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💛 Metamorphosis and Constellations
       Friday 24th January 2020
       New Moon in Aquarius, 4:43pm EST

“What is different about this time rather than in the past is that we can no longer maintain the status quo. It's like the universe is precipitating the change that's necessary. Facing something head on with open communication, transparency and compassion brings integrity to our relations. The more honesty we can bring, the more we claim our hearts as we allow others the same freedom.” — Mystic Mama

Life seems to go on normal. Regular activities — a hair appointment, Zoom video calls, dinner out with friends, seeing Star Wars IX (finally!), an evening with the grand-girls. Yet unlike normal, all of it entering me with heightened sensation. Not always pleasant! Everything is the same and yet nothing at all is the same. Feeling tired physically. Quietly turned within emotionally. Feeling blissfully tearful, joyfully emptied, and at times oh-so-alone! Cocooning in my quiet room whenever I can. Never truly wanting to leave. Happily gazing out at the trees in the sunshine. With the sky the birds and the squirrels. Disappearing into the shimmering. Yet more fully present to everyone and to all of everything than I have ever been.

With many moments of magical flow and alchemy throughout each day. Mostly forgotten even before the experience is noted Like the evanescence of myriad criss-crossing jet trails I see in the cobalt blue sky! This forget-full-ness happening regularly it seems in this new timeless time of the quantum now. Colin and I — each with half-a-brain left — seem to muddle along quite nicely! Together making just about one functioning brain!😆Whatever works! Right?

Breathing in a spaciousness that expands my heart-belly-womb beyond the body. Joining the limitless Field pulsating within, through, and all around me. A palpable texture of infinite possibilities just a twinkling beyond form. A swirling movement barely a tilt of my head or a blink of my eye away. Source/Sophia Gaia/God/the Universe/Quantum Void broadcasting the insistent call to return to Love. Waiting not-so-patiently now for us to listen answer and respond.

Facing down all remnants of imaginary obstacles, transmuting all that is not of love, and dying to the old. Finally claiming our freedom and in so doing freeing everyone around us. Exactly as happens within the cocoon of a newly forming butterfly — “That chrysalis now literally digests itself. Dissolving every bit of caterpillar material ... Leaving only the imaginal cells intact. At the point of complete breakdown the imaginal cells spring to life. They resonate at the same frequency. Clumping together they busily begin passing information to each other.” — ‘Metamorphosis: A Journey in Seven Parts

Just like the butterfly is imaginal cells, at long last we begin finding each other. Each one calling forth the unique God-spark in each. We resonate. We recognize each other. We know each other through our light and our sound. And so we begin gathering in sparkling constellations as the long-awaited beloved Imaginal Cells of the New. “Just like you and me, galaxies are electromagnetic torus swirls around voids/black holes/Sophia heart wombs at their center! In constant movement being and expression. Their swirling arms composed of cosmic dust, gases and areas of intense star formation called starbursts!” — Spiraling

A rainbow of pastel hues never before seen. A tinkling fountain of crystalline tones never before heard. Each one of us holding an essential fractal of the blueprint for New Earth. And together — with willingness curiosity and playfulness — we begin CoCreating an unconditional world of compassionate clarity and cooperation. Join the movement ✨💎✨ Love endlessly expressing Love in form. Right here. Right now. It is who you are. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take One Next Step 🧡Repeat💙

I'm reading little. And writing less. (I know I know ... this is pretty long .. I can't help myself!🤪) And so was delighted to find this blog a moment ago. Beautifully expressing some of what I'm feeling and this brave New way of BEing. Where I am now, how I am now, who I am now, in no way negates one single thing that has come before. Every one of those moments/movements has carried me forward and deposited me here and now. Some gently and some with crushing force. For all of them I am deeply grateful. As I am equally truly grateful for all who weave in and out of my life leaving their indelible gifts. And for each one of you precious Jewels who visit here. We are ALL forever joined in Indra's Infinite Net of Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 Nothing and No One left out for there is no ‘outside’ in Oneness. One Heart ♥️ Always. Go well. Fly Free. You are not alone. Ever. With so much love🌺

