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Reacting or Responding?
       December 17, 2012

Has something or someone upset you terribly?

Are you desperate to react? fix? blame? explain?

Do you feel anxiety? anger? fear?

Pause a moment before you act and —
--✿ Allow your feelings to be exactly what they are.
--✿ Don't judge them, stifle them, or push them away.
--✿ Feel them deeply.
--✿ Name them and speak of them.

When you do they will dissipate and leave you with perspective and clarity to take the most effective action. ♥ Trust yourself ♥



Holiday Giving
       December 6, 2012

Are you feeling the stress of holiday shopping?

Media and retailers tell us it is the season for giving.

So check in with yourself as you make your list and shop —
--✿ Am I obliged to give? or do I want to?
--✿ Is it expected of me? or do I choose to?
--✿ Am I giving with an expectation of return?
--✿ Does this giving feel draining or rewarding?

The truth is that giving wholeheartedly is receiving.

You'll know the difference — ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Gut Instinct
       November 13, 2012

The next time you have difficulty making a tough decision, try using your ‘gut instinct’ and follow these steps —
--✿ Don't rush to a conclusion.
--✿ Distract yourself — do something else
--✿ Let your mind wander and rest a while
--✿ Set yourself a time limit to choose
--✿ Make the decision
--✿ Check how it feels? constricting? or freeing?

--------- ♥ Trust yourself ♥


Rethinking Thinking
       November 7, 2012

When you find yourself angry or judgmental about someone's actions, pause for a moment if you can, and ask yourself —
--✿ Do I really have the full story?
--✿ Is it possible there are things I don't know?
--✿ Might there be another way of seeing this?
--✿ What if I were that person?
--✿ Can I imagine doing those things for good reason?

Perhaps you'll now feel less angry ... and clearer on how to respond. ♥ Trust yourself ♥



       November 1, 2012

Are we willing to admit to feeling fear? At work? At home?

Five fears that the best of us experience now and again —
--✿ Fear of Losing Control
--✿ Fear of Failure
--✿ Fear of the Unknown
--✿ Fear of the Truth
--✿ Fear of Success

Only when we face our fear, and embrace the message it brings, can work with it to accomplish the results we want.

------- ♥ Trust yourself ♥



       October 22, 2012

Are you locked in conflict with a ‘difficult’ person at home or at work? If you're ready to be the change, try these questions —
--✿ Am I trying to control this person?
Quit it because you can't. It simply doesn't work.
--✿ Am I angry and tense when I begin speaking with them?
Take a break, breathe deeply, and go back when you're calm.
--✿ Do I cut them off, talk over them, disrespect them?
Try asking open-ended questions and just listen.
--✿ Am I confused or conflicted as to the result I actually want?
Take a break, get clear, go back and make a clean request.
--✿ Am I holding a grudge, replaying a past hurt?
Let it go and recover all that wasted energy.

---- ♥ Trust yourself ♥ the results may surprise you!


Busyness — Necessity or Choice?
       October 10, 2012

Do you often find yourself drowning in ‘Busyness’?

Pause and ask yourself —
--✿ How do I feel about giving my time and attention to this?
--✿ Does it feel good, full, and rewarding?
--✿ Does it feel bad, off-kilter, and restrictive?
--✿ Do I allow myself the time and space to rest and receive?
--✿ What will I do with all I receive? With all I know?

You do have choices so ♥ trust yourself ♥

“The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration — it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.” — Tim Kreider, The New York Times



Every Encounter
       October 8, 2012

Each time you encounter someone today, pause and ask yourself
--✿ What part am I to play right now in the life of this person?
--✿ What would I do or say?

Listen in and ♥ trust yourself ♥ to know and to act.



Common Ground
       September 27, 2012

Are you struggling to reach consensus with your work team? a community group? your family? Rather than debate conflicting opinions, try backing up a few steps and find common ground —
--✿ What is the data? what do we see? what do we hear?
--✿ Do we all agree the data is accurate? relevant? complete?
--✿ What does it mean to us? how do we interpret it?
--✿ What assumptions can we draw?
--✿ And what conclusions/decisions become clear?
--✿ What actions/next steps must we therefore take?

