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💛 Appreciation II
       15th to 25th April 2020

Spring continues to take its own sweet time arriving this year. A few blossoms at a time. Cycles of one sunny day followed by a few of dense cloud cover, rain, snow, and close to freezing nights. Yesterday was sunny (65°F/18°C). Tonight there are high winds, driving rain, possibly sleet, with a high tomorrow of only 40°F/4°C. Sharing today photos of the beauty of all of it taken over the last ten days. With so much love to all 🌺

“..You have traveled your path and the end of the journey is in sight. You stand at the precipice with a view of the new world glittering with all the beauty of heaven set off at just a little distance in a golden light...” — A Course of Love, The Prelude, C:P.16

💛 Awareness of Union

“This awareness of union with God is what is now within you awaiting your expression. Awareness of union with God exists in everything. It is there in every tree and every flower, in every mountain stream and every blowing wind. It is there in each and every human being. It is now time to quit acting as if it is not. It is time to be a channel for the awareness that exists in every tree and every flower, in each mountain stream and in the blowing wind. It is time to be a channel for the awareness of union with God that exists in every living being.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day22.8

🌟 Click on one of the links below to see all 27 photos of the latest Spring flowers in my yard! 🌟

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💛 COVID-19
       Sunday 19th April 2020

The name-givers at the World Health Organization (WHO) selected ‘COVID-19’ to identify the disease caused by the Corona virus spreading the current pandemic. They derived it from the letters COrona VIrus Disease. And from the year it showed itself 2019. The word has come to be seen with fear and horror. What if there is another way to to interpret the letters and symbols? A way that soothes and offers hope? Inspiring us to turn our attention inward and towards each other? Rather than on endless news cycles of doom? Helping us see that Yes there is pain and suffering And there is also Joy!?

Today is Day 38 of ‘lock-down’ in Massachusetts. And the last two for me have been the darkest so far. Two precious neighbor-friends who contracted COVID-19 had taken a sharp turn for the worse. She just passed on. And her husband of 60 years is hanging on one breath at a time. God Bless them both💛🙏🏾💛 I've known them 39 years. So many memories. So much pain. So many tears. Raging at the suffering. And the senselessness of this disease. A late storm dumping heavy snow on all the flowers trying to bloom! Feeling everything that was arising. A ‘Dark and Stormy’ in hand (made with ingredients left on our doorstep by dear friends) temporarily lifting the pain. A spontaneous invitation from two more (one in MD and one in Australia) to join their Zoom call drawing me deeper into the meaning of it all. And this morning yet another friend in NM sending me this picture! None of these friends knowing anything about the funk I was in or why! Yet everything and everyone showing up at the precisely perfect moment I was ready to receive their gift! Gosling's dark rum included! This morning the sun is out and and despite a slight hangover headache😆 I am revived!🌸 So here goes ...

The word ‘CO’ is a Latin prefix meaning Together, Mutually, Jointly.

The word ‘VID’ is the Sanskrit root of Vidyā meaning ‘to Know’. It refers to the knowledge of the soul or spiritual knowledge. Valid knowledge which cannot be contradicted. And true knowledge which is the knowledge of the self intuitively gained. Vidyā is not mere intellectual knowledge. ‘VID’ is also related to the word ‘Veda’ — the most ancient scriptures, written in early Sanskrit in India between about 1500 and 1000 BCE. It is also a Latin root word meaning ‘to See’.

In numerology 19 is 1 + 9 = 10 And 10 is 1 + 0 = 1 That's it!

