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💛 Witnessing
       Friday 28th February 2020

Colin's away in CA and I'm on my third day of four alone in a little at-home retreat. Mostly silent. Following my nose. Listening in. Feeling all that's swirling in the field and arising within me. This morning some ancient tears followed by shimmering clarity propelling me to share briefly😉 with all you precious Jewels 💎🕸💎

We're in this together This beautifully relentless movement to embody the Love that we are and express it in form. CoCreating a kinder, gentler new world. A force insistently calling us within to first love ourselves. And then without to live free. Imperfectly perfect in this moment exactly as we are. There is much joy in this. There is also much stored pain arising. As it must. Crying out to be seen felt and released. Pain that is both personal and collective. Both recent and ancient. Traumas of masculine and feminine in equal measure struggling to come into balance.

How do we respond? How do we not add to the pain? All through 2019 I shared (at length😃) my own experiences and how I navigate them. (It's all indexed here at Indra's Net of Jewels KeyWords Been writing less this year. Feeling there is nothing more to be said. Or read. Or discussed. Love is simply in the living of our ordinary everyday lives. In each moment choosing feeling giving receiving. Nothing left out.

“To be wounded is not to be broken or useless — it is simply to be human and real. It is also to be tender and openhearted... We are not meant to be superheroes We are meant to be imperfect humans fumbling through this life together. We are meant to be wounded witnesses.” — Heather Plett

Everyday I find myself being called to new depths of awareness clarity compassion and care. For myself and for all who show up in my field. There are many in pain. Some more aware of it than others. Some more able to go within and feel it than others. Now more than ever 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💙Accept Your Feelings 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💛 Never underestimate the power of simply bearing witness to the pain. Holding space for all of it. Being a neutral presence to whatever is happening within you and so for all those around you. It takes great courage to be kind. Compassion is Love in action. And it is everything.

Perhaps try the practical questions in Xtreme Compassion And ask yourself “What do I need now?” Listen to the answer that arises and respond. Self-care is a magical thing. It's where truly pure compassion begins. If things are overwhelming for you read Heather Plett's raw inspiring story and 7 practical strategies. And if all else fails try chocolate!🍫Or doughnuts!🍩 My only wish for you💎 as for myself is living in Freedom Power and Joy. With love to all🌺

💛 Imperfectly Perfect

“You will see that what is perfect is perfect only in its imperfection. You will realize how often you are upset, anxious, frustrated, angry, or saddened by the nature of the imperfection of perfection. In other words, you will realize that your predetermination of how things “should” be has been the greatest restriction on your apprehension of what is, and your greatest source of disappointment. You will also realize how often you are naturally joyous, compassionate, kind, and wise when you are present with what is rather than wishing things were other than as they are. You will realize your deep affection and even longing for the imperfection of perfection—that it is exactly another's imperfection that you love, precisely their imperfections that make them perfect! And you will discover that the same is true of you.” — A Course of Love, U35

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💛 Indra's Net 2020
       Wednesday 19th February 2020

With infinite gratitude to precious Jewel💎 Coralie Pearson who sent this to Glenn and me this morning. From Suzanne Giesemann, 13th Feb 2020. One Field of Love and Light✨ One Net🕸 One Heart♥️ We are unique expressions in form within the Net💎🕸💎 All described in this 13-minute video with such Clarity Simplicity and Beauty. I have nothing to add. With so much love to all🌺

“Your thoughts of another or your intention to connect, which is the self-same thing energetically, sends a ripple of energy through all of the interconnections, the nodes between you in the Field of Light.” — Sanaya Explaining The Matrix
Your Place in the Cosmos Explained

💛 The New Reality

“Now you must imagine yourself walking outside of the doors of this house of illusion and finding a completely new reality beyond its walls. You might think, at first, that you are in a place so foreign that you must immediately begin to learn again, starting with the smallest building blocks of knowledge, as if learning a new alphabet. Yet you soon will find that this new reality is known to you and requires no new learning at all.” — A Course of Love, T3:9.3
“You will realize that as we individuate we are in a constant state of creation as well as of creative tension. As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything.” — A Course Of Love, D:Day39.47

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💛 A Love Story
       Friday 14th February 2020

The Girl in the Velcro Dress’ pretty much tells the story of my life. It's a different kind of love story. Telling of a long and twisty journey home to falling in love with myself. Do you recognize yourself too? Everything is beginning to make perfect sense these days. The heart always knows. With a certainty only possible in the present. One Quantum moment at a time.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf💖

And so I go on picking away at the stickiest b**%@rs of them all! Asking to see the perfection in every imperfect speck. And listening ... really listening within. Paying close attention. Observing without fear blame or shame as best I can. And today I'm sharing. Feeling so grateful. For Colin with the heart of gold. And for you — the myriad sparkling Jewels💎🕸💎 who weave throughout my field and the moments of my days. Peeling the layers together. Coming home to ourselves. Coming to voice! CoCreating as many kinder gentler present moments as we can every single day. Trusting the beauty and magic of all that's available and waiting to unfold through us. Only a breath away. One shimmering choice for Love at a time!🌟 My wish for you as for myself — 💛Freedom ❤️Power and 🧡Joy💚 and A Happy Valentine's Day! .. with so much love to all 🌺

💛 Spaciousness

“Only now, in your realization of your invisibility and spaciousness, do you look within and see the stones that settled in your clear pools. They are as specks of sand to the ocean. And yet we do not choose to keep them. Spaciousness is spaciousness. Invisibility is invisibility. We are no longer collectors but gatherers. We hold within only what is real and in our realization of the reality of relationship, we accept our relationship to the unexplainable.” — A Course of Love, D:Day14.10

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💛 SoulFULL Family ‘A Course of Love for Humanity’ (Part II)
       Replay 3rd February 2020

Cheryl and I continued our conversation last night on the challenges of living Love and Oneness, and the message of A Course of Love. Exploring in depth the themes of Willingness, Availability, Compassion and Observance. And introducing the game-changing stance of Both/And rather than Either/Or.Read more here —

"The SoulFULL Family with Cheryl Andrea" on UIMedia
Enjoy the Replays here as your heart prompts 💛 with love to all 🌺

Last night's show, 3rd February 2020, Part II

6th January 2020, Part I

💛 Willingness, Availability, Attention

“To attend is to be present and to be of service. This is the meaning of which we speak when we ask for a commitment to life that requires your attention. It is both a request for focus and readiness and a request for service that can only be given in the present by a mind and heart available to the requirements of the present... To be of service to God is not to be a slave to God but to attend to God. To give God your attention and your care. You who would cry, God make use of me, only need to give to God your devotion and your willingness to serve instead of use.” — A Course of Love, C:29.1,3




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