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🌏 A Journey into the Unknown
       Installment Twelve
       Saturday 26th September 2020

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

Several folk across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, gathered for another richly textured Journey conversation last Wednesday. Sharing wonderings and witnessing a diversity of experiences with our colorful and ever-present ‘egos’.

“All experiential schools teach the same thing in trillions of unlimited ways: how souls can soften their egoically driven bodies. To the eventual point where the ego moves to the back burner and is ultimately consumed by the soul, having served its purpose. You see, egos have purpose. They aren't evil and they aren't without purpose. They provide a PhD learning experience for your soul, your true self. They are part of the grand master plan. You couldn't have gotten this far without it so please refrain from bashing it” — J75.3-4
“... you are a soul. That is what you really are. You are nothing other than that. The soul is your true self. The soul is the holy spirit. I have used different terminology throughout the three texts to correlate with readers' levels of understanding. Holy spirit, true self and soul are all synonyms. They all describe the same wonderful thing.” — J76.3

All weekly Journey Conversation recordings are available on the CoCreating Clarity YouTube Channel. And today we offer Installment Twelve of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ — Chapters 80 to 89. You'll find the ‘Questions to Live By’ above each of the chapter numbers on the Journey website. And also collated on the Download Index page.

In BEing💛and doing🌏
With love to all🌺

Installment Twelve ‘Questions to Live By’ —
✿ Ch 80 Is the butterfly's cocoon evil? Does it exist?
✿ Ch 81 Do you feel free to ask for more than just bread?
✿ Ch 82 Are you prepared to face pushback and/or feel unwelcome?
✿ Ch 83 Can you feel the truth of love is magic and all magic is love?
✿ Ch 84 Are you ready to reach out, listen, share, and bless?
✿ Ch 85 Are you willing to be a friend in truth unlike any other?
✿ Ch 86 Do you support each other, sharing difficulties and breakthroughs?
✿ Ch 87 Are you willing to share familiar resources and some new ones?
✿ Ch 88 Are you aware that your blessings are miracles?
✿ Ch 89 Are you being patient with yourself?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

Read and/or listen to Installment Twelve of A Journey into the Unknown.
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Photo credit Steve Crowhurst, Pixabay and David White

💛🌎 Innocence

“Attack makes Christ your enemy, and God along with Him... Christ stands before you, each time you look upon your brother. He has not gone because your eyes are closed... It is the "enemy," confused with Christ, you look upon. And hate because there is no sin in him for you to see. Nor do you hear his plaintive call, unchanged in content in whatever form the call is made, that you unite with him, and join with him in innocence and peace. And yet, beneath the ego's senseless shrieks, such is the call that God has given him, that you might hear in him His Call to you, and answer by returning unto God what is His Own.” — A Course in Miracles, T-25.V.2-3
“... there are but two emotions. One is love, the other fear. Fear, through your own choice, replaces and discards love. Fear is always strongest when you value something that you feel may be threatened. Love threatens most your specialness. Before your conscious mind has any awareness of what is happening, your memory of love, of innocence and of joy, threatens your specialness, your ego, your separated self who quickly rushes in with love's replacement. Nothing but fear could take the memory of love from you, or replace so quickly the glory that is your nature with the specialness that is not.” — A Course of Love, C:14.20
“What do you do if you see in the media that there has been a mass shooting at a workplace... Do you say, “Oh, that didn't really happen. My mind made it up. I was projecting guilt again. These people are innocent. It says so in A Course in Miracles?” Try explaining this to the friends and family members and see what happens... There is innocence in every man, woman, and child... This does not mean however, that every man, woman, and child is acting from a place of innocence, a place from soul... Ego is anything but innocent. Egos do in fact harm other egos both psychologically and physically... Please stop seeing “ego” and “soul” as separate. They can be in friction or they can be in harmony... My teachings were not intended to mean that one was evil and one was good. Is the butterfly's cocoon evil? Does it exist? Of course it does!” — A Journey Into the Unknown, J80

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🌏 A Journey into the Unknown
       Installment Eleven
       Saturday 19th September 2020

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

A quietly connecting Journey Conversation Wednesday 16th September on the New Moon in Virgo. Sharing stories of doing our best to live in acceptance of ourselves and others. Complete with all our fears, not knowings, and less-than-lovely responses to life's tough moments. Imperfectly perfect exactly as we are.

“The glass is always half full. This is how a mature soul or Christ always looks at everything. We find the good in every diabolical situation because it's there. There is good in everyone; even in those you say “only a mother could love”. Goodness sometimes gets trapped by fear and it doesn't know how to get out. Fear cannot harm goodness... “ — J66.1-2

We also successfully piloted a new AI App generating live captioning for everything that was spoken! Very cool! All weekly Journey Conversation recordings are available on the CoCreating Clarity YouTube Channel.