“You wonder why you have been so sleepy lately, why everything you have always known is falling apart, why you feel empty and alone? This is the result of withdrawing from the collective consciousness. Allow the emptiness and the temporary loneliness to foster the space for your imaginal cells to emerge and create anew.” — Engaging the Imaginal Cells

💛 Imaginal Life

“From here your life becomes imaginal, a dream that requires you not to leave your home, your place of safety and of rest. You are cradled gently while your spirit soars, dreaming happy dreams at last. With love surrounding you in arms that hold you close, you feel the heartbeat of the world just beneath your resting head. It thunders in your ears and moves through you until there is no distinction. We are the heartbeat of the world.” — A Course of Love, C:20.10

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💛 One Movement ♾
       Friday 17th January 2020

Precious Jewels in the Net💎🕸💎 Sitting in quiet at dawn this morning. Joining with all. Feeling then as now, so grateful for the beauty of the One ceaseless undivided movement that we truly are. And for the huge shift yesterday after a strange few days feeling totally lost. Confused, weary and withdrawn. Who am I? Why am I here? WTF is wrong with me? Perhaps you know how that goes? Bewildering after the glorious weekend huh!?

The temperatures plummeted too and it's been snowing on and off with a lot more coming tomorrow. Some say it's integration weather. Space to assimilate all of the energies we've received. Perhaps. It was what it was. Breathing. Sinking into the darkness. Trusting. Chocolate helping ... a little🤪 Nothing to analyze or explain. Everything unfolding perfectly and in exquisite timing. Each moment New. The fog miraculously lifting just hours before another spirited dialogue with my community Civil Discourse group. Having tackled Income Equality and Gun Control in past months, last night we took on Immigration! Hugely diverse points of view. All listening intently sharing facts and opinions. Coming to see with new eyes. Productive and fun. Best one yet!

Feeling forever held in the embrace of Love. The Net. The Field. Every particle within seamlessly effortlessly expressing our essence without. And every particle without seamlessly flowing within in-FORMing who we are. Love's call and Love's response complete in each Quantum moment. Don't be fooled!😆 There is as much movement in my silent stillness as there is stillness in my activity. Love endlessly expressing love in Form. Light dancing as both particle and wave. Every thought feeling intention choice and action CoCreating who we are. Making and remaking us NEW in each NOW moment. Imagine! Such Freedom Power and Joy! No restrictions! Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💜Trust Your WholeHearted Self and 💖Flow with the Movement ♾ As within so without. Rinse and Repeat🤓

Sharing with you these beautiful words from modern day mystic Jiddu Krishnamurti. They speak to some of all that I am feeling. His conversations with Quantum physicist David Bohm influenced much of my Systems Thinking Dialogue work at Digital thirty years ago. And continue to inspire me today. Thank you Mari💖 for quoting Krishnamurti in your latest video. And Lynn💖for drawing my attention to it yesterday! With love to all 🌺 -

“Something strange is happening to the physical organism. One can't exactly put one's finger on it but there's an ‘odd’ insistency, drive; it's in no way self-created, bred out of imagination. It is palpable when one's quiet, alone, under a tree or in a room; it is there most urgently as one's about to go off to sleep. It's there as this is being written, the pressure and the strain, with its familiar ache.
Formulation and words about all this seem so futile; words however accurate, however clear the description, do not convey the real thing. There's a great and unutterable beauty in all this. There is only one movement in life, the outer and the inner; this movement is indivisible, though it is divided Being divided, most follow the outer movement of knowledge, ideas, beliefs, authority, security, prosperity and so on. In reaction to this, one follows the so-called inner life, with its visions, hopes, aspirations, secrecies, conflicts, despairs. As this movement is a reaction, it is in conflict with the outer. So there is contradiction, with its aches, anxieties and escapes
There is only one movement, which is the outer and the inner. With the understanding of the outer, then the inner movement begins, not in opposition or in contradiction. As conflict is eliminated, the brain, though highly sensitive and alert, becomes quiet. Then only the inner movement has validity and significance. Out of this movement there is a generosity and compassion which is not the outcome of reason and purposeful self-denial. The flower is strong in its beauty as it can be forgotten, set aside or destroyed. The ambitious do not know beauty. The feeling of essence is beauty.”
Krishnamurti's Notebook, The Culturium

