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πŸ’› 8 Jewels

       Sunday 12th September 2021

(πŸ’Ž1) It began on Wednesday 8th with that unmistakable full body prompt to share how I'd been faring with the turbulent energy of August. The delightful alongside the dreadful, all designed in a good cop/bad cop kind of way, to make me stop and look deeply at the shadows I was avoiding. To unify the bits of myself still riding rogue. Navigating by dwelling in zero-point neutrality as best I could. That's when πŸ’›Faith Float flowed out of me.

(πŸ’Ž2) The next day I enjoyed the most delightful conversation with Todd Medina of SoulogyOne Studios. We spoke of many things, mostly of living as Love, and my ways of making the visible invisible. Of πŸ’›BEing Indra's Net, harnessing the power of relationship and the silent potency of ‘the in between’. Watch our conversation on YouTube.

(πŸ’Ž3) The very next night I had an incredibly vivid dream (a rarity for me) with total recall (an even greater rarity) when I awoke! It was an agonizingly full-bodied sensory experience of physical abuse. Yet one that was experienced in wholeness — an experience of physical and emotional pain as a divine HUman BEing, resting in zero-point neutrality within the embrace of Love is All.

(πŸ’Ž4) That was yesterday, the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — the day the global High Heart chakra was cracked wide open. And I found myself sharing a bit of my dream in a comment I made on a striking piece in the newly arrived issue of The Embrace — ‘Pain, Patriarchy, and the Divine Feminine’ by Mary Reed including a powerful poem by Chelan Harkin.

(πŸ’Ž5) Then to my surprise I had a second vivid dream last night of an energetic re-balancing and completion in form. It was a beautiful vision of feminine and masculine living and working as was intended. In a playful free-flowing union that naturally burst out into a colorful canvas of the ultimate collaboration — CoCreating with the energy of Creation/Life itself! Knowing that the highest frequency outcome is assured for all!

(πŸ’Ž6) This morning I shared both dreams within the safety of an FB group ‘Cathars of the Light and The Golden Rose’. A private group where we join in birthing the Divine Feminine Mother energy — that seamless cocreative alchemy of compassionate nurturing, and bold badassery the planet so needs yet has hardly seen since the days of Mary Magdalene.

(πŸ’Ž7) This afternoon I journeyed with Todd and Morgan in a powerful coded activation. Todd's voice guided me through a rich tapestry of a golden child, a castle, and a king, to a crone at the core of the earth. And brought me full circle to a powerful gift of affirmation. That our entire lives we have been preparing/being prepared for this very moment, for each and every subsequent moment, and for the pivotal times ahead. No doubt! And imagine my delight when he closed with a reminder to us not to get caught up in the specific form/the drama arising, but to remember that it is in the spaces in between that the alchemy lies, and the miracles! Journey with Todd.

( πŸ’Ž8) And this evening, sitting out on the patio with Colin in the breezy late sunshine of this beautiful Sunday, gazing on nature's lush greenery shimmering with love and textured plasma light codes … a knowing anchored in! This is why my life has seemingly been overfilled with pain and suffering, and why I've endured ‘spiritual’ advice making me wrong for it. Why there've been so many distorted family relationships, much betrayal, ab-use, and blame — all in the name of love. It's all just so I KNOW viscerally what it's like. This is why I've travelled this long and winding road from self-blame to self-love. Why I've willingly laid myself bare. Why I've had my ass kicked into gear every time I've been caught backsliding into victimhood, or into that equally damned of places — complacency and self-congratulatory comparisons. My heart and body breaking so many times with grief at the pain in the world. Just so I can be with it all, unafraid, never turning away, no matter the frightful form in which it rears it's head next. A Course of Love calls it Observance. Just so I can look with compassion, with clear unflinching eyes, from the deepest core of me that's known since birth that Love is All. Knowing steadfastly for everyone that the toughest things out there need not be so, are not so, even though they seemingly are.