------ ♥ Trust yourself ---- Trust each other ♥


       September 26, 2012

It's only noon here and I've already put each one of these into practice. They work! Now you give them a try today —
--✿ What leaves you feeling bad, do less of.
--✿ What leaves you feeling good, do more of.
--✿ To achieve bigger goals, take smaller steps.
--✿ Lie down and rest for a while.
--✿ When you don't know what to say, try the truth.
--✿ Free yourself from dysfunctional people by refusing to try and control them.



Puzzle Pieces
       September 15, 2012

Everyone has their own unique point of view.

Only as we piece each together do we see the larger picture.

And there's always more we don't know …

Stay open my friends



Make Requests
       September 14, 2012

Today, when you find yourself irritated, critical, or controlling of someone or something around you, try pausing for a moment and ask yourself —
--✿ What am I feeling?
--✿ What am I afraid of?
--✿ What's the worst that could happen?
--✿ What is it that I need right now?

And try taking care of yourself —
-- Give yourself what you most need right now.
-- And/or make a direct request for it.

“A criticism is just a really bad way of making a request ... so just make the request.” — Diane Sawyer

- ♥ Trust yourself ♥


FaceBook or Face-to-Face?
       September 8, 2012

--✿ Would you like to cocreate sustainable results to benefit all?
--✿ Real change that people feel part of and want to build upon?
--✿ How do we make choices for inclusion and collaboration?

Check out these clues from the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies:

  1. Acknowledge those who built the infrastructure around us.
  2. Acknowledge the legacy of those before us.
  3. Pass the flame from a single heroic figure to the group.
  4. Include young people, the children — we won't go far wrong.
  5. Anyone in the group can hold the flame at any one time.
  6. Take turns leading the group; honor the need to rest.
  7. It's not a sprint, it's a relay race — each one is key.
  8. Share the flame; nurture each one as you move forward.
  9. Invite everyone in the larger collective to participate.
  10. Each one contributes a valuable piece of the whole.
  11. A small group can ignite large-scale — worldwide — change!
  12. The result is CoCreation of unique and lasting value.



Beyond Conflict
       September 6, 2012

Do you long for more collaboration and less conflict in your life? When someone says something you don't like, how do you respond? Do you push back? Do you defend yourself? Do you turn away in silence? Consider this —
--✿ What if their words are telling you more about them?
--✿ What if their words have nothing at all to do with you?
--✿ What if you could simply listen, accept, and understand?

Perhaps you might see that no defense or response is needed.

♥ Trust yourself ♥

CoCreating Clarity So many ways to respond! Yet we really only have one decision to make — Do we add to the pain and discord? Or do we see past it to the love that is called for? The choice is always ours ♥




All are Equal
       September 2, 2012

“One evening I was looking out at the sunset over Port Louis, Mauritius, from the railing of the ship, when three large, fancy town cars pulled up at the dock below. Out of the limos came a wide array of religious leaders, all draped in colorful robes and adornment. They began gathering together for a final photo with Archbishop Tutu. A professional photographer was all set to go and positioned the archbishop in the middle of these leaders. But then the scene had a dramatic shift.
The Archbishop told the photographer to wait, wait! Something was wrong here! He left the group and went back to each town car, where he knocked on the window and cajoled the driver of each vehicle to follow him. He brought them back to the group, positioned the drivers directly on either side of himself, and then told the photographer that now it was OK to take the photo. Immediately after the photo, he gave a simple "Bye-bye" to all gathered and jumped right on the ship. His unceremonious departure left everyone gathered there to mull over what just happened. He left behind a simple lesson about the value of every soul.”
— Dr. Rocky Rohwedder, Chair of Environmental Studies. Sonoma State University



       August 23, 2012

- Is your home or work life demanding more than ever from you?

- Are you putting in longer hours that are never enough?

- Do you often feel exhausted, disengaged, or even ill?

- Are you headed for an energy crisis?

Take the test on page 5 of this HBR Article …

And try these simple ways to replenish your energy today —
--✿ Take brief but regular breaks — stretch, breathe.
--✿ Reduce interruptions — post a sign.
--✿ Express appreciation — write or call someone.
--✿ Spend more time on what you do best.

Personal energy is renewable, while time is a limited resource.

So focus on managing your energy and not your time.

