Methodologies Synthesized into CoCreating Clarity

Note that not any single one of these methodologies, nor any particular selection of them are the focus of a CoCreating Clarity consult! Neither is any one of them more important than any other.

It is the lived synthesis of all of them — offered in simple language and laser-focused questions — that yield the bright new nuggets of information that are uniquely yours, along with the actions that follow.

Many do not need to explore such a list as this; some do, which is why it is here.

Listed here are the areas I have worked within — some disciplines studied, applied, and developed on-the-job; some methodologies discovered, adapted, and introduced (often as an early adopter and pioneer) into companies and communities to meet their various needs, and some currently being explored.

Click on highlighted topics below for some more detailed information, and also find papers and book references under Resources.

  1. Software Design and Engineering
  2. Software Product and Systems Testing
  3. Software Quality Assurance
  4. Software Product Development Processes
  5. Software Project Management Workshops
  6. Quality Workshops
  7. Total Quality Management ('The 14 Points', studied with Dr. W. Edwards Deming)
  8. Time-to-Market and Time-to-Decision analysis and improvements
  9. Safe Feedback and Dialogue
  10. Project and Program Review Process
  11. Systems Technical Leadership and Collaboration
  12. Requirements Dialogue/Assumptions Workshops and application
  13. Systems Engineering Process
  14. Structural Thinking ('The Path of Least Resistance' — Robert Fritz)
  15. Creating Shared Vision/Future Mapping Workshops
  16. Strategic Planning, Decision-Making and Funding Processes
  17. Product Management Process
  18. Diversity and Valuing Differences — Race, Gender etc.
  19. Systems Thinking (Donella Meadows, Peter Checkland)
  20. Servant Leadership (Robert Greenleaf)
  21. The Learning Organization ('The Fifth Discipline', worked with Peter Senge, MIT)
  22. Action Science ('Overcoming Organizational Defenses', worked with Chris Argyris, Harvard University)
  23. Human Dynamics Workshops and application ('Human Dynamics', working with Sandra Seagal)
  24. Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
  25. Convening Leadership Conferences (e.g. 'Systems Thinking in Action' at Bretton Woods and 'Leadership and Synchronicity' at Mohonk Mountain House.)
  26. 'The Spiritual Heart of Service' (The John E. Fetzer Institute )
  27. 'Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom' (co-author 'Centered On The Edge'; Fetzer Institute)
  28. A Course In Miracles
  29. A Course of Love
  30. Building Shared Vision in Community, Town Government, and Schools.
  31. Creating Peaceable Community (adults) and Teen Peace Initiative (teens)
  32. Peace Circles (Daily healing space hosted following 9/11)
  33. NonViolent Communication ('NVC' — Marshall Rosenberg)
  34. Prevention of Domestic Violence in Community
  35. Prevention of Bullying in Schools

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