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💛 Swimming
       New Moon in Libra, Saturday 28th Sep, 2:27pm EDT

There's a disturbance in the field moving through us and the planet, especially yesterday and today. It's New Moon this afternoon. Unusually huge CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) thrown off by the sun towards Earth three days ago arriving in our atmosphere. Plasma co-mingling with and energizing the Earth's Electromagnetic Field. NOAA reports the Kp index spiking. An indicator of strong geomagnetic storms. ( They say we'll be able to see the Invisible Field tonight! A strong possibility of Aurora Borealis sightings! The Indra's Net of the planet. ( Many of you may be feeling some discomfort in your body. I've heard of headaches, sleeplessness, flu-like chills, exhaustion, migraines, and all kinds of aches and pains. Rest. Take care of yourselves. Perhaps it's transmogrification! And so we can welcome it with gratitude.

“When old habitual modes of interpretation become dysfunctional, it is often painful, a dark night of the soul, but that kind of confusion can be fruitful... It motivates the system to self-organize in more inclusive ways, embracing and integrating data of which it had been previously unconscious.” — Joanna Macy

We're collectively embodying love in an unprecedented manner. Our imaginal cells, our dormant DNA (scientists no longer call it junk DNA!), the blueprint for the Divine Human Being is waking up. We can think of it as our Metamorphosis (, growing wings, turning into butterflies. Yet somehow my body resonates more strongly with the water. After all I'm an equatorial island girl and this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!💦😆 Perhaps you'll go to the ocean and swim in the sea. Or spend hours soaking in a strong seasalt bath. Like I did this morning. The way I'm feeling it, we're all sprouting new sparkly crystalline scales. Growing our tails and fins. Turning into mermaids🧜🏽‍♀️and mermen🧜🏽‍♂️. How totally and dramatically different the act of swimming is to walking on land. It's like when I remember that I'm a mermaid now, I do great! And so will you. We're designed to flow together. CoCreating the New. Effortlessly. Embraced and cherished within the ocean of love buoying us up. Swimming with ease!

It's when we forget the ocean and start trying to walk again that we get in trouble. We feel overwhelmed. Like we're going under. Drowning in our fears. Sometimes we can hardly breathe. We forget to breathe. So right now 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen in 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 ( Notice the twinge in your belly, the disturbance in your body. Pay attention when you control force or power through something. When your whole being screams “No! Enough!” Stop! Scream out loud if that's what it takes. I just did! Move the energy! Release the pressure! Then breathe into the quantum now moment. Drop into your heart. Listen for the truth. You'll know what is yours to do. And what is not. And always remember you are not alone💞

We are Jewels in Indra's Net 💎🕸💎 We are the infinite Net itself. We carry the limitless ocean of Love within us and with us. All of us here Mermen🧜🏽‍♂️ and Mermaids🧜🏽‍♀️ Flip that powerful tail and swim Baby! Swim with ease! When we need to take a break we pause and tread water together. Perhaps find a noodle and with cocktails in hand🍹rest for a bit. When we're tired we turn on our backs and float. Relaxing and drifting a while. Wherever the ocean wants to carry us! And when we're too weary to keep our heads up we turn to each other. And we hold each other up! I love you all🌺 and so wish I could send you mermaid stickers! I give them away all the time! (Still looking for merman stickers... anyone find some let me know!) And sticker bomb wherever you are! I do! Fun!🧜🏽‍♀️

💛 Who You Are

“You will almost literally continue to “bump in” to who you think you are as you complete the process of unlearning... If acting in the world as who you truly are is like swimming, bumping in to who you think you are could be likened to trying to move within water as you would on land. Why, when moving freely through the water would you suddenly try to move as if on land? The explanation could be as simple as forgetting where you are, or as complex as a sudden panic or fear brought on by any number of factors. Either way, the result would always be the same; a sudden change from ease of movement to struggle, from going with the flow to resistance... As a swimmer quickly learns, the only way to return to ease of movement is to cease to struggle or resist. The ability to let go of struggle is a learned ability for the swimmer and is a learned ability for you now as you journey back to your real Self. It requires remembrance, trust, and a wholehearted approach that allows the body, mind and heart to act in unison. This wholehearted approach is the condition from which unity is recognized. The water is not taken for granted but always recognized as the condition of the swimmer's environment. You are no longer confined to the conditions of separation, my dear brothers and sisters, and this is what it is time for you to learn.” — A Course of Love, The Treatises, Chapter 4 — The Call to Who You Are, T2:4.5-6

Here’s the post on Facebook







💛 Cradling
       Indra's Net Gathering: Wed 25th September
       27th September 2019

When do we stop needing to be cradled? To be held through our dark times? To be not left alone when fears arise? To simply be accompanied wherever and however you are? Through the tears and the pain that simply want to be seen, acknowledged, and felt? My answer is Never! Yet the world would say different. It'd tell me ‘Grow up!’ There is some truth in that for we do learn to cradle ourselves. We befriend ourselves. We fall in love with ourselves. We hold ourselves precious and dear. And we always have each other.

