Juicy Bits — Questions to Get You Started

Any time, in any situation, on any project, ask yourself:

  1. What do I absolutely love?
  2. What is truly essential?
  3. Who am I doing this for?
  4. Why am I here?
  5. What is the change I want to see?
  6. How can I uncover more choices?
  7. Who is my best thinking/doing partner?
  8. Who can challenge my awareness and discovery?
  9. How shall we cocreate the results we want?
  10. Do I need to take a break and rest?
Clarity yields success --- ♥ Trust yourself ♥

What follows are practical tips to get you energized and motivated to take ownership of whatever is happening in your life right now. Scan the list and you will find quick tips, practical questions to ask yourself, and many sweet tidbits that will challenge your thinking while making you smile.

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