How CoCreating Clarity Works

CoCreating Clarity is centered in relationship and communication between people. Where there is an opportunity, the best results happen in relationship and collaboration. Where there is an obstacle, the root cause almost always lies in the absence, avoidance, or breakdown of communication.

This seems to be universally true whether in International Relations, Government, Businesses, Non-Profits, Communities, Centers of Faith, Schools, or in Families.

How we work:

  • you call and we talk briefly to clearly identify the challenge you/your team face(s)
  • you give some thought to your readiness to do this work
  • we schedule a two- to three-hour core session
  • you work with a set of custom-designed Pre-Consult Questions
  • we maintain a compassionate laser focus and good humor throughout the consult, working together in person or via Zoom
  • you leave with clear choices, new actions, and specific practices to move through your challenge
  • you work with a set of Post-Consult Questions to consolidate your learnings
  • you may if you choose schedule an additional one-hour follow-up session for closure

When you are on your own or feel alone, your circumstances might seem overwhelming and impossible to navigate. When we work together, sincerely joining our intention to find a way through this scenario, no matter how difficult it may seem, clarity always emerges. The most effective action shows up, and when it does, it is unmistakable and doable.

Wherever you are, whatever the challenge you're facing: Team Building, Parenting, Decision-Making, Conflict Resolution, Cross-Cultural Bridging, Changes, Transitions, New Beginnings, Start-Ups, or Project Design, Planning & Implementation — whenever you are stuck or simply need a turbo-boost — a CoCreating Clarity session gets you moving and back on track for the results you want.

Together, we free up your energy and creativity and put you back in charge.

"We become as clear pools flowing into each other."

Read more about the Systems Thinking and the pragmatic spiritual foundations of CoCreating Clarity captured in these words.

Complexity or Clarity?


"Your engaging style, your use of personal and professional experiences made me feel and believe that with the right focus the challenges are surmountable."
Reginald Mark-Hansen
Head HR Advisory Services
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Washington, D.C.