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💛 Begin Today
       (Equinox and Full Moon, 20/21 March)
       21st March 2019

Yesterday was both Spring Equinox (around 6pm) and Full Super Moon in Libra just 4 hours later. This has happened only six times in the last 200 years. The next time will be in 2030. A rare and powerful event! I felt it. Did you? An overwhelming sense of inspiration and infinite possibility along with an extraordinary exhaustion from all the struggle and effort that has gone before.

And yet all of it has been purposeful. For here we are, poised on this pivotal edge. What will we choose? Shall we fall back into the struggle? Or shall walk forward into the embrace of the new? With a knowing surrender to the unknown.

Take Heart❤️ You are not alone. Precious Jewel💎 in the Net, we are all in this together. Just as your unique sparkle is essential to the integrity and movement of the Whole ... the Net. So too, the integrity of the Net accompanies you, supports you, and cheers you on as you fearlessly step out into the unknown. Trust me!🤓 Now is the time to harness the power of this Equinox/Full Moon to inspire new intentions and energize new beginnings. It is a time of perfect harmony between the Moon and the Sun, the feminine and the masculine, the receiving and the doing. Make the most of it!

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡

“Ask those questions that glow steadily in your heart. Why am I here? How do I truly love? What is yearning to be born? How do I serve now? How do I love my world now? Then, gather your allies and resources. Make a plan. Put it into motion. Begin today.” — Hiro Boga

💛 Knowing Surrender to the Unknown

“... We are coming metaphorically and literally out of the clouds, out of the illusion, surrendering the mist that was all that separated one world from another. The clouds of illusion, even those that have gently surrounded our time together on the mountain top must now be surrendered, much as a woman surrenders her body to the growth of a child within. This is a willing but not an active surrender. It is a surrender to the forces that move inside of you. It is a knowing surrender to the unknown. It is a willingness to carry the unknown into the known and the known to the unknown. Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known. This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed.” — D:Day23.3-5


💛 Live as One
       15th March 2019

Last night I watched ‘John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky’. A documentary on the making of John Lennon's ‘Imagine’. The album was released in the fall of 1971 and went to #1 in the UK, the US, and around the world. In 2017, Imagine was declared song of the century by the National Music Publishers Association.

I was living in the UK when Imagine was released. A junior studying Computer Science at the University of Essex. Nine years later I sat in our Waltham, MA apartment watching with horror, the news of John's murder. Along with thousands of others, struggling to make sense of it. My heart breaking, wondering if the world had gone mad! And having moved to the US just four months earlier, wondering if we too had gone mad! Countless times since then my heart has broken open wider and wider. In response to one tragic incident of violence and destruction after another. And I am grateful. They say that 9/11 cracked open the Whole Heart of humanity — the place of compassionate mind and wise heart joined — of people in the US and all across the world. And today my heart breaks open even wider for New Zealand, for Muslims everywhere, and for the world.

What is your response?
How much more shall we allow?

“To imagine something is not a passive experience. If you want the kind of world that's expressed in that song, you have to do something about it. It was a demonstrable call to action. A lot of people have said ‘Well, you know it's all a bit too dreamy!’ Yes, but we all actually really want what he's singing about. We all want that and I think that's why even today the song is still so important. Because the sad thing is the world is still in a bad way. Why is it impossible to move forward in these dreams and make them reality? He's not shoving it down people's throats. It's not religious. It's not political. It's just humanity and life.” — Julian Lennon

I'm with Julian .. and John. So call me crazy! I just know it's not impossible! We simply have to want it, imagine it, desire it, choose it, act on it, and live it. Right here where we are. Right now. With the ones we're with. Firmly, lovingly, consistently, fiercely, faithfully, compassionately! Each moment noticing the ever-present impulse to label, compare, separate, defend, attack. Walking on past judging neither our own precious selves nor each equally precious ‘other’. Instead fearlessly, over and over again, choosing for love and joining. Each one of us a unique and integral Jewel💎 in the Net. CoCreating this new world together as if our lives depended upon it. Because it does. Yours and mine and everyone's whether we're aware of it or not! Trust me! 🤓

