What People Say About CoCreating Clarity

Working with Chris is like a breath of fresh air — clear and energizing. Chris's calm and pragmatic approach quickly gets to the heart of the matter. The dialogue she engages in is gentle yet expertly focused in on exactly what needs to happen in the moment. It is amazing to witness the wide range of experiences, knowledge, and resources that she pulls up in an instant to apply as needed.

Star S. Dargin, PCC, CPCC
Star Leadership LLC
Coaching, Training, Consulting

I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for many years. We worked at DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) in the early 80's. She has always been an inspiration to me. Just being in her presence is a gift!

Recently we chatted about personal family matters … just over tea and by complete coincidence. While driving home, I was inspired to behave differently with my adult children who are living at home. I realized that negativity was breeding negativity, and felt newly empowered to turn that around. Being more positive and clarifying expectations made a world of difference for me/our family. It was amazing! We are all so much happier for it.

Chris has a wealth of experience along with an open heart; she listens, offers a few suggestions and you feel inspired, energized and encouraged. Her insight is remarkable and comes so naturally to her.

I am excited that Chris has decided to share her talent with others. CoCreating Clarity is exactly what will happen, as you work with her. Whatever mire you have been stuck in will disappear, and the steps to follow will become very clear! She will assist, inspire you and give you the courage to change in a very positive way.

Ann Routos
Training Manager at a New Hampshire Law Firm

Working with CoCreating Clarity has helped me sort through all the noise that prevented me from executing the well-crafted plan I had put together to achieve my goals. Chris has a unique way of seeing right through to the heart of the matter, identifying the road-blocks, and helping you overcome them. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Antonio N.
Technology Solutions Consultant

Chris is the wisest person I know. Merely by listening to me alone or with others she is able to identify the actual issue and our points of view. She provides AHA moments by honing in on the real concern. With this clarified information, a new understanding of the issue evolves, and if resolution is needed it may seem obvious. I always appreciate her input.

Marjorie Barnett
RN Emergency Department

I had the pleasure of working with Chris for many years at Digital Equipment Corporation and Compaq. She was the driving force behind the introduction of Systems Thinking and Human Dynamics into the product groups at Digital. I found Human Dynamics, in particular, to be the most productive process I ever used to build understanding and cohesion in large workgroups. The success of the Human Dynamics workshops was due, in large part, to Chris's ability to approach problems with good humor and clear thinking. She brings an in-depth understanding of human interaction, communication, and teamwork. She couples this understanding with a no-nonsense, yet professional communication style that enables teams to achieve high performance.

A year ago when I had a high performance direct report who was struggling with career choices, I immediately thought of Chris. I contacted her to help my staff member understand his issues, choices and goals. I was thrilled to find that Chris has now expanded her scope to include working with individuals and small groups to break through the confusion, reach new clarity, and open up new possibilities that were not seen before.

I highly recommend Chris to help you, as an individual or with your workgroup, to find clarity, purpose and new options that you did not realize existed.

Don Harbert
General Manager, Software and Service Division
Intel Corporation

I worked with Chris for a number of years when we were both at Digital Equipment, and later on I hired her as a consultant when I ran engineering for RSA Security. I first met Chris when she was working on improving our program management process at Digital, and later on we worked together on Systems Thinking and Human Dynamics. Systems Thinking is all about thinking about situations systemically, and Human Dynamics is a framework that helps explain the strengths and weaknesses of interpersonal behavior.

Working with Chris was a tremendous experience. She is very perceptive and intelligent, and picks things up very quickly. She is very tenacious, and will continue to work an issue until she is satisfied that it has been clearly identified. She is really excellent at identifying organizational or personal undiscussables, and finding ways to make them discussable. As the head of an engineering group, I was primarily concerned with improving my group's effectiveness, starting with me. Chris was very effective at showing me, my direct reports, and the rest of the organization, how to more effectively identify and discuss issues. Since a significant part of engineering is finding and fixing mistakes in strategy, tactics, and execution, the ability to discuss problems effectively is an important skill.

I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to work through personal issues or group issues. A few hours with Chris is certain to add considerable clarity to the situation, whatever it is.

John Adams
Senior Technical Director

Much like many others who have had occasion to collaborate with Chris Strutt and to observe her interaction with individuals and groups, I can attest to her dedication and commitment with any effort she pursues. She is gifted at helping others to get to clarity, which always clears the path to positive and productive action. It has been Westford's good fortune that Chris applied her energy and singular expertise to our Peaceable Community and Teen Peace Initiative activities and most recently our ongoing work with the Westford Coalition for NonViolence.

Community Leader
Westford, MA

Over the many years that I have worked with Chris, I have noticed that she has an innate ability to solve complex interactions or issues by enlisting the people impacted by the problem, so that they come together and work collaboratively to find a solution.

Simple questions lead to answers that form a common understanding, which establishes a working relationship that permits creative approaches to exude from the group.

The beauty of all this is that the stakeholders know that they solved the problem themselves.

William "BJ" Johnson
Executive Director
Gould Farm
Monterey, MA

It is with great pleasure that I provide information about my professional experiences with a talented colleague, Christina Strutt. I was introduced to Christina while I was at Digital Equipment Corporation as a Manager of the Central Quality Group, Cluster Testing Group, and Systems Integration Testing.

Christina was the primary author, multi-function team leader and strategist for the software engineering process for the corporation. She developed the vision and strategy for the process, garnered support from divisional leaders and facilitated active involvement of multiple functions and divisions of the corporation to implement her vision and strategy.

Christina's ability to work across multi-functional teams, leveraging collective knowledge to enhance the development process was quite remarkable. Her inclusive, systems thinking approach along with her ability to gain buy-in and facilitate collaboration are her strengths. Christina was highly effective and successful in this role and was recognized as a leader and teacher by her colleagues and superiors, as evidenced by obtaining the prestigious position of Consulting Engineer.

I have no doubt that Christina will add great value to any endeavor where creative, fresh solutions are desired, based on a holistic, inclusive approach.

Stephen Robert Beason, Business Owner
Former Manager Digital Equipment Corporation, President Lamson Corporation, and Vice President IBM Corporation, Networking Division

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"Chris is really excellent at identifying organizational or personal undiscussables, and finding ways to make them discussable."
John Adams
Senior Technical Director

"The way you immediately hone in on the real underlying issue is like a laser beam"
Organizational Learning Consultant
Groton, MA

"It was an inspiring 60 minutes with you, giving me lots to think about as we continue our journey with Unstuck."
Nancy Hawley
VP of Content
Unstuck, SYPartners
New York City, NY