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🦅 White Hawks
       Living Paradox, Dialogue, and Creation of the New
       Tuesday 16 February 2021

[Note to reader: This piece was shared in the summer/fall of 2016 within the private Facebook Group ‘A Course of Love Companion Group’. It was written with the singular purpose of allaying worries and fears that so often arise at a diagnosis of cancer in a loved one. For I had no desire to propagate thought-forms of any kind but of compassion, gratitude, humor, and love. The piece turned out to be so much more — a sacred gift in the writing of it for myself, as well as a gift to others. Until now, it has felt too tender to share publicly. Though I have shared this writing over the years, with many I encountered who requested it. All I asked for in return was a few words in response, simply to let me know their heart had received mine. A few responded. Most did not, leaving me with no clue as to how it landed within them. That used to bother me. It no longer does. I now know with unshakeable certainty that it is my business to share, and none of my business whether or how my wholehearted sharing is received. So today I include ‘White Hawks’ here on my website as another super-significant puzzle piece in my Journey to Wholeness. It is a real and raw chronicle of the months August to October 2016 — the beginning of an unexpected and extraordinary journey that has brought me with overflowing gratitude and joy to this moment, right here and now Trusting that those who happen upon it here are meant to receive it. May it inform and inspire you. With so much love 🌺 ]

“This is the story of the four weeks, beginning Thursday 11th August, when I got my Health Insurance back and stepped onto the conveyor-belt-like process of the U.S. medical system — through to Thursday 8th September, a week after I got my diagnosis. I wrote the story that day for the ‘A Course of Love’ FaceBook Dialogue Group that I've been nurturing along since it was launched in March of last year, and which is now a group of over 600 people worldwide. All of us simply doing our best to live loving, compassionate, wholehearted lives — the very example lives that Jesus first called us all to live over 2000 years ago. And to be this love and light in a very challenging world where so many are suffering and living in fear, having lost sight of their essential Oneness with all of everything... In practice this simply means is re-membering, waking up again to our connectedness, to our interdependence, to the truth that not one of us can truly ‘win’ at the expense of any other, and that we return to love and wholeness together or not at all — no judgment, no thing, and no one left out For there is no ‘outside’ in Wholeness, in Allness, in Oneness. I know of no other way to live. And I know you feel this too no matter how different our paths might look from the outside. Love is Love. Love is who we are...”

Enjoy the full text of ‘White Hawks





🌺 Miriam of Magdala and Me
       Saturday 13th February 2021

[Note to reader: This piece was shared a few days ago within the safety of the private Facebook Group ‘Mary Magdalene's Great Passage’. Then it felt too tender to share publicly. Yet today I include it on my website as another puzzle piece in my Journey to Wholeness. Trusting those who happen upon it here are meant to receive it. May it inform and inspire you. with so much love 🌺 ]

Dear Ones, I was drawn into this group as it was birthing last November, participating in the Great Passage, and appreciating the energy present here. And today I add my thread to the tapestry of voices sharing here.

With gratitude to Petra and Anna and to each and every one ... Today I am feeling so much grief. Yet again! Soulfelt, heartfelt, raw, excruciatingly painful, surprising me even now! Will these minutes, hours, untethered tear-filled days ever end? The joy is always found as I sink ever more deeply into this moment, in shimmering body buzzing presence. I know no other way through this time. It is my favorite happy-place. Yet even in this place there is a certain griefjoy, a necessary sweet melancholy that is not unpleasant, and needs no explanation. I have always adored Mary Magdalene. I never believed the biblical images of her. I knew there was more, and in my own mind I've made of her my superheroic icon of badassery! She is me and I am her, and I've always felt her so close! Especially in times of great darkness, of which there have been so many in my life. And I call on her for the tender strength and fierce compassion it takes to walk into the unknown, to walk out into the chaotic 2021 world as it is, participating fully! Saying the thing no one wants to say. And doing the thing no one wants to do. And looking clear eyed deep into the tragedy and horror and chaos of the world when it presents in front of me. Unafraid of the traumas of my brothers and sisters, even when all I can do is hold their hand and listen. Feeling everything and witnessing unflinchingly is what I do. Silently weaving all of it into the rainbow fabric of life on earth.

And very often .. too often? The needed action arises within and I act on that too! My personal blessing/curse, and I have no doubt Miriam of Magdala had this too, is that along with my sharp tongue and strong, resilient body, I also have a sharp mind. I have the outwardly visible education, intellect and ‘sophistication’ of a ‘successful’ thirty-year engineering career. And because this is so easily seen, the steely-soft ‘unseen’ underbelly of my deeply felt tenderness, sensitivities and feminine knowings have most often been discounted. Sometimes I feel like a massive iceberg, 90% unseen, hidden below the ocean surface. And for too many decades I have not had the awareness nor the clarity to articulate my truth. I simply have not had the language to describe (womansplain!) the silent inky depths of rich primordial ooze from which my ‘doing’ was birthed. And as I grew more and more adept at translating my feminine knowing into masculine language in order to be heard and ‘taken seriously’ it only compounded the pain. And so instead, throughout my life, horribly destructive assumptions have been made that because I have the one (the intellect/doing), I could not possibly have the other (the wholehearted being). That I do not feel the pain, the grief, the endless tears which continue to arise.