“Imagine there's no heaven
  It's easy if you try
  No hell below us
  Above us only sky
  Imagine all the people
  Living for today... Aha-ah...
  You may say I'm a dreamer
  But I'm not the only one
  I hope someday you'll join us
  And the world will live as one”

💛 The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones 💛

CoCreate Indra's Net Gatherings:
Read Coming to Voice: The Whole Heart Chakra:
Watch the UK Channel 4 television documentary (Nov 2018):
Full documentary:

💛 Heartbreak

In quiet today, my heart breaking💔 with sorrow, I found myself compelled to write. I share the words from ACOL that I hang onto today. Words that give me strength and hope through my tears. And also below, my post from CoCreating Clarity. With my love to all ✨💜✨

“You who have been unable to separate mind from body, brain from head, and intelligence from knowledge, take heart. We give up trying. We simply learn in a new way and in our learning realize that our light shines from within our heart, our altar to the Lord. Here the Christ in us abides and here we concentrate our energies and our learning, soon to learn that what we would know cannot be computed in the databanks of an over-worked and over-trusted brain, a mind we cannot separate from where we believe it to be. Our hearts, in contrast, go out to the world, to the suffering, to the weak of body and of mind. Our hearts are not so easily contained within the casing of our flesh and bone. Our hearts take wing with joy and break with sadness. Not so the brain that keeps on registering it all, a silent observer, soon to tell you that the feelings of your heart were foolishness indeed. It is to our hearts that we appeal for guidance, for there resides the one who truly guides.” — C:3.16-17





💛 Indra's Net: A Moveable Feast
       9th March 2019

Indra's Net of Jewels has gathered weekly on Tuesdays at Muffins on Main — 1st January to 5th March 2019 — for ten amazing afternoons of deep sharing, discovery, and laughter. I am forever grateful to the courageous hearts who answered the call to gather with curiosity, willingness, and playfulness. And for the myriad diverse insights that landed each week for everyone — you have only to glance at Indra's Net Key Words to see what I mean! And I am especially grateful for the discovery that my own Freedom, Power, Inspiration, and greatest Joy, lies in receiving and responding to open-hearted curiosity, deep questions, and enthusiastic invitations to share my lived experience. I rest and revel in this revelation💖. Thank you to all!

Feeling just as energized and excited as when we began, and throughout these ten incredible weeks, ‘Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World’ continues. Like bountiful, moveable feasts 🥘🍱🍲🥗 Indra's Net gatherings are morphing in shape and form, yet always delicious and always welcoming! Turning conventional wisdom on its ear, sharing and practicing the inside-out upside-down way of Quantum observation, relationship, and choice! Responding to the ever-present powerful impulse, movement, and expression of Love in each Now Moment. Gathering with willingness, curiosity, and playfulness, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, online or in person, with whomever is inspired to sound and respond to the call.

You'll know who you are!♥️
Explore Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World at
Contact me💜 and let the wild rumpus continue! 💛🤓👹💛

💛 Gather In Ever-Wider Configurations

“Creation is an unending act of giving and receiving as one. So too is dialogue. This is a time of great intimacy. ... It is a time of realizing that “I” am speaking to “you” directly in every moment of every day, in all that you encounter, in all that you feel. It is a time of true revelation in which you are revealed to your Self. This is what dialogue, particularly the dialogue that is an exchange between ‘two or more gathered together’ reveals. It reveals Who You Are. ... For each, being Who You Are will be an expression of unity and oneness that only you are able to express. As each expresses who they are being in unity and relationship, creation of the new will proceed and wholeness and healing renew the world in which you live. ... Gather still with those with whom you learned and grew and became new, but gather in ever-wider configurations. This dialogue is going on all around you. I am with you and will never leave you comfortless. Call on me, for I am here. Talk to me, and I will hear you. Listen, and I will respond. I am in each voice that responds to you and your voice is mine as you respond to others.” — A:37,39-41,44,47





💛 Joy
       Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th March (Part 2)
       7th March 2019

In the warmth of Muffins on Main, an expansive sense of freedom, infinite potential, power, and joy was palpable ... laced throughout with gratitude!

