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💛 Trust your Feelings
       25th June 2019

Have you noticed stuff coming up lately that you thought you'd long since forgotten, healed, forgiven? Old patterns you were sure you'd outgrown? People, events, places triggering feelings that surprise you? If you have you're not alone. They're all a gift. Inviting us to take one final speedy spin around our tired old narratives. With eyes and hearts wide open. And choose — finally and wholeheartedly — to turn away, step aside, and jump into the New. It's up to each one of us.

Now more than ever is the time to rest in our hearts. Turn to your precious heart. Value yourself uniquely and as equally as you value those around you. Recognize your willingness your strength and your vulnerability. Love yourself enough to quiet the raucous circling of your mind and 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf. Trust the logic of your heart. The vast powerful electromagnetic field of the heart simply knows. With no need to analyze compare measure evaluate. And no need to fear. Your feelings are your most trustworthy messengers. Your feelings whisper to you the truth of what IS in front of you in the Quantum Now moment. Do not fear your feelings precious heart✨💖✨ Never doubt them. Welcome them.

And know with certainty you are not alone. You are a unique multi-faceted Jewel sparkling in the limitless weave through around within and beyond you of Indra's Net of Jewels.💎🕸💎🕸💎 The Atharva Veda received/written in ancient Vedic Sanskrit said so circa 2500 BCE. That was in the Bronze Age! The infinite Love of God surrounds you accompanies you supports you and is who you truly are. Jesus said so circa 1 BCE. An infinite invisible field stretches throughout all of space. A vast field without which nothing would exist. Nothing. No quarks electrons nor atoms. No stars, planets nor life as we know it. Quantum scientist Fabiola Gianotti's discovery of the Higgs boson particle verified the existence of this field in 2012.

And I've been saying so ad nauseam for a very long! WTF!😡 What more proof do you want!? Before you act?🙄 The truth is your heart♥️needs none. And your mind🧠 wil never have enough. So just do it! (Note: As always I'm talking to myself here as much as I'm talking to you!💎🤓) Take the plunge💦 Start swimming🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️ Breathe your mind down into your heart. Feel. With loving compassion for yourself and others, speak your feelings and act on them when propelled. Try it. Now. And throughout the moments of your day. As often as you need to. Your one unique beautiful precious life demands it. And our future depends upon it.

Even the NY Times agrees —

“Often the solution to a problem past or present is simply to say what you're feeling. It's something I've been trying to do more frequently. But saying what you're feeling is often slippery and terrifying .. people are often a little embarrassed by the moments that have stuck with them ... it was something small or long ago, they should have gotten over it by now. But they haven't gotten over it — it's bothered them for years, and that's a valid feeling no matter the magnitude of the event. The world, as it turns out, is not a competition to experience the saddest possible thing ... big things .. small things ... I don't think that one delegitimizes the other.” — Kalila Holt

💛 Embodying the New Self

It is a time for me that is both thrilling and scary, energizing and exhausting, inspiring and discombobulating. Loving myself enough to simply stay present to each moment of my life and respond as only I can. June is a powerful time of embodying BOTH our humanity AND our divinity. Both our physicality and our spaciousness. Dwelling in multidimensional space — both 3D and 5D. Visiting the grieving widow of our closest friends (a couple) of almost 40 years, the wake tomorrow, the funeral the day after. Both hugging human bodies weeping human tears and joining heart-to-heart in spacious steadfast observance and divine neutrality. My wish for you the same as for myself — that we respond with love to love's call in Freedom, Power, and Joy!💛

“... Now is the time to come into full acceptance of the human self as well as the Self of unity. It is time for the final merging of the two into one Self, the elevated Self of form. You have let go the ego, re-viewed your life, unlearned previous patterns, and now see the difference between the image you hold of yourself and your present Self. But still ... memories of your life continue to play within your mind, often still bringing you sadness and regrets. ... You can see the pattern of your life as clearly now as if a masterful biography had been written of it. It is this clarity that has brought a new “haunting” to some of you. Your life is being seen more as a whole now. The parts are fitting together. ... This is the moment of fulfillment and desire coming together, the time in which to realize “it was all worth it.” ... This is why simple acceptance is needed.” — D:Day2.1-4,13
“Only now, in your realization of your invisibility and spaciousness, do you look within and see the stones that settled in your clear pools. They are as specks of sand to the ocean. And yet we do not choose to keep them. Spaciousness is spaciousness. Invisibility is invisibility. We are no longer collectors but gatherers. We hold within only what is real and in our realization of the reality of relationship, we accept our relationship to the unexplainable. ... Acceptance is the creator of invisibility, the creator of the spacious Self. ” — D:Day14.10-11