💛 Movement Being and Expression

“... Love is the spirit of the wind that animates all form. ... Life was given through the extension and the expression of God, of Love, of Creation—through the extension of wholeness—into the seemingly separate identities of form. The way of that extension was the way of the unified principles of creation, the way of movement, being, and expression. ... In your time of directly experiencing the movement, being, and expression of unity, you are whole and complete, you feel no lack, no uncertainty, no doubt. You are confident in what you know. ... At times when you are not directly experiencing the movement, being, and expression of unity, you realize the state of becoming. ... you are not wholly present as who you are.” A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D16.7-8,14-15

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💛 Choice, Power, and Responsibility
       Diamond Crystalline Gateway Saturday 11th January 2020
       Saturn/Pluto Conjunct, Sunday 12th January 2020

Another wild day energetically within and out there too Strong winds buffeting me. Sending fluffy white clouds scudding at high speed across a clear blue sky. The sun/Solaris sparkling in full diamond crystalline brilliance. Blazing new light codes into the atmosphere, infusing the very air we breathe. Penetrating the core of every particle on the planet/Sophia Gaia. Most especially and excitingly flooding and transmogrifying the DNA of all willing hearts minds and bodies. Aware of it or not. It's happening! It's really really happening!😂

Filled with gratitude for the two shimmering hours Colin and I spent outside this afternoon. In the wide open spaces of the Fruitlands Museum grounds at the top of Makamachekamuk Hill. An ancient sacred Native American site. Enjoying 68°F/20°C record-breaking warmth! How crazy is that!? Hugging ancient trees. Bathing in the glimmering full sunshine. Joining in union and relationship together and with the beauty of nature. What a gift mid-winter in New England!

So much high frequency information being processed it blows my mind. Literally. Sleep overtook me just now. A few minutes down time. Offline to integrate, recharge and reboot. And now I must write. Just a little. For few words come that could capture the depth and breadth of all that I know is happening all at once this weekend. They say the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is at long last here! That this multidimensional Diamond 111💎 gateway is wide open and will stay that way for ALL to enter at our own pace in our own time through our own willingness and choice. The choice to step into the unity and fullness of our Power Freedom and Joy! As fully embodied Divine HUman BEings. Bodhisattvas. Joining the ceaseless dance of the universe. CoCreating the New from the limitless Field of possibilities. Love endlessly expressing Love in form. Together. Nothing and no one left out. For in the wholeness of Oneness there is no outside!😆

You'll no doubt agree that I've said enough and written more than enough😉 these past few days. Now all that remains is to do it. Embody it. Become it. Choosing for Love. Being the Love that is missing wherever we are. Claiming our sovereignty. REALizing our Freedom and Power. Taking full Responsibility. The keywords are Kindness and Compassion. For self and everyone. One limitless step at a time. One timeless Quantum moment at a time. With Willingness Curiosity and Playfulness. It's that simple. It's the hardest work we've ever done. And the most fun! 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Smile😊 Take Action🧡 Effortlessly and in Joy! One Heart ❤️ With so much love to All! 🌺

