In this section you will find practical information for how you can begin to CoCreate Clarity for yourself, and with your colleagues at work, your family, and your friends. You will also find valuable reference information about many of the methodologies synthesized into CoCreating Clarity.

Indra’s Net (1 January 2019 to present)

Enjoy the most recent experiences, discoveries, and wonderings in my ongoing lifelong adventure of knowing and LIVING Oneness. Of living as the Divine Human BEing we read about, talk about a lot, and are beginning to feel deeply and emBODY. Of expressing in form, the LOVE and LIGHT that we each truly are — fractals of infinite Source.
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Enjoy the writings at Indra’s Net Inspired Insights.

Juicy Bits (2012 to 2019)

These are practical tips to get you energized and motivated to take ownership of whatever is happening in your life right now. Scan the list and you will find quick tips, practical questions to ask yourself, and many other tidbits that will challenge your thinking while making you smile. Check out Juicy Bits when you need a 30 second CoCreating Clarity 'fix' in your busy day.

Bulletins (2011 to 2012)

These are one-page CoCreating Clarity bulletins issued about once a month. They address current questions and topics in the news, related to variety of situations – business, education, government, family and relationships of all kinds. Read, enjoy, and share a Bulletin when you have 10 minutes to spare and are looking for real-life inspiration for your practice CoCreating Clarity.

Other News

News items from CoCreating Clarity workshops, presentations and other collaborative efforts. Browse Other News for examples of application and practice of CoCreating Clarity, and other information of interest.


Papers written by Christina Strutt in order to distill and capture the essential learnings from her experiences over the years. Explore, read a Paper and enjoy when you have 20 minutes or more to expand your understanding of what CoCreating Clarity is really all about.


These are some of the books that have had a strong influence on the development of the practices of CoCreating Clarity. They are well worth enjoying when you have time. Check out the list when you next need a good non-fiction Book to read.