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💛 Completion on the Mountain
       20th October 2019

There was a word that landed strongly as Colin and I were on our two-day drive home from Miracles in the Mountains. COMPLETION. I texted Mari from somewhere in Pennsylvania — “Something vast and deep is healing in our Collective Heart. I'm feeling a full-circle Completion. Of divine masculine exhaling in relief. Fully seen. Finally re-cognized. Re-membered. Now resting. Embracing and embraced within the bosom of divine feminine. Feeling sooo good!👫 All of it beautifully evident. Expressed in observable form. Experienced in so many sweet ways. And most of all in Sunday's full moon. An Indra's Net Insight writing is landing😃 inspired by the Sparkling Darkness of that night ...” That night the Full Moon blew us all a kiss! I swear she did! A crisp black heart🖤shaped cloud with a sparkly trail. Do you see it in the picture?

Something in me is complete. Something in us collectively feels accomplished. We've reached a tipping point. A kind of point of no return. Of collective momentum carrying us inexorably forward. Towards a beautiful loving new world, endlessly reNEWing with each choice we make. Don't be fooled by the shadows darkening and lengthening. Its always darkest before the dawn. It's what happens as we approach a Source of Light. Love. God. The darkness gets scarier until suddenly magically it dissipates and is gone into the nothingness that it always was. So let's join in remembering like the Moon's kiss🖤 we can simply loving the dark into light✨✨ Scientists will tell you that darkness is not a thing. It has no measurable properties. Therefore it is nothing. It is simply the absence of Light. The very crystalline Light/Love that lives and grows within us. That we amplify simply by joining heart-to-heart. That we radiate with our presence in every situation and every encounter. That is Us. That is who we are. That is more than enough to go around. And that grows ever brighter when we choose to share ourselves. Openly honestly courageously and with vulnerability.

Dunno how it's all going to play out. But that's the point! For we are now Swimming in an ocean of Love. ( No longer walking! That's the sometimes scary and always sacred business of living in the Quantum Now moment. Here we are CoCreating the New from the infinite possibilities available to us. Choosing Love over Fear. Joining over separation. Sharing what is ours to share. Words, feelings, actions, experiences. Things that are uniquely ours to contribute to the whole. Only you know what yours is! The essential bit that no one else can bring. With freedom power and joy. And it sure feels good! Doesn't it? You are not alone. At any time. Evah!💞 For there is no outside in Oneness.

It's a helical journey. Lurching forward, back into the deep, then sling-shot'ing forward and upward again. Only to find ourselves being sucked back down when we least expect it. Truly all of it is both purposeful and perfect. However painful it seems. I'm sharing here a chart that kind of drew itself about 18 months ago. When a few of us began gathering in dialogue as CoCreators. You'll see it's on a piece of scrap paper that I grabbed. Complete with 🌈rainbow sparkles✨ from the crystal Tyler gave me hanging above my desk. Looking at this picture it's becoming clear that the ‘down’ parts are not really down at all. They are the times of our Undoing as I call it. The times of Unshaping our world as Mary named it a few days ago. The pull-back-within of a kind of divine slingshot. Stretching us deeply inward. Gathering the strength and momentum to launch us upwards and onwards to Completion!

The pull-back down currents are becoming gentler. And the circling deep moves through us more quickly these days. Beautifully spiraling us within the Quantum Now moment. For whatever any one of us is facing and transmuting, we are facing and transmogrifying for everyone! Building momentum. And clearing the way for All! 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💚Feel 💙Accept Your Feelings 🧡Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💛 And enjoy these photos of the Full Moon and Sunrise on the Mountain. Sunset one evening out in Blowing Rock with a crowd of folk, where we met the sweetest young couple — she from Iran and he from the local area — both radiant with pure Joy💛 And where we had delicious cocktails that just happened to be turquoise. The color of the WholeHeart chakra ( and the perfect match for Danny's shirt!🍸💙🍸

💎🕸💎Know that you are not alone. Speak your heart. Gather with others. And as your heart prompts, write me and perhaps join in Indra's Net gatherings online or in-person. Where we experiment with living the New. And we laugh a lot too! ( With love to all 🌺

💛 The Accomplished

“Go forth not as completed works of art but as permeable energy, ever changing, ever creating, ever new. Go forth with openness for revelation to happen through you and through all you encounter. Go forth joyously on this adventure of discovery. Be ever new, ever one, ever the beloved. Bring your voice to this continuing dialogue. This is all that is asked of you. This is the gift you have been given and the gift you bring the world: your own voice, the voice of Who You Are... It is how union is expressed and made recognizable in form. It is what will usher in the new and change the world. It cannot be accomplished without you—without your ability to stand in unity and relationship as The Accomplished.” — A Course of Love, Addendum: Learning in the Time of Christ, A.48-49