“January will be intense. A time of new beginnings. We see the potential for our perception of time to shift exponentially. What once took years to process we can now do in a few months and what took months can take weeks or days. We have the opportunity to suffer less and reap greater rewards, but we must choose to do so. Perspectives formed at this time will be highly charged with the innovative force of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Unlike many outer planet conjunctions which recur over a number of months, this alliance occurs only once intensifying the shift to a new perspective. If we're having a hard time in January, the key lies in our response. Do we cement it with our reactions adding misery upon misfortune, or do we allow new understanding, perspectives and feelings to arise?
Fear is not a helpful response and be wary around those who encourage it! Pluto demands of us a mighty heart that can release all that no longer supports who we must be. Conjunct Saturn it illuminates where we project onto others or onto institutions which seek to control our lives for their own benefit. We must own our power and the responsibility that comes with it. Or face with full force the consequences of refusing to do so. Those who propagate power bases will face unyielding challenge to their assumptions of entitlement. By contrast, those who choose to project power onto others and perpetuate a ‘poor me’ persona will face some intense and unremitting challenges to that world-view. In times of change such as these we must first take charge of our own attitude. Then — and only then — can we occupy the sovereignty that allows our world to heal.” — Paraphrased from ‘Resistance, Choice Points and Fresh Perspectives’ by Sarah Varcas, 6th January 2020

💛 Rejoin the Dance

“... The laws of love are laws of peace, abundance, safety, and cooperation. Your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of love will naturally be different from your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of fear. You set the laws of the universe when you chose fear. The laws of the universe of love are God-given. Acceptance of your true power is acceptance of your God-given authority via your free will. When I beseeched my Father, saying, “They know not what they do,” I was expressing the nature of my brothers and sisters as caused by fear. To accept your power and your God-given authority is to know what you do. Let the fear be taken from this area of your thought so that you can see the application of cooperative action. As long as you fear your own ability to know what you do, you cannot be fully cooperative. The rest of the universe, existing in a state of compassionate free will devoid of fear, knows what it does. There are no opposing forces that are not in agreement about their opposing force. No atoms do battle. No molecules compete for dominance. The universe is a dance of cooperation. You are but asked to rejoin the dance. — A Course of Love, C:20.31-33

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💛 Wholehearted BEing
       Friday 10th January 2020

Listening to this just now. Loving it and wanting to share with all of you precious Jewels💎🕸💎 Listening with my heart. No thinking. Gazing out the window at the dull overcast skies and bleak landscape. Simply allowing the sound to flow over and through me like the warm golden liquid light of love that it is. It is beautifully comforting and healing — first as always for ourselves, and then calling us into our spaciousness and Oneness enfolding all.

It is a message for this time from Bodhisattva Lord Maitreya. An ascended master who has stayed with me since I first encountered him in September 2009. In ‘Coming to Voice — The Whole Heart Chakra’(April 2015) I wrote — “As newly emerging Wholehearted Beings, we literally walk the planet in our big brother Jesus' footsteps of over 2000 years ago. The image of walking the planet as a Bodhisattva is also deeply meaningful to me; it is an image that connects me to ancient origins some 500 years before Christ, when it was taught that each one of us is a Bodhisattva Maitreya — a budding Buddha, both fully human and fully divine — forsaking Nirvana, in order to walk the planet joining hands with all our fellow beings. I smile to think that Maitreya is always depicted wearing sandals ... how practical!😊”

We are One Heart!♥️with love🌺

“I wish to bless your heart chakra with the Christ Consciousness light to boost its purpose. Your heart chakra is working tremendously hard in this present time shifting and releasing so many unneeded energies. It is currently a centre of activity but most importantly a centre of change, truth, acknowledgement and divine shifts. Allow me to strengthen the love present as the heart is bringing to the surface all that is no longer needed. It is throwing out all negative patterning of the past to bring freedom to your being, while assisting you in moving the vibrations of your being to be aligned with a new dimensional vibration of light. Such a tremendous clearing can cause pain and suffering of the past to return for acknowledgement or to reactivate. In this state of evolution acknowledgement and compassion is important. While attachment and identification with the energies will only cause more suffering. Beloved ones let me work with your heart chakra supporting their great process of upheaval as I pour the Christ consciousness light deep into your heart chakra, I am here to be of service to you, eternally.” — Bodhisattva Lord Maitreya ‘Supporting Souls in the Era of Love