♥ Listen in to what you need and trust yourself ♥



Human Compassion
       August 21, 2012

“I see all the problems of the world as spiritual problems — the environment, politics, finance, education, healthcare — and on and on. It all comes back to basic human compassion. If we see everyone as our brothers and sisters, as one human family, and our hearts are in the right place, we can solve all of these problems” — Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute in “The Office”)

--✿ Can you see everyone today as your dearest friend?

--✿ Would that be the scariest thing you've ever done?

--------------------- ♥ Trust yourself ♥ ---------------------



       August 14, 2012

In your next conversation or meeting notice how you interact:
--✿ Can you hear each voice without judgment?
--✿ Are you anxious to say what you're thinking?
--✿ Do you forget to listen?
--✿ Can you enter the discussion without an agenda?

How different could it be ...
... if we allow understanding to come?
... if we don't have to go out aggressively and get it?
... if the answers are in the voices around us and in our hearts?
... if we listen first, then question only what we must?

♥ Trust yourself ♥


Be Who You Are
       August 3, 2012

Just for today notice how often you edit and censor yourself —
--✿ If I change the way I usually act, will I still be accepted?
--✿ If I tell the truth here, will I still be safe?
--✿ If I share how I truly feel, will I still be loved?

Are you only sharing the parts of yourself that you have judged presentable? What if you can only be who you truly are by being fully who you are NOW? ♥ Trust Yourself ♥


       August 3, 2012

Just for today notice how often you edit and censor yourself —
--✿ If I change the way I usually act, will I still be accepted?
--✿ If I tell the truth here, will I still be safe?
--✿ If I share how I truly feel, will I still be loved?

Are you only sharing the parts of yourself that you have judged presentable? What if you can only be who you truly are by being fully who you are NOW? ♥ Trust Yourself ♥



Short-Term Thinking
       July 27, 2012

As a leader, stay alert for short-term linear thinking, and ask:
--✿ Is this urgent? Is this important? ... There is a difference!
--✿ What else is contributing to this presenting problem?
--✿ Are we fixing only the most urgent, obvious symptoms?
--✿ What critically important, non-urgent things never get done?
--✿ Might doing these reduce the urgent problems that occur?

Practice Systems Thinking. Trust yourself!

Try the Everyday Systems Thinking checklist posted July 10th


Would I follow myself?
       July 26, 2012

Here's an essential question to ask especially if we're in any kind of leadership position — in our family, community, or at work:
--✿ Would I choose to follow myself?



Stay Present
       July 17, 2012

Five practical reasons to stay present, especially in a conflict?

Being present enables you to:
--✿ see what is actually happening rather than what you think should be happening
--✿ notice how you feel and how you respond to conflict
--✿ avoid preconceived notions of how others are
--✿ let go of pre-determined conclusions about what is possible
-✿ relax imagined fears of what this might mean to your future

This way you will know with certainty how to respond and how to cocreate the best outcome for all. ♥


Healthy Change
       July 16, 2012

Are you ready to make a healthy change in your life?
--✿ Focus on creating a new habit, not on stopping an old one
--✿ Break it down into a few teeny, tiny little steps
--✿ To start, pick a time either early or late in the day
--✿ Begin with the first step and do just that for 5 days
--✿ Then add the next, and do both steps for 5 days …
… and you're on your way! So says researcher B.J. Fogg, PhD, of Stanford University, who's worked with such innovators as the founder of Instagram. Give it a try!



Future Fear
       July 13, 2012

--✿ Are you plagued by fears about the future?
--✿ Can you be absolutely sure that what you fear will happen?
------✿ Unless you're clairvoyant — the answer has to be ‘No’.
--✿ Why then do you let it drive you … your actions?

The past is over. The future is not yet. So rest in this moment.

Notice how perfectly fine you are, and listen for your next action.

♥ Trust yourself.♥



       July 12, 2012

Observation can be a powerful tool to help you see with clarity what is actually in front of you in this present moment —
--✿ What do you see?
--✿ What do you hear?
--✿ What do you smell?
--✿ What do you taste?

Just notice and name it. Speak it out loud. Or write it down.

No interpretation. No comparison. No evaluation. No judgment.

Simply describe it as it is right now.

Rest here for a moment, and your next step will emerge.


CoCreating Clarity Checklist
       July 10, 2012

Are you facing a challenge, a conflict, a new opportunity?

Would you like to CoCreate Clarity with love, care and respect?

And take action, certain of our essential connectedness?

