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💛🌏 Hearts and Flowers 2015
       Wednesday 28th April 2021

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

Feeling sweet nostalgia as I take in this 2015 ‘memory’ that Facebook popped forward today. A photo of the luscious roses🌹my sweetheart Colin♥️ presented to me that day on my arrival home. Not at all inclined to flower-giving, somehow he knew the significance! It was the day Mari Perron and I returned to Westford, MA after a whirlwind trip to NYC. We'd travelled by Acela train from Boston a few days earlier to be at the 2015 CMC A Course In Miracles Conference ‘A Present Love’, held at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Think the hotel in ‘The Shining’! I kid you not! Late one night we even saw a body? a passed-out-person? lying on the floor at the far end of our very long, dimly-lit corridor. Hotel staff (we think they were!) approaching cautiously, as we hotfooted it to our rooms Creepy!😳

It was a most interesting, challenging, and transformative few days. Stepping out into the world in a big way, and meeting so many wonderful people. We were there because Kathy Scott Perry, bless her heart, had invited Mari to share half of her table in the conference bookstore. And so it was that the new A Course of Love (Combined Volume), published a few months earlier thanks to Glenn Hovemann, was introduced to all willing hearts in the ACIM community and beyond.

Neither one of us felt at all ready to step out into the world — Mari from seclusion in her cabin, and me from seclusion in my home recovering from the untimely death of my little sister. Mari and I had been corresponding for more than six years. It began in January 2009 when I wrote after reading her article in Jon Mundy's Miracles magazine, describing her need for solitude. A deep need that I felt too. Daily emails followed, sometimes several a day, flying back and forth across the interwebs! Building an intimate connection. Yet never once did we speak on the phone. Nor did we meet in person until April 2015 when Colin and I picked Mari up from the airport in Manchester, NH. And so it was, that this natural organic flow landed us together on that train, the blind leading the blind. Yet we did it! You can see how exhausted we were, just look at our droopy eyes in the photo! And it was perfect! On the last day in NYC, Tony Ponticello invited Mari to speak at the 2016 CMC ACIM conference in Las Vegas, and the rest is history.

What a wild ride it has been, accelerating, like that Acela train to 100mph and beyond! A Course in Miracles began this vast movement with our minds, fifty years ago. A Course of Love followed twenty years ago, cracking open our hearts. And A Journey Into the Unknown, which began arriving last year continues to shake us up and onward in sacred service to all! Enjoy my Happy Anniversary post (scroll down to the end). Many other beautiful books complement these three pioneering texts. The Way of Mastery, Creation of the New, Choose Only Love, and MIRARI: The Way of the Marys, to name a few. All of them shepherding us gently and insistently into direct relationship with God, and reliance on our own unique knowing.

We are in an accelerating, never-ending expansion into the truth of who we are — Christs, Light in Form, the Elevated Self of Form, Love endlessly expressing Love in Form, Divine HUman BEings. We are called to join in CoCreating a kinder gentler world of playfulness, beauty, and joy, one Quantum moment at a time. With courage and compassion, each one facing all that is arising to be seen and dissolved. Clearing the way to re-membering in sacred union our One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Will. We are the Heartbeat of the world. Overflowing blessings on all whom we encounter through our presence alone. And taking action in unconditional love, as our knowing prompts.

“You are loosed of bounds, no longer a thing of beauty, but beauty itself. ‘Thingness’ is over, and your identity no longer stands in form but flows from life itself. Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms, the order in chaos, the silence in solitude, the grace of the cosmos. Our heart is the light of the world. We are one heart. We are one mind. One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart. Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul's delight, rather than otherness. It is a seamless world, a tapestry where each thread is vibrant and strong. A canticle where each tone is pure and indivisible. We have returned to the embrace. And now your arms cradle me as well, for an embrace, although it may begin with one reaching out to another, concludes with mutuality, shared touch, a melding of one into another. The embrace makes one of two. And now we begin to see with the eyes of our heart. We are no longer looking out but looking in. All landscapes and horizons form within the embrace. All beauty resides there. All light is fused and infused within the embrace. Within the embrace our sight clears and what we see is known rather than understood.”
A Course of Love, C:20.3-8