💛 Specks of Sand

“What you once stopped and held in a ‘holding pattern’ to return to later .. were based on fear. You feared them because you did not understand them and could not assign meaning to them. Being inexplicable the “holding pattern” that you entered into with them was one of willful forgetting and escape. They were “shelved” like museum pieces and collected solidity within you. Like stones thrown into a clear pool, they made ripples and then settled. ... Only now, in your realization of your invisibility and spaciousness, do you look within and see the stones that settled in your clear pools. They are as specks of sand to the ocean. And yet we do not choose to keep them.”(Day14.7,10) “ Do not be too hard on yourself now. Observe these stones with neutrality and see if they do not wash away. Your willingness to have them gone is all that is required.”(Day 15.13) “Feelings are your awareness of the present and thus of the truth. They are your means of coming to know. They arise as Christ- consciousness. They come not in response but as creations.”(Day18.8) — A Course of Love, The Dialogues

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💛 Xtreme Compassion
       Friday 10th January 2020
       Full Moon in Cancer 2:21pm EST/Lunar Eclipse 2:10pm EST

“FRIDAY is an incredibly powerful day. Emotions are extremely high and the tension is palpable. This is an especially crucial day for finding our center of calm in the eye of the storm. ... Looking at the bigger picture, we can benefit from viewing this time as a healing crisis. During such times, we might be overwhelmed by symptoms that seem to indicate we are getting worse, not better. And yet, if we realize that humanity is going through a detox process, we can keep a bit more hopeful perspective on events.” — Pam Younghans:Tornado Week

This Full Moon in Cancer calls for extreme mothering of ourselves. Self-care and self-compassion are of prime importance right now. Inviting forward the divine feminine mother within. Allowing and receiving her unconditional tender nurturing. Melting into her embrace. She calls now to all HUman BEings on the planet. She's patiently awaiting our attention. Our turning within. Our surrender. Our willingness to be held cherished and loved as the priceless precious Jewel💎 that we each are. Exactly as we are right here and right now. Perfect in our innocence — warts and all!😆

There is so much going on all around us. I'm not even going to try to put any words to it. Just know that it's all purposeful. No matter the appearance. All is well. The deepest part of us knows this. And let's not try to figure it all out. Our minds will blow a fuse. If we begin to feel overwhelmed perhaps we can ask ourselves these three questions from A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D14.5 —
--✿ What might this situation look like if I forgot everything I have previously known about similar situations, and looked at this in a new way?
--✿ Do I really need to worry about this situation, or can I affect this situation simply by not worrying about it and allowing it to be and unfold as it will?
--✿ While I realize that the facts would tell me this or that is true, I wonder what would happen if I disregarded the facts and was open to this being something else?

💛 Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Let the wellspring of our wholehearted self simply bubble and overflow like the infinite source of wisdom it is. Float in the liquid light of our own infinitely generous compassion and acceptance. Make that tangible by soaking in a long hot sea salt bath. Meltingly enfolded in soft gentle comforting warmth. Realize the source of love is our own sweet heart. And know at last that we are home. One Heart♥️ Claiming our sovereignty. Together we are the Heartbeat of the world. With love 🌺

Rest in zero point awareness and let yourself shimmer through this six-minute video from Lisa Transcendence Brown💖: Light Body Activation

💛 Full Acceptance

Through this super-challenging Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse tomorrow Friday 10th here's what I'm remembering to do. Join with me precious Jewels💎 You are not alone. In union and relationship together we rise, with so much love 🌺
--✿ Feeling every feeling arising in me
--✿ Denying not a single one
--✿ Disregarding not a single feeling arising in another
--✿ Accepting all feelings of the many as mine
--✿ Resting in divine zero-point neutrality
Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