💛 Summer Solstice and Swimming
       21st June 2019

Today the sun stands in stillness for a moment. At 11:54am EDT to be precise. Then it seemingly turns on its heels and begins its journey south. So today can we Pause. Breathe our fearful minds down into our hearts. Stand still a moment. And declare the end of the Old. The New is here. The choice is ours. And the time is Now. We stop feeding the wolf. Instead we turn on our heels. And focus on feeding only the tender birthing lamb of the New. Our wholehearted selves ✨💛✨

We are in the midst of the turning of a great age. A potent time of the solstice sun rising on the Galactic Cross near the edge of the galaxy. On its own ~26,000 year trajectory amongst the stars of the Milky Way. A time of transition between eras. From the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. From the mind to the heart. From duality to Oneness. From Cartesian thinking separating out and analyzing. To Systems knowing and flowing distinctions within wholes.

In the stillness of this solstice things become crystal clear. We stay in the not knowing of the quantum now moment. And we let the knowing come. We cease feeding the ravening wolves of the old patriarchal power system. Within us and without. Trust me. Neither will ever be satisfied. It is up to us to cease and desist. The more we engage, listen, explain, argue, reach out, defend, comply, placate — the stronger it becomes. Resistance is futile. The very act of sharing our tender budding lamb hearts gives the old system renewed trampling strength. Our attention and our energy fuels it.

So today, right now, let's join hearts and do that martial arts thing. Step sideways. And let the old fall flat on its face. We say No More! The dogged dogs of dogma are dying. They just don't know it yet. We do. And we no longer engage nor contribute to the terror of those choosing to live out tired old stories. We step away from dying timelines. Knowing with certainty that it is no longer our responsibility to save anyone but ourselves.

The New is calling to us. She needs our wholehearted attention and devotion. And we're responding. The tipping point is here. Heart and minds joined. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in harmony. Embracing all in Love. There is no outside in ONEness. There are no boundaries in the ocean. Water flows everywhere. Embracing all of everyone everything everywhere. All will be fine. All are with us. We choose FREEDOM.

Yet navigating the New is as different from the old as swimming is to walking. These two modes of movement in the world have nothing in common. Not one thing! Nada! Learning to swim requires a complete letting go of the physical actions of walking before we can even stay afloat in the water. Let alone move forward! What if we are consumed with the struggle? With what we're used to, familiar with, and good at? The fighting, the battling against? The struggling with the tricks the ‘ego/mind’ so masterfully plays on us? Then we will never notice that it's our own deep fears that keep us stuck! That we're still trying to walk even as the ocean of infinite LOVE is arising through, within, and all around us.

So let's turn today towards the sun. Notice. Let go And take the plunge. Feeling ourselves resting in the warm comfort of this ocean. Its power buoying us up. Supporting us. Permeating every fiber of our being. Propelling us forward on our own unique contribution to the Whole. Willingly carrying this power within us. Our bodies transmogrifying Crystalline water. The liquid light of love. CoCreating and experiencing our lives in a new way. With Freedom Power and Joy. The way of joining. Of dropping into our hearts in restful surrender. Trusting, allowing and receiving. How I wish I could send mermaid🧜🏽‍♀️and mermen🧜🏽‍♂️ stickers to each of you precious Jewels in the Net💎🕸💎 Lots of them! And turquoise hearts too! And Rose quartz hearts!🤓Just remember to smile 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖 Drink lots of water and Swim baby! 💦Swim as only you can!💦

💛 A NEW Way

This time on the planet is about letting go the old narratives. The old stories. The old timelines. And stepping into the NEW. Fully. Unequivocally. The time of learning is over. We are, and have been for some months? living in the time of Christ. All timelines converging. We each have a choice to make. The broader 5D Energy perspective of the evolution of Humanity, the planet, and all of creation demands it. And the time to make this choice is NOW.

I used to have terrible endlessly recurring nightmares for years and years as a young child and adolescent. About standing on the edge of this inky dark purple ocean with roiling waves that looked like they could crush me, and rampant with sea snakes. Feeling like I was going to fall in at any moment. Wanting to fall in somehow ... AND at the same time not wanting to. Now I understand it was my own fears that if I leapt, life would be the same unbearable pain (or worse!) as it was for me on land. I know better now. And am so feeling a present and urgent call for the ending of our feminine engaging in our masculine by old masculine rules. No matter in whom (male of female) it shows up and in what disguise.