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

With gratitude🌸
I love you each to infinity and beyond ♥️🚀♾🌟

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

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🌏 A Journey Into The Unknown
       Newsletter Saturday 24th April 2021

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

Another six weeks have sped by since I last wrote. And it is exactly one year since Rick's handwritten manuscript of the first one hundred chapters of A Journey Into the Unknown landed in my email inbox. (Read more below in 💛🌏 Happy Anniversary!🥂) So much has happened since, and the intensity of events on the planet, seen and unseen, continues to amplify. This is no longer a quiet awakening happening only in individuals here and there, or within a ‘spiritual community’. A unique stargate opening this week is flooding us with solar plasma delivering powerful codes of freedom and resurrection. We're in a vast and accelerating collective movement. Midway through six weeks of the most perfect cosmic storm designed to reach every human heart and mind/body vehicle on the planet. With an insistence that is custom tailored to shake each one onward in their own unique process of Christ awareness, Christ consciousness, and into Christ transformation.

I speak from my own experience of excruciating physical trauma, abandonment, and rage the past two weeks. And a slow dawning gratitude for the resulting transformation presently integrating through every particle of my mind/body and being. Readying me for the second half of this wild storm. Playing the savior is old news. Playing the victim, even older. We're called to quit messing around in the shallows pretending to be something we are not. Rather, stepping up to claim our freedom and power, creating our experience and our reality, as the light and love in form that we truly are. The 700-year-old Cathar prophecy of the return of Love to the planet, the greening of the laurel, comes due in 2021. It is the time of the kinder gentler New Earth we all yearn for, and it arrives only through union within each one of us — alone together.

A Journey Into the Unknown is reflecting this vast movement.

First there were four weeks of accelerating messages, up to eight a day, thanks to Rick's willingness and stamina! Including the introduction on Wednesday 7th April of the Eighth Talon, The Director, in Message 261

“The time has come to reveal myself to you. I have no name. Some call me the Director. I Am in charge of reproducing divine energy in form. The team you are now accustomed to hearing from all work under my wings...”

Then on Monday 12th, The Director announced the conclusion of Phase One of this movement with the final Journey Message 283

“We're ready. The show must go on. This is a show where the cast isn't pretending to be something they aren't. This cast isn't joking around. They know who they are and what they are. They know that they are individually and collectively Christ, God in form.”

And on Sunday 18th, Jesus launched Phase Two of Being Christ, with his Phase Two Introduction message, excerpted here —

“It is our mandate to support Christ's development from awareness to consciousness to full transformation. 2021 is the first full year of complete recovery from the ego's tyranny so, today I Am very pleased to announce three new books in the A Journey into the Unknown series. These will usher in Phase Two of our project, which is a deep support system, a deep well of connection with the unseen forces that are at your disposal.

Book 11 is called ‘Sunday Celebrations with Jesus’. These will be weekly sharings and transmissions of light.

Book 12 is called ‘Beyond the Veil: Revelations’... to hear from the other seven talons and will also give you the opportunity to receive nutrition from new sources that you haven't been introduced to as yet. The purpose of both of these new books is nutrition for all Christ Selves...

Book 13 will be called ‘The Alliance (into Oneness)’ and it will eventually become a service project for willing Christs to participate in. It will be a collection of affirmations.”

With gratitude to Colin's steadfastness, Jo's creative touch, and the magical synergy that flows through the field amongst us, I am delighted to announce that Books Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen are now available on the Journey Messages Website . These will be updated weekly each Monday, to the best of our imperfectly perfect abilities. You'll also find me posting messages from time to time, as inspired, on Instagram @CoCreatingClarity. And finally as always, Journey Book One and Journey Book Two remain online, freely available to all.

