Who Benefits From CoCreating Clarity

Whoever you are, CoCreating Clarity offers Thinking Partnerships for

  • Organizations:
    • Businesses — small family-owned to large corporations
    • Non-Profits — foundations and charitable organizations
    • Communities — small and large
    • Goverment Bodies — local through international
    • Centers of Faith
  • Schools
  • Families
  • Individuals — teenagers and adults of all ages and backgrounds, with particular expertise in women's issues

Whatever the challenge you are facing

  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  • Parenting/Managing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Bridging
  • Changes/Transitions
  • New Beginnings/Start Ups
  • Project Design, Planning, and Implementation
  • Getting Organized
  • Getting Unstuck

Whenever you are facing a daunting challenge, a different situation, or simply an exciting new opportunity — CoCreating Clarity provides the impetus that gets you unstuck and gives you a turbo-boost to keep you moving.

Challenges in Organizations

  • Team Building
  • Start Ups — new projects, new groups, new teams
  • Improving Time-to-Decision
  • Improving Communication and Resolving Conflict
    • Team Member–Team Member
    • Cross-Functional: Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, etc.
    • Cross-Cultural: International, Inter-Company
    • Manager–Report
    • Customer/Client–Team Member
  • Strengthening Leadership — Listening and Communication Skills

Challenges in Schools

  • Teacher–Teacher conflicts
  • Teaching Team Issues: Collaboration among teachers
  • Parent–Teacher
  • Teacher–Student
  • Student–Student: confrontation, bullying
  • Inter-Department issues
  • Principal–Teacher issues

Challenges for Families

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Parent–Parent
    • Parent–Child
    • Parent–Teenager
    • Parent–Young Adult
    • Child–Child
    • Spouse–Spouse
  • Parenting Skills
    • Strengthening Family as a Team
    • Building Resilient Families
  • Decision making and caring for a Senior Parent
    • Healthcare needs
    • Independence/Assisted living
    • Emotional needs
  • Transitions
    • New baby
    • Child leaving for college
    • Child returning home to live
    • Child getting married
    • Death of a parent
  • Challenges
    • Health issues
    • Financial stresses
    • Isolation

Challenges for Individuals

  • Conflict Resolution: with self and with others
  • Connection to Self
  • Self Exploration: trust and growth
  • Life Transitions
    • New job
    • Loss of job
    • "Mid-life" crisis
    • Retirement
  • At Work
    • Discovering the work you love
    • Loving the work you have
    • Improving work relationships
    • Increasing your effectiveness
    • Having fun
  • At Home
    • Getting organized
    • Letting go what you don’t need
    • Juggling demands and setting priorities
    • Taking care of yourself
    • Having fun
    • Making neighborhood connections

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"No matter what the presenting problem at first appears to be, experience continues to demonstrate that the underlying root cause of almost all of today’s challenges in Businesses, Non-Profits, Communities, Schools and Families is the absence, avoidance, or breakdown of authentic connection and communication between two human beings."
Christina Strutt
CoCreating Clarity

"Chris has an innate ability to solve complex interactions or issues by enlisting the people impacted by the problem, so that they come together and work collaboratively to find a solution."
William "BJ" Johnson
Executive Director
Gould Farm
Monterey, MA