💜Accept Myself 💚Accept the Present 💛Freedom ❤️Power 🧡Joy 💚

Still shimmering the next day, I innocently said to a bunch of long-time friends “We're really too old to be doing anything that doesn't bring us joy. Don't you agree?” Well! I was quite unprepared for their reaction. They looked at me like I had three heads! And the gist of the brief exchange that followed essentially concluded that I was at best misguided, and at worst completely naive with my head stuck up my a§§!😂

I'm curious🤔 What do you think? How do you feel about that?

As human beings in this culture we're conditioned to strive, struggle, and compete for everything — often powering through surviving rather than thriving. You get what you work for, right? You have to earn it. And you earn what you deserve! I understand. I get it. Yet isn't it odd-funny that it's not how the rest of nature is? How all else in nature unfolds organically, effortlessly, beautifully, moment by moment, in perfect harmony with its surrounds — self organizing patterns, fractals of all that is, rising from and falling back into the quantum field of possibility. When we don't interfere that is, and ultimately, even if we do. I haven't got a lot to say about this because it's all about practice and experience. I've tried writing, but in the end words convey only the tiniest taste of it. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Nevertheless, my experience tells me that the theme of this powerful time is full Disclosure, which leads to Freedom, which brings us to our Power! When we have nothing to hide from each other, we will be telepathic — One Mind, One Heart. The ten Indra's Net Gatherings we've shared demonstrate and affirm it IS possible to embody the energy of Love, Going Quantum in this 3D world. Joining heart-to-heart as Jewels in the Net, breathing ourselves back to center, to our One Heart♥️, feeling the freedom, power, and joy of our response-ability. Knowing with certainty in each NOW moment that what's next is up to each of us, cocreating individually and collectively.

Totally thrilling and terrifying — shivery scary — in equal measure! I guess that explains the scathing reaction I got from my friends!🙃 It takes a lot of courage to live every quantum moment in JOY as a Jewel in the Net (even when I'm cleaning toilets🚽🚽🚽) with no one and nothing else to blame, simply because there is no one and no thing outside of me, for there is no out side in the Net of Oneness. As I wrote on 19th Feb “Joy is a limitless, timeless, state of being orthogonal to transient feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, worry etc. Joy is the depths of an ocean of well-being — strong, steady, independent of external surface events, always available, embracing and carrying us through the ups and downs everyday life.”

Hah! This is definitely getting too heavy for my buddy Lyle.🤪 So I'll conclude with some light relief! I love how Marie Kondo's ‘Spark Joy’ — first published in 2012 — has re-emerged last year as a huge Netflix hit! So much so that thrift stores are overwhelmed and complaining! Her message can totally be applied to anything in life. And besides, she's sooo cute! Enjoy how she demonstrates listening to your body tell you when something sparks joy (keep it!) or not (discard it!). Keeps Colin on his toes every time I go to hug him!🤓💖

