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💝 Hearts & Flowers
       Wednesday 30th March 2022

A delightful visit today with Rick Greathouse! Colin and I spent the day with him in San Francisco. First time in-person with Rick after collaborating the last two years offering ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ and now ‘Arrival’. Real close-up hugs are the sweetest! As is precious Rick. With so much love to each and all 🌺


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💝 Overcoming Cause and Effect
       Tuesday 22nd March 2022

From Mari Perron’s latest musing/blog post “When we are wholehearted enough to stand in wholeness and to refuse division one from another, in each action, no matter how small, we overcome cause and effect.” Enjoy, dear ones, as your precious hearts prompt. Blessing each and all🌺

“There is not one human being who has not stood on both sides of this way of acting (bully and victim) that is in need of being undone. Only those human beings joined in unity have provided examples, some even amidst torture, as Yeshua did. By overcoming cause and effect, even unto death, Yeshua began this turn that we of the way of Mary must complete to put an end to the torture of both abuser and abused. We overcome cause and effect by calling on the love of life to prevail over the love of death. By calling on life, rather than death, as the way to peace. When we are wholehearted enough to stand in wholeness and to refuse division one from another, in each action, no matter how small, we overcome cause and effect. No matter how often we fail, and we will fail, we continue to bring this way of being beyond a way of trial and error. We do this by seeing each one and each circumstance as clearly as it is possible for us to see it, while not letting the details obscure the heart of the matter. No perfection is in need of being sought. Just a diligent observance, a refusal to be deceived, and a heart courageous enough to care to act.
— p. 142 Memoria: The Way of the Marys.”

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💝 Comfort and Trust
       Sunday 6th March 2022

Precious companions 🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸

The churn in my heart-belly-womb when I awoke this morning was almost unbearable. The volume had been turned up from a low 3 of continuous anxiety and discomfort rumbling through me all week to a jarring 10. It felt like a roiling lashing sea-dragon rudely awakened, howling in pain and fury within me. Railing at all the horrors and cruelty unfolding yet again in the world and the senselessness of it all. Not knowing what to do with such swirling formless fear and grief flooding my body. I crawled out of bed leaving Colin snoring peacefully, and stumbled down to my quiet corner, mug of tea in hand.

Gazing out at the icy snowy landscape, the grey overcast sky matching my mood, my mind a manic buzz, I falteringly breathed love through my poor worn-out body. And that’s when I remembered an email that came from Mary Reed a few days ago. And there it was, a reminder of last Sunday’s ‘Precious’ meditation — a deeply healing full-body/being experience of giving and receiving with Consensus, who is the vast host of Light Beings that share with/through Mary. And oh joy! This powerful comforting 40 minutes of preciousness is now available to share beyond Mary’s community with every one! As are two earlier experiences with Trust!

Sticking my Tozos into my ears, melting into the field with a sigh of relief, I allowed the energy of Mary’s voice and Consensus’ loving embrace to enfold me. Within minutes, all of that furious churn began dissolving — aerating, fizzing, evaporating — transmogrifying into a palpable healing blanket of gentleness and peace that envelopes me still as I write to you. A peace that is mine and yours and ours — residing within and overflowing without — as we strengthen our response-ability as Divine Human Beings. Both/And 😃

Enjoy these beautiful experiences on YouTube and join Mary’s Community as your precious heart prompts. With so much love to each and all 🌺

Precious Embrace

Trust, Part One

Trust, Part Two

Mary Reed

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

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💝 It is Real!
       Saturday 5th March 2022

Enjoy this beautiful and timely blogpost ‘When Every Kindness is a Miracle’, 5th March 2022, from Mari Perron. It’s exactly what I needed to hear today! Mother Mary is right here now with us and with every fleeing Ukrainian mother. She knows. She’s lived through every raw, real moment of the human experience. Her body feels the agony. The very particles of her being remember, as she describes in Memoria, Mari’s soon-to-be-released new book “My fear for the safety of my child was palpable, and not mediated at all by faith.” I am uplifted and affirmed as I read Mari’s blog. A timely reminder that the human experience is as real as the divine embrace of Love that holds us as close as our heartbeat💖 Lest we turn away and pass by on the other side! With so much gratitude to Mari, sharing this today with blessings and with love to each and all 🌺

Mother Mary speaks of her years of exile after Yeshua’s birth in Memoria:

“I knew what it was to feel the heat and cold of a journey fleeing danger: the hunger, the thirst, the hostility, the inability to communicate in a new land, with a different language. My fear for the safety of my child was palpable, and not mediated at all by faith. My blood pumped with fear. Every kindness was a miracle then. Every moment of calm without fear felt generously given. I can still remember that dread, and I do so purposefully on occasion, so as to remember with your people, the terrors of your time.”
— Memoria, p451

Today I know she is remembering her flight, the plight of the dispossessed Ukrainian women, and all the people of the Ukraine. At the end of 2019, when Mary and I had this dialogue, she said, “Seventy million people are now displaced in your world.” (p449). Today, that number has increased to over 80 million.