“.. Now it is crucial that you come to acceptance of yourself—in the present, as you are—for only by doing so will you come to full acceptance of who you are and be able to allow the Self of unity to merge with the self of form, thus elevating the self of form. You will also, only in this way, come to true expression of the elevated Self of form. .. if you deny your feelings in favor of the perceived higher path to enlightenment ... you will tend also to deny the feelings of others. You will think that you know the real from the unreal, truth from illusion, and so will disregard the feelings of others as if they do not matter. This will only happen if you allow yourself to deny and thus become distanced from your own feelings. ... While true compassion sees only the truth, this does not mean it holds the feelings of anyone—not those living in truth, or those living in illusion—in disregard. This disregard is a temptation (that) stems from one thing only—from not living in the present. Distancing, or non-acceptance of your own feelings, is not living in the present and will create an attitude that will not be compassionate. ..” — A Course of Love, D:Day8.17-19

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💛 One for All and All for One
       Wednesday 8th January 2020

January is a continuous relentless pummeling. And we're only a week in!😳 Left right center and back around again. Myriad outer experiences. All of them gifts. Perfectly poking and piercing all the complacent places in me/us that need exposure to light and fresh air. Stirring up all that remains standing in the way of Love BEing in Form. And transmuting it at light-speed! Colin happily accommodating the craziness of this movement in me. Surfing his own wave alongside me and playing his role beautifully!💥🤪 Retreating often to my little ‘quiet room’ above the garage. Minutes hours days for as long as possible. In stillness, quiet, and contemplation. Simply gazing out the window at the snowy landscape for sweet relief. An occasional sunrise (it has been super overcast for weeks!). Being with myself my beloved trees birds squirrels cottontails chipmunks gopher starlings and regular visits from our red tail hawks. Waves of grief doubt peace anger bliss weariness and so much more. Feeling like I'm doing nothing. Yet knowing I'm ‘doing’ everything!

A chaordic whole systems movement bubbling within and all around. Invisible yet so palpable I could cut it with a knife. The air pulsing thick with information. Love-light-sparks winking in and out of sight in nanosecond bursts. Like fireflies. There and gone before I can focus. My eyes and head aching. Heart thumping. Body vibrating. The view outside going wavy like an antique TV picture when the antenna's wonky. The shimmering. Centering in my wholeheartedness. An active resting in zero-point awareness — Alert Willing Curious and Ready for Action!⚡️ My happy place in this upside-down inside-out time. This time of One-ing. This coming together into singular experience within me/us of all polarities. The One-ing of the destruction and creation that is Life itself. Chaos and Order. Dark and Light. Death and Birth. Oneness anchoring on Sophia Gaia in the whole systems knowing of the HUman heart-mind-body. Whole Systems Change

Don't worry😁 I'm still me🤓 All that I've ever been, and am, and so much more. I look the same. Though I don't feel the same. No one more surprised than me how beautifully the SoulFULL Family chat show unfolded this past Monday. Welcomed so warmly by host Cheryl Andrea. Feeling the liquid light of Love simply flowing and ‘glimmering’ (as Mari described it✨) from that zero-point presence of alertness willingness curiosity and (startling!) readiness. It was so me. The two of us together. And it was so much more! Joining with all. Connecting. Playful. And fun! A taste of The New. And oh how I treasure the experience for each one of us. As available to you as it is to me. For I know with certainty that everything I do is done for everyOne. You're welcome!🤣 Replay ‘A Course of Love for Humanity’

Precious Jewels💎 We are One Heart♥️ We belong to each other. We exist only in relationship. An electron and a proton hold each of our atoms in form by ceaselessly sharing back and forth their single positive charge. As my quantum physicist buddy Mark says “They're literally exchanging identities!” ‘Go Quantum’(3 min) We are literally each other's identity. BEings in Union and relationship. Existing in form by sharing all of who we are with each other. Not being aware of it doesn't mean it isn't so. Neither does denying it. Willfully separating comparing overthinking and judging simply makes life painful. Fiercely uncompromising compassion makes it sweet. The choice is ours. Let's willingly remember our identity. Together welcoming receiving embracing the New. And unleashing our true Freedom, Power, and Joy. 💛The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.

