Core CoCreating Clarity Sessions

The focus of CoCreating Clarity is core sessions two to three hours in length that focus on a single common issue or challenge. Core sessions work equally effectively with:

  • Individuals
  • Pairs of people
  • Small groups of three to six people
Larger groups require multiple sessions

During a typical CoCreating Clarity Session

  • We sit together comfortably at a table in a clear light-filled space
  • You describe your challenge and where you’d like to be
  • Within the first half hour we begin to explore in-depth the things you are saying
  • I ask cheerfully direct questions to get your attention and get you unstuck
  • With good humor, we delve deeply into obstacles and root causes, and bring them to light
  • We listen closely and identify self-defeating patterns, assumptions, fears and beliefs
  • And you replace each of these with newly discovered truths, possibilities and actions
  • You leave with concrete choices and written next steps to get you moving forward
  • Sometimes we start and/or pause to do a five-minute Centering Practice
  • Often we take a break for coffee/tea and a snack
  • Always we eat chocolate

Group size for a core consultation is deliberately kept relatively small in order to allow for the depth of excavation and the intense focus that is required to produce the results desired.

CoCreating Clarity works effectively with larger groups of people through a series of core sessions with overlapping attendance of team members. Such a series of sessions is carefully planned — for each session selecting important stakeholders and interdependent team members, ensuring that key interactions are examined; and allowing for overlap in participation between sessions for continuity and sustainable results. When all members of the large group have participated in a core session, and all key interactions have been addressed, the CoCreating Clarity consult is complete.

Consults are most often done in person or via video Skype, either way yielding equally powerful results. Consults are also very effectively conducted via telephone or audio Skype.

The preferred location for in-person sessions is the clear, peaceful, and safe gathering space in Westford, MA.

"Being in a place where you feel safe and that is conducive to reflection was essential to my being ready to share my experiences and take a hard look at myself"
Antonio N.
Technology Solutions Consultant

"You were able to hold the space in a safe but clear way that not only gave validation and comfort but also accountability and awareness."
Joni Parker-Roach
Artist & Owner, NOA Gallery
Groton, MA