What's Different and Unique About CoCreating Clarity?

  • Efficiency — just a few hours of cheerfully direct, incisive, and unflinching exploration, not days or weeks of analysis, consulting, or coaching.
  • Immediate results:
    • See the reality of your situation.
    • Know what you truly desire to be different.
    • Uncover underlying root causes.
    • Discover clear new options for action.
    • Leave with the freedom to choose and to act.
  • Laser-point questions designed to halt churning thoughts, break through circular discussions, and get your attention.
  • Forty years’ experience pioneering and living many valuable technologies, methodologies, and bodies of work, all synthesized into a holistic and organic consult custom-made just for you.
  • Simplicity — simple English (sans jargon), plainspoken in understanding and empathy, with just the right questions, and ready-to-use essentials you need.
  • Clear space in which to work.
  • Clear mind of a Thinking Partner.
  • Spiritual foundation — a pragmatic, lived certainty of our innate intelligence, collective wisdom, wholeness and connectedness, present and available to you right here and now.

CoCreating Clarity is not the same as, yet can be a powerful complement to, consulting, coaching, therapy, facilitation, mediation, or counseling. More details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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"Chris has a unique way of seeing right through to the heart of the matter, identifying the road-blocks, and helping you overcome them."
Antonio N.
Technology Solutions Consultant

"Chris has a wealth of experience along with an open heart; she listens, offers a few suggestions and you feel inspired, energized and encouraged … and the steps to follow become very clear!"
Ann Routos
Training Manager at a New Hampshire Law Firm

"Your challenging yet non-intrusive, non-judgmental questions were very helpful."
Reginald Mark-Hansen
Head HR Advisory Services
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Washington, D.C.