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💛Threading Plasma 🕸✨🕸✨🕸
       Friday 3rd March 2023

We are each in our own way and in our own time, coming into awareness of the truth of ourselves in union and relationship as Creator BEings, uniquely alone yet inextricably together. This knowing/feeling shimmers in every fiber of my being as we hurtle towards the powerful Spring Equinox 22 Mar, when access to the celestial realms open up to a new experience of calm, peace, and beauty. These past many weeks I’ve been aware of rapid, rather intense and choppy events all around. Movements that have me feeling, discerning, transmuting or discarding all that no longer serves the Light BEing’ness that is revealing itself within. A process of revelation that’s happening each day for all willing hearts who dwell in the intent and integrity of unconditional love. Do you feel this powerfully insistent yet infinitely patient loving energy? We’ve been responding in greater and greater numbers, shape-shifting as we go from separation consciousness to Christ or Unity consciousness, into full Creator consciousness as ceaseless weavers of our reality … weavers of worlds! This is who the ancient Essenes were — the master weavers of light who walked the planet long before Jesus, who gave us both Mother Mary and Jesus through light inception, and who remained as Jesus’ invisible yet most stalwart support network!

With each choice for love, as we remember we are Christs — our only mission to love unconditionally and bless indiscriminately — we are literally weaving the multidimensional quantum substance of love. Casting our nets of lovelight with each step we take, through our intention, attention, and purity of presence. BEing here now in each quantum moment, willing and available to the intent of Creation itself. Each one an open door, a portal, a stargate, a conveyance for the Divine Intelligence that is flowing in for the highest good of all. We truly are master weavers threading strands of pure plasma with our hearts and our hands. Neither solid, nor liquid, nor gaseous — but a fourth fiery state of electrical and magnetic union of all three — the volcanic stuff of creation in-forming and re-forming matter! (A Space Hurricane, 9 Mar 2021)

It was the late 90s when I first looked up and saw these myriad darting sparks which left tiny evanescent trails across the sky — ‘plasma light wrigglers’ I called them! And as Tyler just reminded me, I showed others how to see them too! Fun! Back then I somehow knew that they were the stuff of Love, the ‘strings’ of String Theory, the very substance of the Quantum Foam that scientists still to this day argue about. We are after all now living in the Age of Aquarius. The Age of the Sacred Water Carrier (Plasma I say) who’s bathing the planet in the Alchemy of the New.

Almost daily reports measure high solar activity, solar flares and CMEs, as the sun lives its natural 11 year cycle which began Dec 2019, reaching solar maximum in 2024/2025. The resulting disturbances in the planet’s electromagnetic field, intense geomagnetic activity, and high solar winds are playing throughout Gaia and through all who dwell here. The extreme weather patterns we’re experiencing? How can we each not be affected individually? For we too are sentient fields of electromagnetic energy! This movement is perfectly designed to stir up stagnant energy, shake up museum pieces we shelved, and get stuck e-motions flowing freely again! For me this surging flow often happens in loud colorful ways (just ask Colin!😂) — Soul as authentic Self expressing unequivocally in growing Oneness and confidence! That’s evidence enough for me. Add to that the brilliant Auroras spotted this week across Europe and in England as far south as Stonehenge! Many of them in brilliant hues of pink and red that until now have been considered rather rare. I’ve included one photographed over Lapland this past Monday. Surely all indicative of something huge afoot. And I haven’t even mentioned the astrology, the super positioning of powerful planets like Jupiter and Venus right now.

Do you feel it too? If so, be extra-patient, kind, soft, and gentle with your heart, mind, and body. Enfold every feeling, thought, ache and pain, in tenderness and compassion and watch it melt away.
💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel🧡Receive💜Trust YourSelf💖Act

[And for my fellow nerds … some Quantum Science:�It was scientist Fabiola Gianotti who discovered the Higgs boson particle at CERN in 2012. Verifying a theory that elementary particles, like quarks and electrons inside atoms, get their masses from an invisible field that stretches through all of space. Without something to give particles mass there would be no stars or planets, no you or me, no form or life as we know it. During Solar Flares and especially after Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) charged particles emitted by the sun are carried by solar winds over the course of several days from the sun to the earth. The earth's atmosphere is always all around us. All around the planet. Invisible. Until the arriving particles render it visible. In beautiful swathes of color. Pale greens and pinks and more! Auroras appear when the particles penetrate the earth's magnetic shield — primarily at the poles where the field is weakest. They collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere resulting in countless little bursts of light, called photons. The Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights in the north and Aurora Australis in the south, are usually mirror-like images that occur at the same time, with similar shapes and colors. (Fox Fires, 8 Sep 2019)]