I pray that world leaders who are not guided by the heart, are replaced by those who are, knowing there are women leaders who need replacement as well as men. Let’s all continue to imagine a world in which peace can come. Lasting peace is rarely achieved but is the implicit promise of every faith tradition. We can realize that promise from within ourselves and extend it outward. And, we can actively imagine the promise that The New can be, and that it will be created “here.”

I began my day by asking my Holy Ones, “Where were we? Where are we? Where are we as Russia is invading Ukraine? As President Zelenski says, ‘This war is for the world,’ and that it is a ‘war for freedom’.” Russia’s invasion is being called “the largest conventional military attack in Europe since World War II.” Somehow, we have not been able to rid ourselves of corrupt leaders. While 800,000 women have become refugees, and the plight of Ukrainian men will be just as hard and costly, I found hope in President Zelinski, and the women speakers I heard on the news. (Unfortunately, I listened without recording their names or being able to find them again online.) But once I was online, I also saw so many pictures of women holding a bag in one hand, a child’s hand in the other, and carrying babies in the crook of an arm or a makeshift sling.

Later I read of a special project conducted by the United Nations Development Programme, only a year or two ago, “to tell of women politicians, to debunk myths about women in leadership,” and proposing that people “test their misconceptions.” I found that as heartening as I did to know I was hearing true leadership in women’s voices, in real time. In the Ukraine, only a year ago, ensuring “gender equality in politics” was seen as a priority. In 2020 – 2021 a special media project was initiated: “My Place is Where I Want it To Be”. Oh the irony of it, the sadness in what is begun, only to be overtaken with the thirst for power.

I don’t want any of us to lose hope for a peaceful world in which to “be.” And I don’t feel that the women of the Ukraine would mind that I take this opportunity to speak of them, to pray for them, to send them love, or to imagine with them, a peaceful homeland. I imagine that you are doing the same in your way.
[ Mari Perron — ]

“… While making yourself separate and alone you have also made it necessary to be in relationship to survive. Without relationship your species itself would cease to be, in fact, all life would end. Of course you must help your sister and brother, for they are yourself, and they are your only means to grasp eternity even within this false reality you have made. … It is the relationship inherent in meeting another's need that makes the meeting of the need a thing of lasting value. It is your willingness to say, “Brother, you are not alone” that is the benefit of such situations, not only to your brother but also to you. It is in saying, “Sister, you are not alone” that spiritual hunger and thirst is met with the fullness of unity. It is in realizing that you are not alone that you realize your unity with me and begin to turn from fear toward love.”
— A Course of Love, C:9.26-27

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

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Image: Holy Grail, Autumn Skye Art


💝 Is it Real?
       Friday 4th March 2022

“Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?” said Albus Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ … In my experience life is real all right! I’d have to be pretty oblivious to claim otherwise. And at the same time it’s kind of not real. I agree with Dumbledore. It’s a quantum BOTH/AND🙃 kind of thing! It really (get it?... really!😂) all depends on who is looking and responding🤔 My self as a lonely separate human, often terrified, struggling to survive, and competing for my fair share? Or my Self joining with all — including and especially that lonely terrified self — part of the whole as a divine human being, knowing I am never alone, and choosing in each moment as often as I can remember, to be/give/receive the love, joy, safety, and abundance I seek. I mean can a Jewel somehow fall off the Net? .. wait, what? That’s not even possible right? Not if I am BOTH the Jewel AND the Net. There’s no place ‘outside’ of Oneness, Allness, Wholeness, the Net! There’s no ‘where’ to throw ‘out’ anyone or anything! It’s all within me And I get to choose my response-ability.”

I wrote the above words three years ago and today they still make me smile! And they renew my moment to moment devotion to joining in union and relationship with all that is unfolding in Ukraine, with the devastating floods in Australia .. and more importantly joining with all that is arising within me in response as I follow these tragic events and more. As within, so without. Owning my response-ability for resolving all conflict within me. Enfolding with compassion the nameless fear, the swirling anxiety, unloving thoughts, words, deeds, as well as the myriad body aches and joint pains that seem to be calling for my attention. In other words loving it all — out there, in here — same thing! Dissolving all separation everywhere, not just when I feel like it, or where it’s convenient. There is no room for playing helpless. There is no one out there who’s job it is to fix things. There is no other out there to blame. There is no turning back. It’s time to claim our creator selves.

There will never be a better time than now to walk in the world as it is, simply doing what feels loving, one step at a time, one moment at a time, trusting our heart prompts. Blessing all indiscriminately and loving all unconditionally. And remembering to ask for assistance from the myriad unseen who stand at our side twirling their fidget spinners … not-so-patiently awaiting our invitation! Though I’ve said it a zillion times, I’ll say it again “The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.” … with so much love to each and all 🌺