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💛 The Imaginal Realm
       18th October 2019

Precious Jewels in the Net 💎🕸💎 We've been away a while at a beautiful place. The Art of Living Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Sixteen hours driving from Westford. Two days there and two days back. Joining Miracles in the Mountains. A gathering of about 130 folk from all over the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe. Ordinary people devoted to BEing the Love that's called for wherever they are in their lives. And I'm overflowing to share. The one word that my entire experience coalesced around is IMAGINAL. It was for me truly an experience of the Imaginal Realm in form. A sustained shimmering multi-dimensional sense of being in this world and not of it. Some might call it 5D. Others might call it Heaven on Earth. And yet others might call it “What the f%#k are you smokin'!?”🤣

Not too many more words to describe the experience as yet. And that's okay. I shall write more perhaps as things land demanding to be shared!🤪 What I do know is that I've carried the experience down the Mountain and all the way home with me. And today I'm simply buzzing with love for all of you/us here. Feeling as if we are already beautifully sharing all of it at the broadest deepest imaginable level. Across the vastness of Indra's Net 💎🕸💎Perhaps not too many words are needed. Are you feeling me? Can you feel the movement? Our quantum particles co-mingling and intra-acting?⚛️😄

For now I'm sharing the brief I was asked to bring for folk. Two pages distilling the path I've been on up to this point — Metamorphosis: A Journey in Seven Parts. Excerpted from a longer piece written in early 2016. Which is when I discovered with delight that there are IMAGINAL discs/cells containing the entire blueprint for the butterfly right there from the beginning of the egg! So duh!🤪 Of course our ‘dormant’ DNA 🧬(scientists no longer call it ‘junk’ DNA😄) likely contains the entire blueprint for ourselves as divine HUman BEings! Bodhisattvas. Love embodied in form. CoCreators of the New! We are quantum beings powered by Light and Love. Each one a fractal of all that is. Incubating and birthing the new from the inside out with every choice we make. And yes Steve and Dolly really did encounter that Chrysalis Halloween Girl Scout project on the road home! Amazing! Enjoy! —

There's even a business consulting firm called ‘Imaginal Labs’ who write — “At first these Imaginal cells — the seeds of future potential, which contain the blueprint of a flying creature—operate independently as single-cell organisms. They are regarded as threats and are attacked by the caterpillar's immune system. But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other. The Imaginal cells form clusters and clumps, begin resonating at the same frequency and passing information back and forth until they hit a tipping point. They begin acting not as discrete individual cells but as a multi-cell organism — and a butterfly is born.” We believe that courageous leaders (people)are the Imaginal cells within their organizations to help them transform to meet the challenges of our times.” (

That's what was happening on the Mountain. A clustering of willing hearts drawn somehow to gather. Answering the call sounded by my friend Kathy Scott Perry. To be in each other's physical presence. With some structure. Self-organizing. Sharing as prompted. Prepared talks discarded in favor of saying what needed to be said. In a kind of orderly chaos. Exchanging energy. Feeling our growing capacity to sustain unity consciousness in relationship with each other. Listening together. Each voice speaking a piece of the puzzle until the whole resonated and shimmered. A palpable experience of Truth. Activating each other's DNA🧬👭🧬 Really? Okay I just snuck that last bit in!🤓 But why not? More on this another time!😃

💎🕸💎Know that you are not alone. As your heart prompts, write me and perhaps join us in Indra's Net gatherings online or in-person. Where we experiment with living the New. And we laugh a lot too! ( With love to all 🌺

💛 Imaginal Life

“From here your life becomes imaginal, a dream that requires you not to leave your home, your place of safety and of rest. You are cradled gently while your spirit soars, dreaming happy dreams at last. With love surrounding you in arms that hold you close, you feel the heartbeat of the world just beneath your resting head. It thunders in your ears and moves through you until there is no distinction. We are the heartbeat of the world.” — A Course of Love, C:20.10

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💛 Resonance
       Indra's Net Gathering, Wed 2nd October
       3rd October 2019

Outside yesterday a completely overcast sky and a heaviness in the air hours before the rain began. Inside Muffins on Main (MOM), freshly baked apple cake with orange frosting, and their always hot fragrant coffee making everything right with the world! Breathing our busy minds into our hearts. Then down into our bellies. Dropping into the stability of Gaia's crystalline core. Floating up and beyond, joining with the sparkling diamond-fire clarity of pure Source consciousness. And spiraling it all together into our hugely expansive hearts. Feeling the resonance of our presence together in the Quantum Now. Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 in Indra's Infinite Net. (

And you're feeling it too. You're feeling it as you read these words. You know if they're empty words. Or if they're flowing directly from my heart to yours. In truth and resonance. You and you alone know. For yourself and no other. 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In💚Feel 💜Trust this Knowing. So many examples were shared that afternoon. In the safety and warmth of MOM and Indra's Net. With some pain, some sadness, and a great deal of wry laughter!😢🤪😂 It never ceases to amaze me! The healing power of simply sharing and witnessing!

