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💛 Sharing in Manhattan
       21st May 2019

Here are the YouTube video links for the May Miracles in Manhattan gathering Jon Mundy and I did together at the Center for Remembering and Sharing in NYC. Jon's been doing these for three years! For me it was a brand new adventure! Sharing my experience, interweaving the metaphor of Indra's Net of Jewels, the hand-in-hand messages of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, with a sprinkling of Quantum Science. It was a lot of fun! And I'm trusting there is some value to all in this sharing

Part One (57 minutes)

Part Two (68 minutes)

It was quite a challenge distilling and landing so many years of wholehearted, felt, multidimensional experience. Choosing meaningful bits from ACIM and ACOL. Rendering all of it into separate pieces of 3D/2D form ‘on paper’. Such a vastly different process to the orderly, linear, logical way I'd created content for the hundreds of workshops (Software Development, Systems Thinking, HumanDynamics etc.) I taught during the first 20 years of my working life. So it was both a little crazy-making and a joy seeing it all finally taking shape.

The mind THINKS in specifics, separate parts, and ‘bullet points’. You'll see some of those. The heart KNOWS in wholes, pictures, and multicolor images. You'll see some of those too. Perhaps the entire message is contained in any one of the visuals! Perhaps it's possible to sense, feel and receive it all at once? Perhaps I'm simply saying the same thing over and over again in different ways? What I do know for sure is that I'm speaking to each one of you in the only way I can — heart-to-heart, in the quantum now moment, with love. 💎The only response is Love 💎The only time is Now 💎And We are the Ones💎

It's almost 20 years since I delivered a linear PowerPoint presentation, or any kind of ‘presentation’ for that matter! So my heartfelt thanks go to Colin who created all the visuals in just a few short days! Deep gratitude again to Jon for his kind invitation. To all the participants for their presence — those with us in the room, and the many watching the livestream. And to Yasuko Kasaki and Chris Pelham for graciously hosting us at the CRS.

Watch the first 33 seconds of this trailer for a lovely depiction of Indra's Net:

💛 Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎

💎 We are literally each other's identities
💎 We belong to each other

“Your ancient Name belongs to everyone, as theirs to you. Call on your brother's name and God will answer, for on Him you call.” — ACIM, T-26.VII.20
“Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah, but call me yours. For this is who I Am. Call yourself daughter or son, sister or brother, co-creator or friend. But call yourself mine. For we belong to one another. And realize that as I call upon you, I call you who I Am. This is the meaning of the embrace—the possession, the ownership of belonging—of carrying, or holding relationship and union within one's own Self.” — ACOL, D:Day38.5-8





💛 The Multiverse
       20th May 2019

Parallel processing this evening, I find myself watching the final two episodes we'd DVR'd of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, while exploring the latest intel on the questions of — Is there a multiverse? Does it exist? Are there parallel Universes? Here are a couple of excerpts with links to the full articles. Enjoy! But mostly I simply had to share these amazing images of the imaginal multiverse ... for they look to me like images of Indra's Net of Jewels! Enjoy!

Beginning with this article in the latest The Week —

“Scientists at CERN in Switzerland are now trying to prove the existence of alternate dimensions using the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC. The LHC speeds up protons to about 99.99 percent the speed of light. When they collide, the energy produced could theoretically create microscopic black holes that would constitute evidence our universe is part of a “multiverse” with an infinite number of universes.”

‘Billions of Black Holes’ (The Week, 17 May 2019)

And ending with this piece from Forbes —

“This picture, of huge Universes, far bigger than the meager part that's observable to us, constantly being created across this exponentially inflating space, is what the Multiverse is all about. It's not a new, testable scientific prediction, but rather a theoretical consequence that's unavoidable, based on the laws of physics as they're understood today. Whether the laws of physics are identical to our own in those other Universes is unknown.” — Ethan Siegel Ph.D. Astrophysics

‘This Is Why The Multiverse Must Exist’ (Forbes, 19 March 2019)

I've always felt there's much much more beyond the Universe we know and love. A longtime favorite unity meditation connects us down to the crystalline core of Gaia. Up to the solar system, the sun, the galaxy, the galactic center, the universe, the great central sun. And beyond to the Multiverse and pure Source Consciousness. I love the infinite expansiveness of this practice. And now it seems that Astrophysics and Quantum Science is catching up to such ‘new-age’ concepts. Perhaps you'll try it sometime —

💛 Universe of Universes

“What would you see without the fear of death? What would you feel and think if death held no attraction for you? Very simply, you would remember your Father. The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the universe and of the universe of universes, and of everything that lies even beyond them would you remember. And as this memory rises in your mind, peace must still surmount a final obstacle, after which is salvation completed, and the Son of God entirely restored to sanity. For here your world does end.” — ACIM, T-19.IV.D.1-6
“Creation in form had a starting point. This is the nature of everything that lives in form. It has a starting point from which it grows into its time of fullness. Creation on the scale at which God creates produced the universe, or in actuality, many universes. These universes grew and changed, ebbed and flowed, materialized and dematerialized in natural cycles of the creation process that once begun was unending and thus was ever creating anew. So too is it with you.” — ACOL, T4:8.5


💛 One Million Children for ONEness
       20th May 2019

Each year since 2008 about a million children from more than seven thousand schools in Thailand gather at the Phra Dhammakaya Temple near Bangkok to celebrate the power of hearts and minds joining as One. The power of our One Heart and One Mind to CoCreate a peaceful loving world. They're participating in the V-Star (V for Virtuous) Children's Project. And have earned this honor after three months of individual devotion at home and at school. Cultivating their own inner peace through meditation and practicing acts of kindness and service.

The purpose in the words of the temple's residing Abbot — “When the mind of each person in this world knows true peace, the world will know peace. Love and good intention for mankind will arise and we will become the center of peace for people around us, like the sun shining warm light to big and small stars, both near and far.”

This two minute BBC News report from 15 Jan 2013 sums it up nicely:

The other day I reconnected with a colleague. We'd worked together some twenty years ago on a Fetzer Institute project quantifying Collective Wisdom. He reminded me that he used to call me ‘Ms. Oneness’. No doubt with equal parts irritation and appreciation ... and exasperation at my persistence! I'd forgotten that! Perhaps y'all are feeling the same way too!😳 I'm still at it! Living Oneness as best I can and going on about it ad nauseam with whomever has the misfortune to invite me in! 😂 So here goes ..

What if each one of us in each Quantum moment, devoted our hearts and minds in our own unique way to living Oneness? Wherever we are. Whomever we're with especially with our own precious selves. Each day every day. Not just once or twice. But choosing over and over again — simply BEing the very love and peace we find is missing from any situation we're in? If a million children can so can we. And so perhaps can 7.5 Billion of us Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎🕸💎 all around the planet. Have fun trying it! Enjoy the results in your own life AND in the lives of others around you♥️💛Pause ❤️Breathe🧡Listen💚Feel💜Trust YourSelf💛Take Action💖

💛 Oneness

... The light of heaven shines not down upon you but is given and received in equal exchange by all who in creation exist together in oneness eternal. Forget not who you truly are, but forget not also to be in joy in your experience here. Remember that the seriousness with which you once looked at life is of the ego. Drape your persona in a mantle of peace and joy. Let who you are shine through the personal self who continues to walk this world a while longer. Listen for my voice as I guide you to your purpose here and linger with you in this time to end all time. We are here, together, in love, to share love. This is not such a frightening task. Let fear go and walk with me now. ...” — T2:13.5-6








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