Who Is CoCreating Clarity?

Christina Strutt is the principal Thinking Partner at the center of CoCreating Clarity

She brings clarity to individuals and groups through her openness, objectivity, and inclusiveness. She comes with no answers, but with a firm conviction that what is needed is already present. She does, however, bring the incisive nudge that empowers people, working collectively, to find their own best answers and to act on them. She is a careful listener, a natural systems-thinker seeing beyond surface issues, and a cheerfully direct question-asker with an uncanny ability to explore multiple diverse points of view to discover common ground.

Christina offers you a unique synthesis of fifty years of her endeavors surviving and thriving as engineer, manager, educator, innovator, catalyst, researcher, community-builder, cross-cultural bridger, peace-maker, daughter, sister, wife, mother, neighbor, and friend.

Christina's intention is to live always with deep integrity and alignment, consistently putting her principles into daily practice; seamlessly and effortlessly remaining the same person whether at work or at home. We will work hard to catch her saying anything she hasn't already lived and experienced — no jargon here; no textbook references; no academic answers — just life experiences: a life intentionally lived fully and open-heartedly every moment of every day.

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"Your presence of attention and listening, your natural wisdom and self, were amazing. You got me to return to moments or statements that needed clarification, go inside these and write down what I discovered."
New York City, NY

"You scare the hell out of me! I loved it!"
Organizational Learning Consultant
Groton, MA