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💝 Love As a Technical Term
       Wednesday 13th April 2022

Sharing this Facebook ‘memory’ that showed up today giving me the not-so-gentle dope slap I needed!🤪

Have I really been saying, writing, sharing the same message over and over for seven years? Each time simply finding new and engaging/entertaining ways to say the same old thing? Enough already ... right? I quit! It’s so simple. We are Love. We are Light. We are One. BOTH uniquely distinct AND the same. So get over yourself. Get on out there and f@%king LIVE it!🤓Now! Dang it! And now … and now … and now … I love you each to infinity and beyond! ♾🚀🌟🌺

Posted on CoCreating Clarity, 9 Apr 2015 —

“If I were to take the word love and change it to some sophisticated-sounding technical term, and say this is the stuff that binds the world together in unity, it would be easier for you to accept. … If a scientist was to tell you that a benign energy had been found that proved your connection to everything in the universe, and gave it some fancy name, you would say, “A new discovery has been found and I am willing to believe it may be true, especially if others are also going to believe it to be true.”
— A Course of Love, C:12.1
So just for today, let’s make-believe this has in fact happened.

Everyone is talking about it.

It’s trending big time in news and social media.

Now walk through your day observing & listening with your heart.

Are you willing?
--✿ to believe what your heart is telling you?
--✿ to act on it?
--✿ to trust the new evidence you’re gathering?


And today from A Journey into The Unknown, Book One:

“Choices in unconditional love-based freedom always make you feel good. They always make you feel even happier and more joyous. There is no ceiling in love. There is no endpoint or period at the end of the sentence. This is why I have said that my work with you has caused both you and me to grow leaps and bounds. Giving and receiving are one in truth, so giving love always causes love to grow in both parties.”

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

Here is the post on Facebook



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