💛✨ Together We Know Oneness✨💛

With so much love to All for you are me🌺

“Call upon your relationship with me to aid you, as I call upon you to assist me in calling all of our brothers and sisters to their return to unity. We call to one another in gratitude. This is the attitude of the wholehearted, the place from which all calls are sounded and received, the place where the true thinking of those united in mind and heart arises. Gratitude is the recognition of the state of grace in which you exist here and remain forever beyond all time and the passing of all form. It is an attitude of praise and thankfulness that flows between us now. The light of heaven shines not down upon you but is given and received in equal exchange by all who in creation exist together in oneness eternal.” — A Course of Love, The Final Call, T2:13.5

💛 Relationship

“... Being is power. But being, like oneness, cannot know itself without relationship. You are one in being with your Father, with God, with the Creator and with all of creation. You are also, however, a being that exists in relationship. The extent of your ability to be in relationship is the extent of your ability to be god-like. God is the being and the relationship. You are capable of all the power of God's being but you are powerful only as God is powerful—in relationship Because God is in relationship with everything, God is All Powerful. Because you are in a state of limited relationship, you have limited power. This is the difference between God and man. This difference, however, can be diminished as you embrace holy relationship. As you embrace holy relationship you can become powerful as God is powerful.” — A Course of Love, D:Day32.1-2

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💛 The Trembling
       Wednesday 15th April 2020

Exactly five years ago on 15 April 2015 I wrote “I continue to feel some fear, some trembling. And am stepping into it. Ready as I'll ever be for NYC. We travel tomorrow. This is a good kind of fear. Not the imaginary, projected outwards kind of fear. But the valuable kind.”

“Like self-doubt, this fear is an indicator. This fear tells us what we have to do. The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” — Steven Pressfield, Historian and Author of ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’
"The trembling is our messenger. It's trying to get our attention. It's trying to wake us up and point us in the direction of our hearts' longing. ... Come stand in the trembling with me!” — Heather Plett, Coach and Holding Space facilitator

Stand in the trembling with me. Don't be impatient to ‘return to normal’. To the comfort of thinking you know what's next. Look for the humor in where we all are today. Notice the irony in how we actually thought we could plan and schedule and control each minute of our days. And laugh gently at yourself. Don't rush too quickly to soothe the fear. To deaden and diffuse all that is arising. Dive down instead. Deep into the anxiety. Into the darkness. Into the discomfort of not knowing what's next. Stand with both feet in the here and now. Knowingly surrender to the unknown. Say yes to who you know yourself to be. Embrace yourself as a child clutches, cuddles, cradles and possesses a favorite lovey. Honor this precious gift entrusted to you. Carry this Jewel💎 willingly into the world. Let the inner forces propel you outwards. Move with awareness of this choiceless choice. Attend with the devotion due this sacred gift. Allowing the mind to simply melt into the sweetness of your heart. Like warm butter melting into a tender maple-syrup-soaked pancake** Savor the luscious texture of your newfound wholehearted self. Listen for the sparkling sound of you. For the unique crystalline resonance of your own words. Feel the whispering logic of your own beating heart. And know that this priceless gift is YOU. Awaiting only your love to blossom. Your attention. Your fiercely compassionate unconditional support. Just as you are. Right here right now. Nothing to be added. Nothing to fix. Perfectly imperfect. In all your wild and sovereign splendor. The way may not be easy. It may well be rough painful and even traumatic. Yet there will be joy. Trust me! A boatload of joy! Freedom, power and the joy of simply BEing who you truly are. It is all we are called to do. And it is everything!
[**delicious metaphor cocreated by Hazel👧🏼 & Grandma👵🏾]

I've stood alone in the trembling many times past. And every time I've been able to find the courage, moving into the choiceless choice facing me, there's been joy awaiting ... eventually! Each time I didn't really want to do it. I knew I had to do it. And I did it. Not even knowing why I was doing it. You can skip the next paragraph if you like. It was mostly a cathartic exercise just for myself!

1970 leaving home in Singapore on scholarship to university England; 1980 leaving home in England as a corporate transfer needed in the USA; 1988 leaving home in Westford with an infant and a toddler for five months in Malaysia, to care for my father (dying from cancer); 1997 quitting my job at the peak of my high-tech career, to begin my undoing; 2001 Colin being laid off, dropping us into a year of zero income, to grow our trust in a benign universe of abundance; 2003 in total burn-out heeding a ‘Quit or Die’ directive, stopping all research, pro-bono, and volunteer work, to seriously embark on my undoing; 2005 as a bone-weary brand-new empty-nester taking Mum on a month-long trip Malaysia and Singapore, to face buried mother-daughter trauma; 2009 willingly receiving ACOL to continue my undoing; 2015 rousing myself out of soul-racking grief at the loss of my baby sister (also to cancer), to accompany Mari to the CMC conference in NYC; 2016/2017 navigating weeks of in-hospital 100-hour chemo infusions (for a rare lymphoma in my chest that was choking me), and the sudden death of my mother in the midst of it, to clear eons of stored grief; 2018 a solo return trip to Singapore and Malaysia to reclaim my roots and my child/teen/maiden self. Completing a crazy kind of 48-year full-circle spiral in my life. Catapulting me into ‘Indra's Net of Jewels’ which has been my joy and devotion since 1 January 2019. For every single moment of it all I am, and will always be, eternally grateful.

