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💛 The Sharpest Part of the Turn
       Wednesday 30th August 2023

Dear Companions ✨🕸✨🕸✨

The September Cosmic Times seems to put into words pretty accurately much of how I’ve been experiencing these recent months of intense movement within and swirling all around. Doing my best to be present each moment to what is here now, receiving the experience as a gift that is of me, as me, for me … in the divine HUman ONEness that we know we truly are. Then responding with unconditional love, indiscriminately blessing each and all, remembering Soul, “The God part of you is your soul, and it grows every time you go against the grain of your ego’s programming and choose love, pure unadulterated unconditional love.” Perhaps you’re experiencing something like this too. Perhaps this issue of the Cosmic Times will resonate. Here’s an excerpt —

“As we know you know, your world is in a tremendous state of flux. All that has previously been hidden deep below is being (sometimes forcibly) brought to the surface for all to see and witness. All the underneath is being exposed, and as all that has been below rises, the lines demarcating above and below get blurred. All that you once “believed” is challenged. Nothing remains the way it has been, and Humankind finds itself having to let go of what has been “reality”, for a “new” way of seeing the world — that is not yet even present or formulated. In the betwixt-and-between of this somersaulting, you feel as though nothing is certain, nothing is clear, and there is nothing to count on. … Indeed, many of you find yourselves with little or no motivation, feeling tired and fatigued, lost and lacking clear purpose. It is almost as though a vague depression has taken over much of Humankind, leaving you listless and without direction. It is not that your lists don't have lists — but no matter how much there is to do, you have small desire to do any of it! Why? You recall that when you are driving your car, and you need to make a turn, you slow down, by taking your foot off the accelerator. The sharper and longer the turn, the more you slow down, only picking up speed again when you are through the turn. This time of flux, this huge transition, is Humankind's big turn. As you go into the sharpest part of the turn, everything is slowed way down. There is no extra powering, the vehicle just coasts on its own momentum. This giant turn is the move for you from DOing to BEing. In this period, DOing is being prevented, so that BEing becomes the only available option. All DOing systems are being depressed — to enable this intense and immense change in direction. ..."

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💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel🧡Receive💜Trust YourSelf💖Act

In Freedom, Power, and Joy!
With blessings and with love to each and all 🌺

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

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