Last Wednesday at Muffins on Main shimmered with honesty, clarity and love. Living Love in Form together. Joining in sharing and cradling whatever came up in the middle — anxiety, shame, guilt. Healing and transmuting the past in the Quantum present. The only time there is. The why's and should's not mattering so much. Breathing our busy minds down into our hearts. ( Literally cradling our bellies in our arms. With raucous laughter noticing that some bellies were more substantial than others!🤣 And as always the scones and muffins — cranberry orange for me! — were divine!

If you're in any doubt about the essential nature of being held, here's a question I've been asking people for years. When do we stop cradling our children? When do we stop gathering up a child when tears come? When they are feeling sad or hurt, or simply seeming not quite themselves. Infant? Baby? Toddler? Pre-schooler? No! Definitely not when they're so young and vulnerable! How about an Elementary schooler? Middle schooler? High Schooler? College student? When does it become more important to ‘teach’, correct, or reprimand? Essential to first analyze and understand the whys and wherefores of the feelings? The sadness? The twinge in the belly? The disturbance in the field? At what age do our precious little ones become ‘Old Enough to Know Better!’?

Pay attention. Whomever you're with. Notice when unconditional overflowing love becomes conditional. When shoulds and rules begin seep in? When our attention becomes conditional? Rather than offering the safety of our arms, our presence, our love — as witness. Fiercely! Fearlessly! As pure Neutrality. Pay attention. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Begin holding your own precious self in unconditional love. And you'll find yourself being able to hold others. And if your heart prompts join us in Indra's Net of Jewels next Wednesday 2nd October ( For everything is always better together! With so much love 🌺

💛 The Embrace

”This is a call to move now into my embrace and let yourself be comforted. Let the tears fall and the weight of your shoulders rest upon mine. Let me cradle your head against my breast as I stroke your hair and assure you that it will be all right. Realize that this is the whole world, the universe, the all of all in whose embrace you literally exist. Feel the gentleness and the love. Drink in the safety and the rest. Close your eyes and begin to see with an imagination that is beyond thought and words.” — A Course of Love, Chapter 20: The Embrace, C:20.2





💛 Balance
       Equinox, Monday 23rd Sep, 3:50am EDT

Tonight the Sun is at the equator on its apparent journey south and we experience the Equinox = equal hours of day and night. The start of a Fall or Spring depending on your hemisphere. A space of stillness between seasons. A good day to feel deeply into everything in balance within ourselves. And so without — dark and light, masculine and feminine, north and south, wave and particle, birth and death, this and that, above and below, you and me — every bit of it simply an aspect of Source. A puzzle piece🧩 that fits uniquely and perfectly into the Whole picture. One. In Relationship. In constant movement and exchange. Inseparable. Each one free in each moment to express who we are — our essence. Choosing how we respond. With love... or not. CoCreating harmony and joy... or not. No comparisons and no judgments. It's entirely up to us. And then there's the next Quantum moment to choose again!😄 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

“Gathered together we find our light. And each spark shifts and multiplies scattering its radiance on our ordinary lives. Like everything precious, more valuable when shared. Like every common miracle made of the stuff of stars. Let the Light shine. Watch for it falling on each other's faces. Count the beams. Catch them. Let them be reflected back. See the hope. See the promise. Never hide your fears in silence Listen to those you cherish. Hold them in your arms. Let them hear your heart. Tell your truth. Tell your story. Tell your Love.” — Vanessa Redgrave voiceover, Call the Midwife (Season 8)

💛 Wholeness

“What “was” is being thrown out and the first step in this is embracing what you heretofore have not embraced. You are pulling forth sides of your selves that were previously undervalued rather than looking for an other to provide what you lack. This is important and universal in its impact. It would seem to be about balance but is about wholeness. Male and female are labels laden with attributes. When the different attributes are merged, male and female will be no more and wholeness will reign.” — A Course of Love, The Treatises, T1:9.16







💛 Community
       Indra's Net Gathering, Wed 18th September
       19th September 2019

It is no longer enough to be CoCreating alone. Many are feeling the impulse towards joining. CoCreating in community. Drawing strength with from and for each other. Atom-to-atom in physical spaces. And ‘face-to-face’ in virtual spaces. Sitting in the sunshine at Muffins on Main (MOM) enjoying the company the coffee and a perfectly toasted and buttered raisin bran muffin, the flow is palpable. Watch this condor drawing strength and courage from the people around her! I'm feeling her! Together we get there! And we fly!