And so my 8 Jewels are strung in a sweet little necklace, shimmering with rainbow crystal colors in the setting sun. And this is why I claim today, my innocence, power, and sovereignty as Indra's Net of Jewels. Feeling it all, holding it all, responding to all from the stillness of the infinite void. With a compassion that comes from an empowering empathy, never sympathy. My atoms and your atoms forever mingling in the quantum field. No beginning and no end. Informing and forming each other as unique sparkling expressions of love, one now moment at a time. Knowing each Jewel as a unique fractal of the whole, and as a perfect reflection of every other Jewel set in the infinite field of LOVE that I AM. I join with you. I remember for you when you forget. And you for me. And together we rise. I know of no other way forward.

With blessings and with so much love🌺


Re-post from the Cathars of the Light and The GoldenRose FB Group —

“I'm writing today feeling hopeful. Somehow in tandem with all that is dissolving loudly and painfully around us I'm feeling a new strength and a new source flow of sustenance for me to keep on keeping on … just BEING LOVE.
I very rarely remember my dreams so these two are significant for me.
In the early hours of the morning yesterday (11 Sep) I had a vividly textured dream with detailed recall of all of it. Very briefly, I was consciously observing myself fully experiencing physical abuse by a man. An identity-less man who embodied the brutally violent bullying I'd experienced at the hands of many men in the course of my life. I was sobbing and choking in the flood of tears, the guttural sounds emerging from my body vibrating with primordial grief, as I willfully remained present in that brutal bully energy. Throughout the dream there was not a moment of fear. I knew beyond doubt that I was being cradled in a powerful field of love — like a strong yet fluffy-soft tender embrace, and I DID NOT FEEL LIKE A VICTIM AT ALL! I awoke with the phrase “It is finished” ringing within me. And later affirmed these were indeed Jesus' last words on the cross. How I love the sound of the Aramaic word “Tetelestai” that he would actually have spoken! And it dawned on me that we're in the middle of Rosh Hashana, ten days of introspection leading up to the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, when in the olden days the rabbi would emerge after sacrificing the lamb and pronounce the very same words! For God would close the book on the Old, and the New would begin. And so it is!
Then this morning (12 Sep) I awoke remembering another vivid dream! Two in a row! Though this time I can recall few details … I was looking out an upper window on a beautiful sunny landscape of a vast estate/farm. In the distance in a pen was a very large camel. I knew it had had a calf and thought to bring it water. Then I noticed several men around the grounds working. I suddenly kind of zoomed-out seeing/feeling the big picture — the Field — and I knew it (watering the camel) had been done already. It all felt perfect … like something has been set right finally … rebalanced somehow. And all is now working smoothly the way it's supposed to. Feminine and Masculine energies in fully engaged powerful cocreative flow together … seamlessly within me.”


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πŸ’› BEing Indra's Net
       Friday 10th September 2021

Had so much fun yesterday in conversation with Todd Medina of SoulogyOne Studios. Thanks for the invitation Todd πŸ•ΈπŸ’ŽπŸ•ΈπŸ’ŽπŸ•Έ precious Jewel that you are! Sharing with love to each and all 🌺

Enjoy our conversation about BEing Indra's Net, on Facebook
Or on YouTube
And explore The Soulogy One Network.

Watch the first 33 seconds of this movie trailer for a beautiful depiction of Indra's Net of Jewels and discover more about Indra's Net.

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πŸ’› Faith Float
       Tuesday 7th September 2021

August has been filled with the joys of family vacation, accompanied by storms Henri (in Maine) and Ida (on Cape Cod). A fall up the stairs left me banged up pretty badly (head, ribs, shins), slowing me way down all month. I'm noticing more keenly, the richly textured polarities playing out in my life and across the world. The devastation of flash floods and vast fires, the overturning of Roe v. Wade in Texas (for all practical purposes) without actually overturning it on paper, and in Afghanistan ‘the insurgents’ flipping overnight into ‘the government’. Much like a red squirrel🐿 I watched for several minutes the other day, flipping 180Β°s at lightning speed on the branch of a hemlock, going nowhere fast! I am noting my own flipping, and my varying ability to remain in active neutrality in each moment!