Then try these very practical 'Systems Thinking' questions —



Higgs-Boson ‘God’ particle
       July 9, 2012

Has CERN really discovered the elusive ‘Higgs Boson’ or ‘God’ particle that's central to the creation of form/matter/mass from energy? Without it no you, no me — no stars, planets or life as we know it? If so, this would be proof of an invisible energy field that fills the vacuum of space.

Let's leave the scientists to sort this one out :) while we continue CoCreating Clarity with each other in caring and respectful relationship, certain of our connectedness within the invisible yet tangible energy field of love ♥.



Pain of Innovation
       July 5, 2012

All change comes with discomfort, and the challenge of overcoming resistance. Just ask yourself —
---✿ Do you feel free to talk openly about the pain?
---✿ Can you distinguish between ‘good’ pain and ‘bad’ pain?
---✿ Do you keep going through the pain, or do you stop now?

Here's how you tell good pain from bad —
Good = the ache and anxiety of doing something a new way.
Bad = the sickening feeling of something going terribly wrong.



       July 2, 2012

Struggling with a choice you must make, or next action to take? Wondering if the hesitance or fear you have is valid? Try this.

Make a decision for now, stand in it, and sense what it feels like —
---✿ constricting, limiting, scary-wrong-for-me? Like Shackles On?
---✿ freeing, opening, scary-exciting? Like Shackles Off?

Have someone make the decision for you, and test it this same way! ♥ You'll know. You always do. Trust yourself.♥



Being Special
       June 29, 2012

Remember the teacher's message to his graduating high school students? “You're not special, because everyone is. Everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect" — including yourself!

So here's the challenge. Notice how well you treat the person most special to you; and just for one day treat everyone you encounter that very same way —
---✿ Think of them that way
---✿ Smile at them that way
---✿ Listen to them that way
---✿ Talk to them that way

Have fun with it and notice what happens!


Leading Effectively
       June 27, 2012

No matter your role or position, at home or at work ... ... try these simple keys to leading effectively —
--✿ Asking
--✿ Listening
--✿ Learning
--✿ Understanding
--✿ Explaining

And be sure to try them in that order :)

(Thanks for the pointer Star Leadership LLC ♥)



Urgent v Important
       June 25, 2012

Want to get super-focused and productive today?

Write down everything you must do, one task to an index card.

Sort them into two piles — URGENT and NOT-urgent.

Then sort each pile into two — IMPORTANT and NOT-Important.

Discard both your NOT-important piles.

First tackle the Important/Urgent.

Then move on to the Important/Not-Urgent.

Repeat tomorrow.

You'll be surprised at what you don't miss not doing!



Only Two Needs
       June 22, 2012

At the most fundamental level, we have only two needs:
--✿ the need to love
--✿ the need to be loved

The first most often gets crowded out by the second, which comes in myriad disguises — anger, control, judgment, abuse, attack, separation, protection. Wow! That's a lot of clues! So just notice and choose instead to give yourself the love you need. ♥

Read this slowly — “LIFEISNOWHERE”

What did you read? “life is no where? Or “life is nowhere”?

CoCreating Clarity To put it simply, if it ain't happenin' now, it ain't happenin! :)


Resisting Change
       June 20, 2012

Find yourself resisting a change?

Try these questions to get some clarity —
--✿ Does this change really compromise who I am?
--✿ What past change did I resist that turned out great for me?
--✿ If I somehow could love this change, in what ways would it be good for me?

Listen in well, release imaginary fears, and trust yourself. ♥


       June 19, 2012

The next time you feel pressured, stressed, or overwhelmed, give yourself a mini-timeout. Stop talking for just one minute. Breathe gently and deeply, release your intense focus, relax your belly, and settle into the open expanse of your heart. You can even do this at the boardroom table, no one will know! :)

You've now engaged non-verbal brain processing; and at 11,000,000 bits/second (verbal processing happens at just 40 bits/second), you'll be amazed at the clarity — in word and action — you'll take with you when you jump back into the fray! ♥


You're Not Special
       June 15, 2012

“You're not special. Because everyone is. … so that makes 6.8 billion examples of perfection. I urge you to do whatever you do for no reason other than you love it and believe in its importance.”
“Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and taken seriously and cared about. Everyone on the planet. … When I sit and I look at my students in my classroom, each one of them is as important to me as any of the others.”
----- Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough Jr.