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with your body. Pay attention and take care of its needs. Our precious body vehicles are waking up and delicately coming online as divine light in form. We are birthing the Elevated Self of Form, the LightBody, the Divine HUman BEing — call it what you will. There is much happening at all levels, as we naturally overflow our blossoming patience, compassion and kindness to self, upon all whom we encounter. Loving each one unconditionally, and blessing each one indiscriminately. No exceptions. It is all we are called to do, and it is everything.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

With blessings and with love to all🌺

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

💛🌏 Light in Form

Sharing with blessings and so much love to all 🌺

“What is your brother for?... you have help to give him if you see the function of the dream as He perceives its function, Who can utilize all dreams as means to serve the function given Him. Because He loves the dreamer, not the dream, each dream becomes an offering of love. For at its center is His Love for you, which lights whatever form it takes with love.”
— A Course in Miracles, T-29.IV.6
“Close your eyes on all that you have become accustomed to seeing And you will see the light... Love is. Never changing, symbolizing only itself, how can it fail to be everything or to contain all meaning? No form can encompass it for it encompasses all form. Love is the light in which form disappears and all that is, is seen as it is.”
A Course of Love, C3.5,8
“Our world is actually made up of individual rays of light that work together to make up the whole. You just found and experienced your own divine light. The more you turn it on and explore it, the stronger it gets. It has been called the Holy Spirit, your true self, the Divine Ray and others. This is what you really are. To be in close identification with this light while you are in form is known as the Elevated Self of form.”
A Journey Into the Unknown, 137.4
“...we are lighting up new areas within you, from toes to temple... I know you have not had great interest in the body, but we are not speaking of the kind of interest that is most associated with it—its care and feeding, its exercise, its agility. We are speaking of its receptivity. Its availability for all that is coming in the way of The New. This will have to do with the new creativity... This is the way forward.”
Mirari: The Way of the Marys, p143

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💛🌏 Happy Anniversary!🥂

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 Exactly one year ago today, I finished reading the first 100 chapters of A Journey Into the Unknown and called Rick Greathouse. His handwritten manuscript had landed in my inbox two days earlier from Glenn of Take Heart, publisher A Course of Love, who wrote “I'd appreciate your opinion of its authenticity, its value, and further steps.” My response, 23 Apr 2020 —

“With my WholeHearted self I KNOW it to be authentic. It resonates deeply through me of Truth. It is invaluable. Especially now. And it will create massive (necessary) shock waves. I'm feeling strongly to make it available widely out there as speedily as possible: First priority as an E-book as it's the quickest way. Second as an audio book. And third as a published hard copy book. Accordingly I pledge a financial contribution to Take Heart to seed this process. I have a deep desire to read/voice record the audio version (if Rick does not wish to of course). And I have begun transcribing the handwritten manuscript.”

As it turned out, after six weeks of patient understanding, it became crystal clear that if Journey was to be ‘published’ and offered freely to all willing hearts, it was going to be up to me. I'd never done anything like this before, yet the design in which Journey is presented to the world landed fully formed within me. And was implemented in just four weeks with grace by us together — Jo Nagle, Colin Strutt, me, and our unseen companions! And here we are! Today the Journey websites continue to morph and grow as this never-ending adventure continues with Phase Two of Being Christ. Stay tuned! In gratitude and celebration I share in the Comment, some of the initial effervescence that simply bubbled out of me a year ago ..

“I can't believe how much the voice sounds like my own — direct, no-nonsense, today's language. It's a collective voice. I just LOVE that. “WE” The Ascended Masters! Whom I've been calling upon for years — Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, Maitreya, Buddha. It has the tone of my 103 Indra's Net posts — compassionate, fierce, uncompromising, demanding! It's time! I love that it includes 4D, 5D, 6D and other woo-woo ideas that I have been weaving together with ACOL for years! It talks about “the web will form new Earth” — that's Indra's Net! It mentions the Essenes, I've always felt a deep connection with this community. It talks about us as functioning Suns — that we are Diamond Solar Suns shining inside out is a woo-woo notion that I've loved and practiced a long time. I drank Journey in like I've been in the desert for years! So very deeply affirming of all I know and am living as best I can for so long. Tears flow. With Joy and recognition. It's even called “Journey Into the Unknown” — cue Queen Elsa (Frozen II) singing ‘Into the Unknown’! So energizing. And so grateful to All of All for ALL. We are truly blessed to be alive, and to serve in this time of the Great Turning of the World.”