The tears today are no longer from bitterness, though that has been present in the past, but from the exquisitely deep sorrow of now knowing that it need not be so. And that it need not have been so. Yet it was, and therefore in the way of all things, that was necessarily so. And I am beyond grateful for all of it, for it has brought me to this new moment here and now. Standing tall and strong in the unshakeable certainty that it IS possible to live and express in the world seamlessly as the divinity of BOTH the feminine and the masculine. Wholeheartedly — heart and mind and body and Soul as One melodic flowing canticle of Love. And that this is the fullness and wholeness of the embrace we are all being called to at this pivotal moment on the planet. We are called both together and each one in our own unique way. Leaning deeply into the strength of each other's soul tears as we ourselves are transfiguring into crystalline Sophia-Christ Beings. And especially as we then walk out into this transmogrifying yet still so often cruel world of ours, in the Way of the Marys. Dwelling BOTH in our sacred BEIng AND in our sacred DOing. Neither one better, nor more important, nor more needed than the other. Seamlessly flowing in divine Union and Relationship with All of Creation. All of us alone together, unique sparkling Jewels in Indra's Infinite Net, precious beyond measure. Each one coming alight as an imaginal cell within the chrysalis, holding a fragment of the blueprint of the butterfly — a kinder, gentler, more equitable world of joy. We are turning on our transmitters, beaming our radiant signal far and wide, finding each other, coming together. Cocreating New Earth with every thought, word, and act of Love. With infinite gratitude for all gathering here and receiving my heart ... with many blessings and so much love to each and all 🌺

Here's the post on Facebook

🌺 Resilience
Thursday 25th February 2021

Reading Shahida Arabi's powerful words this morning, posted by Erika Shanti Petrussa on 25 Feb, these words arose within overflowing onto this page with so much gratitude ...

I am a survivor and thriver of complex trauma. Beginning in childhood and continuing for decades with family members, all narcissistic, and with so many others in every arena of my work and life. Me drawn to them and them to me, in that brutally beautiful way life is perfectly designed, as I have come to understand. There! I've said it, written it, in words on a page, for the first time ever! I can because it is over. It is done. The real-ization of this has been dawning these last two years. Today my heart-soul is daring to leap with freedom and joy in this truth. And my body-belly-womb quickens in ready receptiveness for the New. For the arising Divinity in Union of feminine enfolding masculine. As within so without. As above so below. Acknowledging all of my past in the present. Always held respectfully, lightly, tenderly in fiercest compassion. Nothing and no one left out for there is no ‘outside’ in Oneness. Yes, I was marinated in criticism and subservience, trained under gaslight, trapped in falsehoods, and shattered by betrayals over and over again. Yet always empowered in my inner knowing, cradled in steely silence within the vast iceberg of my presence. I am resilience itself. I re-pair and re-member, sprinkling my jagged edges with tiny diamonds bathed in molten gold. Seamlessly weaving the teeming richness of my experiences into the shimmering fabric of this one present life. Brimming with infinite presence, power and possibilities in the void of this sacred Quantum Now. My name is Christina Indraranee. My ‘wounds’ are my stars. I sparkle for myself and for mySelf alone. For I AM Indra's Net of Jewels 🕸💎🕸💎🕸 And I am grateful beyond imagination to all, seen and unseen, including Mary Magdalene in all our glorious badassery!😃 With so much love🌺



💛 Plasma
       New Moon in Aquarius
       Thursday 11th February, 2:07pm EST

What if Aquarius ♒️ is not a water carrier but a plasma carrier? What if he's bathing the earth in plasma? And what if we are not solid bodies? What if we are fiery, shimmering, undulating blobs of plasma? Neither solid, nor liquid, nor gas, but a fourth state — a fiery union of all three that is infinitely greater than the simple sum of the parts!? Pure pulsating energy. Just like the sun and the stars? Pure energy teeming with potential? Formless yet incessantly forming. Never ever the same one quantum moment to the next. Held together in body shapes by our own internal magnetic force — the Heart Center? Through our own loving (and not so loving) awareness, attention, and choices?

Enjoy Sajit's explorations of the meaning of this powerful day 2/11/2021.

They tell us we are solid form in 3D subject to the laws of Newtonian science Governed by gravity and electromagnetism. And Einstein came along linking space and time. Yet Quantum science tells us a whole different story when we look inside the atom. That it is the observer who decides when light becomes solid particle. And they're still searching for a grand Unifying Theory of Everything! For an excellent primer watch the PBS Nova series ‘The Elegant Universe

Now is a good time to play with the possibility that they'll never find the answers in separation, with the masculine mind of science alone. Perhaps they can only be found as a whole through the seamless union of the feminine heart. Through each and every one of us. Through the darkness and the void of not knowing. Attending closely tenderly to the blood, sweat, and tears of our body's experiences in this moment. As we birth our new world. Overflowing, sharing, infusing everyone and everything with the unstoppable radiance of our BEing.

And today is an especially good day to sink within, in a warm seasalt bath perhaps. Letting go of all we think we know. And allowing new knowing to arise. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💙Accept Your Feelings 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💛

Wishing everyone a very good Year of the Metal Ox — the Xin Chou year — Xin being the heavenly part or the element metal, and Chou the earthly part. With so much love to all 🌺

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