Love, Care, Trust, and Profit
       June 12, 2012

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” — Henry Ford.

Start with these questions for success on your next project — at home or at work — and build it on love, care, and trust.



       June 8, 2012

Are you working, helping, serving others from a place of strength and well-being? Or are you doing all these things while feeling tired, depleted, obligated or put upon? Ask yourself —
--✿ Am I truly only wanting to be helpful?
--✿ Or am I doing this to be seen and appreciated?

And choose again. Sacrificing your own well-being serves no one.



Go for a Walk
       June 7, 2012

When you find yourself struggling to make a tough decision, don't force it. Instead, try this. Stop researching the facts, stop searching for 'the truth', and let go of your opinions. Take ten minutes — walk around the block, take a shower, or sit with a cup of tea — and ask yourself ✿ What FEELS right? ✿ Then listen.


Say Hello!
       June 3, 2012

Connect with someone new today … face-to-face! How?

Set your intention, be curious, pay attention, and you'll know ...
--- ✿ Say “Hello”, ask a question and listen
--- ✿ Pay them a compliment
--- ✿ Offer to do something helpful

Enjoy this 5 minute video for inspiration


What Matters?
       May 30, 2012

“ … clarity is a filter for the unnecessary. When you know what does matter, the stuff that doesn't matter can't mess up your day.” — Brad Glass

Ask yourself — ✿ What truly matters most to me right now? ✿



15 Things to Give Up
       May 26, 2012

Want to be truly happy? Then try giving up these 15 things, starting with the need to be right. Ask yourself —
--- ✿ Would I rather be right or be happy?

Clarity is seeing that you always have the choice!



Leaders ask Questions
       May 25, 2012

“Leaders today are not the ones who have all the answers. They are the ones who are willing to ask the questions” — Betsey Myers

Wherever you are — at home or at work — be a leader and try Cocreating Clarity by asking yourself —
--- ✿What is my purpose here?

And by asking those around you —
--- ✿ What are we doing well that's working?
--- ✿ What are we doing that's not working?
--- ✿ What do we need to change?


TATA and Love
       May 24, 2012

“You have to give love to get love. And the leaders of TATA give that love. They genuinely walk their talk, and the employees and all the stakeholders respond in kind.” — Karambir Singh Khan, General Manager, Taj Boston.


Whole Foods and Love
       May 22, 2012

“Love needs to come out of the closet in our organizations. We need to grow our corporations on love, care and trust.” — John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market, today at the 4th Conscious Capitalism Conference.

✿Make a start right away by inviting people to express their appreciation for someone or something at the end of each meeting.✿ It's voluntary, takes just 5 minutes, and shifts consciousness from judgment to love. Try it!

James Angiolillo Love and trust are mutually exclusive in the world of major corporations.....

CoCreating Clarity Perhaps so in some or even most major corporations James. But things are changing. Having spent three days with Founder/CEOs of Whole Foods, Panera, Trader Joe's, the Container Store and more, I can say that love, care and trust are very much alive and well in these 'conscious' (and very successful) businesses ... Stay tuned! :)


Gratitude and Care
       May 20, 2012

“Express your gratitude every day”
“Treat everyone with care and civility”
“Remember that the success of any change effort depends on your ability to engage the people”

— three key messages this weekend from speakers to graduates of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.


Looking not Seeing — Milton Glaser
       May 15, 2012

“We're always looking, but we never really see”
--- Milton Glaser, Designer, famed for the 'I ♥ NY' logo.


Thank You — Meister Eckhart
       May 14, 2012

“If the only prayer you said your whole life was 'Thank you' that would suffice” — Meister Eckhart

Stop often during the course of your day and ask yourself —


Everything will be alright
       May 14, 2012

“Everything will be all right in the end ... if things are not right now, it isn't the end yet.”


Moving through Fear
       May 13, 2012

How do I keep moving towards my goal, despite my fears?

--- ✿ First let yourself feel the fear ✿---

Feel it and it will dissipate, push it away and it will grow.

Trust yourself, then make a plan and take it one step at a time.



       May 4, 2012

It's usually a matter of perspective! The next time you're quite certain that you're right, take a moment to step aside and ask yourself — ✿What am I missing here?✿ You might just discover a world of difference!