Marie Kondo explains ‘Spark Joy’ —

💛 Joy is Love endlessly expressing Love in form

“When you meet what you would have before seen as difficulties, as you encounter a world where love still does not seem to reign, when you meet that which would oppose love, remember that you are now the bridge between this creative tension of opposites becoming one. Remember that this is creation in the making. Remember that you are a creator. Never forget that in being who I Am being, you extend only love. This one note, this tone, this canticle of joy, this celebratory alleluia, is all you need return to, all you need keep in hand should doubt arise. This one note is so full of love, so powerful, that it will be dear to you forever more. You will remember, just briefly, as you re-read it, in your quickly passing times of doubt, how different you are. You will recall with poignancy who you once were, but you will not turn back. You will know that all turning back would be but a retracing of the circular route you have traveled from yourself to yourself. What will there be to strive for? What quest will replace this quest for being? The quest for love's expression—the quest to see, experience, and share, as many of love's expressions as the world needs to be returned, along with you, to its own Self. Does this seem like a long and harrowing road? An endless quest? An endless quest for love's expression is eternity itself. Be happy that there is no end in sight to this road you travel now. It is simply the road of what is endlessly creating like unto itself. You now know how to respond to love, for you are love, being. So be it.” — E.24-30


💛 Disclosure
       Indra's Net: Tuesday 5th March (Part 1)
       7th March 2019

A frosty afternoon outside, yet sunny and warm inside Muffins on Main, complete with cranberry orange muffins. And the theme of full disclosure popping up yet again. Disclosure of stuff that's always been there — hidden, covered up, disguised, avoided, tip-toed around — the elephant in the room! Disclosure is happening out there big time for sure. But here's the question for us as Jewels in the Net — Is it happening in here? Am I doing my essential part in this global movement towards Wholeness? Are you?

Everywhere I turn I see outdated structures and facades being exposed and dismantled, and many more struggling against all odds to come to light to be faced. Senator McSally's US Air Force trauma, special prosecutor Mueller's investigation, R. Kelly's decades-old ‘public secret’, Smollet's staged ‘hate-crime’ — to name just a few. How tempting it can be to distract ourselves gossiping and rubbernecking at ‘them’ as these juicy stories unfold. But what about our own facades? The masks we wear? You and me?

Here's one ‘out there’ that's got my attention. I just discovered that for over a year Amazon has been charging my family members' credit cards for Prime membership despite them being included under my payment. In other words Amazon was secretly double dipping, without notifying anyone of any change and certainly without permission. Isn't that fraud? Wow! Did that ever get me going! They should be ashamed of themselves!😡 Wait ... what? Why am I so angry with ‘them’?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Turning inward, everything I wrote about myself last week (💛 Freedom) is true. But it wasn't the whole truth. Here's my juicy secret. Never mind Amazon's! My deepest wish, desire and joy in my work is to be asked questions, to be seen as someone having something worth listening to, to be enjoyed, to be wanted, and to simply be showered☔️ with invitations to share my experience. And I've been ashamed of it🥴 ... until now. Disclosure signals the end of hiding. Disclosure is about sharing all of who we truly are right here and now. And now I have — first with myself, then with the sweet hearts gathered in Indra's Net, and now with you.

Yes, I could blame it on the infinitely looping tapes in my head from 18 years marinating in dysfunction, anger, and abuse; reinforced by 30 years in masculine dominated high-tech environments. “You're too big for your boots. What's wrong with you? Tone it down. Make yourself small and invisible. Get the job done and don't look for, let alone expect, recognition or reward. You intimidate people! We can't promote you before your husband! Who the hell do you think you are?” But my heart now knows better. I'm at long last falling in love with myself as I am right now. I am enough. I am more than enough! The shame is dissipating. I am SEEING myself, accepting myself as I am in this quantum moment, feeling an immense freedom, buoyancy, and joy! And I am grateful💖

The only truly important disclosure is our own. First to ourselves. And then perhaps to others. Are you willing to pause and dig deep for what you're pretending isn't there? To feel the feelings you're avoiding, or misdirecting into resentment, anger which you then misplace on others? To acknowledge the needs, the fears, the desires you're denying? Are we ready to re-member and welcome home all the parts we were taught to be ashamed of? And are we willing to invite and allow Wholeness — the Net — to shower us with Abundance?

