dismantling of old beliefs and structures within and without, signal humanity’s return to the fundamental truth that Love is always the answer. Soul in the Driver’s Seat will no doubt appeal to them all.

This is a book that gently yet adamantly, returns each one home to their very own Soul guidance, and to the recognition of their unique and essential role within this vast collective movement. You alone will discern if this message is for you at this time.

We invite you to share the Soul Journey Newsletter with each and all as your heart prompts.
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💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel💜Receive💖Act

In Freedom, Power, and Joy!
With blessings and with so much love to each and all 🌺

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

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