In Schools

Having shepherded two sons through the Westford Public School system (K through 12 over the years 1987 to 2004) she has all the experiences of volunteering in the schools, presenting in classrooms, as well as communicating productively and resolving misunderstandings at various times between educators/staff and her children. In addition she has:

  • Facilitated meetings to develop the very first "Blueprint for the Westford Schools". This was a five-year Vision for the Westford public school system — a 'first, created, long before such a 'vision statement' became a State requirement for all schools in Massachusetts. An example of a meeting that she designed and conducted was a gathering of 60 teachers (from K through 12) where they shared their personal visions, and co-created their shared vision for the schools. (1992/1993)
  • Conducted Human Dynamics tutorials for teachers and parents, at the Abbot elementary school. Over several weeks, the group worked together with the goal of seeing more clearly, interpreting more accurately, and communicating more effectively with each other and with the children. (1994/1995)
  • Supported the "Peace it Together" program - part of the Westford Peaceable Schools effort — at the Robinson Elementary school (2009)

Westford Committee for the Prevention of Bullying in Schools (2010/2011 ongoing)

A community effort — including educators, administrators, residents, students, and service-providers — convened by the superintendent of schools to create and implement an effective plan for the prevention of bullying in the Westford Public School system.

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