CoCreating the New is a process. And we're in it together. The infinite quantum field is forever flowing through our open hearts, expressing Love in Form. With freedom for all. Giving and receiving as One. Unconditionally. Witnessing. Appreciating. Attending to the field, the flow, and our feelings. Together we are waking up our dormant 12-strand DNA. Strengthening each other by our very Presence together. Feeling so grateful here in the shimmering at MOM and for the many other ways I am in community with people. The newest space beginning October is a group in town joining in political discourse! Yikes!😳

We are each a sparkling Jewel in the vast infinite Indra's Net. We are each a priceless piece essential to the whole picture coming together. The New Earth simply will not be made manifest if we continue alone. How can we even come to fully see the true shape and expression in form of our unique piece, if not by joining with each other? What might we discover together that we couldn't possibly have landed on our own? What delightful revelations? What magic might illuminate the middle? Brighter and larger than any one little spark we might each be offering? How refreshing to be seeing each other, sharing through our unique experiences — what we know, what we have, how we roll, who we are, what we're hot to offer — each one equally valuable! Listening and receiving with, through, and for each other. Coming to know the New together even as we're inFORMing each other and landing our collective love and joy in physical form. Wherever you are, in your own way, try it and you'll see!💞

A beautiful soul recently described the essence of me — my most fundamental function as a human being. So crisply. In a way I could never have seen or known by myself! She wrote, “I feel, see who you are, your uniqueness, and I know it all has to do with the NET we are weaving in the physical realm. Facilitating connection, communication, sharing, co-creation. And I just have this vision of you being like a conductor weaving the connections between all these individual human powerplants and all the open sources and open resources. It is all crystally and shiny. And there is so much power and flow in it.” My heart receives these words. Resonating deeply. Overflowing, rushing out in joy and delight! Expanding, embracing, inspiring and sharing myself with ultimate abandon and generosity. Sharing my gifts. My super-powers of connecting with boundless curiosity, laser-bright clarity, and a wicked wit that sees the ridiculousness of my/our fears! In all seriousness I cannot do anything these days without smiles and laughter!😆

We cannot not be in relationship. Relationship simply IS. We are in a relationship of one form or another with everyone and everything all of the time! I know I can no longer not share myself. I can't stop myself overflowing with the love of all here and everywhere! Like breathing. It is happening. Effortlessly and endlessly. And with love 🌺

💛 Covenant of the New

“What then is the call to creation that has been spoken of? This is the acceptance of the new you—acceptance that you are going beyond simple recognition and acceptance of the Self as God created the Self—to the living of this Self in form. This is an acceptance that recognizes that while the Self that God created is eternal and the self of form as ancient as the sea and stars, the elevated Self of form is new and will create a new world. This is the answer to the question of “What is next?” If there is nothing to learn, if coursework is behind you and accomplishment is complete, what then are you to do? You are to create in community, in dialogue, in commitment and togetherness. You are to be the living Covenant of the New.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D5.15-16















💛 Paradox
       Full Moon in Pisces, Saturday 14th Sep, 12:32am EDT

The moon is full hanging like a huge spherical diamond in the sky. We're leaving Needham at midnight after a lovely evening babysitting our grandgirls. Feeling grateful for the seamless continuity generation to generation, and the freshness of the little ones, more star children than us. Knowing that we are the stuff of stars forever joining, exchanging identities, and CoCreating in and from the vast neutral field of all possibilities Together making the possible probable. And rendering visible the vast invisible field that stretches through all of space.

“Energy is energy. It comes and it goes, rises and falls. We experience it as emotion and inspiration; motivation and illness; desire and aversion... In naming these things we make them real and build a self around them: a necessary act in a world that demands identity and substance from us all... But this isn't the only world and we aren't everything we seem... This full moon illuminates the paradox of self and no-self, of ego and essence, and the dance we must dance to know it all.” — Sarah Varcas (

All through this month we're soooo supported in dropping the past and moving on. Much like our granddog Wonderful, drops his poop💩 and moves on!😂Lighter and more fully present to the next moment. Losing all identification with origin, past lives, experiences, position, role. In order to step into who we truly are. And the purpose we came here to fulfill.