We rest in the embrace of the limitless Field, God, Indra's Net of Jewels💎🕸💎 An ocean of Love endlessly expressing love in form — you me everyone and everything. We are as clear pools flowing into each other. My heart enfolding each one of you. How can it not? One Heart♥️ All of my being is with you precious Ones as you face your own inner swirling and walk your own path. Different outside and the same inside. Noticing when fear arises. And courageously choosing for love and compassion. Together we are becoming the Embodiment of Love. The Divine HUman BEings that we have always known ourselves to be. It is a physical particle DNA level transmogrification that requires plenty of self-care compassion and rest. The Field

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💙Accept Your Feelings 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action when you must 💛Rest when you can. Only you know in the moment which it is. And keep going. One Quantum moment at a time. Notice all. Feel everything. Judge nothing. Weep and marvel at reality shape-shifting all around you. You are not alone. We are in this together. Billions of us apparently!😃

“... over 15 billion people are already in chaos timeline integration ... humanity is working together to make the end of this journey easier for each as we all rise together ... The biggest thing to be aware of is judgement ... make sure to remember you are not better or worse then anyone. You are perfect as you are and only you know what is good or bad for you, and respect others in their choices and process. Remember as we move forward into 2020 acceptance (of your feelings in the present) is the key to enjoying the ride ... so the next time you get upset because of something you see in yourself or someone else or the news just take a few mins to pause and work on being ok with it and eventually accepting it as a needed game for someone ... then choose no longer to need it in your life.” — Jason Estes, FaceBook, 6th January 2020

With so much love to all 🌺

💛 Belonging

“... Know that we can be known and loved equally for who we are. Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah, but call me yours. For this is who I Am. Call yourself daughter or son, sister or brother, co-creator or friend. But call yourself mine. For we belong to one another. And realize that as I call upon you, I call you who I Am. This is the meaning of the embrace—the possession, the ownership of belonging belonging—of carrying, or holding relationship and union within one's own Self. ...” D:Day38.4-8
“Realize your own expansion .. within the recesses of your heart where your relationship with love has never been severed. Realize your readiness. Proclaim your willingness. Realize that I love your smile, your teeth, the hair upon your head, the warm, smooth shape of your skull. Realize that I love your hands and that as you take another's hand, you hold my own, and that I am with you as well as within you. Realize that I love all that you are, and that as you snarl in anger, cry in despair, hang your head in weariness, howl with laughter, I am with you and within you. You will realize as you enter union by means of the bridge of our direct relationship that you will not leave your humanity behind ... you will no longer see me as an inhuman God. You will know I am as human as are you and that you are as godly as am I.” — D:Day39.42-44

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💛 SoulFULL Family — ‘A Course of Love for Humanity’
       Replay 6th January 2020

“‘The SoulFULL Family with Cheryl Andrea’ on UIMedia is all about LOVE today❤️ Join me for a discussion about ‘A Course of Love’ with our special guest Christina Strutt. Learn what A Course of Love is about, integrating it's teachings in practical ways, challenges of practicing — and a short 3-min experiential led by Christina in her beautiful voice!”

Watch the Replay at

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Mari Perron — First Receiver, A Course of Love


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💛 Whole Systems Change
       4th January 2020

Precious Jewel💎 It is a New Year 2020. Full of promise and uncertainty. And we are in the midst of a seismic movement. A whole systems change. Within each of us. And all around us. On the planet and beyond. A movement that has been unfolding for a very long time. And with singular intensity since the 21st December Solstice. Replete with the joys and sorrows and chaos of the Holiday season with loved ones. The looming threat of divisive country leaderships, raging fires in Australia, and impending war in Iraq. It is a brutally beautiful time. All of it beyond the mind's understanding. Yet purposeful. And well within our wholehearted knowing. I am feeling it deeply. And writing today to remind myself. Read on if you're feeling it too.