The difference this time is that we're all doing this together. Each of those past eleven times I was propelled into the unknown. Mostly alone. Out-of-synch with those closest to me and all around me. Totally unprepared. Barely able to discern and do the next right thing on my own. Yet part of me knew it was the only way through. And now from years of experience All of me knows it with certainty. Today we are standing in the trembling together. And with the fierce compassion of one who has been here before! I am feeling more in-synch with the world all around me. I can't hold your hand. But I am holding you in my heart. Tenderly. In the embrace. We are One Heart♥️Taking one step at a time. One Quantum moment at a time. Just Doing the Next Right Thing. As we step Into the Unknown. Alone Together. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf💖

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 All is well. Know that everything will be alright for everyone in the end. We will endure. I won't disappoint you. And you won't disappoint me. For we do this together or not at all. As we step up to claim and accompany ourselves, we naturally accompany each other. Our voices joining. Inviting and inclusive of all. We turn up the volume on a resounding New Earth symphony that's been waiting in silence far too long. From this and this alone will the New be birthed. With so much love to all🌺

“Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known. This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed.” — A Course of Love, D:Day 23.5

💛 Carrying

“Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and thus you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life-everlasting. You must be this... What you have been given is meant to accompany you, propel you, and be supported by you. You are not separate from what you have been given, and you do carry what you have received within you... Now the task before us is to come to understanding of the means by which you will carry what you have been given down from the mountain and onto level ground, the ground of the earth, the place where you are connected and interconnected to all that lives and breathes along with you... Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known. This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed.” — A Course of Love, D:Day 23.1-3, 5
“Who I Am to you, and who you are to me, is all that matters. Our relationship can only be thus in union and relationship with each other because we are in union and relationship with each other. We are not two beings who are separate but relating in union. We are each other's own being. We are one and we are many. We are the same and we are different In “own”-ership we are full of one another's own being. We are each other's own.” — A Course of Love, D:Day 38.13

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💛 Resilience
       Saturday 11th April 2020

Now is a really good time to workout. Indoors on our treadmills, ellipticals, bikes. Perhaps outdoors walking and running. Exercising our muscles. Neutralizing stress. Releasing endorphins. Building capacity, strength, stamina, and resilience. And I don't mean only in the muscles of our bodies. Equally worthy of our attention is the finely networked musculature of our hearts and minds joined as One with the physiology of our brain and gut. (Perhaps read what Scientific American has to say. Our all-around resilience is being seriously tested right now. And, says Julio Vincent Gambuto, the intensity of these tests is only going to dial up as the country/the world/the System decides it wants to ‘return to normal’. So let's workout now!

Unity consciousness begins at home. Right now. Right here within the sacred whole system Divine HUman BEing that is each one of us. That's how Unity is created out there in our families and communities. Inside-Out. Exercising our sovereign power in every choice we make. Immunizing ourselves to gaslighting from all sources and in all its forms. Trusting in our integrity. With love. Without fear. And now is a really good time to workout this way. All it takes is willingness to practice and moments of awareness. Here's my way. You'll find yours💎

--✿ I pause breathing deeply and deliberately
--✿ Noticing my body resting Here/Now
--✿ Melting mind into heart and dropping into my belly
--✿ Asking ‘What is needed now of me/for me/for all?’
--✿ Feeling Sensing Listening in and Trusting the data!
--✿ Then discerning choosing and acting if and as prompted
--✿ Rinsing and Repeating as often as I remember!