“For every joining, every union that you enter into, your real world is increased and what is left to terrify you decreased. This is the only loss that union generates, and it is a loss of what was merely illusion.”
— A Course of Love, C:5.28
“… you created in response to “reality” rather than creating reality. Now you are called to create reality—a new reality. This is where you begin again. Begin again with the Self you now know yourself to be.”
— A Course of Love, D:Day36.5-6
“You are in the process of finding your way back to the love of the Sacred Heart, which is unconditional love. Love with conditions became the norm as humanity sank into the density… Beloveds, will you surrender your emotional pain to us and allow us to show you how to return to emotional peace and harmony within?… Are you willing to release any attachment to the outcome?… The wondrous energy of new Creation is swirling and spiraling all around you. All you have to do is turn inward and reach out to take the new cells of God Light that are being showered down upon you.”
— Archangel Michael, through Ronna Vezane, 1 Mar 2022

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

💝 Your Real World

Sharing with blessings and with love to each and all 🌺

“How thoroughly insane is the idea that to defend from fear is to attack! For here is fear begot and fed with blood, to make it grow and swell and rage. And thus is fear protected, not escaped. Today we learn a lesson which can save you more delay and needless misery than you can possibly imagine. It is this: You make what you defend against, and by your own defense against it is it real and inescapable. Lay down your arms, and only then do you perceive it false.”
— A Course in Miracles, W-pI170.2
“For every joining, every union that you enter into, your real world is increased and what is left to terrify you decreased. This is the only loss that union generates, and it is a loss of what was merely illusion. As union begins to look more attractive to you, you are beginning to wonder how it comes about. There must be some secret you do not know. What is the difference, you ask, between setting a goal and achieving it and joining with something. These do not have to be two separate things, but are made so by your choice, the choice to achieve what you will on your own. This is all the difference there is between union and separation. Separation is all you perceive on your own. Union is all that you invite me into and share with God. You cannot be alone nor without your Father, yet your invitation is necessary for your awareness of this presence. As I once was, you are both human and divine. What your human self has forgotten, your real Self retains for you, waiting only for your welcome to make it known to you once more.”
— A Course of Love, C:5.28-29

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Image: Harry Potter/Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)




Image: Archangel Michael, Fr. John Giuliani, Prairie Edge




Image: ‘God Light’, Christina Strutt, 2 March 2022


💝 Our Net of Light
       Tuesday 1st March 2022

Let's right now cast our Net of Light 🕸✨🕸 our Net of Love 🕸💛🕸 Indra's Net of Jewels 🕸💎🕸for each and all — blessing indiscriminately and loving unconditionally! Sharing this message from the Grandmothers that came 26th Feb 2022 through Sharon McErlane. With love 🌺

“Waking me in the wee hours of the morning, the Grandmothers said, “You are part of a vast family of light. Vast!” they repeated, “One that stretches throughout the world. So, call on your family now and stand with them. Stand with them in love, and from the powerful structure that together you form, let love radiate. Radiant throughout the cosmos. This is your job,” they said, their eyes piercing mine. “That is what is needed now. It is time to get to work.” “Okay, Grandmothers,” I replied, throwing off the covers as I got up from bed.
“You are part of the great Web of Light, the radiant Net of Light that is holding the Earth. Holding the World together,” they said with feeling. “This Net of Light, Net of Love is finely linked and is growing more potent by the moment. Each time you call on the Net, you broadcast it,” they explained, “not only for yourself, but for everything that lives. Your oneness with it weaves and anchors this great force. Through your focus on love and light, you have become the Net of Light,” they said and I gulped. They'd said this before, but coming now, in the early morning darkness, it shook me.
“Many years ago, we gave you the radiant Net, and since then you have been steadfast in working with it—casting and broadcasting to your fellow beings. Do that now. Anchor and cast!” the Grandmothers cried. “Think of, call on, and feel the presence of the Net of Light ceaselessly. Its reach is amplified by your mindfulness. Human beings are the link between Heaven and Earth, and your combined strength as you work together with the Net of Light will create what you call ‘miracles.’
“Cast now for the people of the Ukraine. Cast for all soldiers—both Ukrainian and Russian. Cast also to the people of Russia, for all affected by this calamity. Cast the Net of Light to all beings. ‘May everyone in all the worlds be happy!’” they said. “Chant this endlessly. And remember that there is no ‘other;’ All are family within the great Net of Light. And if people seem to forget this truth, YOU remember it for them!” the Grandmothers declared, their faces lit with smiles. “Chant and sing!” they cried. “Sing and chant the truth.
“With all your heart, sing: ‘May Everyone in all the worlds be happy.’ Whenever you do this, you make us happy,” they said, “and you make everyone happy. You are happy when you do this work and in this state of happiness, what you think of as ‘you’ actually melts and becomes happiness itself.
“Because you are part and parcel of the Net of Light, whenever you anchor the Net, sing and pray for the good of all, happiness fills the World. Let this occur now. Let life flow through you and become the walking blessing upon the Earth we have told you that you are. Now is the time to open your heart. And open it to all!” they said. “All beings are part of the Net of Light, whether they know it or not. And when they forget who they are, then you ‘know it’ for them. You can hold this truth for everything that lives.
“Play your part now,” they said. “Do not go into despair, but instead, anchor yourself in love. Fall back into the embrace of the Net of Light and stay there. The Net will hold you steady, it will hold the Earth steady. Take every opportunity to come together in light now and be who you are! You are one with the Net of Light and we are counting on you.”

💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in 💚Feel💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

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