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💛💜 Solar Eclipse and New Moon
       Thursday 10th June 2021

[Solar Eclipse over Fitchburg, MA this morning with gratitude to Dave Griffin]

Up at 5:30am outdoors for the solar eclipse — 73% peak viewable in my imagination through the morning haze. Soon to join in Sandra Walter's 6:33 New Moon/Eclipse Global Unity meditation, I opened Facebook to this memory from 2019, reflecting the movement we are in. With love 🌺

💛 Flowers and Healing
       10 June 2019

“A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. ... This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.” — A Course of Love, C:5.32

Joining with all that's here today — vivid blue skies, sunshine, pain, sweet breezes, aching exhaustion, luscious flowers, floods of tears, and deep gratitude. Feeling the collective awakening pulsing all around. Magical and mundane. Transmogrification🌈🦄 No, I'm not ‘on’ anything!🤪 Simply intoxicated on the re-Membering of ONEness happening for all of us this month. Joining as Fractals of ALL that IS. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Mother Earth and Father Cosmos. Joy and grief, heart and mind, love and pain, sacred blood, divine body, birth and death, wave and particle, past and future, light and atoms, 5D and 3D. Resting in the center, in the eye of the storm, in the Quantum now moment, in the eye of the electromagnetic torus. Sheltering under a lush green leafy canopy. Feeling the living network of tree roots under my home breathing with me beneath my feet. Trusting in the stillness of zero-point neutrality. Fresh dewy-eyed conscious creativity arising. All things imaginal. A blueprint of infinite possibilities. Probabilities even! Receiving rather than planning. Overflowing. Surprises landing! Cocreation of the New beginning. Doing the best I can. Minute by minute. With discipline and devotion. Resting in the love of my family, my friends, and all you precious 💎✨Jewels✨💎sparkling here. Ice cream helps🍦And today I give myself permission to ramble. To share with you with all my loving, this mind-blowing excerpt, along with photos of my beautiful flowers.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen in 💜Accept Myself 💖Trust MySelf 💚Accept the Present 💛Freedom ❤️Power 🧡Joy 💚Rinse and Repeat

“The new is of the earth, the ground, the physical ground of being. The cherished and beloved sacredness of being alive. The new is where, joined with the Architect of Peace on Earth, there is a settling into physical being and physical being is offered to the earth and all her creatures. Joined as one being in the physical plane, there is restoration — restoration to union. ... The power of being human is as ephemeral as a butterfly with fragile translucent wings and as solid and unyielding as rock that once was molten, lava erupted as spitting fire. The knowledge of all things, of flight and fancy, is the phoenix that rises from the ash. ... An enchantment like intoxication rises, mind numbing and ebullient with spirit. Thoughts and cares tossed away, the jewel of humanity raises its head from slumber and in bathrobe and slippers, arises to a new day. She looks out in wonder. Restored. The she of humanity rises. A swollen wave, pregnant with new life, gathered in kitchens and on forest lawns, sweet with morning dew and mother love, full breasted and round bellied, a gestation soon to pass. With cries of terror new life is birthed of blood and water and the breath of spirit. It is physical creation on divine soil, sweet and sticky and odorous.”
— Creation of the New, 3.2,5-8

Here is the post on Facebook







💛🌏🌺 The Hibiscus and the 6/6 Gateway
       Sunday 6th June 2021

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

Today is the 6/6 Gateway anchoring yet another level of this Journey into the Unknown. A marker day of intensifying energies, in our movement within. As we emBODY all that is in union as Light, Love, Harmony, and the power of divine action. Each unique one as One. No other. No separation. No thing and no one left out. For there is no ‘outside’ in Oneness. And we've had our grandgirls staying over this super-hot weekend. Always an interesting dance for me betwixt and between the demands of being Grandma👵🏾 within the ever-present pull to stillness in the sacred divinity of timeless presence. A gap that I pray is closing.

We've had two 90°F (33°C) days at the front-end of an on-going five-day New England heatwave. Our share of intense heat spreading across the US, lasting for as many as ten days in places such as St. Paul, MN. I was up early this morning, in the hopes of a little time in stillness on this intensely surreal 6/6 gateway. Gazing into the near distance, enjoying the time-less, space-less, thought-less union of dissolving boundaries in the shimmering, I suddenly heard the girls pounding down the stairs. It was 8:02am. Perfect timing in truth, as I'd intended to join Sandra Walter's 8:00am Christ Light Expansion Global Unity meditation as I do most Sundays. Turning to the girls who were sitting wide-eyed on the couch pretending not to be there, I invited them over into my quiet corner. Grinning happily, they both ran over, and piling onto my lap they joined in the experience with me. Quietly listening in to Sandra's voice, I stroked their soft skin and glossy hair, shifting with them as now and again they wriggled and squirmed, resettling their little butts on my body. It was a beautiful joining of our three hearts with the many thousands across the globe who participate every Sunday for over five years now.

Not two hours later, after a hearty breakfast of chocolate milkshakes and chocolate chip bagels, both the girls set to building a project with their wooden blocks. We knew something was up, for the littler one kept popping in with warnings that we were not to peek, and we were most certainly not allowed into the other room. So we hung out chatting with their Dad over coffee in the kitchen, until they invited us to look. And oh my goodness, what a beautiful oasis they'd been cocreating! All around my ancient majestic hibiscus tree as the central feature. As I took my turn to tour the masterpiece, I could feel the serenity, the stillness, the union and peace in the green'ness of the structure. A magical silence seemed to blanket the area, and there was a palpable sense of the presence of the elementals ... the fairies. Something special was happening, and I did nothing to resist the urge I felt to grab my camera. As you enjoy these images — trust me — I had not said a word to either of them! Nothing you see in these images was prompted or staged in any way! Everything emerged organically ... seamlessly from within the two of them as one. Perhaps fueled by a surfeit of chocolate!🍫🤎 Perhaps not. Either way it was the sweetest gift!

As bone-weary as I am of this long, seemingly never-ending, spiraling journey we are on, it is the little ones that inspire me to persist in the face of all odds. May my sharing of this day's unfoldings inspire you to persevere also. With blessings and with so much love, from The Hibiscus Center for Reading and Meditation! 🌺

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