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🌸🕸🌸 Life into Death into New Life
       Saturday 8th April 2023

Dear Companions ✨🕸✨🕸✨

This Holy Saturday morning in stillness I find myself prompted to reprise excerpts from four writings shared in 2021 on the four days of Holy Remembrance. With selected bits from the MIRARI dialogues, that moved me deeply, and that live radiantly on within🌹 Enjoy full post.

With blessings and with so much love to each and all 🌺

💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel🧡Receive💜Trust YourSelf💖Act

🌸The Last Hour (Maundy Thursday)
“Foreknowledge of one's own death is such a state as this. It is annihilation, a thought so inconceivable to the mind, that it begins to break down and release that which connects, so that one can stand the coming event of disunion with the body and the reunion with God.”

🌸The Agony (Good Friday)
“Yes, before the glad rejoicing, the human heart needs to grieve. This is... the New Advent, why it comes to be the New Advent, and why Yeshua himself could not speak of it. He knew that the time of the Marys would come to show the way that cannot be denied. It was the feminine that invited the masculine to complete itself by way of bringing feeling together with thought. This was the birth of Creation. This is what we do again now.”

🌸The Silence (Holy Saturday)
“We, the women, were alone on the Sabbath. We were shaken The night before we were preparing the oils, busying ourselves, falling to the ground to weep, rising again. This day we were nearly silent as well as mute, by which I mean by choice as well as by shock, and we did not dare breathe a word of how shaken we were. I stole sideways glances at the others. Only Miriam of Magdala had a look about her that was not one of defeat.”

🌸The Resurrection (Easter Sunday)
“Gentleness is what is most in need of being seen after the exceptional harshness that has been... Miriam (of Magdala) was out the door. She was awake and restrained herself as long as she could. The others of us were rising slowly as her cloaked body flew off like the wisp of wind. She clutched her bundle to her chest like a new babe. As we prepared to join her, there was a signal, a sign, a quickening. We were sent word without the benefit of words. My sister and I looked at one another and knew.”

[Mary of Nazareth, MIRARI: The Way of the Marys, Mari Perron]

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Image: Christina Strutt,
Golden Tulips, 9 Mar 2023


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