No comparisons. No judgments. No consistency required! Trusting the logic of heart and mind joined. What's right for me in this moment is organically right for the whole system. Flowing without thought and with ease. Following my nose (she Knows as no other nose can possibly know for me!) Sparking joy/throwing curveballs/making waves as prompted, within and all around me. Writing this post, calling a friend, reading to the grandgirls on FaceTime, making a donation, checking on an elderly neighbor, eating a bowl of popcorn or two or three, weeping as grief arises at the tragic gift of this time, going for a walk, reading a novel, calling out the dissonance (bs!) I'm feeling on a phone call, ordering MOM muffin delivery to the neighborhood, scheduling Zoom cocktail hour with colleagues, writing a thank you note to the mailman. Not one thing more important than another. Giving no thought to how another might evaluate me or respond. In other words simply being who I truly am in each moment! Inviting everyone into this new-found freedom I'm beginning to give myself. Join me in your own unique sparkling way and light up Indra's Net! The only Response is Love. The only Time is Now. And We are the Ones. 💎🕸💎 🕸💎

“Being aware of how you feel in the present moment is the only way to certainty... Distancing, or non-acceptance of your own feelings, is not living in the present and will create an attitude that will not be compassionate... you begin to be aware of your natural ability to respond truly because you have accepted your feelings in present time. This is a recognition that by being in the present you know your feelings are of the truth. This is certainty.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, Day8.16,19,21
“Pretty soon, as the country begins to figure out how we ”open back up” and move forward, very powerful forces will try to convince us all to get back to normal. This never happened. We were just on pause. Billions of dollars will be spent in advertising, messaging, and television and media content to make you feel comfortable again... From one citizen to another, I beg of you: take a deep breath, ignore the deafening noise, and think deeply about what you want to put back into your life. This is our chance to define a new version of normal, a rare and truly sacred (yes, sacred) opportunity to get rid of the bullshit and to only bring back what works for us, what makes our lives richer, what makes our kids happier, what makes us truly proud...” — Julio Vincent Gambuto (Ultimate Gaslighting)

And if this young man is calling it accurately we are soon going to be needing all the resilience strength and trust we can muster. Each in our own Knowing first and so in the power of our collective wisdom and action! CoCreating a New kinder gentler world together. Beginning right now. With much love to all🌺

[Thanks Liz Martin💖 for drawing my attention to Julio's blog!]
[Los Angeles, pollution-free. Photo credit: Gabriel Duarte]

💛 Truth or Illusion

”... you must forget the ways in which you have formerly reacted to every situation. Not one situation coming to you now will be a repeat of the past. How can it be when the past was lived in the house of illusion and the present is lived in the House of Truth? Being cognizant of this is the only way that the simultaneous learning and unlearning that was spoken of earlier will be able to be realized. You have passed through your time of unlearning what the past but seemed to teach you. Now, while life may seem much unchanged in its outward appearance, it is up to you to become aware of the total change that has, in truth, taken place.” — T3:10.7

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💛 Appreciation
       Monday 6th April 2020

Sharing some treasures all around that I'm noting and cherishing. The sun came out today! It's been a sparkling 61°F/16°C after far too many days of rainstorms and dense cloud cover. Appreciating the fresh colors. Taking in the beauty. Enjoying two Zoom ‘Happy Hours’ with friends. With another one tomorrow. Life is good. Enjoy! With so much love to all 🌺

“And now we begin to see with the eyes of our heart. We are no longer looking out but looking in. All landscapes and horizons form within the embrace. All beauty resides there. All light is fused and infused within the embrace. Within the embrace our sight clears and what we see is known rather than understood.” — A Course of Love, C:20.8

💛 Beauty

“You are no longer the object viewing the subjects of the kingdom. You are the heart of the kingdom. The kingdom's beauty revealed. The beloved child suckled at the breast of the queen mother earth, one child of one mother, nameless and beyond naming. No “I” resides here. You have given up the vision of your eyes and the “I” of your ego. You are loosed of bounds, no longer a thing of beauty, but beauty itself.” — A Course of Love, C:20.3

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