We might think that non-disclosure protects us from shame. Perhaps so. Yet it also keeps us shackled. We might think no one sees the truth, but our hearts, forever connected as Jewels in the Net, feel it deeply. We live in a fog, wading through a nameless, featureless, murky swamp, overcoming one obstacle only to encounter another and another. Yet intuitively we KNOW that disclosure of the truth to our own precious selves is all it takes to reclaim our Freedom, our Power, and our right to live in Joy! Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Trust me🤓

💛 Wants, Desires, and Abundance

“Let me set your mind at ease ... I do not ask you to give up what you desire, but to expect and accept a response to what you desire. ... know that desire must first be met before you can be taken beyond it. The condition of want, like all conditions of learning, ended with the end of learning. The condition of want was a learning device — not one of divine design, but one of the thought system of the ego. It was a trick ... that provided the small rewards of time-bound evolution, the small rewards that would keep you assured of progress through effort, and just as assured of ruin through lack of effort. — D:Day3.27-28
“It is the visible world, the outer world, through which your wants find provision. It is the world of unity, the true reality, through which your desires are responded to. This does not mean that the place of unity is a place that does not interact with the place of form. It is interacting with the world of form through you. Do you not see? You are the entry point, the only channel through which all that is available in unity can flow. Abundance is the natural state of unity and thus your natural state, just as certainty rather than uncertainty is your natural state, just as joy rather than sorrow is your natural state. What you are being asked to do here, is to open the self of form to the place of unity, thus allowing this divine flow of union into the elevated Self of form.” — D.Day3.42-44


💛 Intuition: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 5th-28th March
       5th March 2019

Perhaps it's a good time to slow down, retrace a few steps, and breathe? Maybe pause for a few hours? A few days if you can, and try your hand at something creative? Allow yourself to go with the flow of this energy that's spiraling🌀us deeply inwards, in order to launch us like a slingshot out into the fresh leafy green of Spring🌿☘️🌱🍀 with renewed clarity, confidence, and power.

“This is a lot of heavy energy that is likely to leave us feeling scattered and uncertain. Under this cosmic weather, we are going to have to mimic Mercury by slowing down, going back over things, and taking our time before forging ahead. ... trust our intuition ... rely on our gut feelings and listen to the clues the Universe may be sending our way. ... we have to move slowly and not be in a hurry to make a decision or to label things as fact or fiction. .. avoid jumping ahead and give time for things to unravel. We need to keep an open mind and stay connected to our intuition. ... When Mercury finally goes direct again on the 28th, we may find that we've gained new insights and understood things at a deeper level than we realized before ... we will start feeling much more confident and directed at this time.” — Tanaaz

💛 Intuition and Power

“What you have trusted in the most is rational thought, and intuition is different than rational thought, as are feelings of all kinds. ... you have not trusted in these feelings as much as you have trusted in rational thought. This lack of trust works both for you and against you now. It works for you in that you do not have to resist and reject an existing trust as you do with the thoughts of the mind you call rational. It works against you because all feelings are capable of providing what you have called intuitive knowledge or insights and your distrust of this knowledge and insight will need to be overcome. ... It is from within that your power will save the world. — D:Day10.1,37


💛 The Embrace
       4th March 2019

The winning design for a new memorial to Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King, “The Embrace,” is overwhelmingly simple and accessible: It is about what we share, not what sets us apart. Beneath entwined 22-foot-high arms, passersby will be reminded of our shared human connection. The memorial will envelop participants, allowing them to be simultaneously vulnerable and protected.💖

💛 The Embrace (A Course of Love)

“And now we begin to see with the eyes of our heart. We are no longer looking out but looking in. We have returned to the embrace. And now your arms cradle me as well, for an embrace, although it may begin with one reaching out to another, concludes with mutuality, shared touch, a melding of one into another. The embrace makes one of two ...” — C:20.7-8
”... To embrace is the opposite of to escape. To hold all within yourself in the embrace of love is the opposite of holding onto what you have already responded to with fear and made separate. There is no escape for there is only the embrace. The embrace is Christ-consciousness.” — D:Day16.10