I love you each beyond words 🌺

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🌸🕸🌸 Life into Death into New Life
       Wednesday 31st March 2021

The past several weeks I have re-immersed myself daily in A Course of Love: The Forty Days and Forty Nights and MIRARI: The Way of the Marys. It has been a deeply synergistic time for me, in the readings and in my life, raw and real. My entire lifetime it feels, has been but a practice field for all that we are called to be right now this Holy Week 2021. I feel an especially intensive call to each and every one now and over the next several weeks more than ever before. I am paying close attention within? Are you? Can you feel the electricity of this time? Can you hear the call to authenticity? To own your s%%t?💩 To quit the blame-game? I can. I feel the urgency of it too. And I welcome it. In no uncertain terms I am being shown all that I have yet to own! Pushed to stay in my own lane To be and to express my true self no matter what. Do you feel it too? Can you feel the boundless freedom and power in this? All that is needed already lies within. What are you waiting for? There is no right or wrong. Only choice. All are called and few choose to listen. How will I respond to what is happening right in front of me now? No matter the blaring news and pundits, I remind myself that it is always and only my presence. My choice in this moment here and now, that truly and powerfully matters. And from the infinite well-spring within, the acts most loving and most powerfully inclusive of all, never fail to flow as needed and in perfect timing. Blessings! I love you each beyond words 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💙

PS: For the four days of Holy Remembrance, I intend to share with love, selected bits of MIRARI that moved me most deeply, and that live radiantly on within🌹

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🌸🕸🌸 The Last Hour (Maundy Thursday)
       Wednesday 31st March 2021

Sharing this powerful account in Mother Mary's own words, of how Mary Magdalene tenderly anoints Jesus with spikenard in anticipation of all that is to come. I love you each beyond words 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💙

“Foreknowledge of one's own death is such a state as this. It is annihilation, a thought so inconceivable to the mind, that it begins to break down and release that which connects, so that one can stand the coming event of disunion with the body and the reunion with God. Few, in the swell of tragedy, can call the heart outward enough to ease a dread not their own. This, Miriam of Magdala did, at the last hour that such was able to penetrate the pall of death. Foreknowledge of a loved one's death calls forth the same loosening of the ties that bind “to form,” and this is what she, whom you know as Mary Magdalene, and she alone, could greet with a vision of connection beyond death that would be real and present in life. With this vision, she was able to care for her beloved with tenderness, and to pre-dress the wounds he would take into his death with him. She blessed the crown of his head, the back of his hands and the top of his feet. If not for decorum she would have blessed the place where the sword would enter, the place her beloved would later tell Thomas to touch ... for reasons beyond inspiring his belief. Miriam would find a way to do this as well, not for being told to do so, but for longing to not leave any wound untended. Miriam was strong by way of having been honed by pain, and in this she exceeded the capacity of all others. Her strength was exquisite tenderness”
(p206) — Mary of Nazareth
(Mirari: The Way of the Marys, © Mari Perron)

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🌸🕸🌸 The Agony (Good Friday)
       Thursday 1st April 2021

Grieving all that came to pass over 2000 years ago, mourning the cruelties that persist today, yet with each heart-belly-womb contraction welcoming the Wonder of the New through this tender, fragile body I love you each beyond words 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💙

