Values and Principles

While Christina does have serious expertise in several valuable methodologies, many of which she pioneered in the high-tech industry in the 80's and 90's (read more), these do not take center stage.

Her values are drawn from life experiences. She strives to live what she knows to be true as best she can in dedicated daily practice, constantly listening, learning, and fine-tuning her way of being in the world. Her intention is to create harmony while learning to be fully comfortable with all manner of disharmony that inevitably arises; always ready to take ownership for her own part in it, and often able to defuse tensions with her irrepressible and slightly warped sense of humor!

She does not at all see herself as an expert ready with the answers. She does, however, arrive unreservedly curious, clear, and open-hearted; free to listen deeply without evaluation and to reflect back the essentials, often with startling clarity … surprising even herself!

She is cheerfully direct in her communication — what you see is what you get — there is little need for guesswork when you’re interacting with Christina. And yet her listening, understanding, and empathy make her a quick study, ready to shift her position with ease as new perspectives dawn.

Christina's life experiences and work demonstrate her conviction that there are no absolute 'right' answers in life. There are only answers that are right for a particular person at that particular time; and these show up most clearly in relationship and dialogue with each other, and with ourselves.

Naturally, collaboration and community are central to all she embarks upon. She lives each day as best she can, with a pragmatic certainty of our innate intelligence, collective wisdom, wholeness, and connectedness. Practically anything can be accomplished when we come together with common intention!

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"The way you packaged and sequenced the questions and discussion was extremely valuable. Thank you for sharing your time, insight, empathy, love, perception, knowledge, patience, teaching, humor and listening."
Pia D.
Photography and Design
Prescott, AZ

"Being able to establish trust early on allowed me to see with more clarity during the entire session."
Antonio N.
Technology Solutions Consultant