The next two weeks leading up to the 22 September equinox launch an even more intense three months of ‘in your face’ choice points for love/oneness or fear/separation. It is a journey into the unknown, and I know of no way through but being here in each now moment. Accepting what is in front of me, engaging full body senses, all my feelings, no thinking nor judgment. Remembering mySelf as a unique expression of love. Cradling all of it tenderly in my heart/our One Heart with empathy, understanding and compassion for myself, for each, and for all. Taking powerful action as my Creator-Self just doing the next right thing, holding steady as I flow … float on in faith and vulnerability like this red-tailed hawk.

As I wrote in ‘The Ultimate Collaboration’, 11 Sep 2019,

“There is no grand plan pre-determined by some celestial mastermind. We are it. We are CoCreating the present in real-time. The grand experiment is here. The magic is happening in the middle! It is the ultimate collaboration. CoCreating in Love with the intent of Creation itself. Resting moment to moment in that sweetest of all places — that divine neutrality of surrender, acceptance of what is, and full-on engagement! Taking each inspired action-step with enthusiasm and grace. Returning always to that zero-point of infinite potential. Like an ace tennis player in between shots, resting with alert and agile confidence right on the T.”
Enjoy the full post.

And so I share with you today, four points of light I find most practical and encouraging. Apply them or not … you choose!πŸ˜ƒ With so much love to each and all 🌺

πŸ’– Find your zero-point with Francisca Zee's powerful 10-second Breathing Consciousness. Rest in the limitless space of divine neutrality.
--✿ Breathe in counting 1 2 3 4 5 seconds
--✿ Breathe out counting 4 3 2 1
--✿ Pause and melt into that space
--✿ Listen in-between the out-breath and the in-breath
--✿ Feel the zero-point field arise
--✿ Repeat
Listen to Francisca's enchanting voice guiding you.

πŸ’– Never forget that your True Self/Soul/Christ “is neutral and doesn't take sides on any single issue. Love embraces and does not divide. Christ doesn't see one side as right and one side as wrong because Christ looks beyond division and only sees unity in Oneness.” Explore messages addressing current events currently arriving from Jesus and our many unseen guides in ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’.

πŸ’– Practice the new thinking A Course of Love calls the “art” of thought

“… in order to call your wholehearted attention to the continual act of creation that is the relationship between Creator and Created. Creation is but a dialogue to which you have not responded. The art of thought will free you to respond… these are the basic rules of the art of thought: First, to experience what is and to acknowledge what is, both as a fact of your existence as a human being and as a gift of the Creator. Second, to acknowledge the relationship inherent in the experience, the call for a response, and the nature of all gifts as being given to all.”
— A Course of Love, T1.12-22.
See a summary chart and explore more resources.

πŸ’– Demand miracles as exhorted in the September Cosmic Times —

“Dear Ones, you are become Butterfly. You will never again ‘land’ long enough to ‘catch your breath’, to crawl along in a linear way, to have ‘down’ time, to be who you were one minute ago. You will need to learn how to just keep breathing, how to just keep becoming, how to BE in Light and Air, how to live in NeverLand. Like Butterfly, you are ever so fragile as you newly emerge from your cocooning. And as Butterfly, you will, over time, develop the capacity to ‘leap’ and flit, to be nourished by the supreme sweetness of the ephemeral, to live in the NOW, to be a creature of the Quantum World… of the NOW moment… where you can perceive miracles… NOW is the time to begin asking for miracles. Dear Human Beings, ask for miracles in your world. Demand miracles in your world. Ask for small miracles, big miracles, bigger miracles, gargantuan miracles — all of them are ready and waiting for delivery. It is time to stop crawling. It is time to start Quantum leaping and expecting that you will be met with Quantum miracling.”
— The Ascension Council, Six Members of the Council of Ascended Masters.
Read the full September Cosmic Times.

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πŸ’› Connection within Chaos
       Monday 6th September 2021

A wide-angle perspective on all that's happening on our planet these last couple of years. Shared with me by Judy … thank you!πŸ’ž And sharing with you because I enjoyed it. And am feeling newly encouraged in each moment to moment life choice for compassion, understanding and unity. No separation. Only infinite variations/expressions of love … seamlessly distinct. With so much love to each and all 🌺

Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden come together to bring hope to the upheaval and turmoil we are seeing in the world today. What we are experiencing is the structured chaos of unsustainable systems breaking down and giving way for coherence and a new higher-order to be built

How To Step Away From the Programming

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