“Yes, before the glad rejoicing, the human heart needs to grieve. This is... the New Advent, why it comes to be the New Advent, and why Yeshua himself could not speak of it. He knew that the time of the Marys would come to show the way that cannot be denied. It was the feminine that invited the masculine to complete itself by way of bringing feeling together with thought. This was the birth of Creation. This is what we do again now. We urge the masculine to complete what was begun, by way of adoption of the feminine, so that both merge into the way of the Creator, and the Advent of The New. My son had only hours to grieve for himself, to wish that the cup would pass him by, or to mourn the end of his time with his friends, and his soul's connection to those who knew him most deeply. I had years. The world has had centuries. This grief is not only to mourn our beloved's passing, but to mourn for a world that changed but could not see its change.” (p221)
“You will, of necessity, give up on the old way, for to try to live in both realms will make you feel insane. When Yeshua cried out, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,” he was quite human in his suffering, in his grief, in his experience of the insanity of the time More and more around you will begin to experience the feeling of unreality, if not insanity, and you will at times be put off balance by this. You will feel sorrow for needless suffering, including your own, for you will feel as if you “suffer” this change: some of you often, some of you seldom, all of you at one time or another.” (p323)
“Now we mourn that the time of mobs and torture still exist, mourn that good men are still influenced to wrong actions, mourn that people still kill one another, mourn that the wisdom of women is still discounted, that women still deliver children into an unkind world, that men still righteously walk away, that people are still judged by the color of their skin, that sects still argue over one right way, and that the feminine continues to be cast aside by men... In wholeness, the feminine and the masculine come together and are complete... with each in-breath and out-breath, the expansion and contraction of the womb of The New. It can only come in Mirari, the wonder in which wholeness abides within the imagination of it.”
(p227) — Mary of Nazareth
(Mirari: The Way of the Marys, © Mari Perron)

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🌸🕸🌸 The Silence (Holy Saturday)
       Friday 2nd April 2021

Last night I slept fitfully. The scent of spikenard in my nostrils from the Himalayan oil I'd dabbed on my wrists. A fragrance that helps loosen and dissolve the cords that bind the body in illusion. Freeing me in surrender to the New that is birthing through each one of us and all around. And this morning I sat in stillness, belly-womb kicking, chest pounding, and every particle of my body trimmering (my made-up word for trembling and shimmering🙃). This is the day millions around the world pause, re-member-ing all suffering and surrender. No wonder I'm feeling pregnant with possibility. Breathing into the light within, joining with each in vigilant gratitude, trust, and defiant anticipation. Despite the nameless anxiety murmuring, bubbling, and at times erupting in my belly. Reminding myself that the pendulum must swing both ways before it can come to rest in the middle. That the closer we get to the light, the deeper and darker the shadows become. That this passage is a lot like Heartbreak Hill on the Boston Marathon route — a steep incline that runners encounter just five miles from the Finish Line! That now is the moment to draw on everything I've ever received. That my power lies in the boundless love overflowing within and around each of us in the infinite field. We must keep going. It's what we've trained for and lived lifetimes for. Dare I say it? We're almost there! Spiraling deep into silence, into the rich, inky, stillness of the void where all answers lie. Unabashedly weeping in order to rise again. Loving you each beyond words 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💙

“We, the women, were alone on the Sabbath. We were shaken The night before we were preparing the oils, busying ourselves, falling to the ground to weep, rising again. This day we were nearly silent as well as mute, by which I mean by choice as well as by shock, and we did not dare breathe a word of how shaken we were. I stole sideways glances at the others. Only Miriam of Magdala had a look about her that was not one of defeat. I distracted myself with imagining that things I had heard were true, for she held a strength that was not only from her youth but of a conviction stronger even than my own... I could not think of life until I grieved death. And so, I bring you the New Advent that will allow the grieving to begin so that the grieving can end. The grieving will gather in the women, distribute the feminine, and usher in The New. Do not be distracted now by the arising. Stay with the descending. With the rescue. With the silence.”
(p231) — Mary of Nazareth
(Mirari: The Way of the Marys, © Mari Perron)

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🌸🕸🌸 The Resurrection (Easter Sunday)
       Saturday 3rd April 2021