So it is no surprise that just last week I discovered this beautiful art image called ‘Grandmother Spider: The Weaver’, created by Jo Jayson! Imagine my delight! It is soooo my Way of Being in the world! What a gift!💝 To see in atoms in front of me, a representation of so much I have felt these seven decades, and with increasing certainty know myself to BE in truth! The first time I have seen such a perfect depiction of the ways I know, feel, receive, experience, respond to, and move through life. Remaining nonattached to outcome, 99% of my work invisible, my energy and attention devoted to the ceaseless weaving of swirling light into the darkest corners within me and without. Threading strands of plasma into cradles seeded with unconditional love — potent crucibles sparking pastel glitter, inviting those with and around me to choose with greater ease for CoCreating in union and relationship with the alchemy of love. And together igniting powerful waves that ripple throughout the infinite field, touching all of humanity and calling forth the highest possibilities into the realm of the probable, ready to take form.

We are each most certainly CoCreating our individual and collective realities, alone together, one quantum moment at a time. And I for one choose as best I can moment by moment for the kinder gentler playful all-inclusive New Earth of my dreams. By the way, the other 1% of my energy has always been engaged in making myself useful to the world in concrete and visible ways. All the while infusing every atom, bit, byte, photon, and phonon with so much love! It is this that has enabled me to exist on the planet looking kind of like a ‘normal’ person, though never quite ‘fitting in’ nor ever feeling like I belong anywhere!😃 What a relief at long last to stand as my own witness and acknowledge to myself — I Am, I am the Field. I am Indra’s Net of Jewels. What pigeonhole does that fit into? None! For I am the entire framework of pigeonholes and more! I am a Weaver of infinite worlds within worlds. I am Creatrix of all that is in front of me, choosing with each breath from infinite imaginal possibilities! Do you feel it too? I am Mother of two, Grandmother of three, and Lover of 8 billion! And now that I’m at long last seeing myself with clear eyes with tenderness and with infinite compassion, loving my precious self for every choice and every moment of the past seven decades … this incredible painting shows up and says it all! Coincidence? I think not😁

I would love to hear how things are feeling/moving for each of you!
Blessings and with much love to each and all🌺


[From the artist Jo Jayson:
“Grandmother Spider: The Weaver — Spider Grandmother, Spider Woman, Tse-che-nako Sussistinako is known in the ancient folklore of Native Americans, as the creator of the world and the universe. For the many hundreds of Native Americans Tribes, such as Hopi, Pueblo, Navajo, and the Choctaw to name but a few, there are many myths and stories about the old spider woman who created the sky, brought fire to the people and created the 4 races of humans . She molded out of clay the red, yellow white and black races of people, connecting each one with a thread from her web at the top of their heads (crown chakra) , as a reminder that all are connected to the central source via the web of life.

One of the most popular and well known stories is that of Grandmother Spider spinning her web of creation whilst singing her song, After she had embellished the strands of her web with dew drops, she threw this web into the sky, the dew drops becoming the stars and planets.

The stories of Grandmother spider are symbolic of the Feminine aspect of the Creator. In the oral tradition of Native Americans, stories to explain the mystery and magic of the universe were passed down from one generation to another, The American Natives understood and connected deeply with nature and the earth, and Grandmother Spider’s web of creation helped them comprehend that everything and everyone is connected to this web of life.

Within all of these tribes there is a common honoring of the deep sacredness of the Feminine and the feminine aspect of the earth and creation. To this day, whether we are Native American or not, we refer to the earth as Mother Earth, and to nature as Mother Nature.

Out of the dark, out of the void, Grandmother Spider through her thought , dreams and desires, weaved the web of life. The web is the matrix of the cosmos, the complex pattern of threads connecting everything to everyone. The Spiral dance of the weaver, is the spiral dance of creation. Grandmother Spider not only asks us to remember how fragile the threads are, but that we are these threads indeed and that whether we understand it or not, whether we believe it or not, we are all connected intricately and intimately to each other.”

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Grandmother Spider: The Weaver
© Jo Jayson 2016






Adrien Louis Mauduit, Swedish Lapland
27 Feb 2023


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