Flowing with acceptance of what is.
Of our feelings, thoughts, and body.
Of both 3D form and the infinite multiD field.
Love love loving ourselves and all others.
Loving without exception all that is presenting.
Opening to receiving.
Noticing the anxiety.
Loving that too, and opening anyway!
Knowing we are renewed in each moment.
That everything is new in each moment.
Not knowing, knowing, and coming to know!
We're literally cocreating from the inside out.
Individually and collectively.
Playfully, effortlessly, devotedly.
Joining in union and relationship.
Trusting with ease and grace.
One moment at a time.
With love to all🌺


“Because we are one heart, one mind, one Self, we can only know our selves through sharing in unity and relationship. We could only share in unity and relationship through a seeming separation from the oneness in which we exist. This is the great paradox that unites the world of form and the world of spirit...” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day11.2
“Here is where we must return to paradox, to knowing who you are and who I Am and to constantly discovering who you are and who I Am, because who you are and who I Am are the same being in the constant creative tension of differentiating from one another.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day39.3



💛 The Ultimate Collaboration
       Indra's Net Gathering, Wed 11th September

Rehearsals are over. It's showtime. Ready or not here we ARE. And so are weekly ‘Indra's Net of Jewels: Going Quantum in a 3D World’ at ‘Muffins on Main’ in Westford! The impulse arose and the call went out on Monday, and thanks to all willing hearts who responded, we had a lovely gathering on Wednesday (yesterday)! Join us next week!🕸💎🕸

The planetary energies are inviting us and sweeping us into the New. Gently flowing AND firmly insistent. We can no longer ignore the call. Nor can we turn away with a “Meh .. maybe later”. Or can we? Are you in? Or are you out? And what the f*%k does that even mean? Skip to the checklist below for particulars!😳 Inspired by our Indra's Net gathering! 🕸💎🕸💎🕸

Playing in the shallows. Hiding in the twilight zone of 4D. One foot in the old (3D) and one foot in the new (5D) is no longer an option. It is a New day. With so much gratitude to all the forerunners who have struggled and suffered for us and with us, it's time to REALize that we no longer have to. Like that writhing in-between caterpillar-chrysalis creature. Casting off its rumpled larval skin. Securing it's new form to a twig in a way that even scientists cannot explain. ( We are invited to make a leap of faith fully and securely into the New. Now.

Each one truly BEing who we are. Fulfilling our unique purpose. Bringing Love into Form. In the radiance of our own unique expression. Right where we are. In our jobs. With our families. In our communities. Or wherever we are called. Joining in union and relationship with all of everything. In this Quantum NOW moment. Breathing our spinning minds into our hearts that are wisely and compassionately KNOWing in wholes. And on down into our bodies so ready to move in effortless response.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action 🧡Rinse and Repeat. There is no grand plan pre-determined by some celestial mastermind. We are it. We are CoCreating the present in real-time. The grand experiment is here. The magic is happening in the middle! It is the ultimate collaboration. CoCreating in Love with the intent of Creation itself. Resting moment to moment in that sweetest of all places — that divine neutrality of surrender, acceptance of what is, and full-on engagement! Taking each inspired action-step with enthusiasm and grace. Returning always to that zero-point of infinite potential. Like an ace tennis player in between shots, resting with alert and agile confidence right on the T.

Sharing here my action checklist inspired by Indra's Net:
--✿ There is no fear, only the absence of love.
--✿ There is no waiting, the time is now.
--✿ There are no errors, only choices.
--✿ There is nothing to forgive, only gratitude for all.
--✿ There is no other, only us, all expressions of me.
--✿ There is no helping, only offering.
--✿ There is no teaching, only sharing experience.
--✿ There is no forcing, only inviting.
--✿ There is no striving, only flowing.
--✿ There is no planning, only receiving.
--✿ There are no goals, only curiosity.
--✿ There is no hard work, only joyful movement
--✿ There is no anxiety, only anticipation.
--✿ There is no judging, only discerning.
--✿ There are no expectations, only openness
--✿ There is no urgency, only perfect timing.
--✿ There are no safe sidelines, only the field of play.
--✿ There is no permission, only self-trust.
--✿ There is no doubting, only certainty.
--✿ There is no observing, only full participation.
--✿ There is no outside, only inside expressing in form.
--✿ There is no doing alone, only cocreating together.
--✿ ... please do add your own and share with us here!
EnJOY! With gratitude and so much love to all🌺