Savoring the bittersweet fragrance of joy tinged with sorrow. A gentle sorrow that whispers “Did it really have to come to this?” And the answer comes “Yes, my love, it did. And now it is done. You are the accomplished, as are each precious brother or sister who responds along with you.” This Easter 2021 I share my heart, ever hopeful for the dawning of a kinder, gentler world — a New Earth now, inclusive of all life. With clear unflinching eyes, seeing beyond the woundedness in the cruelties of the world as it is, to the Innocence in each. With a tenderness that dissolves and transmutes all of it into the stuff of New Life. A world of compassion rising again through each one of us, who are made new through our willingness to feel and transmute the pain and suffering of the ages. The return of Love and the greening of the laurel as the Cathars prophesied some 700 years ago. A shimmering playground for Love endlessly expressing Love in form — all gain and no loss, joy without sorrow, laughter without tears, and life everlasting. With heart felt blessings🙏🏾 I am wishing you renewal in the beauty of falling leaves/springing flowers, and rejuvenation in the deliciousness of chocolate ... lots of chocolate! 🤎🍫🤎 I love you each beyond words 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💙

“Gentleness is what is most in need of being seen after the exceptional harshness that has been... Miriam (of Magdala) was out the door. She was awake and restrained herself as long as she could. The others of us were rising slowly as her cloaked body flew off like the wisp of wind. She clutched her bundle to her chest like a new babe. As we prepared to join her, there was a signal, a sign, a quickening. We were sent word without the benefit of words. My sister and I looked at one another and knew. For each it was the same: a dawning within the mind, a leap of heart, a glance toward the closest of companions, a confirmation. There was no doubt. Our eyes smiled reverentially, and we began to move our lips in thankful prayer, as was our way. Prayer was our response to everything, the way we had been raised to live and breathe. It filled all our spaces. Now there was a Risen Lord who remained within our midst. The elation was such that we twittered and foraged like sunbirds as we readied ourselves to join Miriam at the tomb. Now, nothing was as it was. Grief disappeared as anticipation filled us.” (p233)
“What Miriam knew was that it was her place to attend to her beloved soul mate. Even she had not foreseen him being taken from her or being returned to her in such a way. Slowly, it would dawn on us, that the ability to transcend death was greater than the ability to escape death. We had all, you see, prayed for the power that would save Yeshua from death as he had saved Lazarus. Yet what we witnessed was such agony. We felt it as our own. And so briefly everything was new. It seemed possible, even after such torture, to escape death. In this way, we headed out, not yet knowing what we would find, only that he still lived. This we greeted with joy without sorrow. It would not last but it would return. All I sought was the vision of him. I did not see him when I thought I would, and when I did, what I saw was like a vision wrapped in wounded flesh. He gained more solidity in coming days, but he was in between worlds, remaining only to finish what he had begun. As soon as I saw him, I knew that, even with the foreknowledge he was given, and although he was willing, he had not expected to suffer and die as he did. For a few days, he retained that human vulnerability. I wept for him. Oh, my Habibie.” (p235)
“It is giving and receiving as one that has made way for that foretold as the way of Mary, and our revelation of the way of Mary coming in Mirari — the way of wonder. The life of Jesus breached that of the old order. What was begun after his ascension was a “new order.” It was a move from old laws to new laws. From an old hierarchy to one that invited life with the Father, companioned and accompanied... It was the birth of a new order. It was in acceptance of a God made flesh that life itself became more orderly, more open to love, and less prone to cruelty. But cruelty remained a way of much of the world, and you continue to see this, even now. Despite my son's example, dying into life is not considered. The call to move through death into new life — “here,” to be here in a descending rather than an ascending manner, not as a way of barbarism but one of goodness, one that responds creatively to a destiny not yet written — is barely known It is here but hidden. It is here, but not yet clear. Your Jesus ascended and lives among you. As do I. We are examples of the rising of the body. We are a risen people.”
(p238) — Mary of Nazareth
(Mirari: The Way of the Marys, © Mari Perron)

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