Today we are delighted to announce that the first Six Installments (Chapters 1 to 41) of Journey are available in French. Much gratitude to Jacques Tétrault and Maryse Thomas for the translation, to Jen Byrne and Colin Strutt for editorial presentation, and as always to my precious CoCreatrix Jo Nagle for our website design ... not forgetting a shout-out to Journey's intrepid receiver Rick Greathouse! What a team! 🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸

We're also happy to offer Installment Eleven of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ Chapters 73 to 79. You'll find the ‘Questions to Live By’ above each chapter number on the Journey website. And also collated on the new DOWNLOAD INDEX page.

In BEing💛and doing🌏
With love to all🌺

Installment Eleven ‘Questions to Live By’ —
✿ Ch 72 How does the body reflect your soul’s presence?
✿ Ch 73 Are you ready to plan on the unexpected and even relocate?
✿ Ch 74 Do you celebrate every single thing that brought you here now?
✿ Ch 75 Can you acknowledge your ego’s purpose rather than bashing it?
✿ Ch 76 Do you see that the Holy Spirit, the true self, the soul are the same?
✿ Ch 77 Have you quit worrying about every unforeseen potential?
✿ Ch 78 Do you bless all you encounter all of the time?
✿ Ch 79 Are you loosening your attachment to being right?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

Read and/or listen to Installment Eleven of A Journey into the Unknown.
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Photo credits Gary Greenberg, Beth Ann Skeen

💛🌎 The Physical Body

“Spirit makes use of mind as means to find its Self expression. And the mind which serves the spirit is at peace and filled with joy. Its power comes from spirit, and it is fulfilling happily its function here. Yet mind can also see itself divorced from spirit, and perceive itself within a body it confuses with itself. Without its function then it has no peace, and happiness is alien to its thoughts.” — A Course in Miracles, W-pI.96.4
“You must not fear the changes that will occur within your physical form as it begins to be guided by the thought system of the truth rather than the thought system of illusion. You will fear these changes less if you realize that all that has come of love will be kept and that all that has come of fear will fall away. You have no need to fear that the end of the special relationship will separate you from your loved ones. You have no need to fear that the joys you have shared with others will be no more. You have no more need to fear the loss of physical joys than you have to fear the loss of mental and spiritual joys.” — A Course of Love, A Treatise on The Personal Self, T3:19.1
“The physical body will transform when it is being informed by a mature soul. Most bodies are informed by the egoic operating system and reflect fear based thoughts... You can see tension, anxiety, depression, and anger in the ways people look and present themselves; with clothing, jewelry, piercings, and tattoos. These things in and of themselves don't necessarily mean anything But they are used to present an image, a way of sending the world a message about identity... once spirit takes charge, “you” are all about presence. You can adorn the body as you wish or be a nudist, it doesn't matter in the slightest. The body is now a temple for the light within.” — A Journey Into the Unknown, J72.1-2

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💛 Living as Both Human and Divine
       Wednesday 16th September 2020

I have been listening to a newly arriving Forty Days and Forty Nights with Jesus. The message is crystal clear, impossible to misinterpret, practical, and hard-hitting exactly where I need it. Resonating resoundingly with the truth of my life experience and the many sources of wisdom woven together within me — The Bible, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and A Journey into the Unknown included. Yet so simple, direct, and easy to get for anyone who's never read any of these!

It's a kind of ‘A Course in Miracles Cliffs Notes’ for everyone who feels they've somehow missed a couple of semesters and want to get up to speed super-quickly! Perfect for this crazy time we're navigating — each one of us in our own unique way — walking home alone together. With no instruments but the Golden Compass of our own One Heart💚One Mind💙One Love💛 You will know and you will follow your precious heart's prompting in your own highest choices.

Today I write to you with tears of grief/gratitude/joy for everything we are so willingly and courageously facing — now and in the months to come. With grief/gratitude/joy for all that is purposefully and powerfully unfolding for humanity's highest good. And I am propelled to share this quietly landing Forty Day gem with all of you Precious Jewels 🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸 whom I love to infinity and beyond ♾🚀🌟

Enjoy these two sample messages from yesterday and decide for yourself ..
Day Eight morning (8 minutes)
Day Eight evening (8 minutes)

With so much love to all 🌺

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💛 School in Corona Times
       Monday 14th September 2020