💛 Dilbert
       3rd March 2019

Enjoy a Sunday morning laugh! 😄 In his own quirky, slightly sideways, twisty way 🤪 ... Dilbert's got a good point. It's our minds that get ‘programmed’. Our hearts are infinite, always seeing through ‘limits’ and ‘walls’. Trust me! 🤣

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖


💛 Is it Real?
       Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 4)
       1st March 2019

“Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it's not real?” — Albus Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ by JK Rowling

In my experience life is real all right! I'd have to be pretty oblivious to claim otherwise. And at the same time it's kind of not real. I agree with Dumbledore. It's a quantum BOTH/AND🙃 kind of thing! It really (get it?.. really!😂) all depends on who is looking and responding🤔 My self as a lonely separate human, often terrified, struggling to survive, and competing for my fair share? Or my Self joining with all — including and especially that lonely terrified self — part of the whole as a divine human being, knowing I am never alone, and choosing in each moment as often as I can remember, to be/give/receive the love, joy, safety, and abundance I seek.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

I mean can a Jewel somehow fall off the Net? ... wait what? That's not even possible right? Not if I am BOTH the Jewel AND the Net. There's no place ‘outside’ of Oneness, Allness, Wholeness, the Net! There's no ‘where’ to throw ‘out’ anyone or anything! It's all within me. And I get to choose my response-ability.

Enjoy my BOTH/AND article:
And this 5 minute TedEd video ‘What is Consciousness?’ Thanks Colin 🥰

💛 Your Real World

“For every joining, every union that you enter into, your real world is increased and what is left to terrify you decreased. This is the only loss that union generates, and it is a loss of what was merely illusion. As union begins to look more attractive to you, you are beginning to wonder how it comes about. There must be some secret you do not know. What is the difference, you ask, between setting a goal and achieving it and joining with something. These do not have to be two separate things, but are made so by your choice, the choice to achieve what you will on your own. This is all the difference there is between union and separation. Separation is all you perceive on your own. Union is all that you invite me into and share with God. You cannot be alone nor without your Father, yet your invitation is necessary for your awareness of this presence. As I once was, you are both human and divine. What your human self has forgotten, your real Self retains for you, waiting only for your welcome to make it known to you once more.” — C:5.28-29


💛 Light — Wave or Particle?
       Indra's Net: Tuesday 26th February (Part 3)
       1st March 2019

The Double Slit experiment demonstrates that matter and energy can display the characteristics of both waves and particles — the principle of wave-particle duality. It's a BOTH/AND kind of thing!😄 It also reveals the mysterious role of the ‘observer’ — a detector, a camera, a spy device that measures and records. Richard Feynman, Nobel prize winning theoretical physicist, called it "a phenomenon which is impossible to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery [of quantum mechanics]"

Does the very act of observation affect, influence, or even create the outcome? Whether the light remains in the infinite potentially of wave forms or collapses into particles of matter? Are we continuously ‘observing’ the energy of light into matter? In each moment ‘observing’ the energy of love into form? Individually and collectively? Cocreating the outer world from our inner world in each quantum moment? From love or from lack of love/fear? Whether we're aware of it or not? What if we decide we can choose? What is your experience?

Double Slit Experiment explained:
Jim Al-Khalili, Theoretical Physicist (9 min talk)
What the Bleep (5 min animation)

💛 Observation and Creation

“This is the new realm of power that few in physical form have practiced and that has never been practiced by many at one time. It is a major shift because it is not neutral but creative. It is of creation and can only flow through those who have mastered neutral observation because the intent of creation, rather than the intent of the observer, is the creative force, the animator and informer. Yet informing is a quality of oneness and thus the joining of the self with the spacious Self in oneness and wholeness must precede this step. This power cannot be misused because it is unavailable to those who have not realized their oneness with the creative force. Thus while it is not the self who informs and is informed by the creative force, it is the Self joined in union with the creative force that informs and is informed. In other words, in union there is no distinction between the Self and the creative force of the universe, the animator and informer of all things.” — D:Day15.1


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