Look at this 3D chalk art ... and read this delightful story!



Fear or Curiosity?
       May 1, 2012

Replace Fear of the Unknown with Curiosity

How else will we learn anything new?


       April 30, 2012

Harmony is not compromise. Harmony is recognizing differences and being willing to find a way to hold your own truth intact while allowing others to hold theirs. Asking ✿What is true for me right now?✿ might be a good place to start


       April 27, 2012

Meaningful power and effectiveness at work and at home begins with one really important question that you can choose to ask yourself, and only you can answer. ✿ What is your intention? ✿ Awareness and discovery of your intention gives you choice, and choosing to create through collaboration and harmony gives you authentic power.



Leaderless Revolution
       April 25, 2012

Ready to create some significant change at work, at school, in your community, or at home? "We are the most potent agents of change" says Carne Ross, so start your 'Leaderless Revolution' here with these nine questions —



Systems Relationships
       April 23, 2012

In CoCreating Clarity relationship is everything. Drawings make clear the relationships between things and/or people — like this one does for the US Healthcare dilemma ...



Visual Thinking
       April 20, 2012

Having trouble getting an idea across? ... Try this:

Talk less, write fewer words, and instead sketch a 'picture' — a vivid visual-verbal image people can see, understand, and remember.



Emotional Equations
       April 17, 2012

Emotional Equations lend clarity to relationships between feelings, offering greater awareness, understanding, and choice of action:
Joy = Love — Fear
Anxiety = Uncertainty x Powerlessness
Happiness = Wanting What You Have/Having What You Want
Despair = Suffering — Meaning

Watch author of 'Emotional Equations' Chip Conley, founder/CEO of Joie de Vivre, the second largest boutique hotelier in the US.



From Create to CoCreate
       April 15, 2012

... with the respectful edit from 'create' to 'CoCreate' ... so true!

Gregg Braden

April 15, 2012 ·

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." Peter Drucker


Four-Way Test Rotary Club
       April 10, 2012

Before you next make a decision or take an action, apply the Four-Way Test of Rotary International, which asks:

Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Find more CoCreating Clarity questions at:


       April 6, 2012

The next time someone attacks me —
Will I feel persecuted and simply retaliate in kind?
Or will I remember that I am free to choose my response?
To see past the anger and fear to the wholeness always present?
To understand or simply step away?

✿ Clarity means never having to say 'It's their fault!'


Six Human Needs
       April 6, 2012

According to coach Tony Robbins, these are six human needs that must be met for peak performance — Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

✿ How do these feature in your daily choices?


Tony Robbins
       April 6, 2012

According to coach Tony Robbins, these are six human needs that must be met for peak performance — Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

✿ How do these feature in your daily choices?



Time and the Brain
       April 1, 2012

Read more about Baylor University neuroscientist David Eagleman's research on time and the brain in the New Yorker.



There is no ‘Now’!
       April 1, 2012

With deep regret we inform you that CoCreating Clarity will be terminating its services effective today. New research has conclusively demonstrated that there is no ‘NOW’ — not for anyone — and especially not for taller people.

CoCreating Clarity is grounded in the principle of living in the present moment — the NOW. It embodies the certainty that no matter what we are facing, everything we need is present and available to us right here and now. We need only to become aware to discover this, then choose and take action.

These new findings render these principles invalid. It's been a wild ride … thank you to all my clients, friends and fans. xo



How to Get Unstuck
       March 31, 2012

"The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off."
— Gloria Steinem
"Have you ever noticed that clarity makes people angry?"
— Dilbert


Iyanla Vanzant
       March 31, 2012

Just skimmed through Oprah's Life Class (OWN, 26 Mar) on the DVR. Here's my summary of Iyanla Vanzant's advice on ‘How to Get Unstuck’:

  1. Stop telling yourself and others the same sad old story.
  2. State the facts — just the facts — as they are.
  3. Tell the truth — the whole truth — of what you know and feel.
  4. Describe your vision of where you want to be.
  5. Take action and ask for what you want … to get there.

If you have the stamina for it, watch the whole show here



People, Customers, and Growth
       March 27, 2012

Fortune's 4th best company to work for, Wegmans Food Markets, says happy employees create happy customers — here are some questions to try it yourself!



