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1st January💛 Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3-D World
💎 Indra's Net Keywords (2019-2023 and ongoing)
May 13Mothers, Compassion, and Peas
Albert Einstein
April 24Living Loving Laughing
November 6Devotion and Doodoo
October 24Fierce Compassion
Robert Grudin
October 1Loving the Darkness, Part II
October 1Loving the Darkness
September 6Sweet AND Smelly
September 10Safety WITHIN the Storm
September 1Darkness AND Light
Total Solar Eclipse
Mary Oliver
June 27Facing Fear
Four Kinds of Fear
June 24Are You Unstoppable?
Ben Hardy
May 27To Quit or Not to Quit?
Jon Westenberg
Colin Hay
May 18Faking It or Being Vulnerable?
Maren Kate
May 16Resilience
Sheryl Sandberg
April 29On Being Authentic
Chris Anderson
April 15Choosing Must over Should
Elle Luna
March 28Take the Next Step
January 4Discover 2016
Awareness, Discovery, Choice, Action
Three Questions
August 2Living Fully
Martha Beck
July 17On the Cusp of having Fun
The Onion
July 9Beginner’s Mind
Shunryo Suzuki, Zen
June 25Labels — Negative or Positive
June 20Love
John Mackey, Whole Foods
June 8Roles and Power
Hierarchy or Web
June 1Feelings
NonViolent Communication
May 27Anger
May 20Spark Joy
Marie Kondo
May 15Meetings
Collective Wisdom
Come Home to YourSelf
May 1Right or Happy?
April 9Love as a Technical Term
March 29Endings, Beginnings, and the Full Moon
March 24Love is the Killer App
Tim Sanders
March 23Generous Leaders
December 31The Right Decision
December 17Sympathy and Empathy
December 14Simplifying the Holidays
October 17Creative Confidence
David Kelley
May 30Awareness
May 28Clarity over Honesty
March 8Speak the Truth
January 18Listening
January 16Productivity and Creativity
January 13Whirlwinds of Change
January 12Daunting Decisions
January 8Clarity yields Success
Forbes — 10 Best Resolutions
January 5Two-way CoCreating
January 4What is Essential?
December 17Reacting or Responding?
December 6Holiday Giving
November 13Gut Instinct
November 7Rethinking Thinking
Trevor Maber
November 1Fear
October 22Conflict
October 10Busyness — Necessity or Choice?
October 8Every Encounter
September 27Common Ground
September 26Choices
September 15Puzzle Pieces
September 14Make Requests
September 8FaceBook or Face-to-Face?
September 6Beyond Conflict
September 2All are Equal
August 23Self-care
August 21Human Compassion
Dwight Schrute, The Office
August 3Be Who You Are
July 27Short-Term Thinking
July 26Would I follow myself?
July 17Stay Present
July 16Healthy Change
B.J. Fogg, Stanford U.
July 13Future Fear
July 12Observation
July 10CoCreating Clarity Checklist
July 9Higgs-Boson ‘God’ particle
July 5Pain of Innovation
Michael Schrage, MIT
July 2Decision-Making
June 29Being Special
June 27Leading Effectively
June 25Urgent v Important
June 22Only Two Needs
June 20Resisting Change
June 19Breathe
June 15You’re Not Special
David McCullough Jr.
June 12Love, Care, Trust, and Profit
Henry Ford
June 8Sacrifice
June 7Go for a Walk
June 3Say Hello!
May 30What Matters?
May 2615 Things to Give Up
May 25Leaders ask Questions
May 24TATA and Love
May 22Whole Foods and Love
May 20Gratitude and Care
May 15Looking not Seeing — Milton Glaser
May 14Thank You — Meister Eckhart
May 14Everything will be alright
May 13 Moving through Fear
May 4Perspective
May 1Fear or Curiosity?
April 30Harmony
April 27Intention
April 25Leaderless Revolution
April 23Systems Relationships
US HealthCare Dilemma
April 20Visual Thinking
Dan Roam
April 17Emotional Equations
Chip Conley
April 15From Create to CoCreate
Peter Drucker
April 10Four-Way Test Rotary Club
April 6Response-Ability
April 6Six Human Needs
April 6Tony Robbins
April 1Time and the Brain
David Eagleman, Baylor U.
April 1There is no ‘Now’!
April Fools!
March 31How to Get Unstuck
March 31Iyanla Vanzant
March 27People, Customers, and Growth
March 24Victim-Perpetrator Drama
March 22Happiness
March 22How to be Happy at Work
March 16Unstuck App
March 10Failure as a Gift
March 5Worry
February 29Trust Yourself
February 27Rational Optimist
February 22Ladder of Inference
February 11Challenge your Thinking
February 3FedEx Day Challenge
Daniel Pink
February 2Being Present
February 1Getting Things Done
David Allen
January 29Unstuck App
January 29CoCreating Clarity Workshops
January 28Questions, Lies, And Economies of Truth

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