I do not have to experience the agonizing decision whether to send my children back to school ‘in Corona times’ (as my littlest granddaughter calls it). My son and daughter-in-law do. And they do it with immense grace and courage. This past four days the family was together in an amazing Airbnb on Cape Cod. One last embrace of the summer — complete with ocean, hot tub, pit fire and s'mores. We talked at length about so many things — the state of everything in the world and in our lives — and celebrated a super-special-secret event we were surprised with! There was much laughter (they tease me good-naturedly and incessantly about ascension into 5D and journeying into the unknown!). And tears as we faced the reality of returning to ‘lockdown’. Too many unknowns we agreed, to be cavalier about things these first weeks, as the children return to school in ‘cohorts’. I got home last night overflowing with so many really big feelings. And this morning I read this beautiful gut-wrenching and uplifting blog. (Excerpts below.) How perfect! We are not alone. We can do this. Each one for all, held within the family of humanity 🕸💎🕸 and all of creation. Sharing with all and especially for the moms and dads out there, with so much love 🌺

“This week, I sent my kids back to school after having had them home since March. I thought I was ready. I thought I was calm and cool and in a place of acceptance ... The new reality my kids have to live with hit me like a tsunami. The unfairness of it all. The fact that they have to be cautious around people they should be able to be easy and comfortable with. The fact that they have to be resilient and flexible as advice and procedures change with each new bit of information that comes through. It overwhelmed me and I barely held it together long enough to hand off my kids' water bottles to the staff.
When I got home, I let myself feel all the fear and helplessness and sadness and anger. As I did, my empathy kicked into high gear and I started thinking about all the parents, both past and present, who have had to send their kids to school amid all sorts of threats to their safety. The first Black parents who sent their kids to integrated schools. Indigenous parents who were forced to send their kids to residential schools. Parents of kids who are differently abled, gender non-conforming, not heterosexual, or who are new to the country and don't speak the language. All the parents whose kids can be ‘othered’ and are at risk of enduring meanness and hate...
I held my privilege in my hands and acknowledged that because of the colour of my skin, the time and place I was born, and who my kids are, that this is the first time I have ever had to feel this kind of fear. I have never felt afraid sending my kids to school before, but there are others who feel this way all the time and for reasons far more nefarious than a virus that doesn't discriminate and has no intrinsic morality in and of itself.”
       — Krystal dela Rosa, 10 Sep 2020

Read Krystal's full article ‘Holding Space for All the Feelings

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🌏 A Journey into the Unknown
       Installment Ten
       Saturday 12th September 2020

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

A powerful Journey Zoom Conversation last Wednesday. Raw and real sharing of heartfelt experiences. The struggle to bless everyone indiscriminately even when “attacked”. An antidote being to re-member that we too have been all the things we see around us. That all of it is a gift showing us to ourselves. Both how far we've come and how much further we might have to journey. And that non-judgmental compassionate acceptance of ourselves exactly as we are in the moment “warts and all” ... is everything! Enjoy video recording on the CoCreating Clarity YouTube Channel

“Mature souls have the power to soften their ego's harsh stances and opinions about virtually everything. Immature souls are pretty much enslaved by an ego. The luckiest of them get let out of their cages once in a while to go for a walk. This is what you signed up for; the eventual disempowerment of an ego. What an extremely difficult and tall order that was! Let us all rejoice and pat each other on the backs for this accomplishment.” — J59.3-4

And today we announce Installment Ten of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ — Chapters 63 to 71. You'll find the ‘Questions to Live By’ above each of the chapter numbers on the Journey website.

** Check out the new DOWNLOAD INDEX for ease of reading, listening, and downloading complete installments.**

In BEing💛and doing🌏
With love to all🌺

Installment Ten
✿ Ch 63 Do your actions reflect the sanctity of all life forms?
✿ Ch 64 Are you complacent, lost in the world, or no longer care?
✿ Ch 65 Do you still believe money provides security in a changing world?
✿ Ch 66 Can you always see the good in everyone and every situation?
✿ Ch 67 Do you give to others knowing you give to yourself?
✿ Ch 68 Are you sustaining Christ Consciousness?
✿ Ch 69 Can you respond to lack of love with loving acceptance and blessing?
✿ Ch 70 Are you ready to be part of the solution?
✿ Ch 71 How do you nourish your soul?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

Read and/or listen to Installment Ten of A Journey into the Unknown
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[ Photo credits Greta Johnson, manfredrichter ]