💛 Intent of Creation

“This is the new realm of power that few in physical form have practiced and that has never been practiced by many at one time. It is a major shift because it is not neutral but creative. It is of creation and can only flow through those who have mastered neutral observation ... It is where creation of the new can begin because it is the intent of creation, rather than the intent of the observer, that is the creative force, the animator and informer. Being joined in union and relationship allows for the channeling of creation through the one Self because the one Self is joined in union and relationship” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day15.10 and D:Day19.1



💛 Fox Fires — the Indra's Net of our planet!
       8th September 2019

Last Sunday, my precious daughter-in-law Tyler shared this new little film with the family. A gift that we all love for so many reasons! Sharing today with all of you precious Jewels in the Net! 🕸💎🕸💎🕸 It could have been custom-made for us and for all that is unfolding right now. Inspired by Finnish folklore, it was made by a group of students at Dundee University. Premiered on YouTube Monday 19th August, just seven days later it had been viewed over a million times. I adore the little Fox 🦊 at first trying so hard to function like all the other animals! Eventually realizing her true nature is not to make a physical ‘thing’ but to function as a movement of energy inviting all willing hearts forward into joining and CoCreating as expressions of Love — making the Invisible Field visible for everyone!

The Quantum Science:
It was scientist Fabiola Gianotti who discovered the Higgs boson particle at CERN in 2012. Verifying a theory that elementary particles, like quarks and electrons inside atoms, get their masses from an invisible field that stretches through all of space. Without something to give particles mass there would be no stars or planets, no you or me, no form or life as we know it.

During Solar Flares and especially after Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) charged particles emitted by the sun are carried by solar winds over the course of several days from the sun to the earth. The earth's atmosphere is always all around us. All around the planet. Invisible. Until the arriving particles render it visible. In beautiful swathes of color. Pale greens and pinks and more! Auroras appear when the particles penetrate the earth's magnetic shield — primarily at the poles where the field is weakest. They collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere resulting in countless little bursts of light, called photons. The Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights in the north and Aurora Australis in the south, are usually mirror-like images that occur at the same time, with similar shapes and colors.

Enjoy this beautiful 6 minute film!

💛 Field of the Possible

“You will realize that as we individuate we are in a constant state of creation as well as of creative tension. As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day39.4

Here's the post on Facebook



💛 The Interstitium — the Indra's Net inside us!
       7th September 2019

With delight I've been exploring some science articles on the discovery of a ‘new’ organ in the human body! So tickled to find that the classic Cartesian scientific method of dissection and analysis has rendered this flowing space in the human body literally Invisible until now! The interstitium is newly being recognized as an important space that cradles the entire human organism. And yet it is being pigeonholed neatly and predictably as just a new organ!🤣 Surely it transforms the shape and dimensions of the entire framework of pigeonholes scientists have used thus far to understand how the human body functions!

The interstitium in our body is a contiguous fluid-filled space in-between all structural barriers (such as cell walls, the skin) and internal structures (such as organs, muscles, the circulatory system). It is not at all a passive conduit. Rather, it functions as a highly dynamic and complex structure — like an open fluid-filled highway — strongly influencing the behaviors of each unique cell. The interstitium plays a critical role guiding a wide variety of cellular processes in the direction of interstitial fluid flow. Assisting the transport of nutrients throughout the tissues of the organism ... and more!

Researchers have been missing/overlooking ... ignoring?🙄 the Interstitium for decades. It doesn't show up on standard microscopic slides. Fluid-filled spaces never do! Why? Because the standard tissue sample slide prep and fixing process drains away fluid! Causing the interstitial fluid-filled spaces to collapse and look simply like a thick layer of collagen!😳 It is a recent innovative imaging process enabling examination of live tissue, that has led to the 2018 discovery of this ‘new’ organ! Yayyy! The Invisible spaces in-between finally made visible! I'm looking forward to many new discoveries about the unique function and purpose that the Interstitium plays! Enjoy! With love💜

💛 Field of Creation

“With your new awareness you are now linked, through the consciousness of unity, with the entire field of creation, rather than only with the time-bound field of creation of form. As your awareness grows, you will begin to expand and express in new ways. Those ways thus now include the form of your body without being limited to creation of, and in, form. The body has thus joined creation in a non-time-bound way.” — A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:7.20



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