It is a call to One-ing. To being the embodiment of Love in form. With each other and with all of everything. It is a call to each one of us. To clean up our act. In relationship with ourselves. And with each one around us. To purge the old. Making room for the dawning of a kinder more connected and loving world. That we are choosing to cocreate together. You are not alone. The key lies in your own heart. Compassion. For yourself. For each other. And for all. Make no mistake. It begins with you. Your willingness. Your choice. Your courage. Your stamina. And your heart's knowing. No one else can know for you. There is no one to blame. There is no more ‘power-over’. And nothing to fear. There is no right and wrong. Only freedom of choice in each quantum moment. There is no hierarchy. We meet as unique equals in the limitless Field — Indra's Net of Jewels💎🕸💎 Or not at all. Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Take Action🧡 Return to zero-point neutrality. And act from this powerfully gentle place. Or not. You choose.

The Field
Consciousness Breathing

--✿ Love without clutching
--✿ Feel without judgment
--✿ Speak without artifice
--✿ Give without expectation
--✿ Hold close without smothering
--✿ Appreciate without comparing
--✿ Join without crowding
--✿ Invite without demanding
--✿ Leave without guilt
--✿ Ask without blaming
--✿ Help without belittling
--✿ Change without fear

“Over and again I am hearing that 2020 will be a year of revelation…of disclosure on monumental levels…and the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy. That we ARE the revelation, the Second Coming, the embodiment of Christ in the flesh…what the whole Book of Revelation is written for and about. Christ is risen/rising within each of us which means together we walk away from the collective timeline of crucifixion…the entire Piscean Age of suffering…into the “the official resurrection”, the (Golden) Age of Aquarius.” — The New Earth Report, January 2020
Think With Your Heart

💛 Co-joined Movement

Sharing with you today an intimate treasure. A little of the message from Jesus received by Mari Perron, 15th November 2009. Magically rediscovered a week ago. In a wad of folded paper tucked on my bookshelf. It was given for me and for Mari. And for both of us in relationship. Co-joined 10 years ago (as we are now) in a vast tidal wave of whole systems movement. It is as relevant today in this vast turning of the Age of Aquarius as it was then. With love 🌺

“As body, mind, and spirit are linked, there are certain leaps that are co-joined. There are passages through which body, mind, and spirit move as one... linked to lightening quick maturation, to stupor, and to wildness... The lightening quick might be seen as a certain brilliance — of ideas or inspiration; the stupor might be seen as nurture or as collapse; the wildness might show up as crisis, creativity, or rebellion. The heart center, during such times, is more obvious in its centering function. It can feel like an anchor, heavy and leaden, but still. It can feel like a compassionate center, so that all that is going on makes it soft, mushy, or absorbent. It can be like the eye of the hurricane, a neutral zone, the non-buffeted in a whirlwind, a void of feeling. There are beginnings and returns inherent in these periods simultaneously. As there are days on which seasons change irrevocably, there are seasons to this co-joined movement, and days on which the passage is complete. As the passing of one season births the next, so are these movements passings and births.
With body, mind, and spirit all in movement and the heart centering the movement, there is no faculty “removed” or distanced enough from the event to report back its findings. No mind observing the body with detachment. No spirit seeing the process as if from above. No even-keeled body able to stand firmly, with both feet on the ground... All is movement... All parts are working as one. This is co-joined movement. The affect will tend to be joy, despair, or chaos. Perhaps all three in an hour. Perhaps one following the other by days or weeks. Perhaps one in the lead... The movement is a totality of movement. The centering of one's heart or the witnessing of one's fellows, is the way the movement is known. It cannot be known otherwise...
In evolutionary leaps the means of movement is the same. There are whole system changes going on... When you feel “in the lead” or “in control” or “in charge” — that is what is ending — that is the destructive power of this movement, the destruction that comes naturally, organically, in the movement to Creation of the New.”

Enfolding all in limitless love 🌺 One Embrace One Heart ❤️

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