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💝 Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
       Prequel to ‘A White Hawk’
       Friday 13th May 2022

I awoke this morning connecting the dots with clarity! It’s what happens when I’m moving in presence (as best I can) moment to moment. I seem to live in a flow (sometimes worrisome) that’s constantly fading out all past moments in favor of the vivid brilliance of the present moment. It’s not that I don’t remember anything. It’s more like as each circle of love’s call and love’s response completes in the present moment (as in the Art of Thought), the essence of that experience is instantly uploaded/released to the Field/Indra’s Net. There it remains safely in my orbit, or more accurately in the collective orbit of All/Oneness, available to be downloaded/accessed by each and all, as and only when needed. Thus freeing me to travel lightly, to move with greater ease in the not knowing and coming to know, growing in faith in the infinite All that I AM, while growing in trust in my capabilities as Love in Form/elevated self of form.

That being said, I’m writing this morning to add the just-downloaded prequel to yesterday’s White Hawk encounter. It began with an out-of-the-blue text popping up from Danny. It was a group text to Mari and me sharing a YouTube video of an Aubrey Marcus podcast in conversation with Dr. Zac Bush MD and philosopher Charles Eisenstein. Three people I have sometimes listened to. I can’t remember the topic and haven’t even watched it yet. The important penny that dropped this morning is that Danny wrote “it reminds me of the Elevated Self of Form and Imaginal DNA.“ And the other important penny that dropped is that Mari had watched it and responded to both of us with a reference to her newly release book Memoria — she pointed us to ‘Here Expands’ (p432) and ‘Remembering’ (p437) which she concludes with a quote from ACOL and then asks a question.

“‘With your accomplishment comes the freedom and the challenge of creation. Creation becomes the new frontier, the occupation of those too young to rest, too interested in living still to welcome the peace of dying. Those who could not change the world one iota through their constant effort, in peace create the world anew.’ (ACOL C6.17) Is our peace, as well as our freedom, connected to our willingness to be creators?”

Reading these words and especially Mari’s question melted me yesterday in tears of recognition and grief/joy. “Those who could not change the world one iota …” Wow! Is this not the story/the sorrow of my life? Where do I go from here? my heart cried! And the answer “… in peace create the world anew.” Wow! Is this not where I am struggling to be right now? ‘Trying’ to rest in the non-doing, undisturbed by my own old expectations/‘shoulds’ and judgments? I texted back to both of them “Now there’s a question to explore!”, put away my iPhone, lifted still damp eyes to the oaks outside and dropped into the shimmering stillness.

So that’s what happened right before my White Hawk encounter. And today as each penny drops and I’m connecting the dots (yes, I love mixing metaphors!🙃), I’m feeling an affirmation and encouragement to simply keep on keeping on as I am. Attending within/without (it’s the same thing) in that multidimensional place of All-Being, All-Chemical (Alchemy), and All-Doing. The very words that announced themselves within as the new ABCDs of living, in a waking dream one morning a couple of weeks ago. It’s a new way landing in me that words (as yet) cannot describe. A way that sneaks unannounced into each quantum moment of presence. A way that is arriving for me after decades of doing followed by decades of undoing. A way of non-doing/all-doing — “in peace create the world anew.” that I’m welcoming wholeheartedly now … and now … and now … And as I write this last line, another penny drops and I smile! No wonder I dragged Colin out last week to the movie theater (first time since Frozen II in Nov 2019) to see that crazy sci-fi comedy ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once!’ Hah! Enough said!😃

With much love to each and all 🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

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💝 A White Hawk
       Thursday 12th May 2022

The feeling of alchemy in the air, and the freedom associated with literally flying have been with me the past several of weeks. Unusually for me (I rarely dream or at least I rarely remember my dreams😏) I even had a dream in which I was walking down my street, and then suddenly, with the greatest ease like you were just going to sit down, I found myself airborne and gliding my way around … landing and going airborne again at will. It was so real and lovely and free and felt so true and somehow ‘right’.

Then yesterday in my usual open-eyed meditation in stillness, I was sitting in my quiet corner gazing into the near distance towards the oak trees in my back yard. And I was immediately aware that the light was far more intense than ever before, the shimmering was vibrating and pulsating through every particle in my body. The light so intense as to be almost blinding yet my eyes remained wide open barely even blinking at all (which is not unusual in my still gazing times). The strongest pulsing sensations I felt were in my head and forehead — like my third eye and two physical eyes were working together. Doing something together in synch perhaps new for me. At least the awareness of it was new. And that’s when I saw a massive white hawk fly into my line of vision and alight on a branch of an oak not far away. It was a startling flash of brilliant white of her feathers for a moment, then she was in the shade of the branches. Remaining in that deep state of oneness, unity, and compassion with all of everything, I felt myself joining in relationship with her, communing deeply somehow yet wordlessly. The flow was palpable ... alchemical. And she stayed with me well over thirty minutes. Something real was happening. Then, as suddenly as she arrived she took off, majestically gliding south to north the full length of the woods in back of our home. The whole episode was surreal … magical! And left me feeling like there was something huge anchoring through my body for all of creation.

I know from an experience with eight white hawks in April 2016 that — "White Hawk denotes union with All That Is — Compassionate Christ Consciousness. One trait all hawks share, is the ability to move between the seen and unseen realms gracefully, joining both worlds together. The hawk is a bird of the heavens, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our spiritual growth. Having this power animal can be bittersweet. When accepting its presence in your life, you will be asked to surrender give up anything that doesn’t honour the integrity of all life. Whether it's an idea, feeling or action. Although hard work is involved, the rewards to be reaped are great, far outweighing this."

I’d enjoy your insights as it’s now six years later. So do respond if you like! [Friday 13th May: And read 💝Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: Prequel to ‘A White Hawk’]

With so much love to each and all🌺

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖

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