Victim-Perpetrator Drama
       March 24, 2012

When you find yourself in a workplace conflict and:
… you feel like the victim? What if you're really not helpless?
… you see another as persecutor? What if he/she is not evil?
… you're the manager? What if you don't need to be the heroic rescuer?

Break the pattern ... and see what happens!



       March 22, 2012

Some pursue happiness.
Others create it for themselves …
… and for everyone around them.
Fudge Cubze simply sweeten the day!



How to be Happy at Work
       March 22, 2012

Ask yourself these questions and look closely at your answers:
- What has to happen for me to be happy?
- What has to happen for me to be unhappy?

Whether you've made it easier for yourself to be happy, or easier to be miserable ... your plan is probably working!

The good news? You set your own criteria.

The bad news? you set your own criteria.

You get to choose ... go for it!



Unstuck App
       March 16, 2012

When you hit a stuck moment, do you admit to it?

Awareness is the critical first step.

Then try your free iPad Unstuck App ...

... or call CoCreating Clarity and discover new choices!


Failure as a Gift
       March 10, 2012

Failure is not about the outcome.

Failure lies in not taking that next step.

Ask yourself “What did I fail at today?”

And give yourself a high five for your courage and effort!

Even in failure there is a gift.



       March 5, 2012

Brad Glass and I worked together some 35 years ago as Software Quality Managers. Now a Leadership Coach, his antidote to worry is:

  1. First simply notice what's actually happening now.
  2. Choose action in this moment based on your own truth.
  3. Listen to the 'feedback' — what your experience in the present tells you.



Trust Yourself
       February 29, 2012

When things don't go so well, try to make a realistic assessment of the present while never doubting that your own choices and actions will eventually create a better outcome. Simply put ... Trust Yourself!


Rational Optimist
       February 27, 2012

Try these 5 daily practices and become a Rational Optimist!

  1. Write down three new things you are grateful for today.
    Teaches your brain to scan the world for the positive.
  2. Journal about one positive experience you've had today.
    Allows your brain to relive it, reinforcing the positive.
  3. Exercise for ten minutes.
    Teaches your brain that your actions really matter.
  4. Meditate for two minutes.
    Trains your brain to focus on the task at hand.
  5. Write a positive message to someone in your social support network.
    Trains your brain to notice & express appreciation for those around you.


Mari Perron I love that he notes the assumption he found in schools and businesses: “If I work harder, I will be successful. And if I'm more successful, then I will be happier.” It's a hard assumption to dislodge. Could help to have it pointed out that it's not TRUE. Insightful Bulletin, Christina. I appreciate "your" voice.

CoCreating Clarity Thanks! ... I guess we each discover that truth for ourselves ... in our own way ... in our own time! :) xo

CoCreating Clarity Thanks! ... I guess we each discover that truth for ourselves ... in our own way ... in our own time! :) xo


Ladder of Inference
       February 22, 2012

When things don't seem to be working for you, take a minute to notice and check your assumptions. You may be surprised at what you learn!



Challenge your Thinking
       February 11, 2012

“The world is wildly gyrating on every dimension — geopolitical, scientific, and commercial. Hence we must learn to live — fulltime — out of our comfort zones. We must rudely and bluntly challenge our own thinking and that of our colleagues — every day.” — Tom Peters



FedEx Day Challenge
       February 3, 2012

Try Daniel Pink's 'FedEx Day' strategy for Getting Unstuck. Set aside a day to work on any problem you want to, so long as it's not part of your regular job. The catch? You have to deliver something new overnight! Fun!



Being Present
       February 2, 2012

Being present in every moment of our lives — the hardest work we keep on doing ... now ... and now ... and now ...

“The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity answered “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he s so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die. And then does never really having lived.”


Getting Things Done
       February 1, 2012

Listen to David Allen (‘Getting Things Done’), who has shown millions how to transform a fast-paced, overwhelming, overcommitted life into one that is balanced, integrated, relaxed, and has more successful outcomes.

“The people who most truly represent BEING are highly active people”


Unstuck App
       January 29, 2012

Try this free iPad app to Get Unstuck

Have fun with it, and share how well it worked for you!


CoCreating Clarity Workshops
       January 29, 2012

Winter/Spring 2012 Workshop Schedule



Questions, Lies, And Economies of Truth
       January 28, 2012

Questions, Lies and 'Economies of Truth'



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