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💛🌏 Soul to Cell
       A Journey Newsletter #40
       Wednesday 4th January 2023

Dear Companions ✨🕸✨🕸✨

We are moving into a new year with its invitation to a new time, a clarion call to a new way of being thundering through all willing ears. Some say this time through the Spring Equinox is an unprecedented (yes I know that word is rather over-used these days!😄) last call to welcome and unify all remaining specks of duality in our field, all lingering habitual judgments of anything/anyone, for there is no other. Jesus made it crystal clear in his special address on Christmas Day and again on New Year’s Day — “Let's have more love and less blame, more understanding and less shame. Let's sprinkle unconditional love everywhere we go. Start with yourself. Let yesterday's shortcomings stay in yesterday. Don't belittle yourself. Accept yourself as you are and extend that acceptance to all. Be love and spread it around. It is so desperately needed here in this world. Only you can love in your own uniquely perfect way.” It’s a way that’s both familiar and unfamiliar, both individual and collective, both ancient and never before lived on the planet, both totally reliant on the willingness of each one of us and on the willingness of humanity all together. It is a way of BEing that is both nondoing and alldoing, both distinct and whole, both unique and the same. Your movement no more and no less essential to the whole than mine or anyone’s. For this is a time of the New movement landing with grace and effortless ease alone together as One. Including myriad unseen celestial realms who await our call and respond instantly. There isn’t a whole lot more to write about or read for we are the living text of everything we’ve ever read, received and wholeheartedly lived. Yes the brain-mind is still questioning “loving unconditionally? blessing indiscriminately? surely it can’t be that simple!” as it anxiously craves more to consume. Yet the Soul the One-Heart-Mind-Body fractal of Light of God that we truly are, who’s now in the driver’s seat is all the while whispering “rest, relax, you already know, let me show you…”

We are the Word. The Living Word. We are the Sound and the Movement. The sound painting rainbow hues across the world with every breath we take. The movement vibrating shimmering webs of light into form with every word we speak, with every song of love. Our voice is our Light. And you are the light of this world. You are BEing the example life Jesus calls us to right now as you read these words. There is no thing to do, no where to go. We are here now. Wisdom is no longer the domain of an anointed few. Nor does it rest within the pages of any book. It resides within the deep knowing, living, and movement that we each simply are. We are the accomplished every moment we love claim and express our authentic selves. This is the freedom we crave. Why else would we have received any of these gems and more - A Course in Miracles, Oneness (Rasha), The Way of Mastery, A Course of Love, Creation of the New, Choose Only Love, Mirari, A Journey Into The Unknown, Arrival, Memoria … where else would they each be pointing us? But home to our very own body that’s perfectly designed to be the conveyance for all that is needed coming through in each moment. Each body, each elevated self of form like a dazzling runway welcoming Love as it circles waiting to land on our beloved Gaia. Every cell, every strand of DNA, every particle igniting with precision, receiving and transmitting exactly what is required in this quantum Now. For we are Creator Beings. In this multidimensional space time beyond time inclusive of all that went before. Absolutely everything! No thing and no one left out for there is no ‘outside’ in Oneness. There is no before, no after, no inside, no outside. Love simply is and always responding to Love’s call effortlessly CoCreating as One with the intent of Creation itself, endlessly expressing Love in form. This is our inheritance our Freedom our Power and our Joy.

What I’ve just written more or less coherently (I ain’t going back to edit it!🤪) is kind of illustrated with great hilarity and craziness in a movie Colin and I enjoyed starring Michelle Yeoh the Malaysian actress I love. It’s called ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’. And so it seems perfectly quirky and sweet and funny and appropriate that the sixth and newest Series in Arrival received through Rick Greathouse, began last Sunday 1st January 2023 with the title ‘Departure: the Mystery of God’. For are we not on this beautiful ceaselessly spiraling Journey, Arrival, and Departure as one unbroken thread with no beginning and no end? As one with David Bohm’s Universe enfolding infinite possibilities and unfolding the most benevolent probabilities simultaneously? Seemingly materializing and dematerializing in and out of dimensions, here and not here, brain-fried, memory taking a vacation, yet accomplishing all that’s needed without even knowing how we do it? Vaguely aware of myriad endings and beginnings seamlessly pulsing through us.

Rest here a moment allowing the intricate beauty of this image of a cell (rendered by X-ray, NMR, and cryo-electron microscopy) to sink in, take a good deep breath into this quantum now, and simply feel the power of the infinite field swirling into you (there is no separation) expanding every nook and cranny of your precious body in spacious willingness, flowing through the thirty trillion cells of you and through the endless fractals of your star being. Pause a nanosecond feeling the ecstatic darkness of the quantum void of nothing/everything, the nondoing/alldoing of the zeropoint field. Breathing out feel your energy responding in delight, bubbling as quantum foam, surging through your belly/womb. Your breath, your sound, your voice, your light, your movement a unifying momentum both counterclockwise and clockwise at once, twin vortices of creation literally weaving the fabric of the New with a whoosh! Such fun! (Check out more cell images and this tiny dancer as we play on, alone together!)

Are we not the ones we have been waiting for? Who else is CoCreating the kinder gentler New Earth inclusive of all difference? We are. With every breath we take and every compassionate choice we make. Beginning deeply fully and first with our own precious selves. Loving unconditionally and blessing indiscriminately each and all in every moment everything everywhere all at once. All separation dissolving (and punctuation too it seems!😆) in the alchemy of Oneness, in Being loving Presence as only we each can uniquely be, Here and Now in union and relationship with all that is, a sparkling trail of miracles blazing in our wake wherever our Soul intention leads and our feet walk us. So enjoy the words you read (or not!😉)feel them entering alchemizing within your body and radiating through your example life as you go about your day. For while it may seem like nothing has changed, trust me (actually don’t do that … trust yourSelf!😄) everything has changed!

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💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel🧡Receive💜Trust YourSelf💖Act

In Freedom, Power, and Joy!
With blessings and with love to each and all 🌺
“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

Image: Cellular landscape, Evan Ingersoll & Gael McGill
Image: Chroma, Christina Strutt, 4 Dec 2022

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🌟💛🌏 A New Year’s Day Message
       Sunday 1st January 2023

Dear Companions 💞 Sharing a New Year’s Day message from Jesus, received this morning through Rick Greathouse. With blessings and with so much love, Christina🌺

“May I be the very first from this side of the veil to wish each of you reading this now, a very happy and wonderful new year filled with blessings for everyone to share in. I am the one known as Jesus, to some, and Jeshua to others. Continuing from my Christmas Day address, let's make 'more love please' our joint resolution moving forward. Let's have more love and less blame, more understanding and less shame. Let's sprinkle unconditional love everywhere we go. Start with yourself. Let yesterday's shortcomings stay in yesterday. Don't belittle yourself. Accept yourself as you are and extend that acceptance to all. Be love and spread it around. It is so desperately needed here in this world. Only you can love in your own uniquely perfect way. Open your heart and give more love, please. If not today, then when? With all of us working together as one, we can make love a priority in a world where it never consistently has been.

Have a blessed 2023 giving blessings to yourself and others wherever you go.

Love only! Jesus/Jeshua”

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