Let's join together and see it for what it is and choose to respond in the heartfelt infinite embrace of Indra's Net of Jewels, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as ONE, the all-encompassing electromagnetic field of LOVE and LIGHT, in other words in the EMBRACE of our wholeheartedness. Engaging any other way now does the opposite. Rather than dissipating the fears and weakening the dying ego mind, we are feeding it. Giving it ever more strength through our attention, our words and our quotes. Giving new life, another gasping breath, to the very thing we're desiring to allay and put to rest. We keep on keeping on, endlessly, on dry land Our minds distracting us to question, debate, fix all these seemingly critical minutiae on the ground, which in truth are completely irrelevant! Like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while it's actually sinking. Completely missing that learning to swim in fact requires a HUGE leap of faith. Literally. The leap into the water. Leaving the land. Leaping into something NEW with no solid ground beneath us.

“... Just like learning how to swim, it is a new way of movement. Just as moving through water is a way of movement quite inconsistent with that of moving on land, so too is the new way of acting out or expressing who you are quite inconsistent with the way in which you have formerly acted out or expressed who you are. ... Why, when moving freely through the water would you suddenly try to move as if on land? The explanation could be as simple as forgetting where you are, or as complex as a sudden panic or fear brought on by any number of factors. Either way, the result would always be the same; a sudden change from ease of movement to struggle, from going with the flow to resistance. ... the only way to return to ease of movement is to cease to struggle or resist. ... It requires remembrance, trust, and a wholehearted approach that allows the body, mind and heart to act in unison. This wholehearted approach is the condition from which unity is recognized. The water is not taken for granted but always recognized as the condition of the swimmer's environment. You are no longer confined to the conditions of separation, my dear brothers and sisters, and this is what it is time for you to learn.” — ACOL, T2:4.4-6

Let's do this! Together! Loving you all so much ✨💜✨










💛 Agony and Ecstasy
       Fathers' Day
       Strawberry Moon
       16th June 2019

Yesterday was Westford's Strawberry and Arts Festival on the common. A perfect blue sky sparkling 80F day. Planned to take our grandgirls and bummed that I wasn't up for it. Yet everything is purposeful. Healing. This inward focused time on body mind heart and soul is beyond overflowing with gifts. Receiving all without judgment. Body aches weariness AND sweetly restoring naps. Emotional storms AND deep peace. Trusting my heart, telling my fiercest truth more honestly lovingly directly than ever before AND zero expectations for the response if any. None of the usual. A solitary time of infinite connectedness. And pollen! blankets of pollen! Our home sitting on a dense network of tree roots — remember the morels? growing only in complex symbiotic relationship with tree roots?! Tall trees all around sheltering and pollinating me!😳 The joy of open windows fresh breezes AND the agony of cleaning every surface nook and cranny of our home covered in sticky gold dust AND today the ecstasy of engaging an energetic young woman who's going to begin cleaning for us! Yayy👏🏾

Today is Fathers' Day and I am grateful to all who are fathering those around them — loving, sheltering, nurturing, providing — each in their own uniquely perfect way. Masculine AND Feminine emerging and merging as One. Lately I'm realizing how open and expansive my own father was at the very same time as he fearfully restricted, controlled, judged, and punished to the point of cruelty. God Bless him🙏🏾 And I'm rereading Tibetan mystic Lobsang Rampa's ‘The Third Eye’. I sneaked it off his desk and first read it at age twelve! Aura reading, crystal gazing, astral projection? My strictly Anglican father? Really! Remembering the agony of growing up feeling helplessly trapped AND the ecstasy of escaping into the fantastical ... AND momentarily feeling powerful for having gotten the better of him!😳

Tomorrow (4:30am EDT) is the Strawberry Full Moon. Socked in with heavy cloud and rain I don't expect to see it. Yet we're all feeling it! My wish for you is the clarity and freedom to choose wisely how you navigate this powerful potent time. So today precious 💎Jewels💎 with all my love, I've paraphrased for you from Divine Harmony. Enjoy! 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf♥️

“This Full Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center — aligned with the center of our Milky Way galaxy — so we are in a VERY POWERFUL lunar cycle right now that is magnifying Source Points that connect us to Greater Truth, Higher Wisdom and Expanded Consciousness ... the portal is open for access to Higher realms, Higher versions of ourselves, realizations of Higher Truths and embodiment of Higher Understanding — but it is up to each of us to walk through ... Higher Heart and Higher Love are opening up in a huge way .. helping us see what in the past needs to be completed and/or released ... showing us great visions of the future.