We feel the resonance when someone's words match their energy. We feel the lack thereof when someone preaches love and quotes the spiritual texts. All the while devoid of compassion in the presence of tears, pain, and suffering. We feel the resonance when someone speaks forcefully to us with loving intent. And equally we feel the lack thereof when forceful words come from anger. For honesty without compassion in brutality. Just as we know the lack of resonance when the kindest words are spoken from behind a thin veil of contempt. It is the discomfort we experience when there's an elephant in the room. A public secret that ‘everyone’ knows and no one is talking about. Resonance is a vibrational match that is felt. As clearly and strongly as it will soon no doubt be measured. Bioelectromagnetic scientist Glenn Rein is working on it with my favorite ‘woo-woo’ wayshower Sandra Walter, but that's another post!🤓

All of these experiences in truth are purposeful. For they have prepared us for our collective task of CoCreating the New. Resonance is the receiving of expression from Source in response to our own expression from self. It is always a naturally matched frequency in the New world of 5D. ( Giving and receiving as One. The call and the inevitable response in kind. As swift and as sure as the equal and opposite reaction to every action we experience in the 3D reality of Newton's third law. Like the ping back from a sonar depth signal. In 5D living we just as surely receive experiences at exactly the levels of frequency/vibration we express. The reality we receive will always be a vibrational match for the expression we give. This is Resonance.

Recognizing this can be both petrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Such power! But no worries! We simply cannot misuse this power. For there is a pre-requisite. A perfectly designed failsafe. For first we must choose to bring our willingness and our devotion within. To our own selves where it all begins. For there is truly no ‘other’ in Oneness We are the ones who can choose for love. Returning to Love in each moment that we remember. Thus joining and healing our minds and our hearts in wholeheartedness. What I call Compassionate Mind and Wise Heart joined as One. And what the HeartMath Institute calls Heart Coherence. The invitation was sounded over 2000 years ago. And there's never been a better time to respond. For we are all — each and every one of us — essential to the completion of the whole.

This is why calling forth the New is a constant work of art Of desire and devotion in equal parts. A willingness to hold ourselves in the highest imaginal realm of possibility for the highest good of all. Totally at one with ourselves. Joining in loving intent with Love/Source/Creation itself. AND then most important of all — moving forward with courage. ACTING AS IF! Living as if this reality IS true NOW. And ALL IS WELL. This is the tender act of absolute trust in the power of Source and Self joined as One. The very action that will call forth the much desired reality. Magically. Out of the infinite potentialities in this quantum Now moment. With every thought and every feeling. With every breath, every cell, and every particle in our bodies. With Clarity, Compassion, and Courage. We literally, wholeheartedly, feelingly LIVE and LOVE the experience into form. It's an alchemical process. The stuff of Miracles. Manifesting a world of Joy without sorrow and Laughter without tears. Not in a few years. But right Now. Not just for ourselves. But for all of Life on the planet. Love endlessly expressing love in form. Together CoCreating the much anticipated New Earth in multidimensional 5D reality. With love to all🌺

💛 Energy of Creation

“The many forms are made one body through Christ-consciousness. The one body is one energy given many expressions in form. The same life-force courses through all that exists in matter in the form of this energy. Awareness of this one Source of energy, and thus this one energy existing in everything, and creating the life in everything, is Christ-consciousness. It is also what we have been referring to as heart, as the center of your being. What would the center of your being be but the Source of your being?
In order for your body to live, this one Energy had to enter your form and exist where you think you are. This is the Energy of Love, the Energy of Creation, the Source that is known as God. Since you are clearly alive, this Energy exists within you as it exists in all else that lives. It is one Energy endlessly able to materialize in an inexhaustible variety of forms. It is thus one Energy endlessly able to dematerialize and rematerialize in an inexhaustible variety of form. But form does not contain It and is not required for Its existence or expression. How could form contain God? How could form contain the Energy of Creation?
Your form does not contain your heart, or the energy of creation, or God. Your form is but an extension of this energy, a representation of it. You might think of this as a small spark of the energy that has created a living universe existing within you and uniting you to all that has been created. You are the substance of the universe. The same energy exists in the stars of the heavens and the waters of the ocean that exists in you. This energy is the form and content of the embrace. It is within you and It surrounds and It encompasses you. It is you and all who exist with you. It is the body of Christ. It is like unto what the water of the ocean is to the living matter that exists within it. The living matter that exists within the ocean has no need to search for God. It lives in God. So do you.” — A Course of Love, A Treatise On the New, T4:5.3-5

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