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💛 Uranus and Discomfort
       Full Moon in Aquarius & Uranus Retrograde, 15th August 2019
       17th August 2019

There's been something moving through me, through us, through the people of Hong Kong, and all of humanity. Whether we're aware of it or not. Ten days ago I watched a gigantic turkey vulture circle over me for a good long minute. This huge black bird is called Cathartes Aura, the Golden Cleanser. It was a portend. I should have known! Like a powerful wind. Like a strong dose of Phillips Milk of Magnesia or MiraLAX. The cleanse is happening! And it's not too comfortable. Been feeling it strongly since the Full Moon two days ago. It seems this sweeping energy will be here a while. And it won't take no for an answer. Some say it's the ‘Great Awakener’ Uranus. The planet of Change, Revolution, and Freedom! It went retrograde 10th August for the next five months. Prodding us to quit circling stuck in old rooted beliefs stories and habits. And flow once again with the ever-expanding spiral of our hearts' knowing.

We're all going to have to respond sooner or later. And likely many times over. The only choice is how? Do we “attend to painful feelings with a mind that feeds off the drama and identifies with the pain”? Or do we fearlessly bring our feelings to “a softened heart, a compassionate perspective, patience, insight and a desire to know our true nature”? It takes great courage to stay with our own discomfort. Simply witnessing all that is chaotically unfolding around us. Remembering our Oneness. Knowingly joining with all of it. Being the calm in the eye of the storm. So when discomfort arises 💛Pause 💖Breathe and 💚Ask “What do I need now?” Then with compassion and care, respond accordingly. Rinse and repeat. In each Quantum moment. The healing and regeneration that follows is remarkable. As is the renewed depths of wisdom and outpouring of compassion you'll discover for all that swirls around you!

“It's easy to focus on others. But if we keep our focus on ourself and do what we feel moved to do, we create space for others. To be informed and inspired by our actions. And be led by their own free will. Rather than through any kind of pressure or intimidation. We are in an evolutionary time that is encouraging us to embody our true essence. Everything is shifting right now. Our thoughts create our world. As we continue to expand our own thinking and ways of seeing, we help turn the tide. Discomfort has things she wants to share with us, invite her for a cup of tea, listen and witness. We might not be able to map the coordinates or know how to get from where we've been to where we are going, but that will come. Right now it's about clearly seeing, integrating and bringing a compassionate view to our multi-dimensional landscape.” — Mystic Mama

It's too bad I didn't read all this when it was posted on Wednesday! The neighbors and the hawks might've been spared the ungodly shrieking duet that has emanated from our home a couple of times in the last two days! Oh well! That too is a gift!💝 After all, sound is simply a movement of energy. And Colin and I sure have moved a s#%tload lately💩 Is that why it's called Uranus? Hahahaha!😂 Join us as we try to remember to 💛Pause 💜Put the kettle on ❤️Breathe 💖Have a cup of tea 💚Listen 💜Witness, and ♥️Move together in Harmony✨💎🕸💎✨With so much love to all 💜

💛 Joining in Relationship

“... It is only in relationship that anything becomes real. This you realize and so you strive to keep far from you all that in relationship with you would add to your discomfort and your pain. To think that any relationship can cause terror, discomfort, or pain is where you err in thinking of relationship. You think that to come in contact with violence is to have a relationship with it. This is not so. If this were so, you would be joined to all you come in contact with and the world would be heaven indeed, as all you see became blessed by your holiness. That you move through your world without relating to it in any way is what causes your alienation from the heaven it can be. Remember now one lovely day, for each of you has had at least one that was a shining light in a world of darkness. A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. Every drop of water seemed to refresh your soul, every breeze to carry you to heaven. Every smile seemed meant for you, and your feet hardly seemed to touch the soft ground on which you walked. This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.” — A Course of Love, C:5.30-32



💛 Be Yourself
       Black Super New Moon in Leo, 31st July 2019, 11:11:49pm EDT
       1st August 2019

At this Leo New Moon it is time to take your courage in both hands and finally allow yourself to BE all of who you are. Quit harassing yourself to be something else. Just in the past short while I've heard spoken to me sentences that begin “Why do you feel ...” and “Why can't you just be okay with ..” and “I think it's inappropriate for you to feel ...” Quit explaining yourself. Quit listening to others who tell you you're not okay. Start accepting all of who you are right now. Not just the parts others approve of. Not the way you're quite sure you can become if only you tried a bit harder. Or pulled out just one more feather with your beak! Rather, begin accepting ALL of you. In all of your irrational radiant messy shimmering ever-changing glory! Right here and now. Consistency is highly overrated! As is conforming pleasing complying and pretzeling or shrinking to fit! You are not responsible for how others feel, behave, or respond to you. You are responsible only for yourself. For your own choices. And for your own feelings. You know I'm talking to myself right?🤪🤓 As well as to all of you precious Jewels in Indra's Net💎🕸💎visiting here.

And why is it important to BE who you are? Because now more than ever, it is crucial that you DO who you uniquely are. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 🧡Speaking and 💖Taking wholehearted action as your precious heart prompts. As who you truly are. For you are essential to the wellbeing and transmogrification of the Whole🕸 The whole of your family friends community country and all of humanity — individually and collectively. Dear One💎 What are you waiting for? “Tell me, what is it you plan to do. With your one wild and precious life.” (Mary Oliver, The Summer Day)

“You are intuitive, you know what is right for you and what is wrong. Stop fighting against what you think you should do and settle into the truth of your being. Repeat to yourself — “I know myself, I trust myself, I know what is right for me.” Under the Leo Black Moon, we all have to tap into that courageous lion energy and remember that deep down we always know what is best for ourselves. Leo also rules over the heart ... Imagine pushing up all the anxious energy you have in your gut straight into your heart. Imagine pushing down all the foggy energy you have in your brain straight into your heart. Imagine these streams of energy entering your heart and shifting and transforming into wisdom, truth, and something that is drenched in love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Leo is ruled over by the heart because the lion is the most courageous and is the best ruler of its domain when leading with the heart — when leading with love. Under the spell of this Black Moon, remember: you know yourself — no one knows you better than you know yourself. You know what is right, you know what is best for you, you know which way you need to travel and what you need to do. Tune into the courage you have inside of you and begin navigating these fresh energies with love leading the way.”

💛 The Elevated Self of Form

“Action is the bridge between form and the formless because action is the expression of the self in form. “Right” action comes from the unity in which doing and being are one, or in other words from the state in which there is no division between who you are and what you do. “Right” action comes from the state of wholeness. Being whole is being all you are. Being all you are is what the elevated Self of form represents.” — D:7.6






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