Getting intimate with our emotions, in touch with our inner child, honoring of the feminine are all key ... honor our emotions and be with our vulnerability and neediness ... it is karmic and intense ... All the unresolved stuff is coming to light ... lighting a fire under our butts and forces us to do something. The key here is to make sure we are not being reactive, impulsive, aggressive or violent — but taking action from a place of response and maturity. ... if we come from a Higher Place the things we set into motion can be very, very good for our growth and evolution!

This is a time to pay attention to the portents and to the signs. To stay open to Truth revealing itself in many myriads of manifestations. Do watch out for excessive hubris and dogma and instead use this illuminating lunation to shine a light on the Truth and then do the work to embody and fully live that Truth … When there is so much high frequency energy — the mind can get on overload trying to understand it. Instead take time to meditate, drop into your body and out of your mind and let the current take you where you are meant to go.

Pay attention to the inner realms while you stay committed to showing up in your outer life. After the ecstasy the laundry. And before the ecstasy the dishes😄 You will be amazed at what pops up out of nowhere when you stay open and attuned. Stay committed to being a spiritual being having a human experience and let the Universe open the portal for you.” —

💛 Loving the Wounds

Yes. Loving the wounds. Not turning away. But being with them. Not skipping quickly over them. But staying with them fully. Deeply. Unafraid. Not thinking through them. Feeling them. Joining with whomever needs me. Whomever is in doubt right now. Not bypassing the pain with apt spiritual platitudes. However logical or correct. But embracing all of whomever and whatever is presenting in loving observance. Remembering for you when you forget. That is loving the wounds. And that, in my experience is the strongest most tender act of pure LOVE I can offer another Jewel in the Net 🌈💎♥️ What is your experience? I'd love to hear ..🌺

“The mind will speak of love and yet hold the heart prisoner to its new rules, new laws, and still say “this is right” and “this is wrong.” It will speak of love and not see its intolerance or judgment. It will speak of love to be helpful and with all sincerity, and yet the very logic that it uses, though new, wounds the heart of the most tender, of those most called to love and its sweetness. “I am wrong to feel the way I do” the tender-hearted says to herself and, convinced that another knows what she does not, covers-over her tenderness with protection.” — ACOL, C:I.3
“You have not necessarily seen disappointment as attack or hopelessness as hurt, but you do feel these emotions as wounds. There is always, behind every disappointment or disillusion, every attack and every hurt, a person you believe acted toward you without love. While you believe feelings of lack of love come from anywhere but within, you will not be invulnerable.” — ACOL, C:25.1
“True healing cannot come from inequality assumed and then accepted as the truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm the mind that suffers from the agony of doubt.” — ACIM, S-3.III.3.4


















💛 Sweet and Sticky
       10th June 2019

Joining with all that's here today — vivid blue skies, sunshine, pain, sweet breezes, aching exhaustion, luscious flowers, floods of tears, and deep gratitude. Feeling the collective awakening pulsing all around. Magical and mundane. Transmogrification🌈🦄 No, I'm not ‘on’ anything!🤪 Simply intoxicated on the re-Membering of ONEness happening for all of us this month. Joining as Fractals of ALL that IS. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Mother Earth and Father Cosmos. Joy and grief, heart and mind, love and pain, sacred blood, divine body, birth and death, wave and particle, past and future, light and atoms, 5D and 3D. Resting in the center, in the eye of the storm, in the Quantum now moment, in the eye of the electromagnetic torus. Sheltering under a lush green leafy canopy. Feeling the living network of tree roots under my home breathing with me beneath my feet. Trusting in the stillness of zero-point neutrality. Fresh dewy-eyed conscious creativity arising. All things imaginal. A blueprint of infinite possibilities. Probabilities even! Receiving rather than planning. Overflowing. Surprises landing! Cocreation of the New beginning. Doing the best I can. Minute by minute. With discipline and devotion. Resting in the love of my family, my friends, and all you precious 💎✨Jewels✨💎sparkling here. Ice cream helps🍦And today I give myself permission to ramble. To share with you with all my loving, this mind-blowing excerpt, along with photos of my beautiful flowers, and my granddog Wonderful — sweet companion for this strange surreal week🌺🦊 Enjoy! Or not! Your choice!🤣