💛🌎 Love in Form

“... perceive any part of creation as wholly real, wholly perfect and wholly desirable. Wanting this only you will have this only, and giving this only you will be only this.” — A Course in Miracles, T-7.VII.11:2-3
“You do not want the world. The only thing of value in it is whatever part of it you look upon with love. This gives it the only reality it will ever have... Make the world real unto yourself, for the real world is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and so it belongs to you.” — A Course in Miracles, T-12.VI.3:1-3,6
“... to have chosen to express the Self in physical form was a choice consistent with the laws of love. There was no need for the Self to be separate in order for this to be so, but there was a need for the Self to have an observable form and to exist in relationship with others with observable forms. This was simply so that expressions of love could be created and observed within the realm of physicality.” — A Course of Love, The Personal Self-Third Treatise, T3:17.1
“The sanctity of all life forms is paramount. Disregarding any life form because it isn't human (yet) is man's arrogance. God is literally in absolutely everything, from the smallest cell to the most complex animal. Humans were originally assigned the role of being guardians to the plants and creatures of the planet. They took this to mean that they were superior and that these other forms were somehow lesser. Being a guardian does not mean being superior. It does however, entail making decisions for their welfare.” — A Journey into the Unknown, J63.1

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🌏 A Journey into the Unknown
       Installment Nine
       Saturday 5th September 2020

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

Grief and so many tears flow every day for the tragic events that continue. Tears for everyone near and far, and for myself. I know each event is brutally, beautifully, purposefully disclosing and dissolving our broken world systems, making room for the New. And I also know that magnificent new light and sound frequencies were received and anchored for all on the planet last Monday. Seen and felt by many that day — myself and Colin included. We can all expect to feel the clarity and miracle of these frequencies in the coming weeks. It's a Both/And kind of thing — the darkness and the light. And not surprisingly, we felt this powerful new unity during our Journey Conversation on Wednesday. An experience of distinct unique expressions or aspects of the One, and of variability within wholeness And I am immensely grateful to all.

Watch the first 33 seconds of this video for a beautiful depiction of this unity as Indra's Net of Jewels. And for a those who'd prefer a scientific explanation read ‘The Field’.

“The new way is to see others as different aspects of the oneself, different reflections of you, as you are to them. What do you reflect? Is it the same old same old or is it something completely new and different? Being identity and attachment free is something that is totally new and uncharted.” — J53.3
“A strongly energized and fully mature soul can actually alter the path of another soul, simply by being near it. Souls respond to other souls like food responds to heat. It's that simple. — J55.1

All weekly Journey Conversation recordings are available on the CoCreating Clarity YouTube Channel. And today we announce Installment Nine of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ — Chapters 56 to 62. You'll find the ‘Questions to Live By’ above each of the chapter numbers on the Journey website.

In BEing💛and doing🌏
With love to all🌺

Installment Nine ‘Questions to Live By’ –
✿ Ch 56 What happens when you “die”?
✿ Ch 57 Are you aware of how much help you receive from beyond the veil?
✿ Ch 58 Do you trust your feelings when interacting with someone?
✿ Ch 59 Do you dare begin fresh in each moment unconcerned with the past?
✿ Ch 60 Are you listening and ready to be guided at a moment's notice?
✿ Ch 61 Are you living free from judgement, anger, and regret?
✿ Ch 62 Are you willing to serve as a portal?

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Act

Read and/or listen to Installment Nine of A Journey into the Unknown. Follow us on Instagram @CoCreatingClarity

[ Photo credit Tumisu, Pixabay ]
[ Photo credit dre2uomaha0, Pixabay ]
[ Photo credit Magic Eye ]

💛🌎 Death

“When your body and your ego and your dreams are gone, you will know that you will last forever. Perhaps you think this is accomplished through death, but nothing is accomplished through death, because death is nothing. Everything is accomplished through life, and life is of the mind and in the mind. The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are life. If we share the same mind, you can overcome death because I did. Death is an attempt to resolve conflict by not deciding at all. Like any other impossible solution the ego attempts, it will not work” — A Course in Miracles, T-6.V.A.1:1-7
“Are your relationships with those you love severed when they leave this world? Do you not still think of them? And do you not still think of them as who they were in life? What is the difference, in your mind, between who they were and who they are after death? ... You imagine them still in bodily form, perhaps, yet you imagine them happy and at peace. Even those who claim not to believe in God or an afterlife of any sort will, when prompted to be truthful, admit this is an image that lights their mind with peace and hope. This image is as ancient as the earth and sky and all that lies beyond it. It did not arise from fantasy, nor did it pass from one mind to the next as stories often will. It is but part of your awareness of who you are, ...” — A Course of Love, C:6.20
“I will say to you that “death” is nothing more than walking backstage from being in the spotlight at the front of the stage. The “newly departed” move from being a star to being a behind the scenes star, making everything the audience sees run smoothly and efficiently. For every person on the world stage at any given time, there are legions of unseen, behind the scenes players.” — A Journey Into the Unknown, J56.3

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