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💛🌏 Into the Heart of the Soul
       A Journey Into The Unknown Newsletter #36
       Saturday 18th December 2021

Dear Ones 💎🕸💎🕸💎

We are in the midst of a ten-day window showering us with the gift of super-charged Cosmic Solar Christed energies. This powerful influx began with the opening of the 12/12 portal last Sunday and continues through the Winter Solstice on 21st Dec at 10:59 EST. Some say the earth and the sun are aligning with the galactic center. Others say our entire galaxy is in a movement across the universe, through a narrow passageway never before navigated. All I know is, it is a time adamantly calling me to attend to the movement within Perhaps you hear it too?

It is a lovingly insistent call to notice and dissolve the teeniest, subtlest remnants of resistance to BEing the Presence of Love that we know we are. It feels like a fine detailing and polishing of inner planes I thought I’d already scrubbed out squeaky clean! And it’s happening with the greatest of ease, at lightning speed, requiring only our attention, willingness, and the gentlest nod of love from our open hearts. Each release is settling me deeper within the very core of my true self, where I endeavor to rest in faith, centered on the edge of the unknown, with Soul in the driver’s seat.

“This going back is the journey without distance. You need not go in search of it, and in truth, cannot, for the past does not abide in you. What you need rather do is strive for a place of stillness from which what needs review can arise as if it were a reflection arising from a deep pool. Here what is in need of healing will but briefly come to the surface and leave the hidden depths where light could not reach it and healing could not come. What comes forth for healing needs but a nod of love from your heart, a passing glance of compassion, the merest moment of reflection, before it will dissipate and show a new reflection.”
A Course of Love, C:19.21
“The force of the incoming energies is pushing you through the eye of the storm and into the heart of your soul. Drop your attachments, your expectations, and any ideas of how life should be. Release any resistance and allow yourself to surrender into this time and just be with what is happening. When you do you will find yourself falling into a space of peace and joy that will exceed all of your wildest imaginings.”
Kate Spreckley

Some news on A Journey Into the Unknown —

1. Book Sixteen: Proverbs for the New Age offered in eleven weekly installments, 2nd October to 11th December 2021, is now complete! Enjoy all 300 proverbs in 112 uniquely diverse voices/chapters.

2. Book Fifteen: Secrets of the Unknown, Installment Five is up on the website today. And you’ll be pleased to know that the final Journey Secrets Installment Six, will be available next Saturday 25th December — a little Christmas gift concluding the forty chapters of this heart-expanding and mind-bending “true creation story, as never told before … broken down into easily digestible pieces” which “supplements science”. We have had five extremely lively Zoom conversations exploring this material, each one filled with life, love, and laughter. Enjoy all replays on the CoCreating Clarity YouTube Channel. And register to join the remaining two zooms in this Living, Loving & Laughing, Series Two.

3. Book Eleven S: A Shock to the System is now complete, thanks to Rick’s continued devotion. Part One of Journey Shock arrived 14th to 22nd July 2021, embedded as Supplemental Reading within Book Eleven: Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 14 to 24. Now, Parts Two and Three of Journey Shock have arrived as promised back in July — “expect these later this year”. Enjoy all three parts of Journey Shock, each part taking us on a deeper helical spiral into practical experience of the Ten Powers of BEing Christ.

4. Note that Discover A Journey Into the Unknown continues to offer the powerful ability to search for any word or phrase that you need, and also any book or chapter that you want, across all eighteen books currently offered in the Journey Series.

So enjoy! Check out the Clickable Journey Hub Chart. Follow Journey on Instagram @CoCreatingClarity where I post pretty much daily, be sure to sign up on the website for the intermittent Journey Newsletter which tells of anything new, and join in the exchanges on the CoCreating Clarity Facebook page.

Perhaps this is a good time to pause and celebrate how far we’ve each come on our individual and collective journey into union and relationship — living as the Elevated Self of Form. Alone together, we are birthing the shimmering New Earth of harmony, peace, and infinite freedom in expression of Love in form.

💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in 💚Feel💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

With blessings and with so much love to each 🌺

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

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💛 12/12 Portal
       Sunday 12th December 2021

The ✨12/12✨ portal viewed from my back yard this morning — a massive flowing gift of New Earth energy shimmering, buzzing, and grounding through every open willing and available heart-mind-body-soul on the planet! With blessings and infinite love to each and all 🌺

PS: 1:20pm: waiting outside for Colin's Band Christmas Concert, energy sharing 12/12 sun through our 8 year old grandgirl to the tree, whose name is Flow — a ‘gender-fluid tree’ she just told me as she continues hugging them — over 20 minutes now despite the barely over freezing temperature and cold wind!

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