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Listen in 💜Accept Myself 💖Trust MySelf 💚Accept the Present 💛Freedom ❤️Power 🧡Joy 💚Rinse and Repeat🤓

“The new is of the earth, the ground, the physical ground of being. The cherished and beloved sacredness of being alive. The new is where, joined with the Architect of Peace on Earth, there is a settling into physical being and physical being is offered to the earth and all her creatures. Joined as one being in the physical plane, there is restoration — restoration to union. ... The power of being human is as ephemeral as a butterfly with fragile translucent wings and as solid and unyielding as rock that once was molten, lava erupted as spitting fire. The knowledge of all things, of flight and fancy, is the phoenix that rises from the ash. ... An enchantment like intoxication rises, mind numbing and ebullient with spirit. Thoughts and cares tossed away, the jewel of humanity raises its head from slumber and in bathrobe and slippers, arises to a new day. She looks out in wonder. Restored. The she of humanity rises. A swollen wave, pregnant with new life, gathered in kitchens and on forest lawns, sweet with morning dew and mother love, full breasted and round bellied, a gestation soon to pass. With cries of terror new life is birthed of blood and water and the breath of spirit. It is physical creation on divine soil, sweet and sticky and odorous.” — Creation of the New, 3.2,5-8

💛 Flowers and Healing

“A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. ... This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.” — C:5.32
“Your poor health is no cause for judgment, as it is the perfect health, now, in the past, and in the future, to bring you the lessons you would learn in order to return you to your Self and the unity of Christ-consciousness. ... This is the nature of the universe. These conditions are perfect not only for individual learning, but for shared learning, learning in community and learning as a species.” — T4:7.7










💛 The Power to Heal
       2nd June 2019

Precious Jewels💎 It's almost two weeks since I wrote. You might think that's because I have nothing to say. Truth is there's so much movement. So much flowing. Overflowing. So much gratitude. And so much to say that silence seemed the best option. Yet today I am trusting that the bits of value to all that I am to share are distilling and landing even as I write.

The theme it seems is healing. Joining. ReMembering. Living Oneness. Returning to Unity consciousness. Merging the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Knowing ourselves as a fractal of all that is. Embodying pure source, Love, in every atom and every particle of our human selves. Literally being the love that seems to be lacking. Living love here and now In blazing Freedom, Power, and Joy! Is there any other theme? Ever? 😆

The theme ‘The Power to Heal’ threaded itself throughout the Community Miracles Center's ( Conference in Boston last week. Four days with 420 from all over the world at the beautiful Omni Parker House. Famous for their delicious Boston Cream Pie! Many shared hugs and kisses with people I love and rarely see in person. And a shared virus😪 I've been down with the past week!😁 Even son, Nick and ‘daughter’ Jen came by for a visit!💞 And so many new connections and sharing one-on-one, at meals, and in meetings.

While the symbols and the form varied greatly by session, the Love was the same. One courageously sharing his experiences of healing in thought, heart, and body — speaking of healing, removal of blocks, miracles, salvation, forgiveness, and atonement. Another equally courageously inviting us into cocreating with her a powerful experience of healing racism. Right there and then in the room. Some fifty of us joining in a circle. Simply. Wordlessly. Wholehearted embracing each other. Feeling the pulsing power in the palms of our hands. Reaching deeply into the sadness and pain. Transmuting and releasing the shame of wounds so many of us are silently living with.

Another speaking of Brené Brown's recent popular message of the power in vulnerability. ( Vulnerability meaning wounds. And bravely sharing her own past sorrows and triumphs. And yet another speaking of her current receiving and writing of messages from Mother Mary. Sharing the beautiful insight that Mary Magdalene poured the entire bottle of expensive ointment on Jesus' head, hands, and feet “anointing the coming wounds, and were it not for decorum, would have anointed his side also.” Wow!

Did you know that the ointment Mary Magdalene used is spikenard? I looked it up😄 — “Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.” — John 12:3 Its botanical name is Nardostachys jatamansi. Sourced today from the Himalayan slopes of NepaI. Reputed to ease pain and the transition at death by loosening the bond between the lower frequency vibration of body density in form, and the higher vibration of spirit.

