Come Home to Your Self

A Three-minute Centering Practice for CoCreating Clarity

Practice often and you’ll soon be able to gather yourself up and bring yourself home anytime, anyplace, no matter what else is going on around you. You will walk the world in this position — in a constant uninterrupted flow of collaboration between the Divine Being and the Human Being that you truly are.

Enjoy the guidance that follows on this page.
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Sit comfortably in your chair with your back straight, both feet on the ground, and your hands resting in your lap. Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together, and draw in your chin to rest in alignment. Close your eyes if you like. Now take three slow, long, deep breaths. Take your time, breathing gently and normally in between each of your deep breaths:

  • 1st breath — inhale — and as you exhale clear the cobwebs from your head and relax your neck.
  • 2nd breath — inhale — and as you exhale release your shoulders and any tension in your chest.
  • 3rd breath — inhale — and as you exhale let your belly, your lower back and your legs relax and rest.

Now place your attention on (feel) both your feet, planted firmly on the ground:

  • This is your place of Steady, Grounded, Pragmatic Knowing and Action.
  • Know that you are Deeply Rooted to the core of the Earth — Solid and Strong.
  • From this place you are ready to take whatever your next step is, to move forward.
  • Settle into the grounded strength of this position.
  • Note carefully how this feels and keep it with you.

Now place your attention (your hand) on the crown of your head, and move it up about 6":

  • This is your place of Clarity and Understanding, Perspective and Non-Attachment.
  • Know that you are connected to Infinite Light — Steady and Brilliant, always Guiding you.
  • From this place you see everything, observe everything and know everything that’s needed.
  • Settle into the crystalline clarity of this position.
  • Note carefully how this feels and keep it with you.

And now place your attention on your upper chest at the peak of the breastbone, about halfway between your heart and your throat. Notice the little dimple there. This is your place of "coming to voice", where the Whole Heart chakra is opening.

  • This is your place of Relationship and Union, your Wise Heart and Compassionate Mind.
  • Know that you are joined with ALL — Expansive and Spacious — holding everyone and everything.
  • From this place you sense, speak, and act as you truly are, CoCreating in loving relationship.
  • Settle into the present perfection of this position — your WholeHearted Self.
  • Note carefully how this feels and keep it with you.

Open your eyes when you’re ready. Remember this feeling, this position and come back to it as often as you need, as often as you can, every moment through each day.

"Grounded in Clarity and Wholehearted Communication I sense, speak, act, and keep moving forward for the highest good of all"

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