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The Right Decision
       December 31, 2013

Q: How do we know if we're making the right decision?

A: A decision is right for us and for all those around us when it is made in this moment “... based on the truth of our hearts instead of the thoughts running through our heads ... Your heart sees and feels the big picture; it knows what's right for you.”

--- So ♥ trust yourself ♥



Sympathy and Empathy
       December 17, 2013

What's the difference between sympathy and empathy?
--✿ Sympathy separates the other (not-you) from you.
--✿ Empathy connects the other (also you) with you.
-- and starts with connection to your own feelings.
-- So ♥ trust yourself ♥



Simplifying the Holidays
       December 14, 2013

Brilliant! Read if you're ready to make simpler and happier choices this holiday time.

♥ Trust yourself ♥



Creative Confidence
       October 17, 2013

“Creative confidence is a way of seeing your potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt.” — om and David Kelley, of IDEO and Stanford University.

And I'll add that creative confidence in ourselves comes from and leads to co-creative confidence in everyone we're with. It is in relationship with each other and with each situation that arises, that we claim our power to change everything. We're not alone!

♥ Trust yourself ♥ And we'll begin to trust ourselves ♥



       May 30, 2013

A simple message in a striking package — be present here and now. Awareness is everything. In it we discover new choices and take the actions that bring us joy, peace and success. Enjoy this 9 minute video — you'll be glad you took the time. (Thanks cousin Nalini for sharing this!)



Clarity over Honesty
       May 28, 2013

We all value honesty. Clarity demands much more — it requires that we communicate the facts with clear intention. Here's an example of different ways to respond to a person who was two days late in delivering a key task —
-- Radical Truth — You delivered the task two days late.
-- Compassionate Truth — We expected it two days ago, what happened?
-- Half Truth — It was a little late.
-- Ignore the Truth — Don't say anything.
-- White Lies — The task was done well.
-- Gray Lie — You did OK.
-- Lie — Your entire performance was excellent.

Next time you wonder what to say, ask yourself —
--✿ What is my intention?
--✿ What effect do I want to have on this person?
--✿ What outcome do I want as a result?

You're free to choose. ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Speak the Truth
       March 8, 2013

Why, often despite our best intentions, do we find ourselves not speaking the truth? Next time you hesitate, pay close attention to what is holding you back —
--✿ Will I hurt someone's feelings?
--✿ Will no one listen to me anyway?
--✿ Will I be breaking ‘the rules’?
--✿ Will the listener not want to hear it?
--✿ Will the listener dislike me for it?

Shared in loving connection, the truth always heals.

♥ Trust yourself ♥



       January 18, 2013

“Most people just want someone to listen to them, without judgment, sermonizing, or moralizing.” ---- Pauline Phillips (Dear Abby)

Just for today when someone speaks to you, listen closely and let them know you understand by reflecting back what you hear. Try it — you'll know if another response is needed — ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Productivity and Creativity
       January 16, 2013

Want to boost productivity and creativity? Improve happiness and wellbeing at the same time? Try this during your next project at work with your team, or at home with your family.
--✿ Anybody can say anything about the work at any time

This means —
--✿ Describe what you see
--✿ State the problem it causes you
--✿ Say how you feel about it
--✿ Offer a solution or say “I don't know”
--✿ Make a request for change

It's a lot easier to react to a result than to take the time to cocreate a better one. You have the choice — ♥ Trust yourself ♥

And let me know how it turns out


       January 13, 2013

Are you caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected change, overwhelming demands, and no end in sight? Perhaps there's a clue in Dorothy's experience —

“It was very dark, and the wind howled terribly around her … Hour after hour passed away, and slowly Dorothy got over her fright but she felt quite lonely, and the wind shrieked so loudly all about her that she nearly became deaf. At first she had wondered if she would be dashed to pieces when the house fell again; but as the hours passed and nothing terrible happened, she stopped worrying and resolved to wait calmly and see what the future would bring.” — L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

And we know what an adventure she had! ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Daunting Decisions
       January 12, 2013

Facing a daunting decision or challenge? Everything you need to take your first step forward is present and available to you right now. Just take a deep breath and check in with yourself —
--✿ How am I feeling?
--✿ What am I telling myself about this?

Now listen for the untrue and replace with the true —
--✿ I can't ---> I am willing
--✿ I don't know ---> I am open to knowing
--✿ It's their fault ---> I am willing to see this differently
--✿ I'm so stuck ---> I can discover new choices

Notice that “I can” and “I do know” are not options offered.

Why? Because they wouldn't actually be true in this moment!

Though they may well be in the next :)

Listen in carefully and — ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Clarity yields Success
       January 8, 2013

Any time, in any situation, on any project, ask yourself:
--✿ What do I absolutely love?
--✿ What is truly essential?
--✿ Who am I doing this for?
--✿ Why am I here?
--✿ What is the change I want to see?
--✿ How can I uncover more choices?
--✿ Who is my best thinking/doing partner?
--✿ Who can challenge my awareness and discovery?
--✿ How shall we cocreate the results we want?
--✿ Do I need to take a break and rest?

Clarity yields success — ♥ Trust yourself ♥



       January 8, 2013

Inviting you to sign up for my workshop — ‘Get Unstuck and Keep Moving’ — if you're in my area and not half way across the world that is. :) It's a brilliant opportunity to face your challenges in a light and engaging setting, and actually begin to experience your innate ability to navigate whatever is in front of you. And it's fun!

--- ♥ Saturday 2nd February, two hours starting at 10am ♥ ---


Two-way CoCreating
       January 5, 2013

Applying the questions I posted yesterday to my own postings :) I discovered that it is two-way conversation, collaboration, and CoCreation that make my ♥ sing. One-way posting of ‘helpful’ hints and questions? Not so much! And so in this New Year I invite you, dear readers and ‘fans’, to share on this page thoughts, ideas, and questions that you would like to explore:
--✿ What's on your mind?
--✿ What's working for you?
--✿ And what's not working so well?
--✿ Are there places where you feel stuck?
--✿ What keeps you awake at night?

Let's experiment — play a little with this — and perhaps together we will all gain even greater clarity and freedom of choice. Fun!

--------- ♥ Let's trust ourselves ♥


What is Essential?
       January 4, 2013

It's a New Year! Are you ready to make a fresh start?

Pick an aspect of your life — work? a relationship? the contents of your closet? — and ask yourself these questions:
--✿ Do I absolutely love this?
--✿ Does this energize me and make my heart sing?
--✿ Is this essential in my life?
--✿ Do I truly need this for my wellbeing?
--✿ If I did not have this, would I strive to get it?

If your answers are mostly ‘No’, give yourself the choice …
... to let it go and allow in the new — ♥ Trust yourself ♥

Wishing you clarity in 2013, and joy in all your endeavors!


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