Did you know that ‘vulnerability’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘wound’? It's ‘vulnus’. I looked that up too!😄 That being vulnerable means opening yourself to being wounded? Who'd be crazy enough to do that? Only the most courageous! Sharing is most okay when healing is done and all is back to 🌈rainbows and unicorns🦄. When the hero has triumphed and it's time to celebrate. Rarely do we see wounds in all their gory glory. Wounds that are still in the process of healing. Wounds that may need to be abraded, cut into more deeply, in order to fully and permanently heal. For there is much to lose. It makes many uncomfortable. Sacred. Angry even.

Yet there is even more to gain. For we are One. Each one a multifaceted Jewel in the Net. And not one of us truly heals until each and every one of us heals. What if we celebrate the wounds as they are? Loving them. Sharing them with each other. Holding them gently. Exposing them to light and fresh air? Feeling the pain? Knowing that the only way forward is through, and that we are not alone? There is a poem I love from Elizabeth Lesser's 2004 masterpiece ‘Broken Open’ that captures such radical everyday honesty:
“Hello, what are you afraid of?”
“Me too.”
“When you hear a Mahler symphony?”
“No, when I wake up at night.”
“Me too.”
“Nice meeting you.”
“Same here.”

On Tuesday I go for some much needed planned surgery. Physically it is fairly extensive pelvic reconstruction requiring an overnight in hospital and a few weeks rest and recovery. And metaphysically it is me coming to love myself enough to act on what it takes to give and receive the support I need for my female physical body. Specifically the seat of birthing — first my children. And now for the cocreative birthing of the NEW me. The NEW Body. The NEW form. Me living as Divine HUman BEing on Gaia. Reclaiming and supporting parts of my body that were used to shame me as a child, a maiden, and as a woman in a man's engineering world my entire career.

I'm feeling really good about it all. About the perfect timing and placement of this loving attention to my body. Knowing that everything I do I not only for myself but for ALL💛 Walking into this in awe at the ease with which each step has been unfolding. With gratitude for the experience and skill of the surgeon. And for the nurses who have attended to me. All beautiful and loving. Complete with crystal rose quartz heart-stones being gifted to and received by all of them with love. Yes there will be pain. (I've ordered some spikenard✨😄) and I am totally resting in receiving the love of my family and friends and you. Along with all of creation — people, animals, plants, minerals, elementals. (The earth has already gifted me with pounds of morel mushrooms — a superfood high in nutrients and support I need! But that's a whole other story😄)

Joining in Unity Consciousness. Never doubting for a moment our collective power to heal. The shimmering continues. I choose it to. There's an Angelic 🌈Rainbow of Light healing I've been enjoying these past few weeks. ( Complete with 100 angelic👼🏾👼🏽👼🏻👼🏼 beings and golden pink angel dust✨💖✨ Receiving first for my own healing, and then naturally transmitting to many. You might like it too. Or simply try healing 🌈Care Bear✨ style!😄 Either way trust yourself and have fun! With so much love and gratitude to all, I will be back — stronger and whole'er than ever before.🙏🏾🤓🌺

💛 The Power of God in Form

“Many people now are discovering the power of healing. Some think this power comes from one source and some from another. You may think that, as long as the power is called forth, it matters not the name by which it is called. ... You may wonder why it should matter whether this power be called Buddha or Allah, Muhammad or God. It matters not. The power of God is not what is being spoken of here. It is our power that is being spoken of here. The power of the god man. The power of God brought into form. The power of who we are rather than the power of who God is. God cares not what you call Him. God knows who He is. It is man who has known not who he is, and it is through me that this knowing can be returned. This is simply the way it is. It is not about being right or being wrong, about one being more and others less. This is simply the way to sameness of being, to the reunion of all, from the holiest of the holy to the lowliest of the lowly.” — ACOL, D:Day1.11-13
“Is there a role for healing, then, that one can use to offer help for someone else? In arrogance the answer must be "no." But in humility there is indeed a place for helpers. It is like the role that helps in prayer, and lets forgiveness be what it is meant to be. You do not make yourself the bearer of the special gift that brings the healing. You but recognize your oneness with the one who calls for help. For in this oneness is his separate sense dispelled, and it is this that made him sick. There is no point in giving remedy apart from where the source of sickness is, for never thus can it be truly healed.” — ACIM, S-3.III.4 (Song of Prayer)












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